Riding high on the momentum of the three Top 5 Billboard singles from her album Magic Mirror that dominated Contemporary Jazz radio throughout 2022-23, multi-talented pianist/composer Carol Albert sets a purposefully hopeful tone for 2024 with her latest track, soothing all the chaos and anxiety of the world with an infectious burst of "Sunshine Yellow."


Co-written, produced and arranged by Carol and bassist Roberto Vally, the vibrant Latin-influenced pop tune–follow-up to her recent bossa-flavored single "Sol Ipanema"–features the exciting interaction of Carol's piano and the snappy trademark acoustic guitar of guest artist Peter White over the exotic, high-spirited grooving of Vally and drummer Lil John Roberts.


"This song has a really nice, easy, very melodic flow to it," Carol says. "I wrote it with the vision of a romantic, passionate, flamenco-ish dancing couple on the beach on a sunny day, just having fun and being joyful and free. I didn't start thinking about creating something on the mellower side of Brazilian music but that's how it evolved. To me, 'Sunshine Yellow' represents a warmth, a clear day when all is in focus and everything seems right with the world."


Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart: 10*

Mediabase Smooth A/C Chart:  #13

Smooth Jazz Network Top 20 Chart: #7

Radio Wave/Groove Jazz Internet Airplay Chart: #7 Chart: #8


Soundtracks to Life is the music, media arts publishing company of Eric John Evans and David Eugene Ivey. Eric and David have been collaborating in music since 2002 and formed Soundtracks to Life in 2020. 


After discovering a mutual love for Jazz, Eric and Dave worked together on the 'Eric Evans Project album, "Waves of Grace", and as new ideas were created and shared over the ensuing few years, E and D became like the workings of the same clock. Locking time through music! This energetic endeavor is the catalyst for what has become Soundtracks to Life.


Eric Evans' new single is "Water Sound," going for adds May 27!


Steve Laury, like Wes Montgomery, is a guitar player's guitarist, getting all there is out of his instrument. In a single song, Steve will play octaves, single lines, straight comping, upfront empresario work, and finesse it with a guitar question and answer period.


As a composer, producer, and performer, Laury operates in that rarefied air where composition, execution and spontaneity interact to produce truly satisfying music. He also has a rare ability to keep his diverse musical gifts in their proper perspective. Says Laury, “My whole approach to music is that it should be like a painting. The guitar sound and guitar soloing are always the focal point of that painting, but all the other things that go around it–the arrangement, bass line and everything else–must fit into that picture and embellish the focal point.”


The Peet Project is a Hungarian pop-funk-jazz band comprising five twenty-something musicians. Their original music is a seductive and eclectic blend, reflecting influences encompassing Brian Culbertson, Candy Dulfer, George Duke, Earth Wind and Fire and the Rippingtons, among others. The group’s driving force is violinist-composer-vocalist-producer Peter “Peet” Ferencz (27). Peter gives the band its unique sound through his use of violin as a lead instrument in an equivalent role to saxophone or keyboards. His talent was recognized by contemporary jazz icons Brian Culbertson, culminating in Brian lending production guidance to one of the standout tracks off the second album, and Dave Koz who travelled to Hungary to record a single with the Peet Project in the summer of 2016. They play extensively in Hungary and regularly perform in the United States and other European countries like Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Malta and Switzerland.



Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy and the music of the 1980s seem to have cast their spell across time, continents and generations. Even though each member of the Peet Project was born in Hungary years after the movie was released in 1984, both the film and the soundtrack became a highly influential favorite for them. So much so that they created a track to capture the feel of what it might have been like to be... at a Beverly Hills Party back in the 1980s...


The new single that he wrote with multi-time Grammy nominee Darren Rahn is now collecting playlist adds.


TEMECULA, CA (21 MAY 2024): The seven-year itch, the idea that happiness in relationships declines and divorce rates spike after seven years, certainly does not apply to R&B/jazz saxophonist Isaac Edwards’s marriage. Having recently celebrated his eighth wedding anniversary, Edwards teamed with multiple Grammy nominated hitmaker Darren Rahn (Dave Koz, Blake Aaron, Tim Bowman, Nick Colionne) to write “With You,” a jubilant, high-energy single released last Friday (May 17) that he penned as a bright bouquet to honor his wife, Laura. Edwards produced the Songs in My Pocket Music release that began collecting playlist adds on Monday (May 20).


“With You” finds Edwards in the company of frequent collaborator Jacob Webb, bassist and a Billboard chart-topper in his own right. Playing over the sturdy funk groove constructed by Webb and drummer Kevin Marsh, Jordan Love adds guitar to embellish the ebullient melodies created by Edwards’s saxophone, keyboards and synths.


With a full and grateful heart, Edwards composed “With You” in an attempt to capture his feelings for his partner.


“Life with Laura is very upbeat and magical. When I think of her, the phrase that keeps coming to me is that ‘she literally makes everything better,’ which is totally true. Laura lights up the room when she enters, and she's filled my life with so much joy, hope, and happiness,” said Edwards who resides in Southern California with Laura and their two children.


One of Edwards’s previous singles, “On The Town,” hit the Billboard chart. He’s released four albums, including a gospel-jazz outing titled “Here,” which garnered a Shai Award nomination, the Canadian equivalent to a Dove Award. The saxman studied under the tutelage of six-time Grammy nominated saxophonist Eric Marienthal and three-time Grammy nominated sax player Jeff Clayton. His formal training came by earning a bachelor’s degree in music performance (saxophone) and a master’s degree in jazz studies. An overachiever by nature, Edwards also received a law degree from Pepperdine University.


Crafting musical collages from jazz, R&B, funk and gospel, Edwards has performed or recorded with Grammy-winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum, guitarist Adam Hawley, soul/funk band DW3, bassists Darryl Williams and Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and ten-time Grammy-winning vocalist Joel Kibble of Take 6. 


Catch Edwards perform “With You” live at the Monserate Winery in Fallbrook, CA on June 23.


Edwards’ “With You” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes by visiting


For more information, visit


Caro Lee lanceert nieuwe single ‘Your Love’ als voorbode van haar nieuwe later dit jaar uitkomende album “The Funk City Jam”

Met haar eerste single ‘Heartbeat’ maakte Caroline Clement onder haar alter ego Caro Lee in oktober 2023 haar succesvolle debuut. De ravissante, veelzijdige artieste is sinds de jaren ‘90 al actief en stond als Tamira Jay toen op nr. 8 in de Belgische Ultratop en op nr. 1 in de Spaanse hitlijsten met haar eurodance hit “Get Up”. Ondertussen is ze volop terug muzikaal actief als zangeres en drummer in haar eigen 80’s New Wave-tribute band Echo City Waves, is ze het gezicht van MYDONNA – The Madonna Tribute Show en werd ze in januari 2024 nog publiekswinnaar in het VTM-programma ‘Starstruck’ als Madonna impersonator. Daarnaast is ze in het dagelijks leven ook al meer dan 15 jaar paaldans lerares.

Met haar nieuwe single ‘Your Love’ keert Caro Lee terug naar haar roots. “Als je goed luistert hoor je dat ik in het rijke muziekarchief van de jaren tachtig mijn inspiratie heb gevonden. Denk aan Janet en Michael Jackson, maar ook de songs van Paula Abdul, Prince, Sheila E. Marvin Gaye en Rick James. Dat zijn stuk voor stuk artiesten wiens muziek mij beïnvloed heeft. Met de nieuwe single ‘Your Love’ hebben we opnieuw een eigentijdse track gemaakt onder leiding van Jan Borre. Samen met bassist en songwriter Luc Waegeman, de drijvende krachten achter Caro Lee bevestigen we met de nieuwe single ‘Your Love’ onze muzikale ambities. We zijn ervan overtuigd dat we met deze sound, aparte songteksten en populaire 80’s-klanken een massa mensen een heerlijk nostalgische trip bezorgen, maar wel eentje die zich afspeelt in het heden.”

Met ‘Your Love’ krijgt haar goedgevulde zomer van Caro Lee nog wat meer glans. “Ik kan haast niet wachten om die nieuwe songs te spelen tijdens de optredens. Wie goed luistert en mij een beetje kent weet dat deze song weer helemaal aanleunt bij mijn muzikale roots. De muziek uit de jaren ’80 inspireert mij nog steeds. Waar het naartoe gaat weet ik niet, maar ik merk wel dat meer en meer de mensen in de digitale jungle hun weg vinden naar Spotify en mijn vorige debuutsingle ‘Heartbeat’. Die krijgt met ‘Your Love’ nu een meer dan waardige opvolger. De vibe in deze track zit uitstekend waardoor je er gewoon moet op dansen, keihard door de boxen jagen en de track gewoon snel moet toevoegen aan jouw Spotify-favorietenlijstje.”

De nieuwe Caro Lee-single ‘Your Love’ is digitaal te beschikbaar. Meer info over de artieste vind je op


Echo City Waves:

Meer informatie over haarzelf en andere activiteiten, vind je op


CARO LEE - "Your Love" (single)

De Belgische pop-funk-souldiva Caro Lee bracht op 17 oktober 2023 haar eerste single "Heartbeat" uit als eerste track van het album "The Funk City Jam". Ook deze song “Your Love” is weer een op-en-top funky pop nummer die zo uit de jaren 80 komt, beïnvloed door artiesten als Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Sheila E., enz... Het getuigt van haar diepgaande liefde voor popmuziek en bevat ook nu een krachtige en emotionele vocale uitvoering van zangeres Caroline Clement begeleid door typische '80's synthpop- grooves, -geluiden en een stuwend funky dansritme.

Tekst en zangmelodieën: Caroline Clement
Muziek: Luc Waegeman
Opnames: Geert Vanbever, Jan Borré
Synths en drumprogrammering: Jan Borré
Bas: Luc Waegeman
Gitaar: Thomas De Schepper
Productie: Jan Borré
Mixing en mastering: Uwe Teichert
Hoes en persfoto: Ioannis Tsouloulis

Rick James, Prince, The Pointer
Sisters, Marvin Gaye, Michael & Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul,...



Met ruim 20 artiesten, verspreid over 19 locaties en goed voor 137 gratis concerten, is ‘het grootste kleinste festival van België’ klaar voor een nieuwe zomereditie!

Francisco (#LikeMe), Pauline, 2Fabiola, Mother Mercury en LEEZ debuteren op de 33ste Parkies-concerten 

Ook countrygirl Barbara Dex, The Starlings, Günther Neefs, Gene Thomas, ABB4U e.v.a. zijn van de partij


Van maandag 1 juli tot vrijdag 23 augustus 2024 kan je weer op 19 locaties in Vlaanderen terecht voor één van de 137 gratis Parkies-concerten, goed voor jaarlijks gemiddeld 300.000 bezoekers. Na de afgelopen kwakkelzomer gaat het ‘grootste kleinste festival van België’ opnieuw voor een topeditie.  Op 8 locaties in West-Vlaanderen (Waregem, Knokke-Heist, Blankenberge, Middelkerke, De Haan, Zonnebeke, Roeselare, Torhout), 3 in Oost-Vlaanderen (Maldegem, Sint-Niklaas en Deinze), 6 locaties in Limburg (Genk, Maasmechelen, Beringen, Maaseik, Sint-Truiden en Hamont-Achel), het Vlaams-Brabantse Vilvoorde en het Antwerpse Edegem, heb je in juli en augustus gedurende 7 weken een vaste wekelijkse afspraak met de gratis Parkies-concerten. In een groene oase, op een unieke locatie, kan je genieten van meer dan 20 verschillende artiesten – een record – die samen met hun livemuzikanten zorgen voor een heerlijke muzikale avond. Francisco (#LikeMe), Pauline Slangen en Michael Schack, maar ook 2Fabiola, de nieuwe meidengroep IIII (Four), Mother Mercury (Queen Tribute), Chérine, Sarah De Koster (Sing Again), LEEZ en L’Adele maken deze zomer hun Parkies-debuut. Gustaph, de 80’s-coverband Top Guns van Sean Dhondt, Tom Dice en Kato van The Starlings, en Garry Hagger draaien net als Günther Neefs hun tweede rondje. Vaste waarden Soulbrothers (light), countrygirl Barbara Dex, Gene Thomas, ABBA4U en Cookies And Cream zijn opnieuw van de partij. “De komende dagen maken we voor elke locatie de complete line-up bekend. Dankzij de steun van de lokale besturen, maar ook onze sponsoren en vaste medewerkers, kunnen we de gratis succesformule al voor de 33ste keer uitrollen. Vanaf 19 uur is iedereen welkom op de Parkies. Tussen 20 en 21 uur start het voorprogramma of het eerste deel van sommige artiesten. Aansluitend is er een korte pauze die wordt gevolgd door de hoofdact. Net als de voorbije jaren, voorzien wij op alle locaties een uitgebreid drankenassortiment. Er staat een foodtruck en we werken opnieuw met herbruikbare bekers, en een eenvoudig cashless betaalsysteem. Als het nodig is, passen we onze programmatie aan, want we willen dat iedereen deze zomer ook kan supporteren voor onze Rode Duivels op het EK”, zegt Jeffrey Vanhaeren namens de organisatie. Op de socials en vind je alle informatie.


Samenkomen met je gezin, familie, vrienden of buren op groene plekjes in de buurt voor gezellige, onvergetelijke concertavonden, dat is de sterke reputatie die de gratis Parkies-concerten de afgelopen jaren hebben opgebouwd. “Elk jaar is die artistieke puzzel een stevige uitdaging, maar dankzij de mix van gevestigde waarden en nieuwkomers die bij ons hun eerste grote stappen zetten, wordt de 33ste editie bijzonder. Het aantal locaties (19) en optredens (137 concerten, inclusief één seniorennamiddag) bleef hetzelfde. Het aanbod is divers en gevarieerd dankzij de meer dan 20 artiesten die we dit jaar verwelkomen. Zowel met dat aantal, als de Parkies-debutanten, realiseren we nu al een nieuw record. Voor sommigen is dit hun eerste festivalervaring, waarmee ze in de voetsporen treden van Metejoor en MAKSIM die op de Parkies-concerten de afgelopen jaren ook de nodige ervaring hebben opgedaan. Met ons festival geven we graag aan nieuwe artiesten of gevestigde waarden de kans om op onze podia boven zichzelf uit te stijgen. We zijn een inclusief familiefestival voor alle leeftijden”, zegt Jeffrey Vanhaeren. 



Als ‘Yemi’ in de razendpopulaire Ketnet-serie #LikeMe brak de veelzijdige zanger, acteur en danser Francisco (Schuster) in 2019 door bij het grote publiek. Als Francisco scoorde hij ondertussen ook al een paar solohits, zoals ‘Wolken’ en het bekende ‘Alleen’, goed voor bijna 700.000 Spotify-streams. De man met de Haïtiaanse roots maakt dit jaar zijn Parkies-debuut. De Edegemse singer-songwriter Chérine (Mroue), die met haar deelname aan Eurosong en de hitsingle ‘Ça m'ennuie pas’ (Je zal mij niet vervelen) vorig jaar doorbrak, zorgt voor de opwarming. De 29-jarige artieste spreekt en zingt vlot Engels, Nederlands en Frans, waardoor ze in haar repertoire moeiteloos kan omschakelen. 



De Parkies verrassen dit jaar ook met 2Fabiola, de populaire pop-dance formatie van dj Pat Krimson en Loredana. Met monsterhits als ‘Lift U Up’, ‘I’m On Fire’, ‘Magic Flight’, ‘Flashback’, ‘Freak Out’ of de Eurosongknaller ‘She’s After My Piano’, staat er met deze band meer dan 33 jaar muziekgeschiedenis op het podium. “2Fabiola is klaar om deze zomer weer te knallen. Ik kijk echt uit naar onze eerste Parkies-concerten samen met Loredana (vocals) en Thomas (gitaar). Aansluitend kruip ik zelf nog achter de dj-booth om de avond af te sluiten met stomende beats”, zegt Pat Krimson enthousiast.


Vorig jaar stapte Lisa van Rossem als LEEZ uit de schaduw van haar beroemde broer Joris (Metejoor). Met haar debuutsingle ‘Who Will Be There’ scoorde ze de supertip in het VTM-programma ‘Tien om te Zien’. Afgelopen maanden zorgde ze op dinsdagochtend voor een eigen versie van een bekende JOE-hit. Met haar krachtig stemgeluid maakt LEEZ het verschil tijdens haar optredens, die voorafgegaan worden door de nieuwe girlband IIII (uit te spreken als Four). Die bestaat uit de 16-jarige Gloria Vogel uit Berchem, de 15-jarige Lani Lasri uit Drieslinter, de 17-jarige Femke Schaepkens uit Zutendaal en de 15-jarige Marie-Emilie Cahay uit Genval. De vier nieuwe, muzikale zussen werden door Metejoor-ontdekker Hans Francken en z’n echtgenote Ingrid Mank opgevist uit ‘The Voice Kids’. De vier dames met pit dromen van het Sportpaleis, maar starten deze zomer op de Parkies. Songs van Billie Eillish, Tate McRae, Amy Winehouse e.v.a. zijn kanshebbers om aan bod te komen tijdens hun vierstemmige optredens. 



Drie jaar geleden werd de 22-jarige Limburgse Pauline (Slangen) als winnares van de Regi Academy opgenomen in de Regi-familie. Hierdoor trad ze ondertussen al een paar keer op tijdens Regi zijn Sportpaleisconcerten en nam ze met hem deel aan het afgelopen seizoen van ‘Liefde voor Muziek’. ‘Duizend Sterren’, haar eerste single met Regi, was meteen goed voor een nummer 1-hit in De Vlaamse Top 50 van Ultratop. Datzelfde gebeurde ook met haar solosingle ‘Uit Mijn Hoofd’ en ‘Lost Without You’, waarmee ze samen met Regi piekte in de top 30 van de Singles top 100 van Ultratop. Aansluitend op Pauline krijgen we een stevige DJDrummer-set van de legendarische Michael Schack (Milk Inc., Kate Ryan, Netsky, Ozark Henry, e.v.a.). Met zijn unieke one-man-show brengt hij de ideale afwisseling tussen dj-sets en live optredens. Doorheen de jaren groeide ‘de drummer van’ uit tot een internationaal gewaardeerde soloartiest. Michael is een vernieuwer die moeiteloos zijn setlist omgooit, waardoor er geen 2 shows hetzelfde zijn. Met zijn single ‘Order’ haalde hij de internationale pers van Ijsland tot Nieuw-Zeeland. Zelfs de New York Times publiceerde een artikel over hem. 

Sarah De Koster

Als 16-jarige won Sarah De Koster de VTM ‘Soundmixshow’ met ‘You Oughta Know’, een cover van Alanis Morissette. Voor de Leuvense was dat het begin van een goed draaiende carrière met enkele albums en succes-singles zoals de hit ‘You Are The Reason’, die ze uitbracht aan de zijde van Koen Wauters. Als backingvocaliste, maar ook bij de fifties coverband De Corsari’s en de Nederlandstalige coverband Straffen Toebak, scoorde Sarah met haar bijzondere stemgeluid. Sinds haar succesvolle deelname aan het VTM-programma ‘Sing Again’ kwam haar carrière weer in een stroomversnelling. Naast optreden op de Parkies, verschijnt er binnenkort ook nieuwe muziek. 


Mother Mercury

Op de Parkies-concerten kan je deze zomer ook gaan kijken naar ‘de beste Belgische Queen-tributeband' Mother Mercury, die het repertoire van de legendarische band schitterend vertolken. Meezingen met ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ of ‘We Will Rock You’, dat kan probleemloos als Mother Mercury-zanger Sonny Vande Putte (winnaar ’Starstruck’) en zijn muzikanten hun muzikale Queen-duivels ontbinden. 



Zangeres Laura Ramaekers is geen kopie van de echte Adèle, maar ze probeert wel de essentie van de Britse popster in haar optredens te vervatten. Kwaliteit en beleving staan voorop bij L’Adele, de tributeband die verder bestaat uit kleppers als Pedro Gordts (toetsen), Bruno Ravelingien (gitaar), Laurens De Schutter (drum), Stijn Tondeleir (bass) en Kim Buttafuoco (backings). Wie deze zomer geen tickets kon scoren voor de uitverkochte concerten van Adèle in München, krijgt op de Parkies-concerten toch nog de kans om haar wereldhits live mee te pakken.

Vaste waarden

Na hun geslaagde debuut van vorig jaar, zijn Garry Hagger (‘Het Allermooiste’), Günther Neefs met de 3-Band, Eurovisiesongfestival-revelatie Gustaph (‘Because of You’) en de 80’s-coverband Top Guns van Sean Dhondt dit jaar opnieuw van de partij op de Parkies. Ook ABBA4U zorgt met heerlijke ABBA-klassiekers opnieuw voor mooie concertavonden.   

Countrygirl Barbara Dex, vaste waarde Gene Thomas en de partybands Soulbrothers (light) en Cookies And Cream zijn terug op de afspraak, waarbij ze hun bekende repertoire overigens aanvullen met nieuwe songs of meezingmedleys. Ook Tom Dice en Kato van The Starlings staan dit jaar als hoofdact geprogrammeerd nadat ze in het verleden nog het voorprogramma verzorgden op de Parkies. Met de goedkeuring van hun dochtertje Nova, brengen ze o.a. ‘Little Submarine’ en hun Eurosong-hit ‘Rollercoaster’. 

Tussen 1 juli en 23 augustus 2024 kan je op 19 locaties in Vlaanderen terecht voor één van de 137 Parkies-concerten. Vanaf 19 uur ben je welkom op ‘het grootste kleinste festival van België’. Om 20 uurstart het voorprogramma of het eerste deel van de hoofdartiest. Aansluitend is er een korte pauze en volgt het tweede deel. De complete line-up van de 33ste Parkies-concerten vind je op


De Jamaicaans-Britse zanger Jimmy James is op 14 mei op 83-jarige leeftijd overleden. James scoorde in de jaren 1976 en 1977 met zijn begeleidingsgroep The Vagabonds drie stevige discohits: ‘I’ll Go Where Your Music Takes Me’, ‘Now Is The Time’ en ‘Life’. Michael ‘Jimmy’ James groeide op In Kingston, waar hij ook optrad en platen opnam met de producenten Coxsone Dodd, Clancy Eccles en Lyndon Pottinger. Zijn grootste succes was een vroege versie van het nummer ‘Come Softly To Me’, die lokaal een hit werd. The Vagabonds werden officieel geformeerd in 1960. James werkte met hen samen onder de Canadese bandmanager Roger Smith en in april 1964 verkasten ze naar het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Het nummer ‘Ska Time’ werd bij  Decca Records opgenomen onder de naam Jamaica's Own Vagabonds en werd een van de vroegste voorbeelden van ska-muziek. James en The Vagabonds tekenden een contract bij Pye Records en brachten hun bekendste studioalbum ‘The New Religion’ uit in 1966. Hun live-optredens werden vastgelegd op het album ‘London Swings: Live At The Marquee Club’ met The Alan Bown Set. Jimmy James & The Vagabonds waren labelpartners en rivalen van Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band. The Vagabonds werd in 1970 ontbonden, maar James, die eigenaar was van de naam, formeerde de band opnieuw met een nieuwe, blanke bezetting in 1974. Enkele jaren later volgden flinke internationale hits met singles als ‘I'll Go Where Your Music Takes Me’, ‘Now Is The Time’ en ‘Life’. In 1979 werd de nieuwe band Big Business geformeerd door de vroegere Vagabonds Alan Kirk en Andrew Platts. De band toerde met Mick Jackson. Kirk was eigenaar van de Hilltop Studios in Dronfield nabij Chesterfield. Platts was manager-uitgever van de recreatieve krant ‘Mercury Newspaper’ in Sheffield. In 2007 werkte James mee aan het nummer ‘The Other Side Of The Street’ voor het album ‘Northern Soul 2007’ van Ian Levine. James trad regelmatig op in het Verenigd Koninkrijk met Clem Curtis, de vroegere frontman van The Foundations. Het duo, samen met zangeres Earnestine Pearce van The Flirtations, toerde ook met The Soul Explosion. In april 2007 trad James op tijdens het Classic Gold Weekender, samen met The Marmalade, The Love Affair en Showaddywaddy. In 2013 toerde James met zijn vroegere held Ben E. King. Jimmy James ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Tinne Oltmans en Danny Dorland worden droomkoppel Sandy & Danny in hitmusical Grease!

Ook Lauren De Ruyck (Rizzo), Pieter Casteleyn (Kenickie), Ruth Beeckmans (Miss Lynch) en Thomas Van Goethem (Vince Fontaine) in swingende hoofdcast

Vanaf 12 september 2024 in Antwerpen, Hasselt en Gent

Vlaanderen mag zich opmaken om dit najaar overspoeld te worden door een ware epidemie. Een niet te stuiten opstoot van het Greasevirus kondigt zich namelijk aan. Symptomen: jeukende dansbenen, een zonnig humeur, dromen over zwoele zomernachten, aanstekelijke liedjes die niet uit het hoofd te krijgen zijn en een onstuitbare drang naar strakke jeans, leren jekkers, brylcream en popcorn. Enige remedie tegen deze hardnekkige microbe: een stevige injectie Grease!

Gelukkig kan jong en oud daarvoor vanaf 12 september 2024 terecht in opeenvolgend Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, Capitole Gent en Trixxo Theater Hasselt. Albert Verlinde brengt daar, ism Senf Theaterpartners, JK Theater en House of Entertainment, een nieuwe, frisse versie van de onverwoestbare hitmusical Grease op de planken. 

Wie in de huid mag kruipen van o.a. Rizzo, Kenickie, Miss Lynch, Vince Fontaine en wie het iconische droomkoppel Sandy & Danny zal vormen, was tot op heden een goed bewaard geheim, maar is nu eindelijk bekend. 

Tinne Oltmans en Danny Dorland gaan voor elkaar als Sandy & Danny

Zangeres en actrice Tinne Oltmans (o.a. jeugdserie Ghost Rockers, finaliste Steracteur Sterartiest, Lisa in de succesvolle telenovelle Lisa) wordt Sandy, het verlegen meisje dat zich transformeert tot een vamp. Na haar rol als Sophie in MAMMA MIA! (2020 – 2022), opnieuw een tot de verbeelding sprekende hoofdrol dus voor Tinne. 

De stoere Danny met peperkoeken hart, waar Sandy hopeloos naar verlangt, wordt gespeeld door…Danny. De sympathieke Danny Dorland, Nederlander maar in de armen gesloten en zowat geadopteerd door Vlaanderen na zijn rol als Scott in de zeer populaire hitreeks  #LikeMe, mag zich opmaken om vol te gaan voor - en wie weet ook wel zwoele zomernachten met - zijn Sandy.

Lauren De Ruyck, Pieter Casteleyn, Ruth Beeckmans en Thomas Van Goethem vervolledigen hoofdcast

De rol van de ruige Rizzo is weggelegd voor Lauren De Ruyck. Lauren liet voor het eerst van zich horen toen ze als helft van het duo Jill & Lauren voor België ‘Get up!’ zong tijdens het Junior Eurovisiesongfestival 2010. Ze kreeg daarop een hoofdrol in de Ketnet-serie Galaxy Park als Femke en stond op het podium in de musicals Fiddler on the Roof en Domino. In 2015 was ze finaliste in het programma K3 zoekt K3, maar werd uiteindelijk net niet gekozen. Hierna legde ze zich toe op haar studie psychologie aan de universiteit van Gent. In het seizoen 2017-2018 speelde Lauren de hoofdrol in de musical Roodkapje en momenteel schittert ze in het programma Sing Again op VTM.

Pieter Casteleyn brengt op zijn beurt Lauren (Rizzo) serieus in de problemen als de coole Kenickie. Tijdens zijn opleiding aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel liep Pieter stage in de producties 14-18, Assepoester, het tamelijk ware verhaal en Ons kent ons.  Na zijn afstuderen trok hij een jaar naar Duitsland, waar hij in Love Never Dies speelde. Terug in België volgden voorstellingen zoals Chaplin, de musical, The Rocky Horror Show, Cinderella, 40-45, Daens en Gaston & Leo. Daarnaast is Pieter als backing vocal actief bij Helmut Lotti en in de Studio 100-reeks Campus 12 speelde hij Frederik.

De rol van Miss Lynch, de lerares die de door hormonen geteisterde jongeren in bedwang probeert te houden, wordt een kolfje naar de hand van de onnavolgbare Ruth Beeckmans. Ruth is vooral bekend als actrice, maar heeft sinds kort ook duidelijk de musicalmicrobe te pakken. Het grote publiek ontdekte haar in de komische en gelauwerde sketchreeks Wat Als? en zeker in het hilarische Safety First, waarin ze schitterde als Ingrid Porrez. Haar presentatietalent toonde ze o.a. in Beste Kijkers, Snackmasters en Cupido ofzo. In juli maakt Ruth Beeckmans haar musicaldebuut in Sneeuwwitje en eind 2024 zal ze ook te zien zijn in Tien om te Zien, de musical.

Nog een verrassing in de hoofdcast is Thomas Van Goethem, die de rol van radiopresentator en juryvoorzitter tijdens de dance-off in Rydell High School, Vince Fontaine, op zich zal nemen. Thomas speelde gedurende zijn musicalcarrière o.a. de kappersknecht in Rapunzel en was meermaals te zien in de rol van prins (Doornroosje, Sneeuwwitje, Assepoester). De veelzijdige acteur, zanger, presentator en CEO van productiehuis Fabric Magic, is ook de bedenker van hitreeks #LikeMe (Ketnet) en keert na 5 jaar voor het eerst zelf terug naar de musicalplanken.

Vlaams talent in cast en ensemble 

Met energiebom Esther Nwanu (presentatrice op radiozender MNM, speelde mee in de musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory en reeks D5R op Streamz) als Jan, danseres/actrice/influencer Megane Moerenhout (Nona in #LikeMe) als Frenchy en Nina Rey, die als Louise Vincke de hoofdrol speelde in de Studio 100-reeks Campus 12, in het jasje van Marty, kunnen de Pink Ladies alvast rekenen op zeer enthousiast, jong Vlaams talent.

Hetzelfde geldt voor hun mannelijke tegenhangers de T-Birds. Daar trekt Nolle De Cock de leren jekker aan van Roger. Nolle speelde jonge Kamiel in de spektakel-musical 14-18 (2014) en in Wickie de Musical (2015) vertolkte hij de hoofdrol Wickie. Daarna speelde hij mee in verschillende professionele musicals zoals Chaplin, de musical (2016) en Ridders van de Ronde Keukentafel (2017). 

In het ensemble maakt (musical)acteur Dorian Liveyns (speelde o.a.Sky in MAMMA MIA!, Tommy in Pippi zet de boelop stelten en maakt deel uit van de vaste cast van tv-programma James De Musical) zijn opwachting en verdedigt ook Melia Loi, studente aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussel, de Belgische eer.

Met Manon Van Riel (Patty Simcox), Elise Wanner (Cha Cha), Luuk Haze (Eugene), Beau Jones (Sonny), Sem Bach (ensemble), Jente Visser (ensemble), Imahni Tsolakis (ensemble), Sam Rondeel (ensemble) en Esmee De Jong (ensemble), ook aan Nederlandse kwaliteit en branie geen gebrek in deze productie.

Grease staat garant voor een avond topamusement vol humor, sprankelende dans en heerlijke muziek. Het romantische verhaal van Sandy en Danny, en natuurlijk onsterfelijke hitsingles als You’re The One That I Want, Hopelessly Devoted To You, Summer Nights en Sandy, doen het publiek nog steeds dromen.

Deze meeslepende feelgood klassieker wil je dan ook niet missen, dus let’s go together en bestel nu je tickets via

Producent: Albert Verlinde ism Senf Theaterpartners, JK Theater en House of Entertainment
Regisseur: Servé Hermans
Choreografie: Daan Wijnands
Decor & kostuumontwerp: Joris Van Veldhoven
Ontwerp haar & make-up: Sébastiaan Van Der Ham
Musical supervisor/arrangeur: Ad Van Dijk
Lichtontwerp: Marc Heinz
Geluidsontwerp: Maarten Houdijk
Associate choreografie: Lysanne Van der Sijs
Associate lichtontwerp: Jordy Veenstra
Arrangementen: Marco Braam
Casting Director: Bram Verhaak




The label inks drummer Pat Petrillo while dropping new albums by Billboard chart-topper Blake Aaron and keyboardist Cal Harris Jr. A new album from smooth soul vocalist Erin Stevenson will be “Uncovered” next.


LOS ANGELES (16 May 2024): Springtime is about new growth, and this season finds Innervision Records in full bloom. Joining Billboard’s No. 3 Smooth Jazz Label of the Year for five consecutive years is drummer Pat Petrillo, who will make his label debut on June 7 with the single “Glide in My Stride.” The Southern California-based imprint also has a prolific release slate of blossoming spring albums and singles.

Petrillo joins Innervision Records on the heels of his critically acclaimed 2023 album, “The Power Station Sessions,” a set that landed him on the cover of Modern Drummer magazine and featured a collaboration with multi-time Grammy winner Nile Rodgers. The new single, “Glide in My Stride,” previews Petrillo’s next album, which will drop next year.


“Signing drummer Pat Petrillo is a welcome addition to the Innervision Records family. We are proud to be a part of the development and promotion of his upcoming first release on Innervision Records, ‘Glide in My Stride,’ and have already received glowing feedback from Pat's new music. We are expecting wonderful things from him,” said Innervision Records’ A&R and radio promotions executive Adam Leibovitz.


"I'm really excited about signing with Innervision Records and joining their amazing roster of chart-topping artists. They've been leaders in the contemporary jazz genre for years, and the team that's in place is exceptional and experienced. I'm looking forward to releasing more radio singles as well as my new full-length album soon,” said the New York City-based Petrillo.

Innervision Records opened the year with guitarist Blake Aaron’s single, “She’s the One,” which romanced its way into the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart last month. It’s the third Billboard No. 1 single from Aaron’s newly released “Love and Rhythm” album. 

The label also issued four new singles this spring, each of which is making its way up the national charts. Released in March, keyboardist Cal Harris Jr.’s new “Bridges” set spawned the single “Lemon Salt.” Hitmaking flutist Kim Scott is back with the sizzling single “Like Butter.” Guitarist JJ Sansaverino’s is having a spring fling with the single “Love Can’t Wait.” Smooth soul vocalist Erin Stevenson’s single “Almost” offers a glimpse into her forthcoming “Cover Girl Uncovered” album, which will be revealed on June 28.

Also expected to heat up the charts this spring are new singles from bassist Blair Bryant who will release the first cut, “Summit,” on Friday (May 17) from his forthcoming “Amethyst” album, which will arrive in 2025. On May 24, saxophonist Tom Braxton will release “Canyon Dreams,” the second single from his “Flashback” collection. Guitarist Keith Andrew will wrap the month with the release of his latest single, “Sapphire Cove,” on May 31.


Twenty-six-year-old Innervision Records has curated a diverse family of recording artists who craft contemporary jazz, R&B and world music that consistently impacts the Billboard, Mediabase, Groove Jazz, Radiowave and multiple smooth jazz charts. The boutique label is energized about what’s to come from their roster this year.


“We are thrilled as the year 2024 is shaping up to be one of exponential growth for Innervision Records through new and exciting chart-topping hits from many of our artists who are coming out with long awaited and highly anticipated new releases,” said Innervision Records’ general manager Steve Belkin.


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Born in Germany, national recording artist Derrick Ray Craver has gone from corporate America to the entertainment industry as an entrepreneur, producer, musician and artist. While still in corporate America he played the bass guitar in church, later transitioning to the media ministry, recording services in multiple formats and managing the audio streaming for the internet. In his younger days, funk bands like ConFunkShun, Cameo and Parliament-Funkadelic inspired Derrick to start playing the drums, his first love. He later became a bass player as his band’s needs evolved.


Derrick always had a desire to write and produce music so he learned to play all of the instruments as he heard Prince did. After spending over 30 years in corporate America, he started his own music company called Blackroom Productions/Blackroom Publishing working with local musicians. As his corporate career came to an end, Derrick decided to release a solo album titled Next Chapter signifying his next phase in life. This album was influenced by modern bass players Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller and Stanley Clarke.


Derrick’s new single “Reflections” is an upbeat Smooth Jazz groove that is sure to make your head bob! He also continues to produce music in all genres.



SAN ANTONIO, TX (13 MAY 2024): It’s easy to take simple things for granted like an evening out in the city with friends. During his 21 years of service in the U.S. military, Groove Frequencies’ bassist-producer-songwriter John Stewart treasured the rare opportunities that he got to enjoy such mundane pleasures, which is what inspired the group’s fifth album, “Night Grooves.” Stewart wrote and produced the twelve-song set releasing May 31 on the B2j Music label. Three days later, “Don’t Cha Wanna Go Go,” a funky go-go joint, will drop as the first single.


With Stewart and drummer Jay Williams building the foundation of R&B rhythms and funk beats on Groove Frequencies recordings, the groove structures are then illumined by a melodic featured soloist in the form of a jazzy saxophone, keyboard or guitar lead. On the “Night Grooves” album, those players are saxophonists Jimmy Reid and Eddie Baccus Jr., guitarists Clay Benjamin and Tim Perry, and keyboardist Kevin Andre’. Additional contributions on the album come from Billboard hitmaker Greg Manning (keyboards), Parris Spivey (guitar), Vince Wiley (keyboards and organ), Chris Fischer (piano), and Curtis McCain (percussion).  


The vibe is set on the album opener, “The Night Life,” as you hear a group of friends gathered for a fun evening out. Reid’s supercharged sax adds to the celebration. The energy of the city creates the ambience on “On The Run,” which spotlights Benajmin’s cool and crafty electric guitar. The title track takes the tempo down a notch and becomes a showcase for Stewart’s sinewy bass leads and elegant piano noodling.  


The energy kicks back up on “Up On 6th Street,” which gets a jolt from Baccas Jr.’s horn. Stewart said the song “is inspired by the street I grew up near as a young kid. 6th Street was where all the excitement was. You could hear music from all the different establishments playing in the night air.”


The bassist shines on “In The Summer Rain,” which gets a sizzling piano solo from Fischer. Benjamin guides the joyous “Back on the Block,” stirring feelings of familiarity. Stewart explains “‘Back on the Block’ is inspired by the good feeling of being back in a place that you’ve been away from for a long time, but it still feels so familiar to you.”


Baccus Jr.’s sax on “Chill Factor” remains impassioned despite the downtempo groove. Stewart wrote the feelgood tune, saying that it “is inspired by the feeling of calmness and being at ease - in life, in work, and in yourself. It’s about feeling good about who you are and where you are in that place and time.”


Perry’s acoustic guitar fronts “Acoustic Whispers,” which is a personal triumph in and of itself.


“Tim (Perry) inspires me to be thankful for the gift of music. He had an accident a few years ago that affected his ability to play guitar with a pick. He didn’t let the accident deter him or his playing. He just worked hard and learned to play guitar again without a pick. His determination inspired me to write this song and feature his unique playing style,” Stewart revealed.


“Just The Way U Like It” features Andre’s astute jazz piano improvs. Stewart invited Andre’ to perform on the track after seeing him play on Instagram and being amazed by his style. He composed the song specifically as a vehicle for Andre’.


Stewart tasked Reid’s expressive sax with conveying his love and adoration for his granddaughter on “When Harper Smiles.” Next, Benjamin’s guitar skillfully pilots “Let It Flow.”   


“Clay’s guitar technique reminds me of water flowing through a creek, as it rolls effortlessly over the rocks, smoothly as it transitions downstream. That flow is what inspires ‘Let It Flow,’” said Stewart.


The album closes with the percussive go-go beats on “Don’t Cha Wanna Go Go.” Playing lyrical lead basslines on the track, Stewart pays homage to the distinctive DC music style that he discovered while stationed in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area years ago.


The San Antonio-based Stewart has dreamed of making music professionally since he was a teenager. After his military career, he created Groove Frequencies to realize that dream. His unique vision was to make music featuring musicians that he met during his military travels and via social media. The band debuted in 2017 with the “In The Groove” album. The following year, they scored their first Billboard-charting single, “Imagine This,” from their self-titled sophomore album. Stewart hopes that “Night Grooves” will propel Groove Frequencies to new heights.


The “Night Grooves” album contains the following songs:


“The Night Life” featuring Jimmy Reid

“On The Run” featuring Clay Benjamin

“Night Grooves”

“Up On 6th Street” featuring Eddie Baccus Jr.

“In The Summer Rain”

“Back on the Block” featuring Clay Benjamin

“Chill Factor” featuring Eddie Baccus Jr.

“Acoustic Whispers” featuring Tim Perry

“Just The Way U Like It” featuring Kevin Andre’

“When Harper Smiles” featuring Jimmy Reid

“Let It Flow” featuring Clay Benjamin

“Don’t Cha Wanna Go Go”


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Lotte Stevens (c:@FrancisVanhee)  -  Pieter Jan De Paepe


Jelle Cleymans schreef tekst meeslepend Nederlandstalig pareltje.


Vanaf 14 augustus 2024 staan Lotte Stevens en Pieter Jan De Paepe, twee van Vlaanderens strafste stemmen, samen op de planken in de grootse musicalproductie ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ op het domein van Kasteel de Merode in Westerlo. Lotte zal in de huid kruipen van de iconische Franse oorlogsheldin en Pieter Jan vertolkt nobelman/ridder Jean de Metz. 

Op een prachtige tekst van Jelle Cleymans en muziek van Sam Gevers, brengen Lotte en Pieter Jan nu al het meeslepende Nederlandstalige pareltje ‘We vieren de liefde’ uit, dat ze ook in de musical zullen brengen.

“Jelle (Cleymans) heeft een prachtige tekst geschreven op de muziek van Sam Gevers. Bij het inzingen voelden Pieter Jan en ik meteen dat het goed zat. Ik ben dan ook blij dat het nu als single uitkomt, zodat we mensen alvast kunnen enthousiasmeren voor de voorstellingen van ‘Jeanne d’Arc’.
- Lotte Stevens -

Bekijk HIER de clip

Lotte Stevens - Pieter Jan De Paepe

Actrice en zangeres Lotte Stevens is naast superheldin Mega Mindy, ook musicalster en schitterde al in grote producties als ‘Evita’, ‘Rubens’, ’40-45’ en ‘Red Star Line'.

De veelzijdige Pieter Jan De Paepe is frontman bij zijn eigen Deep Purple tributeband Made in Purple, zanger/gitarist bij de Spaanstalige rockband Idiomás en blies afgelopen zomer nog iedereen omver als Pater Damiaan in de gelijknamige, gelauwerde musical van Historalia aan de basiliek van Scherpenheuvel. 

Jeanne d'Arc

Na eerdere historische openluchtspektakels als ‘Marie-Antoinette’, 'Albert I’, ‘Rubens' ‘1830’ en ‘Damiaan’, presenteert Historalia vanaf 14 augustus 2024 het grootse musicalspektakel ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ op het domein van Kasteel de Merode in Westerlo, naar een scrip van Jef Hoogmartens en met liedteksten van Jelle Cleymans.

Beleef de epische reis van Jeanne d’Arc in dit nieuw, adembenemend musicalspektakel. Laat je meeslepen door het verhaal van deze legendarische Franse heldin en ontdek de strijd, moed en opoffering die haar tot een icoon maakten. Met indrukwekkende decors en krachtige symfonische muziek, brengt Historalia Jeanne d’Arc tot leven zoals nooit tevoren!

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Bassman RiShon Odel is perhaps one of the most creative talents in this era. Having recently enjoyed the title of #1 ON BILLBOARD SMOOTH JAZZ CHART, for his writing on both “XX” (Brian Culbertson) & “You, Me & Forever” (Grammy Award nominee NAJEE).


While still pursuing a Music Education degree at a SUNY College, Odel burst onto the music scene in 2006 with an arco bass piece performed at the opening of the JoAnn Faletta International Guitar Competition alongside the Buffalo Select Chorus. Having authored his first instructional Book of Bass Volume 1 (Dorrance Publishing), and conducted his first orchestra in 2009, Odel composed music for the Eastman String Quartet, Buffalo State College Symphonic Band and The Ieda String Ensemble; which he used to score the film Less Than Perfect, produced by film legend Reuben Santiago.


When he is not touring or composing, he conducts workshops and clinics throughout the U.S., Canada and other territories. His teaching record consists of vocal and instrumental students that have gone on to Howard University, Berklee College of Music, Buffalo State College, Michigan State, and more.


Odel delivers his up-tempo new single "Loosing My Religion," a fresh new composition destined to be every festival goer’s party anthem. "Loosing My Religion" is a fine blend of DC Funk, Jazz & Soul.


National/international recording artist/producer/bassist is Michael Fields Jr. is impacting the world with his music gift. Michael burst on the scene in 2016 with his debut Album " Mr. Fields" then in 2018 with "On The Move" with his two hit songs "Lovette Road" & "Let's Ride". His music can be heard on Smooth Jazz stations worldwide with significant recognition on Sirius XM Watercolors, The Smooth Jazz Network & America's Music Charts.


In commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the passing of the legendary Wayman Tisdale, Michael Fields Jr. has joined forces with saxophonist Donald Hayes to deliver a heartfelt tribute to the late icon.


Having shared the stage with legends such as Marcus Miller, Peabo Bryson, Glenn Jones, and Tom Browne, Michael's musical journey has been enriched by collaborations with artists including Ben Tankard, Walter Beasley, Adam Hawley, and Marcus Anderson. Fields is inspired by Wayman Tisdale, Victor Wooten, Bootsy Collins, and Stanley Clarke.


Nashville-based guitarist Slim Gambill releases his infectious new single “Turn The Corner.” This swagger-drenched tune, saturated in a plush 70’s retro vibe, was co-written by Gambill and Adam Hawley, and produced by Hawley. The new collaboration extends the duo’s run following the 4-week Billboard #1 Smooth Jazz track, "Light This Candle." Plans are underway for an entire album of new material. The new track is a lively, groove-filled fusion of pop, silky R&B and of course guitar-driven jazz.


With “Turn The Corner” Gambill elevates the excitement by adding in a funky horn section supporting his contagious melodies, reminiscent of George Benson or Bob James's slickest offerings. Gambill said, “As a writer, you come up with melodies constantly. Some of them are pretty good, a handful are great, most of them REALLY aren't! But when I came up with the hook for "Turn The Corner," I felt like I had something that was undeniable that would get stuck in people’s heads.” He continues, ”Then Adam did what he does and took it to the next level and made such a fun track. I immediately felt that the cut reflected the energy of classic feel good music--like 70'sMichael Jackson and Curtis Mayfield crossed with the CHIPs theme!"


The Nebraska-born, Colorado-raised guitarist is likely best known for his 17+ years of working with country hitmakers Lady A, a key adjunct in the trio's rise to multi-platinum, award-winning fame thanks to his hot licks and his trademark two-foot-long braids. The gifted performer and in-demand sideman draws from a deep musical well, and his recent albums and the music that's yet to come, showcase the work of a well-tuned musician with endless musical curiosity and no boundaries on his ambitions or imagination. "I love sideman-land, and it’s been good to me, but at some point it’s great to put your own music out, sort of scratch that creative itch," says Gambill. "Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock are what got me obsessed with guitar in the first place, so this project is circling back around to where I started. It's an amazing outlet I haven't had for a long time, where I can pretty much do whatever comes out."


After releasing several of his own singles to acclaim and achieving top spots on the Smooth Jazz Radio charts, Gambill knew it was time to mix things up. As Jimmy Iovine put it (referring to his legendary stint producing Tom Petty), “After three albums, you should fire your producer!” So, as the story goes, for his next project, Gambill decided to relinquish the captain’s chair and put his music in the hands of the hottest producer/writer/artist in Smooth Jazz, Adam Hawley.


Upon being connected by mutual friend, the great jazz saxophonist/vocalist Mindi Abair, the two guitar slingers immediately hit it off and decided to make music together. “My last tune I titled "Light This Candle" because I hoped it would "ignite" my career in this format--and it certainly did. With this new cut, I feel as though I'm literally turning a corner in my career.“ Gambill continues, “My main gig for 17 years has been with Lady A. I'm still their guitarist and bandleader, but this happens to be a pretty mellow year for us and that has opened the door for me to really dig in on my own projects. Add to that the fact that my kids have gotten a lot more independent and, well, everything has been changing a lot lately, so I'm kind of turning a corner in my life as well. Not in a bad way, just in the way that life ebbs and flows. Thus, "Turn The Corner." I truly couldn't be more excited to turn this corner and see what's up ahead.” In addition to Gambill on lead and rhythm guitar and Hawley on keys, bass and programming, the crew includes horn arrangements and performance by David Mann, additional synths from Carnell Harrell and Eric Valentine on drums.




The HBO Original four-part documentary series STAX: SOULSVILLE U.S.A., an official selection of the 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival and winner of the TV Premiere Audience Award, is produced and directed by filmmaker Jamila Wignot. The series, a production of Laylow Pictures and White Horse Pictures in association with Concord Originals, Polygram Entertainment, and Warner Music Entertainment, debuts MONDAY, MAY 20 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on HBO with two episodes airing back-to-back, followed by the final two episodes airing back-to-back on Tuesday, May 21 at the same time. All four episodes of the series will be available to stream on Max on May 20.


By 1973, Stax Records was one of the recording industry’s most influential producers of soul music, breaking acts such as Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Booker T. & the M.G.’s, Sam & Dave, and many more. In just under two decades, the scrappy outsider had grown from a modest family-owned record store and studio in Memphis, TN to a trailblazing global music STAX: SOULSVILLE U.S.A. chronicles the audacious group of individuals who dared to make music on their own terms, smashing racial barriers and defining an era and leaving an enduring musical legacy in their wake. Driven by a striking collection of restored and remastered archival performance footage and intimate interviews with key players in the label’s remarkable history, STAX: SOULSVILLE U.S.A. details the unlikely origin story of Stax Records and pays tribute to its complex music library and the legendary artists that emerged from the iconic studio.

Founded in 1957 by Jim Stewart and co-owned with his sister, Estelle Axton, the company drew upon a mix of young, local talent – musicians, songwriters, and producers – who would create the unforgettable Stax sound. Against the backdrop of the American south of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, white and Black artists worked together, defying segregation, and producing hits such as “(Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay,” “Soul Man,” “Green Onions,” and the Oscar®-winning “Theme from Shaft.” At the peak of its success, Stax artists commemorated the Watts Rebellion by playing to over 100,000 African Americans at the 1972 benefit concert Wattstax. During an era of major social turbulence, systemic inequity, and racial tensions, Stax, an integrated company, saw stunning artistic and cultural success, and managed to rebound from repeated business setbacks and tragic losses before the studio ultimately dissolved after fifteen pioneering years.


A wealth of music and archival footage is complemented by insight from: Stax founder Jim Stewart and co-owner Estelle Axton; the legendary Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes, Stax producer and artist; Al Bell, Stax’s former president, owner, and director of promotions; Deanie Parker, Stax’s director of publicity; David Porter, musician and Stax songwriter; Booker T. Jones, Booker T. & The M.G.’s musician and band leader; Booker T. & the M.G.’s guitarist, Steve Cropper; Rufus Thomas, artist and Memphis DJ; Carla Thomas, Stax singer and songwriter; Sam Moore, singer; Bar-Kays bassist, James Alexander; musician and Bar-Kays drummer, Willie Hall; Howard Robertson, Stax publicist; Terry Manning, Stax engineer; Bettye Crutcher, Stax songwriter; Bobby Manuel, Stax guitarist; Wattstax cinematographers Larry Clark and Roderick Young; Bruce Talamon, photographer; James Douglas, marketing and promotions for Stax; and Rob Bowman, historian and author of “Soulsville, U.S.A.”



Debut date: MONDAY, MAY 20 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

With humble beginnings in Memphis, TN in the late 1950s, Stax Records quickly becomes one of the most influential record labels on the Black music scene, breaking out iconic artists including Sam & Dave, Booker T. & the MG’s, and Otis Redding. With growing popularity in the Black market, Stax executives and musicians were determined to transcend racial divides and bring their music into the American mainstream.


Debut date: MONDAY, MAY 20 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Stax Records finally breaks through to the white market, with their crossover hit “Soul Man” and Otis Redding’s performance at the Monterey Pop Festival. But Redding’s untimely death, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., legal obstacles, and ongoing racial tensions in Memphis reveal cracks in the surface at the company.


Debut date: TUESDAY, MAY 21 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

After the tragic death of Otis Redding and the Atlantic Records merger that left Stax in the dust, Stax promotions director Al Bell steps up to save the company, releasing hit records such as “Soul Limbo” and “Who’s Making Love?.” Stax puts their efforts behind Isaac Hayes, who receives GRAMMY® and Oscar® awards for his work composing the music and theme song for the 1971 box office smash hit “Shaft.”


Debut date: TUESDAY, MAY 21 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT)

By the 1970s, Stax is in its prime and decides to give back to the Black community in Los Angeles, CA by putting on the Wattstax benefit concert in 1972 and recording the event as a documentary. However, not long after, money troubles plague the company when their bank goes under and drags Stax down with them, forcing the company to shutter its doors.



HBO Documentary Films presents STAX: SOULSVILLE U.S.A., a Laylow Pictures Production and a White Horse Pictures Production in association with Concord Originals, Polygram Entertainment, and Warner Music Entertainment. Directed by Jamila Wignot; produced by Jamila Wignot and Kara Elverson; executive produced by Ezra Edelman, Caroline Waterlow, Nigel Sinclair, Nicholas Ferrall, Scott Pascucci, Sophia Dilley, Michele Smith, Jody Gerson, David Blackman, Charlie Cohen, and Ron Broitman. For HBO: executive producers, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Tina Nguyen.


Walter Kittle is delighted to announce his new single, “Absolute Love” scheduled for release on May 10th. It’s the second time that Walter has teamed up with Smooth Jazz artist, guitarist, and producer NILS. “Working with Gerald Albright and Brian Bromberg on this project is a dream come true. These musical giants have been immense influences on me and my music. I’ve always loved Gerald’s iconic sax sound and distinctive style of playing. Brian, on the other hand, is personally responsible for my transition to solo (Piccolo) Bass guitar.”


Kittle, who also wrote the song, extends his mastery to a unique sonic palette in urban jazz. He achieves this through a diverse arsenal of instruments, which includes the piccolo bass, five-string bass, fretlessbass, and his own custom eight-string bass. “At the heart of his new single lies his wife Robin Bleier. ‘She is my partner and my muse,’ he explains, ‘I could never reach this level of musicianship without her undying love and support.’”


In a move that truly “pulled out all the stops,” Walter and Robin, who also executive produced the single, collaborated with some of Los Angeles finest musicians. “Absolute Love” features GERALD ALBRIGHT on sax, BRIAN BROMBERG on upright bass, CORY MASON on drums, MITCH FORMAN on piano, and Oliver C. Brown on percussion, with NILS layering his signature rhythm fills, which are cleverly woven into the fabric of the song, and ROBIN BLEIER’S enchanting flute harmonies adding the finishing touch.


On April 26, the first new album by contemporary jazz saxophone innovator John Klemmer, “Chateau Love,” was released by Touch Records USA/BFD/Orchard. Klemmer composed and produced a dozen new tracks for the intimate and soothing collection that generously clocks in at more than an hour of music.


Some consider Klemmer enigmatic, and he has been reclusive from the recording scene in recent years, not having issued an album since 1998’s “Making Love, Vol. 1.” Being ensconced in the quiet fortress of his Los Angeles home away from the limelight influences “Chateau Love,” which features Klemmer playing tenor and soprano saxophone along with synth, piano and vocal contributions. The new album marks a welcome return. Klemmer’s sensual grooves, ambient jazz vibe and subtle melodies were crafted to create a feeling and an experience as well as to share his personal journey.


“‘Chateau Love’ is a place. It may be real, imagined or a concept that you can go to. It can be anywhere, or it can be your own invention. It’s your place for seclusion, intimacy, relaxation or romance. Each song/track is an expression and experience of my own personal yet universal journey to ‘Chateau Love,’” said Klemmer, who is known for pioneering the imaginative sonic effects he used on his saxophones.


Klemmer recorded “Chateau Love” live in the company of a legendary rhythm section comprised of bassist Abe Laboriel Sr., drummer Harvey Mason Sr. and percussionist Lenny Castro. Adding to the warm and enveloping harmonic backdrop are Ronnie Foster’s soulful keyboards and piano, and John Tropea’s chill electric and gentle acoustic guitars. However, it’s Klemmer’s horn play that stands stridently in the spotlight of each track - expressive and emotional without overplaying or being overwrought, connecting and communicative while maintaining a cool and collected demeanor, and intensely impassioned with a compassionate caress.


The first radio single “Islands in the Sun” shines through the grace of Darlene Koldenhoven’s reassuring vocal hook on the tune that Klemmer calls “the zenith journey of the ‘Chateau Love’ concept.”


Hot on the heels of 2022’s album title “SOLO,” Kansas City bassist Julian Vaughn returns with his new single "Kiss the Groove." It’s the first release from his forthcoming album due out mid-summer. "Kiss the Groove" is a song that features Julian Vaughn himself not only as an artist, but as a producer as well.


During the winter in early 2024, Julian recorded the new single “Kiss the Groove” at his home studio. An idea that started with a bassline quickly formed into an entire song with a sweet intro, catchy hook and smooth bridge. Like it's predecessor, "Kiss the Groove" demonstrates Julian’s seemingly effortless ability to nail the unique vibes of the single. This album is graced with beautiful guitars, strong horn section, keys that layer the song like icing on a cake, and most importantly a strong bassline that has the potential to become iconic.


"Kiss The Groove"

Produced by Julian Vaughn & Greg Manning

Written by Julian Vaughn


The seminal saxman’s first new album in 26 years was released last week.


LOS ANGELES, CA (2 MAY 2024): It’s a big deal when an influential jazzman who launched his recording career in the 1960s records and releases a new record. Last week (April 26), the new album by contemporary jazz saxophone innovator John Klemmer, “Chateau Love,” was released by Touch Records USA/BFD/Orchard. Klemmer composed and produced a dozen new tracks for the intimate and soothing collection that generously clocks in at more than an hour of music.


“Chateau Love” marks a welcome return as it is Klemmer’s first new album since 1998’s “Making Love, Vol. 1.” Playing tenor and soprano saxophone along with synth, piano and vocal contributions, Klemmer’s sensual grooves, ambient jazz vibe and subtle melodies were crafted to create a feeling and an experience as well as to share his personal journey.


“‘Chateau Love’ is a place. It may be real, imagined or a concept that you can go to. It can be anywhere, or it can be your own invention. It’s your place for seclusion, intimacy, relaxation or romance. Each song/track is an expression and experience of my own personal yet universal journey to ‘Chateau Love,’” said Klemmer, who is known for pioneering the imaginative sonic effects he used on his saxophones.


Klemmer recorded “Chateau Love” live in the company of a legendary rhythm section comprised of bassist Abe Laboriel Sr., drummer Harvey Mason Sr. and percussionist Lenny Castro. Adding to the warm and enveloping harmonic backdrop are Ronnie Foster’s soulful keyboards and piano, and John Tropea’s chill electric and gentle acoustic guitars. However, it’s Klemmer’s horn play that stands stridently in the spotlight of each track - expressive and emotional without overplaying or being overwrought, connecting and communicative while maintaining a cool and collected demeanor, and intensely impassioned with a compassionate caress.


“Chateau Love” opens with an inviting rhythmic intro that sets the mood before melting into “Love Divine,” illumined by vocalist Katie Christopher’s enticing coos. Klemmer says the song is “the ultimate groove of celebration, of discovery, of mutual attraction.”


“Heartbeat” has a nocturnal feel, meditatively entrancing through Klemmer’s tenor and soprano saxes. He offers back-to-back expressions of gratitude on “Smile” and “Beautiful Words.”


Interestingly, Klemmer cites Bob Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody” as inspiring “Something More Than You and I.” “Dreams” rushes over the spirit like a cascading wave bringing to life fantasies and desires.


“Islands in the Sun” shines through the grace of Darlene Koldenhoven’s reassuring vocal hook on the tune that Klemmer calls “the zenith journey of the ‘Chateau Love’ concept.” The cut will be serviced to radio next month in a shortened playlist-friendly version, edited down from the album’s ten-minute-plus excursion.


Romantic closeness swoons on “Bliss Kiss” and “The World is in My Angel’s Arms,” tantalizing, tranquil and trusting constructs of affection. Declaring his devotion outright, Klemmer sings and plays keyboards on “You are the One,” offering a spoken word pledge. The “Love Divine Outro” leaves us with a lasting embrace. 


Klemmer began his career in his hometown of Chicago, releasing the first of more than thirty albums, “Involvement,” in 1967. His “Touch” and “Barefoot Ballet” albums were crossover successes in the mid-seventies. Klemmer is currently assembling alternate takes and outtakes from both albums so that fans old and new have the opportunity to discover more hidden gems contained within. His recordings, including solo sax projects, have been called precursors to fusion, smooth jazz and new age music, with Klemmer considered as a pivotal figure in the advent of these music genres. DJs and rappers frequently sample his tracks, introducing new audiences to Klemmer’s sound and songs. He’s shared the stage with George Benson, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and Tracy Chapman, and he has been featured playing solos on records by Steely Dan, David Arkenstone, Nancy Wilson and John Lee Hooker, among others. In 1997, Klemmer teamed with bossa nova guitar great Oscar Castro-Neves for an album of duets titled “Simpatico.”


During the lengthy gap between his own album releases, Klemmer continued to record solo saxophone tracks for future projects. In 2018, he played a feature solo on contemporary jazz keyboardist David Garfield’s version of “Chasing Pavements.” Recording “Chateau Love” has reignited Klemmer’s artistic muse. He’s already at work on “Chateau Love Vol. 2,” which may contain more of his vocal performances.


The “Chateau Love” album contains the following songs:

“Chateau Love Intro”

“Love Divine”



“Beautiful Words”

“Something More Than You and I”


“Islands in the Sun”

“Bliss Kiss”

“The World is in My Angel’s Arms”

“You are the One”

“Love Divine Outro”


Fans are invited to interact with Klemmer at


NASHVILLE, TN (30 APRIL 2024): R&B-jazz vocalist-drummer Arthur Thompson wants to have an impact – in and out of music. Launching his solo recording career a year ago after decades of playing drums for contemporary jazz A-listers, he’s releasing recordings with a purpose. His just released third single, “Oasis,” is an uplifting, energizing and assuring affirmation of love. Thompson produced his version of the song that was a number one hit for Roberta Flack.  


Thompson’s previous release was “We Can BEAT Cancer,” which features 9-time Grammy nominated saxophonist Dave Koz and soul-jazz vocalist Erin Stevenson. The benefit single and video that dropped last October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month raised money for cancer research and spent four months on the national singles chart. Thompson debuted early last year with the soulful “Smile” featuring hitmaker Mindi Abair with whom he regularly tours. The two singles earned Thompson the Breakout Artist of the Year honors from BEATS Magazine.


On the heels of the success of his first two singles that were his original songs, Thompson elected to reimagine the Marcus Miller-Mark Stephens song recorded by Flack in 1988. Vibrantly cheerful and invigorating, the foundation of his version of “Oasis” is a staccato drum groove augmented by his crafty percussion beats. The sunny harmonies and luminous melodies are animated by Jon Gilutin’s keyboards, guitarist David John and bassist Coretz Johnson. Deftly deployed layers of punchy horns from The Monkey Fist Horns fill up the track, adding jubilation and celebration. Melody Dunlap’s warm and glowing backing vocal provides the perfect support to Thompson’s charismatic tenor lead.


“‘Oasis’ transports you to a place where you feel safe, encouraged, and loved. It describes a longing for that special someone, a feeling of complete peace when you are apart because of the confidence you have in knowing that they will return to you. I decided to record this particular song because I really enjoy Roberta Flack’s sultry and soulful voice. When she sings a lyric, she makes you feel,” said Thompson, who was also drawn to the track because of the original version’s African beats.


“I always thought ‘Oasis’ was a beautiful song, and it has African undertones with the rhythms and drums. If you listen closely, you will hear that influence with my African Djembe, Dundun, Kenkeni, and Sangdon drums.”


The Nashville-based Thompson recorded “Oasis” in his hometown, Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was joined in the studio by some the musicians with whom he grew up playing, including his friend Gilutin. As special as that experience was for Thompson, he said that shooting the “Oasis” video ( with his son was even more meaningful.  


“Watching Arthur Jr. grow in his craft of videography and direction made me feel so proud as a parent to see his love for the arts come to fruition. I never thought that we would work together and have that opportunity,” beamed Thompson.


Thompson, who is at sea this week performing aboard the Dave Koz & Friends all-star cruise, is a mission-based musician. This fall, he’ll be releasing another new single in conjunction with the launch of a mental health awareness nonprofit called Where Are You Now. Thompson created the Music & Math program designed to aid at-risk youth. The curriculum that has been taught in Oklahoma, Texas and California relates basic mathematical concepts with musical notes and scales, incorporating repetitive auditory memorization skills. Thompson co-founded and served for ten years as the director of the Promises for Families Foundation, which provided summer camps and school programs for children and youth who have an incarcerated parent. He continues to teach his Drums Speak school program across the country, offering music and education to children.


“For me, my music career really just gives me a platform to serve and make a difference in the community and to empower kids by providing them with education and tools to grow in the arts. That’s really what’s behind me stepping out from behind the drum kit after all these years. The more success that my records have, the more people I will be able to impact.”


For more information, please visit


JUDITH HILL | 2024 photo by Ginger Sole Photography


new album
out 26.04.24
(Regime Music Group)


“Hill unleashes both righteous fury and empowering funk on her most heartfelt, genre-defying set to date”
“A multifaceted approach to storytelling, blending genres with insightful lyricism and innovative arrangements”
“Achingly personal lyrics paired with muscular funk, soul and blues, backed by her shredding, soaring guitar”


Grammy Award-winning vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Judith Hill reclaims her strength on a deeply emotive new album, ‘Letters From A Black Widow’, which is out today via Regime Music Group. An accompanying video for one of its key songs, ‘Black Widow’, has also been issued as a theatrical recreation of the jaw-dropping track.

‘Black Widow' finds Hill confronting the malign label that haunted her for years, coined by tabloids and keyboard warriors because she had collaborated with two of pop music’s biggest ever stars - Michael Jackson and Prince - shortly before their deaths. She struggled in the wake of undeserved hatred for years before recently finding the emotional capacity to confront, reflect and write about her experience.

 “For years the Black Widow was such a dark presence in my life that it was too looming and intimidating to even talk about,” explains Hill. However, a break from touring in 2020 provided her with the time and space for a momentous reckoning. “Being forced to stop allowed me to reach a deeper place, to really marinate and figure out what’s at my core, what I really needed to talk about. I found I had the courage and strength to face all this – to be authentic, to dive into the whole experience and turn an ocean of darkness into expressive fire.”

A New York Times interview published on 20th April which sees Hill discussing the ‘Black Widow’ tag in depth can be read HERE | PDF .

The song’s parent album is a formidable battle cry that dives into Hill’s stories of discovery, resistance and redemption, bonded together with the soul, funk and blues foundations that have become her signature sound. Hill provides much of the instrumentation herself, including self-taught electric guitar, but it is not a totally solo endeavour, as her band includes her parents (renowned bassist Robert ‘Peewee’ Hill and keyboardist Michiko Hill), while she is also joined by John Staten (drums and percussion), Daniel Chae (strings) and a group of friends on backing vocals.

The album includes the singles ‘Runaway Train’, ‘Flame’ and ‘Dame de la Lumière’, and is the follow-up to ‘Baby, I’m Hollywood!’ (2021), which garnered widespread critical acclaim and was described by Record Collector as ‘breathtakingly kaleidoscopic’, while Echoes proclaimed it ‘Album of the Year’.

Hill and her band are touring extensively in support of ‘Letters From A Black Widow’, with current North American dates followed by a month of shows in Europe that conclude in London on 8th June: 

07.05.24  STAVANGER (NO) Maijazz Festival
08.05.24  TRONDHEIM (NO) Trondheim Jazz Festival
09.05.24  HAMAR (NO) Hamar Jazz Festival
10.05.24  SANDVIKA (NO) Baerum Kulturhus
11.05.24  STOCKHOLM (SE) Fasching
15.05.24  ÖREBRO (SE) Makieriet
17.05.24  COPENHAGEN (DK) DR Concert Hall
19.05.24  SCHÖPPINGEN (DE) Blues Festival Schöppingen
21.05.24  ZÜRICH (CH) Kaufleuten
22.05.24  INNSBRUCK (AT) Treibhaus
23.05.24  RUBIGEN (CH) Mühle Hunziken
24.05.24  TÜBINGEN (DE) Sudhaus
26.05.24  WEERT (NL) Poppodium Q-Factory 
29.05.24  SINT-NIKLAAS (BE) De Casino Concertzaal
30.05.24  PARIS (FR) New Morning
01.06.24  WEIZ (AT) Jazz Festival Weiz
04.06.24  ALMERIA (ES) Clasijazz
06.06.24  ANTALYA (TR) Akra Jazz Festival
07.06.24  HAMBURG (DE) Elbjazz Festival
08.06.24  LONDON (UK) Bush Hall

1  One Of The Bad Ones
2  Flame
3  My Whole Life Is In The Wrong Key
4  We Are The Power
5  Black Widow
6  Touch
7  Dame De La Lumiere
8  Let Me Be Your Mother
9  You Got It Kid
10  Runaway Train
11  Downtown Boogie
12  More Than Love


Sweden’s worldwide acclaimed composer, producer, DJ and pianist, Rasmus Faber, reveals his first album of ambient / neo-classical work, ‘Where Light Touches’ [A NIMA Story]. The album is inspired by, and in collaboration with, Los Angeles based illustrator Ross Tran (RossDraws), as an audio interpretation of his highly praised book, ’NIMA’. Crafting a fully immersive listening experience, Rasmus paints stunning audio pictures with delicate melodic hues, abound with atmospheric conversations between emotive pianos, soothing strings and sophisticated electronica that gracefully flow through this enchanting body of work. Composed, arranged and produced entirely by Rasmus, and conceived and mixed using Atmos surround sound, the album was recorded with a full orchestra in Stockholm and fused with contemporary electronic elements from Rasmus’ rich musical heritage.

‘Where Light Touches’ [A NIMA Story] began after Ross contacted Rasmus to make music for one of his projects. They immediately found admiration and kinship in each other's work. Ross sent Rasmus his new illustrations book entitled ’NIMA’, which served as the perfect catalyst for a musical idea Rasmus had - to make an album of subtle beauty and immense production and technical dexterity. Rasmus became absorbed in the characters and worlds in the ’NIMA’ book, encouraging him to match his composing and production skills with Ross’s otherworldly illustrations and boundless talent. The result is something quite extraordinary and beautiful that can be enjoyed accompanying the ’NIMA’ book, or purely as an audio gift for the senses.

Rasmus Faber started his career as a Jazz musician and house DJ, touring the world, performing to fans of the melodic side of electronic music over the last two decades. His success as an artist in Japan, and being fan of Anime and Manga opened the doors to becoming a composer (one of the only non-Japanese) of music for Anime. He’s composed music for the Meta Quest VR platform, AAA games such as Metal Gear Solid and is behind an almost constant stream of music releases under aliases and his on name garnering hundreds of millions of streams.

Track Listing
1 Train To Nimbus
2 Beginnings
3 Opus
4 Some Are Forgotten
5 Lunar Axis
6 New Moon
7 Grim Coin
8 The Heart
9 Healing Rain
10 Dragon's Whisper
11 The Apparition
12 Iris
13 Warden
14 Lament
15 Clutch To Life
16 Where Light Touches
17 Synthesis
18 Futures

Rasmus Faber ‘Where Light Touches’ [A NIMA Story] Album will be release on May 3rd 2024 on Farplane Records.

Rasmus Faber
‘Where Light Touches’ [A NIMA Story] Album
Farplane Records / FP076


"It's great to be working with double GRAMMY winner Paul Brown again on my latest single, "Until I Met You". Paul has such an intuitive and mature feel for the genre having played or produced more than 80 #1 Billboard songs.


We purposely wanted to keep this track less busy; allow the song to breathe and entice the listener with the hypnotic hook and sexy vibe.


"Until I Met You" is a feel-good song conjuring up the beautiful feelings when two people have just met and are exploring their relationship. A contrast between one's passion before and after their chance meeting. The tempo of the song represents their relationship moving forward after the day they met." - Rob Zinn


"Until I Met You"

Written by Rob Zinn, Paul Brown & Lew Laing Jr.

Produced by Paul Brown

Engineered by Paul Brow


Rob Zinn - flugelhorn

Shane Theriot - guitar

Lew Laing Jr. - keys and programming

Paul Brown - percussion


Ronny Smith is a highly acclaimed Jazz guitarist renowned for his infectious sense of groove and eclectic musical style. With a career spanning several decades, Ronny has captivated audiences with his unique blend of urban jazz, funk, blues, gospel, and tropical jazz.


He gained recognition with his albums "Got Groove" (2006) and "Just Groovin'" (2009), which showcased his exceptional talent and established him as a prominent figure in the jazz fusion scene. His track "City Groove" from the album "Can't Stop Now" (2013) soared to the top of Billboard's BDS New and Active smooth jazz chart, peaking at #1 and solidifying his position as a chart-topping artist. Additionally, “String of Hearts” from the album “Coastal Sunset” (2021) soared to #2 of Billboard's BDS Smooth Jazz Most ADDED chart.


Drawing from his 35 years of experience in U.S. Army bands, Ronny brings a wealth of musical knowledge and expertise to his performances. His dedication to musical exploration and artistic expression shines through in every note, making him a captivating recording artist and an electrifying live performer.


Ronny's music is a testament to his passion for pushing boundaries and creating soulful, unforgettable melodies. Whether in the studio or on stage, his infectious grooves and masterful guitar skills continue to inspire and delight audiences worldwide.


Sometimes a personal tragedy can be turned into a creative triumph. Such is the case with “Run Your Race“ the new song and album from jazz/soul diva Kandace Springs. She wrote the song as a tribute to her late father Kenneth “Scat” Springs, a great singer in his own right who passed away last year. “My dad was a track star in college. But he spent the last two years of his life in a wheelchair. After he passed away, I was inspired to write this song, to tell him that I know that he is free now, to run like he used to.” The resulting song is the most personal and heartfelt of Springs’ career, and a fitting centerpiece to her new album Run Your Race, which she says is “absolutely the most personal record I’ve ever made, or ever will make “


Rewind two years ago, however, and recording this album, or creating music at all, was the furthest thing from Kandace’s mind. The pandemic and lockdown had taken away all of her work as a touring artist, and out of a well-honed sense of survival, she turned to her second passion: cars. “I’ve always made my own way since getting out of high school “, she says. I used to park cars for a living, and then I started buying them, fixing them up, and selling them. When my career took off, I still kept doing it for fun. So when the gigs went away, I just went into flipping cars full time.” She admits that it was a defense mechanism: “It was like music had let me down, I couldn’t depend on it to make a living, so I turned away from it.”


What turned things around for Kandace was her father’s passing. “It didn’t hit me at first,” she says, “but about a year later I suddenly thought: I want to make an album to pay tribute to my father. And that’s what got me going again.” To start with, Kandace was sitting on a treasure trove of songs that she had written throughout her career, that somehow had been overlooked through her first 3 albums. “I think maybe I was not confident enough to show them to everybody,” she says now. “A lot of them I wrote when I was really young, and just learning. But they are honest, and they are all me.”


Several of the highlights from the album- the lush, string-laden “So Far, So Near“ and the beautiful, pensive “Look” were in fact written by Kandace while she was still a teenager. Her musical journey began when her father brought home an old upright piano that a family friend was throwing out; within weeks she had taught herself to play the theme from “Soul Train”. Suitably impressed, her father arranged for lessons from friend Reggie Wooten, of the famous Wooten Brothers. But mostly Kandace, who was home-schooled, was left on her own to learn her art. She spent her high school years absorbing both jazz and classical standards by ear and intuition. “That’s how I learned, and how I still like to play, “ she says. And at Scat’s insistence, she began singing as well. She started wearing out records by Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, and her first musical girl crush, Norah Jones. “When I heard Norah’s first album, that’s when I said, I want to do what she does.”


But as the saying goes, easier said than done. Fresh out of high school, Kandace found herself working a job parking cars at a hotel in downtown Nashville; the one perk of the job was that she got to sing and play piano in the lounge upstairs. “Everybody in the music business probably passed by me at one time or another, but nobody ever stopped.” It was during this time that she really developed her mastery of the jazz ballad, as shown on this album by her incredible interpretation of “Wild is The Wind.” “I always loved Nina Simone’s version,” says Kandace. “But then I heard Shirley Horn do it, she’s so amazing. So I took those two influences and used them to make something that’s me.” Her burgeoning talent soon attracted the attention of Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, hitmaking songwriters and producers who had just years before discovered a 15-year-old Rihanna, signed her to their production company and shepherded her rise to stardom. Within days of hearing Kandace’s demo, Evan was in Nashville meeting her and her family, and a partnership was born that continues to this day. Kandace moved to New York City, to let Sturken and Rogers fully mentor and bring out her talent. One of their first writing collaborations was “Chasing Shadows”, which is brought to life on this album with a simmering groove provided by her long-time rhythm section of drummer Camille Gainer-Jones and bassist Caylen Bryant, and with added spice from flutist Elena Pinderhughes (Herbie Hancock).


Her career began to move at an accelerating pace, and within a few short years she found herself signed to Blue Note Records by chairman Don Was, and appearing on “The Late Show with David Letterman”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. Her experience and abilities continued to grow as she moved to Los Angeles, and began working with many veterans of the music scene, among them Gregg Wells (Katy Perry), who’s represented on this album by the infectious groove of “Pulse”. Also written at this time was “Broken Keys”, which shows Kandace at her most solitary and personal. “It’s not really jazz, not really R&B..” she says. “All I know for sure is that it’s all Kandace.”


Kandace could hardly have imagined the next person who would become part of her musical journey: Prince. He saw a video of Kandace doing her version of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”, and messaged her directly. A week later, incredibly, she found herself performing with him at Paisley Park for the 30th anniversary of the album Purple Rain. Thus began a close mentorship between Kandace and the “Purple One,” as she still refers to him. They wrote songs and shared thoughts on all things musical. “He told me that I needed to be more true to myself, don’t listen to anybody else, just my own heart. That really stuck with me, and I’ve followed that advice ever since, especially with this new album.” His influence can be heard most clearly on this album with “Closer To Me,” a classic R&B love ballad that brings to mind such Prince classics as “The Beautiful Ones.”


As her music progressed, so did her live performing career; over the next few years, she found herself in front of audiences around the world, in such storied venues as London’s Royal Albert Hall, and at legendary festivals including Newport and Monterey. An appearance with Christian McBride at the Istanbul Jazz Festival led to his appearance on her last album The Women Who Raised Me, which also featured contributions from friends Norah Jones and David Sanborn.


That album ended up being released on the very day most of the US went on lockdown. Fast forward to 2022 and Kandace, having lost her father, finally found in that the inspiration to create new music. “All of a sudden I knew what I had to do – write a song for my dad. He was such a huge influence on me, I needed to thank him for it in the only way I could now.” The concept and title for “Run Your Race” came to her one day while she was at home in Nashville, working on one of her classic cars. Words and music came tumbling out, and the song was finished in a day. She went right into the studio with her band, and the finished record was done almost just as quickly. Shortly thereafter, the song got its debut in front of a live audience, and the response was immediate and overwhelming. “Literally after every performance people come up to me with tears in their eyes, and tell me how they relate to what the song’s about; I guess that means they’re feeling what I feel when I sing it”. 


True to her ever-growing independence and sense of musical freedom, Kandace sets no boundaries on herself as to her choice of material, even interpreting contemporary pop songs when they inspire her. Such is the case with her gorgeous version of “What Was I Made For”, Billie Eilish’s theme from the movie Barbie. “I was in the theater, and the credits started rolling I heard this amazing song I wasn’t expecting. I knew right away that I wanted to do my own take on it.” For Kandace, that means migrating any song into her own world of jazz and soul, a process she calls “Kandacizing”. “With this song, it was easy. It has its own kind of soul; I just bring my soul to it.” The results are classic Kandace.


Finally releasing Run Your Race after a wait of almost four years, Kandace has many feelings: satisfaction, closure, and ”relief!” she laughs. “I feel that this album has been inside of me for a long time, and it’s so great to bring it out into the world for everyone to hear. When they hear it, I feel like they’re finally going to be meeting the real me.”


"Chasing Shadows"

Written by Kandace Springs, Evan Rogers, and Carl Sturken 

Kandace Springs – keys vocals

Caylen Bryant – bass

Camille Gainer – drums


Foto: © Stephanie Smeets


Morgen verschijnt ‘Jij en Ik’, de gloednieuwe single van Belle Perez en dat wordt een combinatie van het Nederlands en het Spaans, gekoppeld aan een bijzondere samenwerking. “In afwachting van het mooie weer zorgen wij al voor het zomerse gevoel met een frisse, uptempo popsong die je na één luisterbeurt vanzelf meezingt. Het is een duet, maar met wie?”, vraagt Belle met een brede glimlach. We kunnen best richting onze noorderburen kijken, gezien Belle het nummer opnam in de Rooftop Studio’s van co-writer en producer Edwin van Hoevelaak. Sinds ze de aankondiging van haar nieuwe single deelde op sociale media, wordt er door haar talrijke fans al duchtig gespeculeerd. Jan Smit, André Hazes of misschien Jody Bernal waar Belle al het succesvolle ‘Me & You’ mee uitbracht, zijn namen die vlot over de tongen gaan. Het geheim wordt om middernacht onthuld, want vanaf vrijdag 26 april is de single beschikbaar op alle digitale platformen. ‘Jij en Ik’ is de eerste single in een rij van nieuwe muziekreleases die Belle Perez uitbrengt in het jaar dat ze haar 25steverjaardag als artieste viert. In Nederland doet ze dat met de succesvolle theatertournee ‘Diferente’. In Vlaanderen viert ze op vrijdag 8 november 2024 ’25 Jaar Hits’ met een uniek concert in de Antwerpse Lotto Arena. 


new single
out 25.04.24
(English Electric Recordings)
included on
new album
out 31.05.24
out 28.06.24

teaser video

UK/Europe  |  North America


STEVE ROTHERY (Marillion) | MARK KING (Level 42)
NEIL FAIRCLOUGH (Queen + Adam Lambert)

The Anglo-Dutch rock/pop act The Dave Foster Band will release their third album at the end of May. Intriguingly titled and dynamic sounding, ‘Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us’ is helmed by acclaimed guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Dave Foster and vocalist Dinet Poortman, but also features star turns from guitarist Steve Rothery of Marillion, bassist Mark King of Level 42 and singer Carly Bryant (ex Big Big Train), as well as regular collaborators that include bassist Neil Fairclough (Queen + Adam Lambert), drummer Leon Parr (Steve Rothery Band), pianist Anthony Hindley and string arranger Stephen Boyce Buckley.

‘Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us' will initially be available on CD and LP formats (aqua blue vinyl), with download and streaming options to follow on 28th June.

‘Delicate Things’ has been released today as the second single from the album. "I’m a big Muse fan and wanted to have a crashing power chord thing going on,” states Foster, “but it’s Dinet's melody lines that make this song work so well for me. She's great at weaving melodies through my odd chord changes.” Poortman adds that her lyric “is about how precious life is, and that the things that really matter are the small things. We can sometimes get so wrapped up in our own perception of life that we forget that everything worthwhile is actually free.”

A video for ‘Delicate Things' directed by Simon Lowery “represents the preciousness and vulnerability of life,” continues Poortman. “The main character in it has suffered a major loss and is trying to cope with it. He thinks he has been forgotten by everyone else and is wrapped up in his own grief.”

‘Delicate Things’ follows the new album’s initial teaser single, ‘Sleep Spindles’, which was issued in late March : STREAM | VIDEO

Discussing the album as a whole, Foster explains that “we wanted to make sure that the recording process was as relaxed as when we made our last record ['Glimmer'], as it makes a big difference feeling like you have things under control. We split the studio time between The Forge in Oswestry, where we laid down Leon’s drums and Neil’s bass with Al Unsworth on engineering and mixing duties, and my own home set-up, where we recorded Anthony’s piano wizardry, most of my guitar work and Dinet’s vocals, which really sparkle.”

Asked about the additional guests, he reveals that “I had previously asked Steve Rothery if he would perform on a track. Once I had the structure for the new song 'These Tendencies’, I immediately thought that he would enjoy playing over it. We've known each other for so long and know each other's playing so well that these decisions become easy. I adore his solo on it.” As for Mark King, he adds: “we have a mutual friend who I asked to pass on a message enquiring if he might be up for playing on the song ‘Talent To Failure’, and thankfully he said ‘yes’. It was exciting that he wanted to work with us.”

The cover artwork for ‘Maybe They’ll Come Back For Us’ features a distinctive and highly colourful photograph by Japan-based Tsuki Kitsune. “I found him by chance on Instagram and as soon as I looked at his profile I knew I'd found something special. He was great to deal with and I think that the cover is one of the best photographs I've ever seen,” Foster concludes.

1  Sleep Spindles
2  Talent To Failure
3  Pollyanna
4  These Tendencies
5  The Optimist
6  Queen Of Maybe
7  Delicate Things
8  Whirling Of Whales

Founded in 2017, The Dave Foster Band has its origins in earlier collaborations between Dave Foster and Dinet Poortman. They were initially introduced by mutual friend Steve Rothery of Marillion and had both been members of previous acts who separately supported that group. Foster also plays in the Steve Rothery Band and has recently been a member of leading multinational prog act Big Big Train.

Given that Foster is based in the UK and Poortman the Netherlands, their first tentative steps were an experiment to see if they could work together effectively, but a number of co-written songs that appeared on Foster’s solo albums ‘Gravity’ (2011) and ‘Dreamless’ (2016) proved they had musical chemistry. As The Dave Foster Band, they supported both Rothery and Marillion on European/UK tours while working on their debut album, ‘Nocebo’, which was released in 2019.

 Its follow-up, ‘Glimmer’, was issued in 2023 and was a cornucopia of musical delights appealing not only to fans of guitar-based rock on several songs that balanced dazzling technique with great restraint, but also fans of crossover acts as varied as Air and The Anchoress on other piano-led tracks.



Ook Jervin Weckx vervoegt cast familiemusical.

Onlangs schitterden ze nog zij aan zij als BFF's Penny Pingleton en Tracy Turnblad in de heerlijke feelgood musical 'Hairspray', en nu mogen ook 'real life besties' Lotte De Clerck en Jozefien Grossen zich al meteen opmaken om samen in  een nieuw magisch avontuur te vliegen. Vanaf 7 december 2024 presenteert Deep Bridge een volledig eigen musicalversie van het tijdloze verhaal van Peter Pan in Antwerpen, Gent en Hasselt. Lotte zal hierin gestalte geven aan de dromerige Wendy en Jozefien kruipt in de bijzondere huid/vacht van nanny/hond Nana.

Nog 'Hairspray'-geweld dat samen met Lotte en Jozefien naar Neverland vliegt, en naast droomduo Sophie Janssens (Peter Pan) en Nordin De Moor (Kapitein Haak) de planken op mag, is de immer sympathieke energiebom Jervin Weckx. Na zijn sublieme dubbelrol als Mr. Pinky en Spritcer in 'Hairspray', mag Jervin zich in 'Peter Pan' helemaal smijten als Mr. Smee, eerste stuurman en rechterhand van Kapitein Haak.

Zowel Lotte, Jozefien als Jervin  kijken enorm uit naar hun 'Peter Pan'-avontuur en staan te trappelen om deze tot de verbeelding sprekende reis aan te vatten:

"Ik kan niet wachten om in de magische wereld te stappen waar ik als kind zelf zo door werd betoverd!"
- Lotte De Clerck -

"Een kindermeisje spelen in 'Peter Pan'? Da's van den hond (lacht), maar laat die wondere wereld van elfjes, piraten en sprekende honden maar komen!"
- Jozefien Grossen -
"Het staat al lang op mijn bucketlist om piraat te spelen, en kijk! Soms zit het leven eens Smee!"
- Jervin Weckx -


Reis mee met Peter, de jongen die weigert ouder te worden. Van het magische elfenstof tot opwindende avonturen vol zwaardgevechten. Deze productie omarmt de kracht van verbeelding in al zijn glorie. In het magische universum van Peter Pan is alles mogelijk! Prachtige muziek, kleurrijke kostuums en adembenemende decors maken van 'Peter Pan' een onvergetelijke ervaring voor jong en oud.


“Sommigen onder ons blijven (gelukkig) altijd een beetje kind, anderen hebben hulp nodig. En daarom maken we theater. Daarom maken we Peter Pan.”
– Stany Crets -


Tickets & info: 


MIDDELKERKE – 28 juni tot en met 8 september 2024
Strand ter hoogte van Arthur De Greefplein


Het is ondertussen een traditie geworden: het Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke. De zomer lonkt, het strand wenkt. De kunstenaars staan te popelen om opnieuw aan de slag te gaan in de bruisende kustgemeente.


Toegangspoort naar vele werelden

Het Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke ontvouwt zich deze zomer tot de toegangspoort naar niet één maar vele bijzondere werelden. Dit jaar nemen we de bezoekers mee op een imaginaire wereldreis. Je stelt je reis zelf samen. Wil je sfinxen in Egypte of wilde dieren in Afrika zien? Bezoek je liever de Taj Mahal, Japanse tempels of het Paaseiland? Of vlieg je liever over de Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco om via New York City over Londen terug te keren naar Middelkerke? Internationaal wordt je reis in elk geval!


Het grootste evenement van de kust

Ook de jaarlijks meer dan 100.000 bezoekers van het festival komen uit alle windstreken: Belgen, Duitsers, Fransen, Engelsen, ... Elke zomer is Middelkerke de place to be.


Meer dan een reis!

Ook dit jaar biedt Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke meer aan dan louter zandduinen tussen de sculpturen. We gaan opnieuw in zee met de Proefkonijnen voor een nieuwe spannende interactieve voorstelling voor jong en oud. En wie zelf wil proberen om een zandsculptuur te maken, kan terecht bij onze zandexpert tijdens een van de vele zandworkshops.


De perfecte zomercocktail

Terwijl de kids zich uitleven op het springkasteel en creatief bezig zijn in een van de speelzones, kan de rest van het gezelschap relaxen in de strandbar bij een hapje en een drankje. Kortom het Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke is de perfecte cocktail voor een dag plezier aan zee.


Een grote aanwinst voor inwoners en handelaars

Burgemeester Jean-Marie Dedecker: “We doen in Middelkerke heel wat inspanningen om ons zomerse evenementenaanbod te verrijken. Dankzij de steun van enkele waardevolle partners kunnen onze tienduizenden vakantiegangers, maar ook onze eigen inwoners in Middelkerke terecht voor een origineel en uniek aanbod. Het Zandsculpturenfestival is ondertussen zo’n gewaardeerde partner. Dat we dankzij hen het grootste openluchtevent aan de kust mogen ontvangen is een absolute troef. Het Zandsculpturenfestival past trouwens enorm goed bij onze uitstraling als échte familiebadplaats. Het is ook bewonderenswaardig dat de organisatoren telkens verfrissend uit de hoek komen met een nieuw thema, nieuwe randanimatie en een prachtig kransje gerenommeerde zandkunstenaars.”



Het Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke vindt dit jaar plaats van 28 juni tot en met 8 september. Info en tickets zijn op Ook dit jaar krijgen inwoners van Middelkerke en mensen met een tweede verblijf in Middelkerke 2 euro korting.


Na bijna 18 jaar terug in hoofdcast musical:

Chris Van Tongelen maakt musical-comeback en wordt Harry in 'MAMMA MIA!'

Vanaf 22 maart 2025 - Antwerpen, Gent, Hasselt


Met Nathalie Meskens (Tanya), Els Dottermans (Rosie), Jan Schepens (Sam), Maike Boerdam (Donna), Helle Vanderheyden (Sophie) en Dorian Liveyns (Sky), was er in de hoofdcast van 'MAMMA MIA!' al zeker geen gebrek aan star quality. Voor Regisseur Stany Crets, die ook opnieuw de rol van Bill zal vertolken, kan en mag het zoals algemeen geweten echter altijd nog dat tikkeltje meer zijn. Stany trok dus zijn stoute schoenen aan en wist, naast zijn veters, ook nog een verrassende (musical)ster te strikken voor het 'MAMMA MIA!'-feestje dat vanaf 22 maart 2025 opnieuw losbarst. 

v.l.n.r.: Nathalie Meskens, Maike Boerdam, Jan Schepens, Stany Crets, Chris Van Tongelen, Els Dottermans, Helle Vanderheyden, Dorian Liveyns


De rol van bankier Harry is namelijk weggelegd voor niemand minder dan Chris Van Tongelen. Chris, voor velen nu toch vooral bekend als lid van de driekoppige feestorkaan De Romeo's en/of door zijn rol als Bart Van den Bossche in 'Familie' (vtm), behoorde met hoofdrollen in gelauwerde musicals als 'Jesus Christ Superstar', 'Sneeuwwitje', 'Romeo & Julia', 'Assepoester', 'Gaudi', 'Dracula' en 'West Side Story' ook jarenlang tot de absolute top van de Belgische musicalwereld. Nu, bijna 18 jaar nadat hij Vince Fontaine speelde in 'Grease' (2007), maakt Chris eindelijk zijn comeback in de hoofdcast van een volwaardige musicalproductie.

"Bijna 30 jaar na 'Chess', die andere ABBA-musical, eindelijk 'MAMMA MIA!'. Eindelijk terug thuiskomen!"
- Chris Van Tongelen -

Dompel je vanaf 22 maart 2025 mee onder in het warme Griekse bad van 'MAMMA MIA!' en kom in Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, Capitole Gent en Trixxo Theater Hasselt luidkeels meezingen met heerlijk ABBA-hits als ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’, ‘Super Trouper’ en uiteraard ‘Mamma Mia’.

Tickets & info:


A “Blue” tribute: Urban-Jazz saxophonist Reggie Codrington remembers his late father with “Three Shades of Blue,” the first single from the forthcoming “The Ray Codrington Signature Collection.”


FAYETTEVILLE, NC (18 APRIL 2024): There would be no music career for soprano saxophonist Reggie Codrington had it not been for his father, trumpeter Ray Codrington. Born with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy that required nine major surgeries even before the saxman was a teenager, Ray found a small, curved saxophone that made it physically possible for Reggie to play the instrument. After Ray succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease last May, Reggie decided to pay tribute by recording one of his father’s favorite compositions, “Three Shades of Blue,” a song that Ray wrote and performed in his live sets, but never recorded. The urban-jazz single produced by Phil Davis (Boney James, Alex Bugnon, Al Jarreau) is now collecting radio airplay and Spotify spins.


Ray Codrington was a professional musician who played with Little Richard, Gladys Knight and Jackie Wilson. His son was ten years-old when the trumpeter composed “Three Shades of Blue.” Reggie remembers seeing his father perform the song with the North Carolina Symphony. A prolific composer, recording “Three Shades of Blue” was one of Ray’s long-held desires, which was unfinished business upon his passing. He left a wealth of original music that he never got around to recording. Reggie has made recording music from his father’s songbook a personal mission, honoring his father’s legacy by creating “The Ray Codrington Signature Series.” “Three Shades of Blue” is the first single from the forthcoming collection.


“Seeing the joy on my father’s face when he performed this song provoked the desire for me to record it. My father penned a lot of music, but ‘Three Shades of Blue’ was significant because it was a schematic of his life. After his earthly transition, this song became a signature selection in my heart. He told me that this song explained the various transitions his life encountered. I was able to embody this song by looking at my life and determining from birth to now, that my life has been the epitome of 'Three Shades of Blue,'” said Reggie Codrington, who is based in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


Davis crafted the ethereal groove by playing all the instruments surrounding Reggie’s poignant melodic soprano sax phrases and heartfelt solo, the latter to which the producer responds by issuing an elegant piano solo.  


After studying music at Howard University, Reggie Codrington debuted in 1990 with “Never Let You Go,” the first of eleven albums released to date. Throughout the years, Ray maintained a regular presence at Reggie’s recording sessions, including during the tracking of last year’s “Light,” Reggie’s single that peaked at No. 32 on the Billboard chart. Although Ray wasn’t physically present during the “Three Shades of Blue” recording date, Reggie felt his father’s presence.  


“Feeling Dad's presence in the studio caused me to reflect on when he would be beside me while recording. Recording my part was melodic, smooth, and colorful. As I experienced the presence of my father in the studio booth with me, my solo became a symphonic conversation between my father and me. I could hear him playing his horn licks and making his musical suggestions. After one of my recording takes, my studio engineer, Andy Pow, allowed me to hear the playback. Previously, my father would be the one writing out notes for me to play and providing creative ideas for me to try, in hopes of creating a musical experience for the listener. I took that exchange with Andy and reworked a portion of my solo realizing that my father was still giving me his insight through others in the studio,” shared Reggie, who has performed for President Barak Obama, recorded with Jeff Lorber, Paul Jackson Jr. and Nils; and opened for Ramsey Lewis, Charlie Wilson, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Peabo Bryson, Kenny Latimore, Kim Waters and Kevin Toney.


There’s a lot of Ray’s music for Reggie to sift through as he curates and records “The Ray Codrington Signature Series” over the next year or two. Reggie Codrington is excited about preserving his father’s works while introducing his father’s music to new audiences, beginning with “Three Shades of Blue.”


“Funny to note, I never knew how much blue was in my closet until I recorded this song,” Reggie said ebulliently.


For more information, please visit


Arthur Thompson- a Tulsa native who now resides in Nashville, Tennessee- is a drummer, percussionist, singer, songwriter, producer, author, designer, entrepreneur, and teacher. He was the drummer for the late Wayman Tisdale. Singer/songwriter Toby Keith recorded the song “Crying for Me” in honor of Wayman. Arthur recorded and performed this song with Toby Keith, along with Dave Koz and Marcus Miller. It was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2011. Arthur currently performs all over the world with Mindi Abair and many other artists, including Dave Koz on the yearly Dave Koz & Friends at Sea Cruise.


Deeply moved by the realities faced by at-risk children, as well as the drastic reduction of music and arts education in schools today, Arthur created Math & Music©, a curriculum that relates basic mathematical concepts with musical notes and scales incorporating repetitive auditory memorization skills. This rhythmic approach to learning uses engaging characters created by Arthur. Math & Music© helps make learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fun for all children. This curriculum has been taught in Oklahoma, Texas, and California. Arthur also takes his life-changing curriculum to the children of Uganda, Africa and Nicaragua. As part of a yearly Medical Global Outreach “Power of a Nickel”, Arthur has donated his time and his resources to these children by teaching them his curriculum and training and equipping their teachers. 


For over 10 years, he was a co-founder and a director of the Promises for Families© Foundation, which provided summer camps and school programs for children and youth with an incarcerated parent. Arthur has a passion for working with at-risk youth. He has created a way to mix music and education by energizing, engaging, and inspiring children. He uses his gift of music, movement, and storytelling to touch the lives of hundreds of children each and every day. Arthur uses his drums as an instrument for positive change. He has an immense passion for both his music and the children that he works with on a daily basis.


Arthur was honored to be named Smooth Jazz Network's "Breakout Artist of the Year" for 2023.



Song by Roberta Flack.

Written by Marcus Miller / Mark Stevens

Arranged by Arthur Thompson Sr.

Engineered by Jung Jacob Song

Mixed by Jon Gilutin


Lead Vocal - Arthur Thompson Sr.

Background Vocals - Melody Dunlap

Bass - Cortez Johnson

Guitars - David John

Keyboards - Jon Gilutin

Drums - Arthur Thompson Sr.

Horn section - The Monkey Fist Horns

Percussion - Arthur Thompson Sr.


Willie Bradley is a native of Orangeburg, SC and a graduate of South Carolina State University where he earned his BS Degree in Music Education and Performance. Over the course of his career, he has become a go –to musician for many of soul music’s greats over the years. His music reach spans worldwide and can be heard on Smooth Jazz radio dtations including Sirius XM, Music Choice, Pandora, Spotify, and iHeart Radio. 


Willie's 2021 CD It’s My Time contained two #1 Billboard singles – “It’s On Now” featuring Ragan Whiteside and “It’s My Time featuring James Lloyd. The single “It’s My Time” was also featured on the Top 30 Smooth Jazz Network chart for best songs of 2021. 


Throughout his music career, Willie’s musical productions have been considered for two Grammy Awards and he was selected as Beats Magazine 2021 Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year by Allen Kepler's Smooth Jazz Network. He was the Distinguished Alumnus Award winner for 2022 at South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC and currently in his second year serving as full time Music Industry Professor/Artist In Residence at the University. 


Willie’s stage presence includes performances with jazz greats including Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Frank Foster, Max Roach, Betty Carter. More recently, his live performances and collaborations placed him with world-class artists including Gerald Alston, Ronnie Laws, Marion Meadows, Ragan Whiteside, Selina Albright, George Clinton, Gerald Albright, and James Lloyd and Andre 3000.


“Bold, yet simultaneously charming; Edgy, yet at the same time beautiful; these seemingly opposing adjectives might well-describe the music of artist/trumpeter Willie Bradley, but also fittingly tell about the man! Willie Bradley’s music brings together many varied styles, but takes smooth jazz to a whole new level.”


Continuing their creative partnership, Andrew Neu and Greg Manning have zeroed in on a signature sound that is undeniably unique and connects with fans and musicians alike. True to its title, the new radio single "Keep It Real" reminds us that real people are behind the music you love!


Neu comments "We always go back to those fundamental, universal elements that folks are drawn to. The tune has to have both a compelling groove and a memorable melody. This is the foundation for the music I love and I think it transcends all boundaries and brings people together!"


Fresh off three radio hits and a 2024 GRAMMY nomination, Andrew has become the go-to guy for soulful sax and dynamic horn arrangements. He's contributed to countless hits by some of the biggest artists in smooth jazz. He's released five albums and spent years touring with Bobby Caldwell, Smokey Robinson and Diane Schuur.


"Keep It Real" is a tune you can't stop listening to! It's yet another step forward for this talented artist.


"Keep It Real"

Written by Greg Manning and Andrew Neu

Mixed and Produced by Greg Manning

Horns Arranged by Andrew Neu

Mastered by Steve Hall


Sax - Andrew Neu

Keys, Programming, Synth Bass - Greg Manning

Guitar - Carlyle Barriteau

Percussion - Luis Conte

Drums - Marcus Finnie

Trumpet - Mike Stever

Trombone - Nick Lane


Vandaag werd bekendgemaakt dat Arthur ‘Pooch’ Tavares op 81-jarige leeftijd is overleden. Hij was een van de zingende broers Tavares die in de tweede helft van de jaren zeventig de wereld veroverde met de discothekenkraker ‘Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel’. Tavares werd in 1960 opgericht in New Bedford, Massachusetts als Chubby & The Turnpikes. De zanggroep bestond uit de broers Arthur Paul 'Pooch', Antoine Laurence 'Chubby', Ralph ‘Vierra’, Feliciano 'Butch' en Perry Lee 'Tiny' Tavares. In 1975 had Tavares de eerste hit in ons land met de single ‘It Only Takes A Minute’. Het grote succes, met name in Europa, volgde een jaar later met ‘Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel’, geschreven door Freddie Perren en Keni St. Lewis en afkomstig van het album ‘Sky High’. Ook de opvolgers ‘Don’t Take Away The Music’ en ‘Whodunit’ werden Top 10 hits in Nederland. In de Verenigde Staten haalde ‘It Only Takes A Minute’ de tiende plaats van de Billboard Hot 100. Ook de single ‘More Than Woman’, uit de film ‘Saturday Night Fever’, werd een flinke hit in Amerika. ‘Pooch’ Tavares ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Traxsource: 26th April
General Release: 3rd May

As Nyte Music rolls into its landmark 10th release, Soulfuledge & Hannah Clare's collaborative global conquest continues to flourish as they once again bring the heavy-duty, full-throttle feel good vibes courtesy of the sweet & effervescent bubbler, ‘Sweat Is on the Dancefloor’.

With the heady intoxicating days of disco firmly in mind and set against a decadent backdrop of schmoosie chords, organ chops & a guitar-picked riff that’ll have glitterball’s revolving at break-neck speed, Hannah’s unquestionable song writing & performance skills are at full-force levels once again as her playful & intoxicating vocals tease & toil in all the right places.

Effortlessly moving through the soulful gears with impeccable ease & with that delicious soulful swagger Hannah’s most certainly blessed with, yeah, it’s another show-stealing performance from the Australian dynamo that unashamedly & unequivocally brings the heat!

Sweaters are definitely not required.


De Nederlandse nachtegaal Glennis Grace keert op zaterdag 8 maart 2025 terug naar België met haar onder superlatieven bedolven Whitney Houston-tribute. Nadat de ‘America’s Got Talent’-finaliste (2018) eerder al een uitverkochte Lotto Arena op z'n grondvesten deed daveren met haar fenomenale ‘WHITNEY, a tribute by Glennis Grace’ en vorig jaar datzelfde kunstje nog eens vlotjes overdeed in Play Zuid Antwerpen en Kursaal Oostende, mag Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen zich deze keer opmaken om dit unieke muzikale eerbetoon aan de legendarische Whitney Houston te ontvangen. Glennis Grace neemt het publiek mee naar vervlogen tijden en wisselt swingende uptempo hits als ‘How Will I Know’, ‘I'm Every Woman’, 'Queen Of The Night' en ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ op verbluffende wijze af met gevoelige ballads als ‘Run To You’, ‘One Moment In Time’, 'Greatest Love Of All', ‘When You Believe’ en uiteraard het onsterfelijke 'I Will Always Love You'.

Tickets voor ‘WHITNEY, a tribute by Glennis Grace’ op zaterdag 8 maart 2025 in Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, zijn nu verkrijgbaar via .  


“Whitney Houston heeft een ongekend aantal hits op haar naam staan. Ik wil mensen heel graag meenemen naar vervlogen tijden door haar klassiekers opnieuw te zingen. Er zitten echt zoveel pareltjes tussen die nog een keer gehoord mogen worden.” 
- Glennis Grace -

In 2018 maakte de wereld dankzij ‘America’s Got Talent’ kennis met de grenzeloze zangcapaciteiten van de Nederlandse Glennis Grace. Ze blies er de jury, het publiek en de miljoenen tv-kijkers een eerste keer omver met haar indrukwekkende versie van de Whitney-classic ‘Run To You’. De toon was meteen letterlijk gezet en de ravissante Nederlandse stoomde helemaal door tot in de finale. 

Geruggesteund door deze indrukwekkende prestatie en de lovende commentaren, concerteerde Glennis in oktober 2018 voor het eerst met haar muzikale eerbetoon ‘WHITNEY, a tribute by Glennis Grace’ in een uitverkochte AFAS Live in Amsterdam. Uit de enthousiaste reacties van het publiek en de lovende recensies na afloop, bleek eens te meer dat de muziek van Whitney Houston de mensen nog altijd in vervoering brengt en Glennis Grace werd door pers en publiek geroemd om haar stemgeluid en bezieling.

Door de aanhoudende vraag uit binnen- en buitenland, bracht Glennis Grace de show in 2019 o.a. ook nog in Ahoy Rotterdam en een eveneens uitverkochte Lotto Arena in Antwerpen. Vorig jaar stond de Nederlandse nachtegaal eindelijk terug in ons land met dit fenomenale eerbetoon aan de legendarische Whitney Houston en speelde zowel Play Zuid Antwerpen als Kursaal Oostende helemaal plat.

Op zaterdag 8 maart 2025 neemt Glennis het publiek in Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen mee naar vervlogen tijden en wisselt swingende uptempo hits als ‘How Will I Know’, ‘I'm Every Woman’, 'Queen Of The Night' en ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ af met gevoelige ballads als ‘Run To You’, ‘One Moment In Time’, ‘When You Believe’, 'Greatest Love Of All' en uiteraard het onsterfelijke 'I Will Always Love You'.

Tickets voor ‘WHITNEY, a tribute by Glennis Grace’ op zaterdag 8 maart 2025 in Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, zijn nu verkrijgbaar via 


Bekijk Glennis Grace - 'Run To You' @ America's Got Talent 2018


Berlin’s acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and renowned ‘Electric Monday’ event organizer, Frankie Flowerz, reveals his highly anticipated third artist album, ‘Nightride’, on Funkhausmusic. ‘Nightride’ is a 21 track melting pot of Soul, Funk and contemporary dance fused songs and instrumentals, showcasing Frankie’s exceptional musicianship, impeccable talent for delivering irresistibly funky grooves and distinctive captivating vocals. This album sampler offers a taste of 6 carefully selected tracks, including the smooth and emotive funk-drenched jams; ‘Do You Know’, ‘Spend Some Time’, featuring a haunting vocal performance from Robert Owens; ‘Look What You’ve Done To Me’ and ‘Whatever Happens’. Then flipping the script with a punchy dance floor dynamic are; ‘Gimme Back My Love’ and the soulful groover, ‘Live The Moment’. ‘Nightride’ is an eclectic body of work where Frankie seamlessly joins the dots between genres to deliver his unique flavour of dance floor Soul.

“‘Nightride’ is my 3rd Studio LP, which has been 3 years in the making. It’s a culmination of unearthed and re-imagined treasures found in my archives, alongside a whole host of exciting new material that I’ve written over the past few years, including some collaborations with the legendary Robert Owens. Enjoy!” – Frankie Flowerz

Malaysian born, now Berlin resident, Frankie Flowerz (aka Mohan Das), is a globally renowned DJ, producer, event organizer and label owner, embracing a diverse musical spectrum, and over 7,500 stage appearances worldwide. With a dynamic career spanning 39 years, Frankie Flowerz is one of the masterminds behind Electric Monday, the legendary weekly event at Kitkat Club, Berlin, and has shared stages with artists including Kenny Dixon Jr (Moodymann), Theo Parrish, Trentemoller, Laurent Garnier, and many more. On the production side, Frankie’s musical works have graced esteemed labels such as Hypercolour, Crosstown Rebels, OM Records, Turbo Recordings and Internasojnal. And he has also recorded under various monikers including; Das Deva on Blaou Records, 2Dawgs on Moodmusic and Audio Royal & Hybrid Funk on Funkhausmusic. Frankie has released two full LPs to date - ‘Boyz & Girlz’ (2014) and ‘Tales Form The Living Room’ (2019) on his Funkhausmusic imprint (EST 2001). From Soul, Funk, and Disco to Deep House and Techno, Frankie's eclectic tastes and unwavering dedication to his craft continue to captivate audiences worldwide, ensuring his legacy as a true pioneer in the global electronic music scene.

‘Nightride’ Album Sampler Track Listing
1 Do You Know
2 Gimme Back My Love
3 Live The Moment
4 Spend Some Time feat. Robert Owens
5 Look What You've Done To Me
6 Whatever Happens

‘Nightride’ Album will be released on April 19th 2024 on Funkhausmusic.


Frankie Flowerz
‘Nightride’ Album Sampler
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GAGARIN | 2024 photos by Brian David Stevens



new album
out 12.04.24
(Geo Records)

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“Exquisite, nuanced and delicately poised, featuring patiently built layers of breathtaking sonic complexity”
“Spacious, ambient and rhythmic, these pieces have a fine amount of variation”
“An absorbing listen and fits right into the current trend for Hauntology as it moves around moody ambience and melodic optimism, noisier textures and darker distress”


Komorebi is a Japanese word that refers to how sunlight is seen and felt through leaves and branches. The new album by Gagarin takes this idea as its loose theme, evoking light and shade and combining both throughout its duration.

Gagarin is the solo project of veteran experimentalist Graham ‘Dids’ Dowdall, a British musician who has spent a fruitful career operating around the edges of where rock, dance, electronic and improvised musics collide. Emerging from the free improv scene of the late ‘70s, he joined the Manchester-based cult post-punk group Ludus in 1980 as their drummer before being recruited to join the legendary German artist Nico, with whom he spent seven years writing and performing. This tenure included the acclaimed John Cale produced studio album ‘Camera Obscura’, following which the Welshman hired him to play on his own ‘Artificial Intelligence’ record. Both were released via Beggars Banquet.

Following the untimely death of Nico in 1988, Dids formed Faction (releasing two albums) and also played with Eric Random & The Bedlamites, Bill Pritchard, Infidel (including a tour in deepest Siberia) and Sonexuno. He also trained as a community musician at this time and has subsequently spent over thirty years in a parallel career making music with disabled people and others experiencing disadvantage, utilising his skills to enable personal and social change. It also led to a post as a lecturer at Goldsmiths University in London, where he still teaches to this day.

Returning from a visit to Russia in the ’90s, Dids felt the need to create an outlet for his electronic creativity, As Gagarin, he has since issued several acclaimed albums and EPs and performed innumerable live shows utilising a combination of hardware - samplers, drum pads, synths - to interpret his compositions in an improvisatory context. His work has been played regularly on BBC Radio 3, 6 Music and Resonance FM in the UK, as well as NDR (Germany), RCV (France), RTE (RoI), RUM (Portugal), Boiler Room and more. It has also received coverage in publications such as The Wire, The Quietus and Electronic Sound (all UK), plus Rockerilla, Impose, Bandcamp Daily, 6am, Freq, Big Shot and more overseas.

For the last twenty years Dids has been an associate then full member of the acclaimed rock group Pere Ubu, writing and performing on their last four albums and touring extensively as electronicist and electronic drummer.


2023 saw further significant developments in Dids’ career and life, beginning with an invitation to soundtrack ‘Solitude’, a film about Nico directed by Nina Danino that has yielded a radically different version of her 1981 single ‘Saeta’ that features on ‘Komorebi’. He was then commissioned to create a soundscape for the ‘Wonderdusk’ event held on Box Hill in Surrey, which generated two further pieces for the album.

However, Dids was diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer in the early summer, which led to extensive chemotherapy for the remainder of 2023. Undeterred creatively, he set about composing and recording the remainder of the album in his new studio by the sea in Margate, Kent. Optimistic and forward looking, ‘Komorebi’ conveys no sense of doom; rather, local field recordings (a Gagarin trait) feature alongside aching melodies, moody atmospherics and glitchy beats. Veering from blissed out ambience to a noisier strangeness, its ten tracks are tied together via the loose Komorebi theme of lighter melodic sounds filtered through a shaded lens.

‘Komorebi’ will be released on 12th April, the 63rd anniversary of Yuri Gagarin becoming the first human being in space. Listen to it twice while imagining yourself circling the earth at 17,000 miles per hour in Vostok 1 for a similar experience and save yourself the hassle of competing with a tech billionaire.


1  Margate Illuminati
2  Saeta
3  Cingulum
4  Wonderdusk 1
5  Hazmat
6  PAM 710
7  Lomea
8  Wonderdusk 2
9  Codeswitch
10  Stanmer


11.04.24  LONDON New River Studios
13.04.24  LINCOLN Decimal Place (Weird Garden)
26.04.24  GRAVESEND St Andrews Arts Centre (Estuary Waves)
27.04.24  LONDON Walthamstow Trades Hall (Eclectic Shock)
02.05.24  LONDON Biddle Bros
04.05.24  RUGELEY Lea Hall Pavilion (Awakenings)
11.05.24  BRIGHTON The Brunswick (Real Music Club)
25.05.24  Morphic Resonance - Livestream  
15.06.24  MANCHESTER Cultplex (performing OST of ‘Solitude’, a film about Nico)
22.06.24  COLCHESTER Cuckoo Farm Studios
24.08.24  GAINSBOROUGH Church Of Sound
29.08.24  COLCHESTER Arts Centre (Control Voltage)
08.11.24-10.11.24  WHITBY Switched On Festival

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The Southern Gentlemen are proud to follow up their 2023 debut single, "Back In The Game," with a cover of The Spinners 1973 R&B hit, COULD IT BE I’M FALLING IN LOVE"!


The track was produced and arranged by 15-time Grammy nominated and 2022 Grammy winner Kelvin Wooten, who also played keyboards on Back In The Game. The Gents then added their unique voices to create something very special on this reimagined classic.


The Southern Gentlemen have touring plans for 2024, including two major festivals: the Steel City Jazz Festival in Birmingham, AL, on June 15th and the Gulf Coast Jazz Festival in Pensacola, FL, on October 19. Plans are also in the works for a full album release in 2025.


"Could It Be I'm Falling In Love"

Written by Melvin Steals, Mervin Steals (Mystro & Lyric) Publisher - Bellboy Music, BMI

Produced by Kelvin Wooten 

Mixed and Mastered by Joey Sommerville 


Eric Essix – Guitar

Joey Sommerville – Trumpet

Michael Ward - Violin

Kelvin Wooten–Keyboards, bass, drums


Fire & Ice congratulates Jeff Logan on his upcoming Smooth Jazz full album/cd release “INDIGO”.


The first single, “CHILL FACTOR”, is scheduled for an April 2024 spring release, and featured, on the single is the superlatively incomparable Paul Brown!​


Jeff Logan, a native of the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area, better known as the DMV, is a gifted artist and multi-instrumentalist (bass, guitar, percussion, keyboards). He has been a public safety administrator, by day, but he is segueing to a full-time committed artist, beyond the night.


Logan is an accomplished composer, and he writes music in several genres (Contemporary Gospel, R&B, and Smooth Jazz, and Soundtrack). His latest release, “INDIGO”, showcases 10 of his own original compositions written in the Smooth Jazz format. But these musical gems are more than just SJ tracks because one can hear and discern that Jeff has seamlessly blended and infused several gospel and R&B elements and other musical influences throughout the entire project.


Speaking of infusion, Jeff had routinely produced all his projects while performing all the instruments and vocals himself. But, Jeff decided to seek out a producer for this project. The Quincy Jones of Smooth Jazz production, the incomparable Paul Brown (who is the gold standard and top-shelf producer extraordinaire), produced all 10 songs. It’s Jeff’s first collaboration with Paul as Jeff’s producer, with a venerable who’s who of some of the best world-renown musicians and artists performing with Jeff.


And if that wasn’t enough, Paul, along with Shane Theriot, also collaborated with Jeff to pen two of the songs. The three formed a tandem and cowrote “If Only” and “Fall in Love”.  


The collaboration between Jeff and Paul has created ear candy for the ages. Take a listen for yourself and we’re certain you will be teleported and swept away into the magic, the melodies, and the smooth moods and grooves that emanate a neo-indigo sonic flow, from start to finish.


Saxophonist Jason Jackson, known for his soulful melodies, presents his new single "Daybreak" featuring the talented guitarist Chieli Minucci. Produced by the renowned Adam Hawley (15 Billboard #1's), this track promises an enticing combination of Smooth Jazz and captivating rhythms.


Released under Hawley's upstart record label MBF Entertainment, "Daybreak" showcases Jackson's virtuosity on the soprano sax, while Minucci's nylon string guitar adds a layer of depth and emotion to the composition. The collaboration between these artists brings forth a harmonious blend of their unique styles, creating a musical experience that is both refreshing and timeless. With it's uplifting vibe and masterful instrumentation, "Daybreak" is sure to captivate audiences and solidify Jason's position as a rising star on the Jazz scene. It is sure to be an enchanting addition to his promising young career, which already includes a top 20 Billboard hit.



Written by Jason Jackson, Adam Hawley & Caleb Middleton

Produced and mixed by Adam Hawley

Mastered by Steve Hall


Jason Jackson: saxes

Chieli Minucci: nylon guitar

Adam Hawley: guitars, keys

Caleb Middleton: keys, programming

Mel Brown: bass

Eric Valentine: drums


Zangeres Sue Chaloner, de vrouwelijke helft van het duo Spooky & Sue, is op 1 april op 71-jarige leeftijd overleden. Chaloner werd geboren in Londen, te vondeling gelegd en door een Brits gezin geadopteerd. In haar tweede levensjaar trad ze voor het eerst op in een reclamespotje. Een jaar later zat ze al op klassiek ballet. Chaloner volgde een opleiding aan de Aïda Academy of Arts in Londen. In 1969 kreeg ze de hoofdrol in de Engelse versie van de hippiemusical ‘Hair’, waarmee ze na 600 voorstellingen het Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam aandeed. Ze besloot in Amsterdam te blijven wonen. In 1974 vormde ze met de Arubaan Iwan Groeneveld het duo Spooky & Sue. De singles ‘Swinging On A Star’, ‘You Talk Too Much’ en ‘I've Got The Need’ werden hits. In 1976 deden Spooky & Sue mee aan de voorronden van het Nationaal Songfestival met het liedje ‘Do You Dig It’, dat ook een hit werd. Hierna ging het duo uit elkaar. Chaloner probeerde hierop een solocarrière van de grond te krijgen met de single ‘Tip For The Top’ uit 1979. Dit wilde niet lukken en ze probeerde het nog eens met de single ‘What I Know’. In 1986 werd ze door Jaap Eggermont gevraagd om de titelsong voor de Nederlandse film ‘Mama Is Boos!’ in te zingen (‘Don't Try To Change Me’), waarmee Chaloner een kleine hit te pakken had. De jaren daarna kwam ze nog met de singles ‘Primitive’ en ‘Lost In Your Love’. Begin jaren negentig bracht Sue Chaloner haar eerste soloalbum uit, getiteld ‘Appreciation’. Dit album flopte in Nederland, maar werd in Amerika wel een succes. Chaloner was achtergrondzangeres en trad op met haar eigen band Soul Train. Ook was ze lerares in dans, zang en drama voor tieners. Sue Chaloner ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


I'm reaching out to let you know my new single, ‘VOYAGER’ dropped yesterday (APR 5, 2024) and I hope you'll consider it for airplay. Voyager is my 32d commercial release since beginning my musical journey in 2007. This is a jazz/electronic/chilled hybrid track with a space travel theme that I'm sure your listeners will appreciate. 


- Release Date: 4/5/2024
- UPC: 198004636223
- Sound Engineering by Mike Murray
- PRIMARY GENRE: Electronic
- MOOD-STYLE: Instrumental
- Length: 3:41


A few positive comments about Voyager on my social media so far:

“Bring it my brother Mike I love your music man as always blessings to you”

“I love the fact that you stay true to your music and your sound”

“This is literally f a n t a s t i c”


YouTube: @mikemurraymusic
Meta/FB: @mikemurraymuzic


It’s been said that whenever guitarist Blake Aaron ( releases an album, it’s essentially a greatest hits collection because he releases a handful of Billboard chart-topping singles before bundling them as an album. That thesis definitely holds true for his seventh album, “Love and Rhythm,” which drops April 19. The ten-song set already contains two No. 1 hits (“Dreamland” and “Feels So Right”), one No. 3 (“Crush”), and his current single, “She’s the One,” has spent four weeks at No. 2 on the Billboard chart while hanging out at No. 1 on the Mediabase/Pollstar chart for the past three weeks.


“Love and Rhythm” is a project centered on Aaron’s ardent joy for making music that explores and experiments with a variety of genres and rhythms. The songs on the new album, all penned by Aaron, are energetically groovy, vibrantly melodic, and guided by the fretman’s adept and agile guitar play. The settings traverse contemporary and Brazilian jazz, fusion, R&B, worldbeat, pop and dance music.


Illuminating “Love and Rhythm” with Aaron is an accomplished ensemble of hitmakers and first-call session players. Multi-time Billboard chart-toppers Adam Hawley and Greg Manning produced the album with Aaron and they deployed layers of dymanic and dramatic horn section (David Mann, Trevor Neumann, Donald Hayes, Michael Stever, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Reid, Andrew Neu and Nick Lane) parts throughout the record. In additon to Manning’s skilled hand on keys, Tateng Katindig and Carnell Harrell contributed keyboards and piano. The all-important rhythms were crafted by drummers Eric Valentine, Tony Moore and Will Kennedy and bassists Mel Brown, Alex Al and Hussain Jiffry.


There are more singles – and more hits - to come from “Love and Rhythm.” A popular performer on concert stages and festivals throughout the world, Aaron has shows scheduled to support the new album in the coming months in the Los Angeles area where he is based along with Houston, San Diego and Charlotte and abroad in London and the Netherlands. 


William Green is an extraordinary musical artist that captures and expresses the sentiments of a generation. He is continuously expanding his horizons to make an impact on society by creating a union between music and life. Through his music, he has allowed different genres of contemporary jazz, rhythm and blues, pop and gospel to integrate into a new and unique form. In 2018, in celebration of 40 years in the music industry and a 'thank you' to his fans and newcomers, the legendary jazz icon recently held a special 40th-anniversary celebration at City Winery Atlanta and performed before a sold-out crowd.

A full-time musician, composer, songwriter and producer, Green is passionate about his piano, and he puts his heart and soul into his performances. He delivers funky, upbeat, soulful and Contemporary Jazz sounds, and exudes unforgettable stage appeal and showmanship. He possesses one of those rare, “instant classic” voices -- forceful, yet gentle. Green's music is beautiful, lyrically refreshing, vocally and melodically unique, timeless, rich and jazzy. His four albums, possessed an exceptionally well-composed body of original songs, written and produced by Green. He has written and produced for numerous artists.

Green has showcased his charismatic charm and keyboard mastery with audiences around the world (Japan, Europe, Africa), while performing nationally with acclaimed artists such as Boney James, Tom Brown, Earl Klugh, Roy Ayers, Mindi Abair, Peabo Bryson, Cameo, Valerie Simpson, Kenny Lattimore, Melba Moore, Jennifer Holiday, Jean Carne, the sons of Otis Redding (military tour), BB King All-Star Band and Curtis Mayfield. He also had the privilege of appearing with Susan Tedeschi, as the opening act for the Rolling Stones, opened for Spyro Gyra and The Yellow Jackets. Green was selected as one of the performing artists at the 2010 Atlanta Jazz Festival. In addition, he was co-host of the 2010 Atlanta Jazz Festival Session.

William has also performed at the Capital Jazz Festival in the nation's capital. Green has performed with his band, The Magic Dream Band, at the Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre, performed to a sold-out show at City Winery Atlanta (and was asked to come back the same night of his original show for a show two months later), Cafe 290, Satchmo's Jazz Cafe, Perfect Note, Sambucca Jazz, St. James Live, Arizona's, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and numerous venues and private events in the Atlanta jazz circuit and on the East Coast. 

A native of Chicago, Illinois, the extraordinaire pianist/singer/songwriter grew up with music all around him, and Green's love affair with the piano was obvious at an early age. “As a child growing up, I listened to Gospel, Pop, Soul and Jazz music. My parents didn't play music, but they allowed me to play music" says Green. "Some of my influences include Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Joe Sample, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones."

William Green continues to provide his audiences with not only quality music, but a display of great showmanship that captures the imagination.


The Rainforest Band launched in 1990 with the Grammy Award-nominated album Blues From the Rainforest, a collaboration between Jazz keyboardist Merl Saunders, percussionist Muruga Booker, and Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia.


Rainforest Band's new single "My Charmaine" is an old-school Smooth track with all of the elements that make Contemporary Jazz what we love. A song composed for his wife on their wedding, multi-instrumentalist/producer Sylvester Burks utilizes feeling, sound and dynamics. A lovely track sure to please all listeners of the genre, "My Charmaine" captivates the listener from the beginning to end, featuring a romantic saxophone solo by Dave Ellis.


"My Charmaine"


Produced by Ron Umile and Sylvester Burks

Engineered and Mixed by Adam Muniz

Mastered by Steve Hall


Sylvester Burks - Keyboards, Bass & Percussion

Dave Ellis - Saxophone

Lorn Leber - Guitar

"Big Thomas" McCree - Drums


In the heart of his upcoming Summer release, Marcus Anderson's new radio single "We'll Miss You" is a Smooth Jazz vibe that serves as a heartfelt tribute to an extraordinary supporter whose passing left an indelible mark. This piece is not just a song but also a resonant expression of gratitude and remembrance, born from the loss of a beloved friend in the Jazz community. The loss of such a significant supporter at the end of last year profoundly touched Marcus, inspiring a creation that transcends mere musical notes. "We'll Miss You" is an homage, a way to immortalize the unwavering support and love for jazz that was embodied by this individual. It is a reminder of the deep connections and impact supporters of our music have on the artists and genre.


The recording of "We'll Miss You" was an emotional journey, with every note played carrying the weight of heartfelt sentiment and profound respect. Marcus has intricately woven their feelings of loss, appreciation, and remembrance into the melodies and harmonies of this Smooth Jazz composition, ensuring that the emotion is palpable and resonates with every listener. The single is a testament to Marcus's commitment to acknowledging and cherishing the role supporters play in the creative process and the life of music. Through "We'll Miss You", Marcus aims to convey a message of Love and gratitude.


This single sets the stage for the summer release The Vibe, promising an album that is not only musically enriching, but also deeply personal and connective. "We'll Miss You" offers and early glimpse into an album that celebrates life, remembrance, and the unbreakable bond between artists and their supporters. It is a declaration of Marcus's extreme care and gratitude for the Jazz community, ensuring that the spirit of support and love continues to thrive within the genre.


Brazilian singer-songwriter Toco shares 'Noite Secreta', the latest single from his upcoming album 'Riviera' on Schema Records.

The new single ‘Noite Secreta’ is the prelude of Toco’s highly anticipated album ‘Riviera’, due to be released on April 19.

Toco offers here a song with a seductive melody and fresh sounds that introduce to the summer season. A fusion of styles between Pop and Brazilian Popular Music combined with a hypnotic rhythm on which the Brazilian singer-songwriter, with his warm voice, draws the perfect soundtrack for the tale of a night of transgression and fleeting encounters.

The track is co-written and produced by Stefano Tirone aka S-Tone Inc. In addition to Tirone, who played accordion and Wurlitzer here, Ramiro Levy (ukulele, acoustic and electric guitars), Edu Hebling (bass), Mauro Martins (drums), Marquinho Baboo (percussion) and Priscila Ribas with her sweet and mysterious voice took part in the recordings.


Welcome to a journey of musical serenity! We are thrilled to present our new single, ‘Serenity’, a delicate piece that seamlessly blends David Margam's masterful guitar skills with the emotive piano performance by Roberto Vazquez. Immerse yourself in the gentle notes that will transport you to a state of calm and tranquility. The collaboration between these talented artists has given birth to a melody designed to caress your senses and provide a moment of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.



Title: Serenity 

Composition by Roberto Vazquez

Produced by Roberto Vazquez and David Margam

Guitars by David Margam

Programming and Pianos by Roberto Vazquez

Mixed and Mastered by David Margam

Record Label: Dr.Funk Productions

Communication Agency: SmoothJazz Universe

Cover / Single design by Roberto Granados


Two years ago, Eric Knight met an absolutely incredible musician, writer, recording engineer, and producer. "Watching Rodge Nelson wear so many hats during our time together in recording sessions was extremely impressive to me," said Knight. After becoming good friends over the last couple of years, they decided to team up to create a collection of music together.


Get ready to be captivated by their debut original single, "Cash In"! It's a perfect concoction of funky and feel-good vibes that will have you hooked from the very first beat. Once this infectious groove locks you in, there's no escape–your head will be bopping all the way to the end!


But that's not all–soaring on top of this incredible groove are Eric Knight's silky smooth and unforgettable sax melodies, transporting you to a whole new realm of musical bliss. With each note, he proves that he's a true virtuoso, leaving you craving more.


In 2023, Knight released four singles from his upcoming album Cover 2 Cover - Vol. 1 that's slated to drop in its entirety later this year.


Rebecca Jade is an accomplished singer/songwriter and has been able to turn her love for music into a career for close to two decades. Growing up in a musical home, she had been exposed at to a broad range of artists, genres and styles from her mother, who is also a vocalist. With such influences, it seems a natural progression that Rebecca has followed in her footsteps.


Jade has performed with some of the most sought-after musicians all over the world and her versatility has allowed her many unique opportunities to perform: Rebecca toured with the Queen of Percussion, Sheila E. since 2017 and appeared in the Emmy-nominated show, “Let’s Go Crazy: The GRAMMY Salute to Prince” that aired on CBS in April 2020; She also sang background vocals for Sir Elton John at the 2020 Academy Awards; Rebecca has appeared as a guest artist on the Dave Koz Cruises since 2016 and made her debut on the Dave Koz & Friends 2021 Christmas tour – she will be joining Dave for a repeat appearance on his 2022 Christmas Tour; Rebecca has also been a featured artist on many of Eric Darius’ 2022 tour dates. Rebecca opened for Will Downing and Boney James at a sold-out Valentine’s Day concert in Long Beach, as well as opened for Jeffrey Osborne for the Thornton Winery Summer Concert series, both in 2019; Rebecca has done multiple concerts at Spaghettini in Seal Beach and was the singer in the Houseband at Anthology in San Diego for 5 1⁄2 years; She was the official singer of the San Diego Gulls NHL hockey team’s anthem during their 2015 and 2016 seasons.


Rebecca Jade earned two San Diego Music Awards in 2022 for “Best Music Video” & “Best R&B/Funk/Soul Song” for “What’s It Gonna Be”, her first single off of her latest upcoming album; she also earned “Song of the Year” for 2021, & “Artist of the Year” for 2020; Rebecca has completed her most recent album, A Shade of Jade, which features both Dave Koz and Eric Darius on two of the songs, and she put on a sold-out album release concert at Sycuan’s Live & Up Close Showroom. Rebecca has opened for Grammy-nominated artist, Musiq Soulchild on two separate occasions. Rebecca is also a jazz vocalist and released an album of Cole Porter classics titled, Planet Cole Porter, with arranger/producer/jazz guitar virtuoso Peter Sprague, which earned them a 2018 SDMA for “Best Jazz Album”. She has also been the front-woman for the soul/funk band, Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact, and they collectively earned SDMAs in 2014, 2015 and 2017, and a “Best of San Diego” Award in 2016. The band had the opportunity to open for and Rebecca to sing with El Debarge. The Cold Fact released two full-length albums, one self-titled and the 2nd one called, Running Out of Time. Prior to the Cold Fact, Rebecca released her debut album collaboration in 2011 titled, The Jade Element.


Rebecca has over 30 years of recording studio experience. She has sung background vocals, demos and jingles on many different projects, including projects with Kiko Cibrián (Luis Miguel) and Kevin Flournoy (Chaka Khan), and has been featured in a variety of notable works, including being featured on two songs on DW3’s self-titled album that went #1 on the UK Soul Charts in 2020, and singing backing vocals on Aubrey Logan’s 2nd full-length album, Where the Sunshine is Expensive, which went #1 on the Billboard charts in 2019.


Jesse “JT Jazz” Thompson is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Late Nite,” featuring the talented Judah Sealy. This highly anticipated track is set to make waves in the Smooth Jazz Community, offering a fusion of smooth and groove jazz that will captivate music lovers of all ages.


“Late Nite” is not only a testament to Jesse Thompson's musical prowess but also showcases his collaborative spirit. Produced and co-written by the renowned Adam Hawley, this track is a true masterpiece. Hawley's expertise adds an extra layer of depth and sophistication to the composition, elevating it to new heights.


Listeners can expect to be enveloped in a world of smooth melodies and catchy rhythms as they immerse themselves in the mesmerizing sounds of “Late Nite.” Jesse Thompson's unique blend of soothing tunes and infectious beats creates an experience that is both captivating and unforgettable.


As Jesse Thompson's first single release of 2024, “Late Nite” holds great significance. It represents a new chapter in his musical journey, showcasing his growth as an artist and his commitment to delivering exceptional music to his fans. With this track, Thompson aims to provide a seamless fusion of smooth jazz and contemporary sounds, appealing to a wide range of music enthusiasts.


“Late Nite” is now available on all major platforms and media outlets, allowing the general public to indulge in this musical masterpiece. Whether you're a die-hard smooth jazz fan or simply someone who appreciates good music, this track is a must-listen.


Radio stations across the nation are also getting in on the excitement, with “Late Nite” set to hit the airwaves. This means that fans not only have the opportunity to stream the song at their convenience but can also tune in to their favorite radio stations to enjoy it in all its glory.


Jesse “JT Jazz” Thompson invites you to join him on this musical journey with “Late Nite.” Experience the magic and immerse yourself in the world of smooth jazz like never before. Press play and let the captivating melodies transport you to a place of pure musical bliss.


Vanaf 14 augustus 2024 - Kasteel de Merode - Westerlo 


 Vanaf 14 augustus 2024 presenteert Historalia het grootse musicalspektakel ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ op het domein van Kasteel de Merode in Westerlo. Het schrijversduo Jelle Cleymans (liedteksten) en Jef Hoogmartens (script) maakte reeds een deel van de hoofdcast bekend, waaronder zangeres en actrice Lotte Stevens die in de strijdvaardige huid van de iconische Franse oorlogsheldin Jeanne d'Arc zal mogen kruipen, maar enkele rollen dienden nog ingevuld te worden.

Erik Goris wordt bisschop Pierre Cauchon

De al vele jaren in het Kempense Vorselaar residerende acteur Erik Goris zal deze zomer vaak de E313 mogen oversteken om in Westerlo de kazuifel van bisschop Pierre Cauchon aan te trekken. Pierre Cauchon was de rooms-katholieke bisschop van Beauvais en een voorvechter van de Engelse belangen in Frankrijk in de slotfase van de Honderjarige Oorlog. Hij speelde een doorslaggevende rol bij de veroordeling van Jeanne d'Arc tot de brandstapel.

Voor Erik Goris, bij het brede publiek vooral bekend als acteur in Vlaamse tv-series als 'Vennebos', 'Flikken', 'Thuis' en zeker als Rob (de man van 'zatte' Rita)  in 'Familie', is zijn rol als bisschop Cauchon meteen ook een mooie vuurdoop, want de eerste keer dat hij op de planken zal staan in een Historalia-productie.

David Cantens begeleidt Jeanne d'Arc als kapitein de Beaudricourt

De rol van Robert de Beaudricourt wordt een kolfje naar de hand van David Cantens (Sint-Niklaas). Robert de Beaudricourt was kapitein van de stad Vacouleurs. Hij begeleidde  Jeanne d'Arc in 1429 naar Chinon, waar ze kroonprins Karel trachtte te overtuigen dat Frankrijk bevrijd moest worden van de Engelsen en dat hij koning moest worden. 

David Cantens kan als theateracteur en zanger zeker de nodige adelbrieven voorleggen, maar zijn rol als de autistische Rudy Marsman in de gelauwerde tv-serie 'Marsman' betekende zijn definitieve doorbraak. Nadien was hij ook te zien in succesvolle tv-series en films als 'Nieuw Texas', 'Brabançonne' (film), 'De Ridder', 'Professor T', 'Over Water,', 'Amigo’s', 'Coppers', 'Zone Stad', 'Aspe', 'Witse', 'Flikken', 'Wittekerke', 'Gevoel voor Tumor' en 'Familie'. Onlangs schitterde hij nog in de bejubelde musical 'Tot Altijd'.

Helle Vanderheyden en Pauline Joris zijn heilige Margaretha en Catharina

Met Helle Vanderheyden en Pauline Joris krijgt Lotte Stevens niet enkel twee uiterst getalenteerde musicalartiesten naast zich op de planken, maar ook letterlijk in haar oren. Jeanne d'Arc had namelijk op jonge leeftijd visioenen van onder andere de heilige Margaretha (Helle), Catharina (Pauline) en de aartsengel Michaël (Steven Colombeen). Deze fluisterden haar in dat ze Dauphin Karel VII moest helpen en ten strijde moest trekken om Frankrijk van de Engelsen te bevrijden.

Als actrice en zangeres is Helle Vanderheden (Antwerpen) al verschillende jaren een vaste waarde in het theater en op televisie. Ze speelde mee in onder andere ‘Grease’, ‘Mamma Mia!’, ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘The Rocky Horror Show, ‘Rapunzel’ en ‘Gaston & Leo’, maar bij het grote publiek is ze vooral bekend als Prinses Iris uit de televisiereeks ‘Prinsessia’ en Martha in ‘De Kotmadam’. Momenteel schittert ze in de musical ‘Hairspray’ en volgend seizoen zal ze de rol van Sophie hernemen in ‘Mamma Mia!’.

Pauline Joris (Mortsel) studeerde in 2019 succesvol af aan de Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg. Ze speelde tijdens haar studie mee in het openluchtspektakel 'Albert I' van Historalia en was na haar afstuderen te zien in o.a. '40-45', 'Deans', 'Vergeet Barbara' en 'Red Star Line'. Haar tv-debuut maakte ze in 2021 als vaste cast van het programma 'James De Musical'. Daarin is ze in verschillende rollen te zien in alle 3 de seizoenen.

Met Pieter Jan de Paepe (nobelman Jean de Metz), Floris Devooght (Dauphin Karel VII), Jos Dom  Jacques d'Arc en Filips de Goede), Neel Hannes (biechtvader van Jeanne d'Arc), Lien Crab en Sam De Kerf (Francoise), en Lio Cuypers en Hebe Hansen als de jonge Jeanne d'Arc, bestaat ook de rest van de cast uit een mooie mix van ervaring en jong musicaltalent. 

Beleef de epische reis van Jeanne d’Arc in dit nieuw, adembenemend musicalspektakel van Historalia. Laat je meeslepen door het verhaal van deze legendarische Franse heldin en ontdek de strijd, moed en opoffering die haar tot een icoon maakten. Met indrukwekkende decors en krachtige symfonische muziek, brengt Historalia Jeanne d’Arc tot leven zoals nooit tevoren!

Tickets & info ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ via


16 november 2024 – Capitole Gent 
23 november 2024 – Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen

“De razendsnelle evolutie in AI en VR heeft me gedwongen mezelf heruit te vinden”
- Hans Klok –


De legendarische Nederlandse illusionist Hans Klok komt dit najaar naar België met zijn adembenemende nieuwe show 'Face the Future'. Geïnspireerd door de razendsnelle technologische ontwikkelingen in AI en Virtual Reality, nodigt The World’s Fastest Illusionist je uit om samen met hem een onwaarschijnlijke reis door de tijd te maken. Op zaterdag 16 november 2024 staat Hans Klok met ‘Face The Future’ in Capitole Gent en op zaterdag 23 november 2024 kan je in Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen getuige zijn van dit ongeziene, magische spektakel. Tickets & info: . 

De afgelopen maanden heeft wereldvermaard illusionist Hans Klok samen met regisseur Stanley Burleson hard gewerkt aan zijn nieuwe theatershow ‘Face the Future’. In dit ongekende spektakel toont Hans hoe illusionisme, geconfronteerd met de razendsnelle technologische evolutie, er in de toekomst zal uitzien.

In ‘Face the Future’ creëert Hans Klok een avatar als oplossing voor de uitdagingen waar een illusionist in 2024 mee te maken heeft. Deze dubbelganger ontwikkelt al snel een eigen wil en is niet langer van plan dienstbaar aan Hans te zijn. Als dit zelfstandig denkende wezen steeds meer macht vergaart, neemt het de wereld van Hans Klok stukje bij beetje over. 

De enige manier waarop Hans dit proces kan stoppen, is zijn digitale alter ego door de tijd te achtervolgen totdat het een fysieke vorm aanneemt en eindelijk kan worden verslagen. ’Face the Future’ is een verhaal over het onder ogen zien van jezelf, wat er gebeurt wanneer mens in conflict komt met technologie en een blik op de menselijke kant van ’s werelds snelste illusionist. 

“Het wordt een geweldige show. Ik heb mezelf als het ware opnieuw moeten uitvinden omdat de technologie zo snel gaat. Artificial Intelligence en Virtual Reality zijn een onderdeel van de samenleving geworden. Dat wordt in de toekomst alleen nog maar meer. Daarom heb ik de show ‘Face the Future’ genoemd. Het wordt een magische reis door de tijd. In alle opzichten.”
- Hans Klok -

Bovenal is ‘Face the Future’ een spectaculaire familieshow zoals de wereld nog nooit gezien heeft. Bijzonder aan deze voorstelling zijn ook de Magic Seats. Wie kaarten voor deze speciale stoelen koopt, ziet de magie van héél dichtbij en heeft na afloop ook een meet & greet met Hans Klok.

Tickets voor ‘Face the Future’ van Hans Klok op zaterdag 16 november 2024 in Capitole Gent en op zaterdag 23 november 2024 in Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, zijn nu verkrijgbaar via


Vers•a•tility, The title of Kevin Flournoy’s upcoming independent debut album says it all about the multi-talented keyboardist/producer’s ever-evolving artistry and ability to create inspirational magic in a multitude of genres. After three decades as a visionary creative force for some of pop, R&B and contemporary jazz’s most iconic performers, his emergence as a recording artist in his own right is likewise driven by an exciting spirit of collaboration. On the project’s latest lead single “To The Water,” a poignant, heartrending ballad sung from the perspective of a dying person getting ready to cross over, Kevin returns to one of his all-time favorite wheelhouses – the epic R&B/pop ballad – with Amanda Cole, one of contemporary music’s most versatile veteran vocalists. “To The Water” is set to drop April 5.

If it seems like the track’s emotional arc and vocal dynamics harken back to the classic 80’s-90’s powerhouse Whitney Houston vibe, it’s with good reason. In addition to one of her best- known gigs, as a longtime replacement member of legendary girl group En Vogue, Amanda received rave reviews performing an 18 song, symphonic tribute to the late icon with many symphony orchestras around the country. In addition to 130M+ collective views on Facebook, Amanda has 10M+ on her YouTube channel – including 1.9M for her rendition of Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”

Throughout her illustrious career, Amanda has performed every genre of music imaginable – including country, R&B, rock, classical and Tejano. In addition to Houston and Michael Jackson, she has shared the stage with Destiny’s Child and Mary J. Blige and has been featured in productions   such as “Ain’t Misbehavin’”, “Anything Goes” and “Dream Girls” as well as a  string of other successful gospel and off-Broadway plays.

Kevin had been working with Amanda on tracks for a solo project when she presented the song  to him as one she would like to record. Written by Matt Simons, an associate of David Foster,  “To The Water” felt very timely to both of them, capturing the spirit of the post-COVID era in  which people were reflecting on the many friends family and loved ones they had lost. It was  exactly the kind of song he envisioned they would create together. Instead of saving it for Amanda’s solo project, Kevin thought it would fit right into the stylistic blend he had in mind for  Vers•a•tility.

“When I first heard ‘To The Water,’ I felt like this is where I live musically and emotionally,” says Kevin. “When I started writing music, this was exactly the kind of pop/R&B I specialized in, songs that also tapped into my developing ability to arrange strings. The original demo Amanda gave me had piano and vocal but I immediately heard an orchestra in my head, which I later created in the studio with a live quartet, 20-plus tracks of real strings and some additional synth strings. I recorded different elements of the track at Sunset Sound and United Recording Studio, and she flew out from her home in Arkansas to record several vocal sessions at EastWest Studio, including a redo of the big part at the end which captured the kind of big vocal performance we both love.”

Kevin has released three previous singles that will also be included on Vers•a•tility. In December 2023, he dropped the smooth urban jazz instrumental “Smooth It Over,” which marked a special reunion with one of his legendary early collaborators, saxophonist Ronnie Laws. That track followed “Tell Me If You Still Care,” a re-imagining of the mid-80’s Jam/Lewis composed Top 5 R&B S.O.S Band hit featuring vocals by Phil Perry and Shannon Pearson; and the original Kevin-penned R&B/pop vocal track “You’re All I Need” featuring Filipino singer Orion Song (winner of The Voice Australia), Anja Nissen and Christine Noel.

The YouTube video of a live presentation of “Tell Me If You Still Care” has 3.4M+ views on YouTube and earned Song of the Year honors from the Orlando Urban Film Festival.

Starting with Laws, The Emotions and Teena Marie, Kevin has written, performed or recorded over the past three decades with Chaka Khan, Babyface, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, Jeffrey Osborne, The Pointer Sisters, Jennifer Hudson, Howard Hewitt, Jamie Foxx, The Jazz Crusaders and contemporary jazz greats Boney James, Norman Brown, Kirk Whalum and Harvey Mason. In the 2000s, Flournoy toured with Donny Osmond for six years.

In addition to his work with these artists and working on numerous TV projects including American Idol, Kevin is the creator of an original video music-talk program called The K-Flow Show, a fresh take on the traditional music/talk show featuring organic live performances by celebrity and independent pop artists. Conceived as something of a mix between Hugh Hefner’s classic TV show Playboy After Dark, MTV Unplugged and Daryl Hall’s Live from Daryl’s House, The K Flow Show – which takes place in an intimate, living room type setting – will also spotlight instrumental performers and TV and film actors. Kevin has brought a live version of The K Flow Show to the Miracle Theatre in Inglewood, CA and in January 2024 will bring the special presentation to the Blues and Jazz Festival in Ghana, Africa.

Kevin is also deeply involved in a philanthropic effort as producer of a celebrity recording compilation On a Very Special Note, which will benefit The Art of the Olympians and the World Harmony Run/Peace Run – a project that will ultimately benefit people all over the globe. The original songs for the project have been composed by Kevin for each celebrity participant. A very important strategic promotional alliance with the Peace Run organization was forged when Kevin was honored with the Sri Chinmoy-Torch-Bearer Award, given to individuals who support and contribute to making the world a better place. Previous recipients include Archbishop Kevin Tutu, Russell Simmons, Carl Lewis and Billie Jean King.


2 musical legends, Jocelyn Brown and John Morales, join forces once again on a spine-tingling remake of Inner Life’s ‘I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)’ for Quantize Recordings. Giving this greatly loved Disco classic a shiny new make-over, Jocelyn has delivered a powerful vocal performance, whilst John flexes his flawless M+M production skills and impeccable knack for creating exciting arrangements, as these two great friends and musical heavyweights get set to take 2024’s dance floors by storm.

“In 1978, after meeting Greg Carmichael and Patrick Adams at New York’s Sunshine Sound, Greg asked me if I wanted to mix his next release and being a newcomer to the mix game, of course said “Yes”! I walked into Nola Studio’s on a Saturday night at 3am and in the booth was Jocelyn Brown singing “I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)”. After the session, I got to speak to her and now, 45 years later, I call her one of my dearest friends and confidants. We have lived an amazing, historical music journey and there is no other singer I'm prouder to have worked with. Now, in 2024, we’ve come full circle revisiting “I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)”: a track which has taken the best part of a two years for me to complete.” – John Morales

Acclaimed US R&B, Disco and dance music artist, Jocelyn Brown, needs very little introduction. Her unmistakeable powerful tones and impactful lyrics have graced so many dance floor favourites throughout her incredible career. As well as solo and various band releases, Jocelyn has worked with the likes of Inner Life, Incognito, Salsoul Orchestra, Todd Terry, Nuyorican Soul, Cerrone, David Morales, John Morales, Louie Vega and so many more.

New York’s John Morales (of M+M productions fame) is one of the most recognised names in dance music history as a Remixer/Producer/Dj. His musical portfolio includes works for Barry White, Teena Marie, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, Jocelyn Brown, Shakatak, Miami Sound Machine, The Temptations, Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Candi Staton, and so many more. As a DJ, John has toured Australia, New Zealand and various other countries around the world, performing at Glitterbox, Hi, Ibiza, Ministry Of Sound, alongside various festivals Including Defected Croatia, Suncebeat, Southport Weekender and 51st State to name a few.

Track Listing
1 I'm Caught Up In A One Night Love Affair (John Morales M+M Main Mix)
2 I'm Caught Up In A One Night Love Affair (John Morales M+M Instrumental Mix)
3 I'm Caught Up In A One Night Love Affair (John Morales M+M Classic Club)
4 I'm Caught Up In A One Night Love Affair (John Morales M+M Mix Edit)

'I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)’ (John Morales M+M Mixes) will be released on Traxsource promo March 29th / Full release April 12th 2024 on Quantize Recordings.

Jocelyn Brown
'I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)’ (John Morales M+M Mixes)
Quantize Recordings / QTZ463


Reborn, Reimagined and Remixed: Jazz funk bassist Christian de Mesones returns with “You Only Live Twice,” a new album dropping April 12 that contains the Billboard No. 1 hit “Hispanica” featuring keyboard legend Bob James.


ORANGE COUNTY, VA (25 March 2024): A lifetime ago, Christian de Mesones was a New York City cabbie and heavy metal bassist who had a voracious appetite for the seedy decadence the Big Apple’s music scene was known for in the 1980s. Determined to change his life, de Mesones did a complete one-eighty, got clean and changed his musical muse to jazz funk. Dedicating his “second life” to pursuing his newfound passion for contemporary jazz and deep soul grooves spiced with Latin rhythms, de Mesones will release his second album, “You Only Live Twice,” on April 12 on the That 555 Lyfe label. Christopher Valentine produced nine of the album’s ten tracks, all but one of which are original songs written or cowritten by de Mesones.


de Mesones’s turnaround began decades ago, but it wasn’t until March of 2020 that he finally assembled his solo debut album, “They Call Me Big New York,” just as Covid-19 put the world on lockdown. Three singles from the set, “Big Tall Wish,” “Spirit” and “Latin Jive Redux,” landed on three national charts. However, pandemic restrictions limited de Mesones’s opportunities to promote the project and grow his brand.


A year later, de Mesones released a sultry Latin-tinged cut titled “Hispanica.” A British DJ sent the song to two-time Grammy-winning keyboardist Bob James, who agreed to play piano on the track. The single went to No. 1 on the Billboard chart, de Mesones’s first.


“I have always believed in the power of composition. One song can change the world. In my case, one of my own compositions forever changed mine. Before releasing ‘Hispanica’ as a single, I felt it was my strongest composition to date. It was featured on my previous album as a vocal track, and on the advice of my radio promoter, it was reimagined as an instrumental. I immediately knew I wanted a piano for the melody. Having the legendary Bob James play on it was a fairytale come true. It has become one of the most meaningful experiences of my career,” said de Mesones.


de Mesones dropped the follow-up single, “In His Vision,” in 2022. He wrote the rousing tune on which his bass takes on lyrically expressive qualities and gets a boost from saxophonist Eddie Baccus Jr.’s impassioned play. 


“This song written for and inspired by my father-in-law was a challenge for me. I wanted to play the melody and do it justice. It had to have that Wayman Tisdale vibe, so last minute before the recording, I changed to piccolo gauge strings, giving me the sound I envisioned. Eddie Baccus Jr.’s sax put the song over the top, giving it exactly what I thought it needed,” explained de Mesones.


A movie buff, de Mesones is a big James Bond fan and the secret agent’s presence is felt twice on the album, including on the title track, which was released as a single last year. The production and arrangements are sprawling on the track “You Only Live Twice,” layered with majestic horn section parts and a dreamy vocal chorus. 


“The album’s title track holds multiple meanings for me. Putting aside my love for the classic James Bond film with this title, it perfectly represents my second album release as a solo artist as well as the album artwork featuring my custom double neck bass. This song was composed many years ago and has come to fruition at a time when I have found true love and real purpose in my life. I believe in second chances, and love is definitely sweeter the second time around,” said de Mesones who is married to his producer’s sister, Jennifer Valentine.


A fourth single prefaced the album with the release of “Don Pedro” last year. Written in memory of his late father, the contemplative ballad is as beautiful as it is emotional. Two-time Grammy-winning vocalist David Blamires provides a haunting wordless caress throughout the track led by Jaared Arosemena’s soprano sax.


“My personal favorite track on the album captures the essence of my father who was a larger-than-life figure to me when I was a child. As I grew older, we had our difficulties, as many sons and fathers do, but I was blessed to be able to mend our relationship in his later years. Through the completion and release of this song, which I toiled over for years, I found a way to keep his spirit alive and with me everywhere I go,” de Mesones shared.


For the other Bond-connected song on the album, de Mesones reinterprets five-time Academy Award winner John Barry’s “Capsule In Space,” setting it to a funky Latin modern-day groove. Michael “Arch” Thompson’s spiraling flute work adds a floating sensation.


“I love the orchestration and composing skills of John Barry and loved using this music to accompany the visuals for my live shows. This song is a bit sentimental, too, as it conjures memories of growing up in Brooklyn and my father and grandmother taking me to see James Bond movies. Creating an urban take on this masterpiece was a lot of fun,” de Mesones shared. 


Other tracks on the album are the seductive jazz funk prowl of “Sexy Beast”; the mighty five-bass attack “Throb!” on which de Mesones formed a brotherhood of bassists with Bill Dickens, Brendan Rothwell, Andrew Gouche and Vail Johnson on this revamped track that originally appeared on his debut disc; “Arrival,” an exciting, exuberant and explosive space jam that de Mesones plans to use to open his concerts; the sensual “Stay,” an R&B single illumined by Nes Powers’s distinctive voice; and “Sweetnight,” which de Mesones converted from a vocal tune into an instrumental.


“‘Sweetnight’ went through more changes than any other song in my entire repertoire. This instrumental version represents what I hear when I close my eyes and imagine a world where love rules all things,” de Mesones described.


Brooklyn-born and bred, de Mesones relocated to a sleepy town in Virginia as he rebuilt his life. He made his concert debut at the Capital Jazz Festival near Washington, DC in 2006 and has persevered ever since to get to the next level. “You Only Live Twice” is a big album on multiple levels. Valentine’s elaborate production and crafty arrangements give the project a grand sound design. de Mesones’s rubbery basslines, dynamic rhythms and equanimity when it comes to sharing the spotlight with an accomplished collective of first-call musicians in service to the song has equipped him with a next-level album meriting a major breakthrough.


“After my days of living a lifestyle of excess, now being surrounded by such loving, supportive friends, family, and fans feels like a rebirth. And my life is so much sweeter the second time around. From sex, drugs, and rock and roll to smooth grooves and funky Latin soul, my feet are now on solid ground. And I’m here to tell you, it's true: your best life is not in the rear-view mirror.” 


de Mesones’s “You Only Live Twice” album contains the following songs:

“You Only Live Twice”

“Sexy Beast” with Bill McGee and Rob Maletick

“Throb!” (Bass Godz Remix) featuring Bill Dickens, Brendan Rothwell, Andrew Gouche and Vail Johnson


“Stay” (Big New York Remix) featuring Nes Powers


“Capsule In Space”

“In His Vision” featuring Eddie Baccus Jr.

“Hispanica” featuring Bob James

“Don Pedro” featuring Jaared Arosemena


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FERGE X FISHERMAN | photo by Steffen Metzger



new album
LP | digital
out 22.03.24
(Ferge X Fisherman/Membran)


with features from

includes the singles

ADULTS video RACING video LACE UP video

16.05.24  LONDON Juju’s  INFO
17.05.24  BRIGHTON Patterns @ 13:15
18.05.24  BRIGHTON Jubilee Square @ 18:15
Brighton shows as part of The Great Escape 2024


German hip-hop/rap duo Ferge X Fisherman have released their fourth album today. ‘Good Mother’ is a concept work about embracing various life stages and sees them deploying gospel choirs, vintage strings, soulful Rhodes chords and wah-wah guitar pedals to give their jazz-infused music a distinctly ‘70s soundtrack vibe.

The album includes the melancholic current single, ‘What Have We Become’, which features the Chicago-based rapper Mick Jenkins on a slice of gorgeous alternative hip-hop. It also contains the pulsating ‘Adults’ (featuring the soulful voice of London-based R&B singer Jerome Thomas and unique jazz trumpet playing of Takuya Kuroda), the up-tempo ‘Racing’ (which draws inspiration from BLK ODYSSY, Goldlink and Kendrick Lamar) and the laid-back vibes of ‘Lace Up’.

1 Good Mother
2 Lace Up
3 Supposed (feat. Ceeopatra)
4 Summer
5 Fall
6 Caterpillar / Butterfly
7 Adults (feat. Jerome Thomas & Takuya Kuroda)
8 Cost
9 Racing
10 What Have We Become (feat. Mick Jenkins)

FXF are deeply influenced by jazz, with their casual, subtle complexity allowing the freedoms of this genre to shine through in their music. Every sound element lands precisely where it belongs: a piano figure suddenly fills the gaps; a clever chord change momentarily shifts the harmonic structure; a snare hit arrives a millisecond late, creating the unmistakable laid-back feeling of FXF. As is often the case, it is the small details that transform something good into something magnificent.

Above it all is Fritz Fisherman, rapping like a jazz instrumentalist would solo. With his fresh approach to the English language and introspective lyrics (as well as his slightly smoky, slightly nasal voice), he forms the lyrical core of the band. The project began with him and producer Ferge meeting as teenagers while skateboarding in their home city of Nuremberg. An immediate chemistry between the two swiftly extended to involve crack jazz quartet Nujakasha, who have become an integral part of the FXF set-up both live and in the studio.

From this circle of friends, their own record label emerged with the six musicians handling almost everything themselves (videos, merchandise, finances and more). This team spirit is also evident in the music made by FXF: the delightful crackling of old vinyl samples blends with crisp drums, smooth E-piano chords and adventurous basslines. It is a partnership that has already seen the release of ‘Gone Fishing’ (2018), ‘Blinded By The Neon’ (2020) and ‘Duality’ (2022), on which the likes of Noah Slee, Black Milk, Takuya Kuroda and Hunter Rose have also guested.

‘Good Mother’ now kicks things up to another level, boasting a reappearance from Kuroda plus features from Mick Jenkins, Jerome Thomas and Ceeopatra on a multi-dimensional coming-of-age album that explores the complexities involved in the process of growing-up; formative experiences, evaluation of past decisions, sexual insecurity, financial and emotional concerns, as well as the acknowledgement of universal fears as time ticks by.

Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  TikTok


Funk-soul uit Vilvoorde? Jazeker! En hoe! 'Freedom', de nieuwe single van .Fen bevat alle ingrediënten om je te laten wegdromen op een heerlijke groove. Net of je op een stralende dag aan het cruisen bent met een lichte zeebries door je haren en Isaac Hayes en Stevie Wonder anno 2024 keuvelend op de achterbank genieten. 'Freedom' wil je even de alledaagse zorgen doen vergeten en je herinneren aan je diepste ambities, daar waar je echte vrijheid ligt. Durf dromen, breek de muren om je heen, ontplooi jezelf!


Met 'Freedom' presenteert .Fen de vierde single uit het recent verschenen album 'Hero', in een gepassioneerde productie van topproducer Babl Lemmens (Natalia, Laura Tesoro, Netsky). In de bijbehorende clip zie je .Fen aan het werk met zijn vaste muzikanten waarmee hij momenteel de podia onveilig maakt tijdens de 'Hero'-livetour, een niet te missen belevenis voor alle liefhebbers van de betere funk & soul. 


Over .Fen

De Vilvoordse singer-songwriter en muzikant .Fen debuteerde in 2013 succesvol met een Europees gesmaakt live eerbetoon aan Stevie Wonder. In 2021 volgde het album ‘Life Is Beautiful’, .Fen’s vlucht uit de Covid-lockdown. Met maar liefst 6 miljoen streams, waarvan 2 miljoen op Spotify, miste het zijn effect niet. In 2023 stelde .Fen zijn nieuwe album ‘Hero’ voor, waarvan de vooruitgeschoven titeltrack niet van de radio te branden was. De opvolgers ‘Make It’ en ‘In Love’ bevestigden. Ook over de grens in Frankrijk werd de soul van .Fen opgemerkt. Het leverde hem een passage op in 'Du Son Dans Mon Salon' en in het France Télévision programma 'Culture Box'. Live verzamelde .Fen een pak straffe muzikanten rond zich voor zijn  'Hero'-livtour, waarmee hij momenteel nog steeds concerteert Een lust voor oog en oor, dus gaat dat zien!


Volg .Fen op:
Apple Music: 

'Freedom' van .Fen is beschikbaar via alle bekende muziekplatformen.


Jamie WilliamS. Music is a full-service entertainment company that has been performing for audiences all around the world for the past 25 years. From Europe to Central and South America and to the Far East Jamie WilliamS. loves to entertain audiences. Jamie has performed with artists such as Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, Ricky Peterson(Prince, David Sanborn), Jennifer Hudson, Jasmine, Kim Waters, Walter Beasley, Jeff Kashiwa, Darryl Williams, Eric Valentine and Justin Bieber to name a few.


Jamie has had the opportunity to live all over the US playing and making music. From Miami to Nashville, where he toured with Country Artist Rick Orozco and just having recently moved to Central Florida from Los Angeles, he continues to tour and perform across the US.


Jamie’s first album, After Hours, produced by Platinum Recording Engineer Veit Renn features Academy Award Winner and Grammy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson. Jamie's sophomore album, entitled Tongue Tied, dropped in January of 2024. As an artist and educator, Jamie WilliamS also uses his talents as a Professor of Music Production at the esteemed Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.


Hubert Eaves IV is a highly accomplished instrumentalist, composer and producer. Born in Minneapolis, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry, primarily based in New York City. Hubert's exceptional skills on drums and bass have contributed to some of the most iconic songs and albums in music history. Notably, his infectious pocket bass playing can be experienced on Erykah Badu's acclaimed live album, Live, including the unforgettable track "Call Tyrone."


Throughout his career, Hubert has worked with esteemed artists such as Will Downing, Gerald Albright, Alex Bugnon, Chris 'Big Dog' Davis, JJ Sansaverino, Brian Simpson, and Althea Rene to name a few. His contributions as a songwriter and producer have also made significant impact on the music of various artists. Notabily, Hubert co-wrote and co-produced the chart-topping single "What Part of My Love" with Will Downing, which reached number one on the charts.


Currently, Hubert is preparing to release his hightly anticipated single, "Get Up," featuring the renowned saxophonist and flutist Najee, who has achieved multi-platinum sales worldwide. With his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication, Hubert Eaves IV is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music industry for years to come.


A soul-jazz shuffle with a lot of... bite!


Bristol quintet The Jazz Defenders releases “Snakebite Playfight”, a potpourri of influences ranging from New Orleans shuffle, to NOLA funk, hard bop, and soul-jazz, and it’s the second single extracted from the band’s upcoming new album Memory In Motion released on April 22nd.


ARTIST: The Jazz Defenders

TITLE: Snakebite Playfight

FORMAT: Digital

RELEASE DATE: March 22nd 2024

LABEL: Haggis Records

GENRE: soul-jazz shuffle

IRSC: UKB632400006

COMPOSER: George Cooper

UK jazz quintet The Jazz Defenders release another single from their upcoming third album Memory In Motion', out on Haggis Records on 22nd April.

"Snakebite Playfight" is a potpourri of some of the band's favourite musical inspirations and influences - New Orleans shuffle, NOLA funk, hard bop, soul jazz - carefully prepared and slowly cooked for just under five minutes, resulting in one tasty musical melting pot of a single. Starting with a New Orleans shuffle, it transitions with ease mid-song into some psychedelic funk grooviness, heavily embellished with both organ and electric piano, before returning to the shuffle beat for a piano solo from band leader George Cooper. Before the tune returns to the main theme and outro, drummer Ian Matthews gets to stretch out on a short but tasty solo.

"Snakebite Playfight" is another example of the band's refusal to stand still musically and rest on their laurels. Every single is different, moving effortlessly from soul jazz to soundtrack-influenced music via hard bop and hip-hop jazz. The Jazz Defenders love it all and are not scared to show it on this new single, another excellent taster for the forthcoming third album. This music married the jazz improvisation of earlier eras, such as bebop and hard bop, to the straight eighths groove of rhythm & blues and soul music. Championed by musicians such as saxophonist Cannonball Adderley and pianist Ramsey Lewis, and especially artists recording for the legendary Blue Note Records label (people like pianist Horace Silver, trumpeter Lee Morgan, saxophonist Lou Donaldson and guitarist Grant Green), soul jazz became hugely popular outside of the niche jazz scene, even scoring top twenty pop single hits with tracks like "The Sidewinder" and "Watermelon Man".


The Jazz Defenders

Led by one of the UK's most formidable jazz pianists, George Cooper, The Jazz Defenders are a group born from a deep love of Blue Note jazz, drawing on a wealth of inspiration to craft their own raw and vibrant compositions. Having played several shows at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club as well as many other prestigious venues in the UK, they continue to electrify audiences with their energy and virtuosity.

As The Jazz Defenders continue to distinctly ‘defend’ the legacy of some of the classic hard bop greats such as Horace Silver, Lee Morgan and Art Blakey, they are beginning to evolve their modern soul jazz slant to combine solid grooves and catchy horn lines with a collaborative and all-encompassing sound, fusing soul, jazz, hip hop, soundtrack and groove into a masterful union that leaves audiences mesmerised.

The group's brainchild, pianist and composer George Cooper, has at a young age already amassed a comprehensive repertoire of musical credits including Hans Zimmer, Nigel Kennedy, U2, Omar, Slum Village, MF Doom, The Brand New Heavies, Lisa Stansfield, Wet Wet Wet, The Haggis Horns, Abstract Orchestra and Lack of Afro.

Line Up:

George Cooper - Piano/Keyboards

Will Harris - Bass

Ian Matthews - Drums

Nick Malcolm - Trumpet

Jake McMurchie - Tenor Sax


Billboard #1 and Jazz Music Award-winning flautist/composer Ragan Whiteside is back with an exciting new single, "Steppin' Out" - the first single from her upcoming 7th album release, titled RAGAN.


Teaming up once again with hit producers Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin, Ragan delivers her signature high-energy performance with a track that brings a breath of fresh air to the Contemporary Jazz genre.


"Although we've created 6 albums, this is the first project I've done without a full-time day job," says the NAACP Image Award-nominated Whiteside. "We named this song Steppin' Out because it's exactly what is happening in my life - I'm stepping out from my 20+ year software development gig and diving head-first into my passions."


Joining Ragan on the track is Rich Harrison a.k.a the artist RAH (Evelyn Champagne King, Atlantic Starr) on drums and Phil Hamilton (Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Al Jarreau) on guitar.


We are requesting playlist adds out of the box on March 25...why wait to play a hit?


Two of Australia’s hottest names on the Disco House circuit land on Fool’s Paradise this March; Dr Packer & Elektrik Disko collaborate on ‘My Lovin’; a glittering new dancefloor groover that gives a nod to Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King’s 1981 soul classic, 'If You Want My Lovin'. Giving this gem a top to toe sprinkle with their unique blend of Aussie Disco sparkle, the guys boost the BPM whilst still giving a wink to the 80’s. Expect a feast of high-octane pulsating synths complete with retro disco boo’s, alongside playful heartfelt vocals. Also on the package is a punchy piano led mix from Elektrik Disko, armed with an irresistible booty-shakin’ inducing bassline and garnished with uplifting brass and funky guitar hooks.

Western Australia’s Dr Packer, aka DJ Greg Packer, has a 35 year DJ career under his belt, countless DJ awards, 10 international DJ Tours, 24 years studio experience and years running his now defunct D&B record label Interphase Music - he’s no stranger to the music business! His magical Soul, Funk and Disco reworks and re-edits have featured on top labels such as Z Records, Fool’s Paradise, Disco Dat, Salsoul Records, Midnight Riot, Defected, Big Love, Glitterbox, Soulfuric, CR2 and more. He has remixed songs officially from ‘Bootsy Collins , Jocelyn Brown, Chaka Khan, Freeez, Colonel Abrams, Dave Lee, Robert Owens, Carl Cox, Purple Disco Machine and so many more.

Australian producer, Elektrik Disko, aka Jolyon Petch, is a defining presence in the disco house genre. His remixes of ‘Show Me Love’ and ‘Stupidisco’ dominated the Australian ARIA club charts, plus his single ‘Tell Me Why’, topped the charts and amassed over six million streams on Spotify. His remixes for industry giants like Siedah Garrett, Junior Jack, Kid Crème, Claudja Barry, and Robin S not only cemented his reputation as a skilled remixer, but also demonstrated his ability to seamlessly blend the nostalgic allure of disco with contemporary House music.

Track Listing
1 My Lovin’
2 My Lovin’ (Elektrik Disko Edit)
3 My Lovin’ (Extended)
4 My Lovin’ (Elektrik Disko Extended)

‘My Lovin’ will be released on March 22nd 2024 on Fool’s Paradise.


Dr Packer & Elektrik Disko
‘My Lovin’
Fool’s Paradise / FP013


On April 3, Mattias releases his new single "Ocean Drive".

This new smooth and funky song is a collaboration between Swedish saxophonist Greger Hillman and Mattias.

From Sweden but with a feeling of cruising through LA, "Ocean Drive" is the perfect song to add to your funky smooth playlist.


Country music pulses through the veins of MIRA GOTO, an undeniable part of her musical DNA long before she made the move to Nashville. Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, this singer-songwriter has seamlessly woven her enchanting blend of country and pop rock into the fabric of the vibrant Nashville music scene. With a compelling personality, exceptional musicianship, and undeniable charm, MIRA GOTO stands as the total package.



Today, we celebrate the highly-anticipated re-release of her EP "BEFORE," scheduled for April 12, 2024. This collection of songs is a testament to MIRA GOTO's heartfelt musicality, capturing her personal experiences as both a singer-songwriter and a modern-day human.

Recorded in the heart of Nashville at Prime Recording Studios, "BEFORE" came to life under the watchful eye of producer Derek Garten. Known for his strong vision and meticulous attention to detail, Garten breathed life into MIRA GOTO's songs, allowing them to stand on their own. Reflecting on the collaboration, MIRA GOTO notes, “He was able to breathe life into my songs, and that gave them legs so they could stand on their own. It takes a special producer with real passion to do that.”


Track List - Before

Enough To Try - Mira Goto / Derek Garten

Before - Mira Goto

Bright Eyes - Mira Goto / Greg Barnhill

Wanted - Mira Goto / Steve Seskin

Loving You Is Killing Me - Mira Goto / Philip White / Kent Blaze



MIRA GOTO, formerly known as Mira Parfitt, discovered her passion for music in the Santa Cruz Mountains, playing the violin from a young age. Transitioning to the guitar as a teenager, it was the encouragement of her sister Danielle that convinced her to take the stage. MIRA's journey epitomizes the singer-songwriter, crafting songs that tell compelling stories, where lyrics harmonize seamlessly with her music.

Distinguishing her unique brand of music from the conventional country twang, MIRA GOTO refers to her style as “Diet Country” – a philosophy that encourages authenticity and doing what one does best. Explaining her approach, she says, “There are always going to be better guitar players, better singers, and better songwriters. So it’s absolutely about telling that story you need to tell, that’s unique to you, and telling it in the best way you know how.”

At 35 years old, MIRA GOTO has developed a distinct language in her music that is fresh, authentic, and original, drawing influences from artists like Kacey Musgraves, Jaimee Harris, Katy Perry, and the early work of Jack Johnson.

Her debut album, "NEW PLAID SHIRT," released in 2013 under the name Mira Parfitt, showcased her potential for success, winning the West Coast International Songwriting Competition. The single "NEXT LIFE (video)" (2018), featuring Marc Broussard, hinted at what was to come. MIRA GOTO was recognized as the Santa Cruz GoodTimes NEXTies "Musician of the Year."

Periscope, a live performance platform popular in the USA, played a pivotal role in expanding MIRA GOTO's public awareness, with up to 60K people watching her live performances. Although the service was discontinued in 2021, Periscope videos are still accessible via Twitter (Now called X). MIRA embarked on a nationwide tour, building on her massive online community.

In 2020, she released her debut album "NOBODY WARNED ME" (video) co-produced by the legendary Ken Caillat (Grammy® winning engineer for Fleetwood Mac Rumours project) and Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat), Douglas Romanow, with Mastering by Marc Daniel Nelson (Colbie Caillat). The title track went on the Country music charts on #24 on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart and CDX Traction True Indie Chart in the top 10. She played in cities nationwide and even extended her reach to her devoted fan base in Northern Ireland.

As MIRA GOTO continues to make waves in the country and pop rock scene, her journey is a testament to her talent, passion, and commitment to crafting music that resonates with audiences worldwide. Keep up to date with MIRA GOTO on social media platforms FacebookInstagramTikTok as well as YouTube for her latest videos and her website Stream and download her music on digital music platforms SpotifyApple MusicAmazon MusicYouTube MusicPandora and more.


BOSSA AMOR (Wave Of Love) is a delicate and adorable Bossa Jazz song composed and arranged by Roberto Tola, a declaration of the author's love for this musical genre, omnipresent in the repertoire and in all of Roberto's musical albums.

The light rhythm, the delicate harmony and the sinuous melody give the listener a refined and enveloping atmosphere. BOSSA AMOR still showcases the compositional talent of Roberto Tola on the guitar, as in the previous works of the Italian composer, originally from the island of Sardinia (Itay).

For this new musical project Roberto has called around him some of his favorite musicians, already present in other recordings of the Sardinian guitarist, such as the Italian-Argentine pianist Luciano De La Rosa and the omnipresent Maciek Szczyciński on electric bass. Completing the band is also the drummer, also of Italian-Argentine origin, Lucio Cheli, in his first collaboration with the Sardinian artist.

Roberto Tola's inspiration for this song comes from his trip to Brazil, completed in 2015, which definitively sealed Roberto's love for Bossa Nova and Latin American music, a path that began at a young age, consolidated and enriched over time also through his travels to Central America: Cuba, Santo Domingo and Mexico among all.

The release of BOSSA AMOR is a prelude to Roberto Tola's next album, scheduled for release in 2024, the title of which still remains secret so far. Fans of the artist can, however, be reassured by the fact that this new ongoing project is a new musical journey that extends beyond the boundaries of conventional jazz, of which the extraordinary soundscapes that will characterize this new work can already be revealed.

Roberto Tola's compositions have always received international critical acclaim, and his mastery of the guitar is widely recognized. With numerous awards to his name, Tola continues to push and extend the boundaries of contemporary jazz, infusing his music with passion, innovation and an unmistakable Italian flavor. Finally, in addition to the musical aspect of this new single by Roberto, the author is keen to underline some other elements that moved him to compose BOSSA AMOR.

The title already includes two of these elements, they are the “Bossa Nova”, which we have already mentioned above, and represented by the image of the acoustic guitar in the official cover of the song, and “Amor”(Love), represented, again on the cover, by a red rose.

It is a very significant image which arises from the awareness that love is a precious commodity and which is in short supply in our society today.

Through the sweetness of Bossa Nova, Roberto wishes to convey a positive message, like a “wave of love” and hope.


Roberto Tola: Acoustic & Jazz Guitar, Voice, Digital Sound Programming and Percussion, Composition and Arrangement;

Luciano De La Rosa: Piano

Lucio Cheli: Drum;

Maciek Szczyciński: Electric Bass;

Mixing & Mastering: Roberto Tola;

Conceived and released at the Eden Beach Studio - Sardinia Island, Sassari (Italy)


The contemporary jazz-world fusion band releases a collection of live recordings recorded in Hungary on the album “Return to Budapest with Love,” which is out now.


NEW YORK CITY (18 March 2024): Grammy nominated world jazz fusion group Special EFX has deep ties to Budapest as co-founder and master percussionist George Jinda was Hungarian as was his frequent songwriting partner Bela "Szakcsi" Lakatos. Along with the band’s co-founder and guitarist Chieli Minucci, the US-based Special EFX returned to Budapest to perform at the famed Petőfi Csarnok twice. Those 1990 and 1992 concerts were recorded by a local Hungarian radio station and are now available digitally and via CD from Chieli Music as the album “Return to Budapest with Love.”


When the concerts took place, there weren’t any plans to release a live album from the shows. In fact, Special EFX’s then label, GRP Records, felt that a live album would cut into sales of the crystalline digital CDs they were releasing at the time. Hungarian jazz fusion supergroup Djabe bandleader/guitarist Attila Egerhazi recently approached Minucci with the idea to release a live collection from the archived recordings.


“I decided it was long overdue to let our fans hear a live CD recording. Years earlier, we’d lobbied for a live concert release. At the last minute, our label declined, yet the artist in me just wanted to let folks hear what I heard every night on that stage. Well, all these years later, here it is!” enthused Minucci. 


After listening to the two concerts, Minucci selected ten songs that he felt best captured the collaborative magic between him and Jinda, who passed away in 2002. In the spirit of Special EFX's artistic direction, much of the music on the live album was improvised, particularly the duet pieces featuring Minucci and Jinda.


“This project, which I believe came from two-track to tape recordings, will give our fans a rare glimpse into the duo performances that George and I always included in our shows. Here there are many of them as well as full-band ensemble pieces,” said Minucci.


The full-band ensemble Minucci referenced consisted of him on electric and acoustic guitars, Jinda playing an array of multicultural percussion instruments (percussion, African talking drum, shakers, caxixi, tuned temple blocks, energy chime, crotales), Szakcsi on acoustic piano and keyboards, drummer Lionel Cordew and bassist Gerald Veasley.    


Prior to the two Hungarian concert dates, Szakcsi had never performed with Special EFX although he had a lengthy history of writing with Jinda.


“A real treat for us was the inclusion of the famous jazz pianist and composer Bela ‘Szakcsi’ Lakatos who’d never actually performed our music before. Fans of the group will remember Szakcsi as co-composer of many earlier-period Special EFX compositions. With only a soundcheck to rehearse, the band performed for about 2,000 excited fans that evening,” said Minucci who reunited with Szakcsi for another Hungarian concert date five years ago prior to the keyboardist’s death in 2022.


“Return to Budapest with Love” opens with “Looking for Seventh Heaven,” a fiery Szakcsi and Jinda composition that Minucci describes as influenced by The Police and Sting. A rare live version of the 1986 album title track duo piece, “Slice of Life” contains a digital-delay loop effect that Minucci used quite often around the time of the live recording. The album contains the only existing version of the Minucci-Jinda duet “Forever,” an ethereal exploration piloted by Minucci’s frenetic guitar. 


Minucci said that he and Szakcsi improvised the impassioned guitar and piano dalliance, “Chance Encounter,” “spontaneously in the middle of the concert. This is the only time Szakcsi and I ever played it.”


“The Toy Shop” is faithful to the studio recording of the track that Minucci describes as another meditative loop song. Named for someone Jinda knew, the fusion foray “Sabariah” was a concert favorite from Special EFX’s early touring days. The sprawling journey that is “Nature Boy Pt. 1 & 2” clocks in generously at more than ten minutes. 


“A classic we played at all our shows, ‘Nature Boy’ beautifully demonstrates George’s talent on the African talking drum, not to mention my own Pete Townsend-influenced strumming. I still perform this as a solo piece at the end of Special EFX concerts,” said Minucci.


The brisk “Uptown East” was one of Special EFX’s first singles. At one of the Hungarian concerts, Special EFX hadn’t planned to play “Festival,” yet spontaneously Jinda and Minucci broke into the tune, and it made it onto the album. “Return to Budapest with Love” closes with the first composition the band ever recorded, “Sambuca Nights,” which was issued as their first single in 1982. The track displays Minucci’s fervent finger work on acoustic guitar.


Special EFX’s surviving member Minucci keeps the band’s 42-year legacy relevant and thriving via prodigious recording projects that are supported by busy concert itineraries, including treks with a revolving cast of special guests who join the guitarist under the name Special EFX All-Stars. A highly respected and in-demand guitarist known for his blazing speed, dexterous technique and meticulous detail, Minucci has performed or recorded with a plethora of pop, R&B, rock and jazz stars, the list of which includes Celine Dion, Lou Reed, Lionel Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Jewel, Marc Anthony, Michael Bolton, Eartha Kitt, Kirk Whalum, Maysa, Jeff Lorber, Norman Brown, Marion Meadows, Mindi Abair, Rick Braun and Omar Hakim. He’s also a three-time Emmy-winning composer who can be heard on films such as “No Country for Old Men,” “Bowfinger,” “Legally Blonde” and “Panic.” A longtime New York City resident who lives close to Broadway, Minucci’s whimsical theater work includes classic live productions of “Peter Pan,” “Dora the Explorer,” “Thomas the Tank Engine,” and others.


“Return to Budapest with Love” contains the following songs:


“Looking for Seventh Heaven”

“Slice of Life” – “Timeless Mood”


“Chance Encounter”

“The Toy Shop”


“Nature Boy Pt. 1 & 2”

“Uptown East”


“Sambuca Nights”


For more information, including tour dates, please visit


Vibrant interpretations of classic songs from Pinocchio, Mulan, Frozen and Encanto


GRAMMY®-nominated, chart-topping saxophonist Dave Koz puts a modern spin on beloved songs from classic animated Disney films on his new EP, Dave Koz Does Disney. Listen HERE. The EP includes songs from a wide range of Disney eras – from Pinocchio’s “When You Wish Upon A Star” and Mulan’s “Reflection” to “Let It Go” from Frozen and “Dos Oruguitas” from Encanto, a song written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“As a lifelong Disney fan, I always knew there would come a time I’d do a project centered around the amazing songs in the Disney repertoire. This year being the 100th anniversary, it seemed like the perfect time,” explains Dave Koz. “I absolutely loved putting my sax to some of the most wonderful melodies from different eras for this EP, making it one of the most complete musical experiences of my professional life.”

“When You Wish Upon A Star” – the classic Disney song that debuted in the 1940 film Pinocchio – takes on fresh meaning as Dave Koz and his dog, Buddy Boy Koz, go on an adventure in the animated video for the song. Buddy is an adorable, two-year-old Chihuahua mix that Koz adopted from a California animal shelter. View “When You Wish Upon A Star” HERE and see how many nods to classic Disney movies you can spot.

“When You Wish Upon A Star,” “Reflection” and “Dos Oruguitas” were produced by Darren Rahn. “Let It Go” produced by Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, was the first Disney song that Koz recorded. He recalls, “I owe a debt of gratitude to my four nieces for this idea – and I must say, I too have fallen in love with the song!” View the lyric video for “Let It Go” HERE.


20 september 2024 - Capitole Gent
14 december 2024 - Koningin Elisabethzaal Antwerpen


De belangstelling voor de ‘Pur Sang brengt ode aan Rob de Nijs’-concerten, die plaatsvinden op vrijdag 20 september 2024 in Capitole Gent en op zaterdag 14 december 2024 in de Antwerpse Koningin Elisabethzaal, is groot. Goedgekeurd door de grootmeester en gesteund door zijn echtgenote Jet, brengt de Pur Sang Band, die Rob meer dan 40 jaar begeleidde, opnieuw zijn allergrootste hits zoals o.a. ‘Malle Babbe’, ‘Het Werd Zomer’, ‘Banger Hart’, 'Zondag' en nog een reeks vergeten pareltjes.

 “We doen dit niet alleen, maar samen met enkele fijne gastartiesten. De exclusieve concerten in Vlaanderen krijgen met Udo en Günther Neefs alvast twee ijzersterke zangers op het podium. Udo is al jaren een vaste en zeer gewaardeerde stem binnen de Vlaamse singer-songwriterswereld. Hij heeft een krachtig, doorleefd stemgeluid en weet hoe je een publiek moet inpakken”, zegt Rob’s bandleider, manager en vriend Frank Jansen.

Voor Günther Neefs wordt het een prettig weerzien met de Pur Sang Band, want drie jaar geleden was hij van de partij op het Vlaamse afscheidsconcert dat Rob de Nijs gaf in een uitverkocht Sportpaleis. “Dat was een geweldige ervaring, waar ik met het veel plezier aan terugdenk. Het was voor mij toen een grote eer om liedjes van Rob te mogen zingen. Ik vind het fijn dat ik nu opnieuw door Rob, zijn band en entourage gevraagd ben om nogmaals in dat prachtige repertoire te duiken voor de twee bijzondere ‘Ode aan Rob de Nijs’-concerten”, zegt Günther enthousiast. 

Het doet Frank Jansen een groot plezier dat de Vlamingen de figuur en de muziek van Rob de Nijs nog steeds genegen zijn en een warm hart toedragen. “Uit de vele reacties die we regelmatig kregen en de vraag naar avonden met het repertoire van Rob, wisten we dat er interesse was, maar we hadden nooit gedacht dat het allemaal zo snel zou gaan. Met meer dan 60 jaar carrière op de teller heeft Rob een prachtig muzikaal repertoire verzameld. Met zijn steun en betrokkenheid achter de schermen wordt het een stevige opdracht om een selectie te maken. Zoveel bekende liedjes zijn er inderdaad (lacht), maar da’s net het mooie hé. Ja, dit worden unieke avonden in Gent en Antwerpen, waar wij met de Pur Sang Band enorm naar uitkijken”, besluit Frank. 

Tickets voor de ‘Pur Sang brengt ode aan Rob de Nijs’-concerten, op vrijdag 20 september 2024 in Capitole Gent en zaterdag 14 december 2024 in Koningin Elisabethzaal Antwerpen, kan je bestellen via


Legendary pianist and composer Olli Ahvenlahti shares the first single from his upcoming new album 'Mirror Mirror'

A master of hard-grooving jazz funk, Ahvenlahti continues the evolution of his style, much-beloved since the legendary 1970s albums such as The Poet and Countenance

His new group highlights some of the best talent on the Finnish scene, including trumpeter Jukka Eskola, saxophonist Joonatan Rautio, bassist Ville Herrala and drummer Jaska Lukkarinen

First single 'Paint It Blue' shows what he and his hard hitting band does best. The track is a cooker of an uplifting jazz funk piece, rolling ahead effortlessly and as a natural continuation of legendary Ahvenlahti cuts such as "Granma's Rockin' Chair"


Album ‘Mirror, Mirror’

19/4/2024 | We Jazz Records | LP / CD /

We Jazz (@wejazzhelsinki) • Instagram-foto's en -video's

Mirror Mirror | Olli Ahvenlahti | We Jazz Records (

Live Dates 27th April, April Jazz Festival, Espoo FI

More TBA

'Mirror Mirror' is the new album by the Finnish jazz legend, pianist-composer Olli Ahvenlahti.

Championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson and Kenny Dope, Ahvenlahti is a master of hard-grooving jazz funk. Here, he continues the evolution of his style, much-beloved since the legendary 1970s albums such as The Poet and Countenance. Ahvenlahti's new group highlights some of the best talent on the Finnish scene, including trumpeter Jukka Eskola, saxophonist Joonatan Rautio, bassist Ville Herrala and drummer Jaska Lukkarinen.

"I'm always striving to make one more great record", Ahvenlahti says. "I'm 75 years old this year and as the years pass, this goal seems all the more concrete. Thus, Mirror Mirror feels a bit like 'now or never', an album that reflects all of my career and searches for something new at the same time.”

For fans of the classic Fender Rhodes driven Ahvenlahti jazz funk sound, 'Mirror Mirror' is manna from heaven. Earlier performances of the current group were billed as "The Poet II", which speaks of Ahvenlahti's desire to continue on the lineage of his classic '70s period, while adding new layers and hues into his signature sound. The present album is a further continuation of the idea, the next step for the band tried and tested on such sought-after performance spots as Helsinki's Flow Festival, Odysseus Festival, and Pori Jazz.

'Mirror Mirror' is a well-balanced affair for Ahvenlahti & group, showcasing both their hard-driving funky edge and Ahvenlahti's knack at composing effortless and melodic "slow music", which strolls along at its own pace. The singles "Paint It Blue" and "Rhythm and Rhymes" drive the groove hard, with each band member bringing their soul into it, while especially on the album's last two selections, an honest form of serenity reigns supreme.

Perhaps "honesty" is the key here. At 75, there is no extra effort to gain recognition or short-term goals with Olli Ahvenlahti. This is "simply" beautiful new work from a seasoned artist and a scene legend, whose wisdom extends beyond mere composition and performance into the social workings of a jazz quintet. He knows how to make music where everyone can bring in their core musicianship and also be challenged to top what they knew before getting in.


About Olli Ahvenlahti

Born in Helsinki, 6 August 1949, Olli Ahvenlahti, a pianist, composer, and conductor, has been one of leading Finnish Jazz artists since the 70s. He has recorded with several artists and groups, including UMO Jazz Orchestra. In the 1990s, he conducted the orchestra for all Finnish Eurovision Song Contest entries. His recorded output includes classics such as The Poet and Bandstand, plus appearances on various key Finnish jazz releases. Ahvenlahti has appeared on stage with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, James Moody, Benny Golson, Arthuro Sandoval & Sam Rivers. Ahvenlahti's previous new album under his own name is 2017's Thinking, Whistling on We Jazz Records



  1. Mirror Mirror (FIWJZ2400011)
  2. Paint It Blue (FIWJZ2400012)
  3. For Dizzy and Lionel (FIWJZ2400013)
  4. A House In Montagnola (FIWJZ2400014 )
  5. The Opening Game (FIWJZ2400015)
  6. Rhythm and Rhymes (FIWJZ2400016)
  7. The Redwood Story (FIWJZ2400017)
  8. Bedtime Snack (FIWJZ2400018)


Credits Olli Ahvenlahti, Fender Rhodes, Seventy Three Electric Piano and Oberheim Synthesizer

Jukka Eskola, trumpet and fluegelhorn

Joonatan Rautio, tenor saxophone

Ville Herrala, electric bass

Jaska Lukkarinen, drums and percussion


Composed by Olli Ahvenlahti

Arranged by Olli Ahvenlahti New Quintet

Produced by Olli Ahvenlahti, Jukka Eskola, Jaska Lukkarinen and Matti Nives

Fender Rhodes tuning and maintenance by Olli Kaske

Recorded in September and October 2023 at E-Studio Söderkulla by Jyri Riikonen

Mixed in January 2024 by Jyri Riikonen

Mastered by Juho Luukkainen

Original artwork by Eeva-Riitta Eerola, "I looked at her and she looked back IV" (Oil on canvas, 2019)

Design by Matti Nives


Belgian Dance Icoon Jessy keert glorieus terug met 'Heartbeat'

Jessy De Smet, a.k.a. Jessy MacKenzie, de Grand Dame van de Belgische Dance, is terug met een betoverend liefdeslied dat je hart onvermijdelijk sneller doet slaan. 'Heartbeat' bezingt het bedwelmende effect van liefde, de essentie van extase en passie. Geen beter stemgeluid daarvoor dan de unieke herkenbare zang van Jessy, in combinatie met de disco-infused beats van producer Wekho. Hou je klaar voor de hartslag van "Heartbeat"!

Heeft Jessy nog een introductie nodig? Als frontvrouw van The MacKenzie (‘I Am Free’, ‘Innocence’, ‘Falling In Love’, ‘All I Need’, …) en nadien ook solo (‘Look @ Me Now’, ‘Head Over Heels’, …) rijgde ze hit na hit aan elkaar en domineerde ze de charts en de radiogolven in de nineties en nillies.  Records sneuvelden, awards werden opgestapeld en de populariteit was ongezien. Haar eigen kenmerkende stemgeluid werd iconisch en het succes verspreidde zich tot ver buiten de landsgrenzen. Nog steeds is Jessy dan ook een graag geziene en veel gevraagde gaste op Europese podia en tikken de streams internationaal nog steeds vlotjes door tot in de vele miljoenen!
Maar Jessy kijkt zeker niet enkel naar het verleden. Als influencer op Instagram, Youtube en TikTok blijft ze ook muzikaal gefocust aan de slag en nieuwe producties blijven een absolute prioriteit. Toen Jessy producer Wekho ontmoette, klikte het onmiddellijk en zo rijpte het plan om samen een nieuwe single te maken. 'Heartbeat' is het eerste resultaat van die samenwerking en laat horen dat Jessy in bloedvorm verkeert en ieders hart nog altijd moeiteloos sneller kan laten slaan!

'Heartbeat', de nieuwe single van JESSY , komt uit op Sancover en kan je vanaf 15 maart beluisteren op alle grote streamingplatformen.


Unquestionably one of the rock/pop world's leading guitarists, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter also has a life story so unusual it recalls the title of Alton Delmore's autobiography, “Truth is Stranger Than Publicity.”


Born in Washington D.C., but raised partly in Mexico City, partly in a Connecticut prep school and partly in late '60s Boston, Baxter was delivering amps to a session in New York City when the guitarist didn't arrive. He grabbed a guitar then and thus, at age 16 began a recording career that has spanned over 55 years and continues to this day.


After stints with Tim Buckley, The Holy Modal Rounders and Ultimate Spinach, in 1972 he attracted his first notoriety, as a founding member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted Steely Dan, delivering scintillating and sizzling guitar licks to such legendary tracks as "Do It Again", "My Old School" and "Rikki, Don't Lose That Number.”


He joined the Hall of Fame inductees The Doobie Brothers in 1974, later bringing Michael McDonald to the band and helping that group craft such enduring treasures as "Takin' It To The Streets", "It Keeps You Runnin'" and "What A Fool Believes".


During the ‘70s, '80s, '90s and 2000+, he continued his high-level session work, contributing key guitar and pedal steel work to recording projects by Ringo Starr, Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams, Freddie Hubbard, John Cougar Mellencamp, Cher, Rod Stewart, Roy Orbison, Dolly Parton, Julio Iglesias, Barbara Streisand, Harry Nilsson, Gene Simmons, Elton John, Carly Simon, Donna Summer, The Ventures, Edgar Winter and The Beach Boys, (to name a few), as well as touring with Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, Julian Lennon and Linda Ronstadt.


As producer, he can count projects with artists like Carl Wilson, Nazareth, Billy & The Beaters, (#1 single “At This Moment”), Nils Lofgrin and the Stray Cats among his accomplishments.


 As a composer, he co-wrote and produced the original theme for “Beverly Hills 90210”, as well as composing, performing and producing score for a number of TV and movie projects including “King of the Hill”, “Class of 1984”, (with Lalo Schifrin), “Roxanne” and “Bull Durham.”


He composed and produced jingles for a number of major brands, including Wrangler Jeans, Johnny Walker, Motorola, Southern Comfort and Mitsubishi Audio Products and performed as a session musician for countless others.


In 2022 he achieved on of those life goals and released his first solo recording "Speed of Heat". His first tour as band leader took place in the Spring and Summer of 2022 was successful and he was invited to perform in Japan in August of that year. On "Speed of Heat" he sings (a rare occurence) on the Steely Dan staple "My Old School", which makes sense since he used to do the vocals when Steely Dan did live shows. Guest voaclists and writers include Michael McDonald (My Place In The Sun), Clint Black (Bad Move) and Johnny Lang (I Can Do Without).


Through all this he has earned numerous Gold and Platinum albums, two Grammys and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2020, in the process. He was also a consultant with AKAI Digital as their Senior Technical Advisor, and held consulting positions with Gibson, Bedell Guitars, Fender, Epiphone, Audio-Technica, D’Angelico Guitars and has been with Roland Corp for over 40 years, involved in on-going design/consulting work on numerous Roland and Boss products including the first commercially successful Guitar Synthesizer and its progeny. He continues to pursue his career as a guitarist, producer, engineer, composer and technical consultant and has no intention of slowing down.


Florida-based sax-man, Chris Godber has released his latest project, "Meant 2 Be," a collection of soulful and uplifting Gospel Jazz tracks. The EP features 7 tunes (5 covers + 1 original that contains both vocal and instrumental versions) that showcase Godber's signature sound and style.


Faced with the discouraging thought that his asthma would prevent him from playing the saxophone, Chris turned to his faith as a source of strength and determination. With his unwavering trust in God's plan, he embarked on a remarkable journey that would not only prove his skeptics wrong, but also inspire countless others along the way. "Meant 2 Be" is a musical testimony of his journey. From the very uplifting lyrics of the title track, "Meant 2 Be" to the funky horn sections and grooves of "Glorious," the EP is a masterclass in combining the elements of Gospel music and Contemporary Jazz.


"This is different than anything I've done before. Though all of my music has some gospel elements; with this one we didn't hold back," said Godber. "Meant 2 Be" is available on all major streaming platforms.


Award-winning trumpeter /singer /guitarist /band leader Ilya Serov has a passion for jazz that knows no bounds. A talented young musician with an old soul, Ilya brings an infusion of imagination, vision and energy to the many shades of America’s original musical art form. Possessing both chops and charisma, his live performances and recordings have attracted a solid following among jazz fans and seasoned musicians alike.


Ilya first encountered jazz as a teen, exchanging tapes and records with fellow musicians. His earliest jazz influences were Arturo Sandoval, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra and Nat “King” Cole, and he eventually incorporated their sounds and vocal stylings into his own music.


When not on stage, Ilya spends his time in the recording studio. His debut album, September in the Rain (2013), was a Big Band outing of classic jazz standards that highlighted both his horn and vocal skills. That album was followed by the release of Back in Time (2018), featuring classic tunes and instrumental collaborations with legendary pianist Roger Kellaway, and acclaimed saxophonist Eric Marienthal, and GRAMMY®-winning percussionist Poncho Sanchez.


“Ilya is a great, great trumpet player and I love his voice,” said Sanchez. “He has a great thing here because it’s commercial enough for the mainstream to enjoy, but hip enough for the jazz folks to like. He can sing the tunes and play them; that’s the edge he’s got.” 


After hearing Serov perform, Dave Koz invited him to be a guest artist on his popular Dave Koz and Friends at Sea Jazz Cruise. From 2017 – 2019 he played on cruises throughout Europe and Australia with Koz and other Smooth Jazz greats, sharing the stage with the likes of Jonathan Butler, David Benoit, Larry Graham, Peter White and BeBe Winans. Ilya will again be a featured guest artist on Dave Koz & Friends in Amsterdam and the British Isles in May 2022. 


Ilya Serov is driven today not only by his desire to preserve jazz as an American treasure, but by his mission to engage and educate new generations of listeners. He continues to focus exclusively on contributing his time and talent to the world of jazz - its past, present and future. 


Serov's new single "Glow" is mixed and produced by Adam Hawley.


When renowned veteran R&B/jazz singer/songwriter Gene-o launched his genre-defying Classic Twist concept in 2023, the vision was twofold - to draw on his lifelong passions for pop and rock and later country to both write empowering anthem-like songs centered on and driven by our collective potential for change and put his own trademark, emotionally soul-searing “Gene-o” vocal spin on classic pop and rock songs from the 70’s and 80’s. His latest track – and the second lead single from Classic Twist’s highly anticipated upcoming debut album – is a stunning re-imagining of Simply Red’s “Holding Back the Years,” featuring explosive harmonies and a powerhouse solo by Marietta, GA based saxophonist J. Henry, a former winner of Showtime at The Apollo, who in recent years toured with the comedic legend Sinbad.

“Holding Back the Years” continues the momentum Gene-o has following the first two Classic Twist singles – the inspiring call to action song “Time for Change” and a special updated rendition of his earlier warmhearted solo holiday single “Just Like Christmas Before.” 

Penned by Simply Red lead singer Mick Hucknall and Neil Moss, the original version of “Holding Back the Years” – which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July 1986 – has become so familiar via years of airplay on Adult Contemporary and urban/smooth jazz stations over the decades that its deeper meaning is easy to overlook. It reflects the troubled upbringing Hucknall had in his youth and the difficulty he had finding support from a stern father and a mother who wasn’t there often enough. The upbringing he had failed to offer him confidence or a sense of value, so he’s afraid to move forward with his life.

Hucknall, whose mother left the family when he was only three years old, once said the song is about the upheaval this event caused in his life: “It’s about that moment where you know you have to leave home and make your mark, but the outside world is scary. So you’re holding back the years.”  

Early in the recording process for Classic Twist, Gene-o wasn’t sure about highlighting “Holding Back the Years” as a potential single because it was one of his jazziest tracks. The other tunes he had recorded – Journey’s “Faithfully,” Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind,” Bread’s “Make It with You” – were from established rock bands and he thought the Simply Red tune was a bit of an outlier. But he now realizes its jazzy qualities along with the deep meaning of the song are facets of Classic Twist he wants people to embrace.

“The reason I gravitated to it in the first place was because it was a great song, very well known by music fans everywhere, and I felt I could do a great job creating a version of it in mystyle,” says Gene-o. “My original recording of it didn’t have the sax. A friend had introduced J. Henry and me but I never heard him perform until he came to San Diego and invited me to sit in with him at his gig at Humphrey’s Backstage Live. Later I let him hear my original version and we looked at each other and thought, ‘Why not try it with the sax?’ J’s brilliant playing on this newly recorded update, takes the song to the next level, and I’m very proud of it – and excited about letting people hear this amazing collaboration.”  

Though Gene-o appreciates the stories Mick Hucknall has toldabout the song’s inspiration, he also feels the lyrics will have a certain universal resonance for audiences today. “For me, the song is about how difficult life can be sometimes for everyone, and all it takes to survive is to just keep holding on, doing all you can to make changes and hope and pray for better days in our individual lives and collectively as humanity. Every song we do, from the originals to the retro pieces, will have a message connected to the concept of change.”  

The final lineup for Classic Twist's debut album is set to feature an array of exhilarating songs, including the dynamic pop-rock anthem "Sharing the Sky." This uplifting track encourages listeners to join Classic Twist on a journey to view the world through a lens of renewed vision and grand optimism. Additionally, "Loves Me for Me" brings a vibrant, soul-infused melody with a touch of classic rock essence. This heartfelt ode celebrates the transformative power of love in nurturing our greatest potential.


De Amerikaanse singer-songwriter Eric Carmen is op 74-jarige leeftijd overleden. Dit trieste nieuws werd gisterenavond bekendgemaakt. De in Cleveland geboren Eric Howard Carmen werd bekend als de zanger van The Raspberries. In Nederland kennen we Carmen vooral van zijn solohits ‘All By Myself’ uit 1975 en ‘Hungry Eyes’ uit 1988. Eric Carmen groeide op in Lyndhurst, Ohio. Al op jonge leeftijd was hij geïnteresseerd in muziek. Op driejarige leeftijd kreeg hij ritmelessen op het conservatorium van Cleveland en op zijn zesde kreeg hij vioolles van zijn tante die in The Cleveland Orchestra speelde. In zijn middelbare schooltijd kreeg Eric pianoles en leerde hij zichzelf gitaar spelen. Hij werd hierbij beïnvloed door Britse bands als The Beatles en The Rolling Stones. Op de universiteit speelde Carmen in de band Cyrus Erie. Daarin speelde hij samen met Wally Bryson. Toen eind jaren zestig zowel Cyrus Erie als The Choir uit elkaar vielen, besloten Carmen en Bryson in 1970, samen met nog twee andere oud-muzikanten van The Choir, de band The Raspberries te vormen. Deze groep bracht tussen 1972 en 1974 vier albums uit en had zeven hits, waarvan ‘Go All The Way’ de Top 5 van de Amerikaanse Billboard Hot 100 haalde. Een andere grote hit van The Raspberries was ‘Don’t Want To Say Goodbye’/ In 1975 gingen The Raspberries uit elkaar en begon Carmen aan een solocarrière. Hij scoorde in 1976 meteen een grote hit met de single ‘All By Myself’, die de tweede plaats van de Billboard Hot 100 bereikte. De opvolger ‘Never Gonna Fall In Love Again’ haalde de elfde plaats van de Billboard Hot 100. Beide nummers waren gebaseerd op werken van de Russische componist Sergej Rachmaninov. Tot 1980 bracht Carmen nog een aantal singles uit, waarvan ‘She Did It’ uit 1977 en ‘Change Of Heart’ uit 1978 het bekendst werden. Tussen 1975 en 1980 bracht hij vier soloalbums uit: ‘Eric Carmen’ (1975), ‘Boats Against The Current’ (1977), ‘Change Of Heart’ (1978) en ‘Tonight You're Mine’ (1980). In 1977 en 1978 scoorde hij Top 10-hits als componist: ‘That's Rock ’n Roll’ en ‘Hey Deanie’ (Shaun Cassidy). In 1980 trok Carmen zich enkele jaren terug uit de muziek. Nadat in 1984 zijn compositie ‘Almost Paradise (Love Theme From Footloose)’ in de uitvoering van Mike Reno en Ann Wilson een Top 10-hit werd, pakte hij echter de draad weer op met zijn tweede titelloze album. Dit leverde hem twee bescheiden hits op. De grote comeback kwam in 1987, toen hij het nummer ‘Hungry Eyes’ zong voor de film ‘Dirty Dancing’. Deze film werd een wereldwijd succes en ‘Hungry Eyes’ werd naast ‘(I've Had) The Time Of My Life’ van Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes en ‘She's Like The Wind’ van Patrick Swayze & Wendy Fraser een van de drie grote hits die de film opleverde. Carmen wist zijn succes in 1988 voort te zetten met de single ‘Make Me Lose Control’, die de Amerikaanse Top 3 haalde. Ondanks zijn hernieuwde succes nam Carmen geen nieuw album op en na het kleine hitje ‘Reason To Try’ raakte hij langzaamaan weer in de vergetelheid. Pas in 2000 nam hij zijn voorlopig laatste studioalbum ‘I Was Born To Love You’ op. Datzelfde jaar was hij toetsenist in Ringo Starrs All-Starr Band. In deze tournee zong Carmen ook enkele van zijn eigen nummers, waaronder ‘All By Myself’, ‘Hungry Eyes’ en de Raspberries-hit ‘Go All The Way’. In 2004 (na een eerdere poging in 1999) kwamen The Raspberries weer bij elkaar. Aanvankelijk was het de bedoeling alleen een reünieconcert te geven, maar de belangstelling motiveerde de vier bandleden zodanig dat er in 2005 een minitournee georganiseerd werd. In 2007 verscheen er een livealbum van de groep en werden nieuwe optredens gepland. Eric Carmen ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


LOS ANGELES (12 March 2024): While a kid growing up in the United Kingdom, contemporary jazz guitarist Chris Standring read James Allen’s “As a Man Thinketh,” and it sowed the seeds of positivity and optimism, leading to a transformation that occurred in his early sixties when the musician got married for the first time last year. Acknowledging how his mindset inspires the music he composes and records, Standring’s upbeat nineteenth album, “As We Think,” captures his marital bliss and hope on the eleven songs that he wrote and produced on the Ultimate Vibe Recordings release that arrives on April 5.


“Allen’s little book from way back in 1902 had a lasting impact upon me. As an excessively positive thinker, albeit with a very realistic, often dark, typically British outlook, I thought ‘As We Think’ might just be the perfect title to describe where I sit in the universe right now. I recently got married, an influence that emanates loudly from these recordings,” said Standring who created his distinctive brand and unique sound using retro jazz, seventies soul and funk, vintage R&B grooves and modern electronic nuances in the mix that surrounds his guitar tone and technique, distinguishing himself from other contemporary jazz guitarists.  


Standring opens the new album in a quartet configuration backed by the taut rhythm section comprised of bassist Andre Berry (David Sanborn, Dave Koz, Rick Braun), drummer Chris Coleman (Chaka Khan, Christina Aguilera, Babyface), and Grammy nominated percussionist Lenny Castro (Joe Sample, Eric Clapton, Toto). The album contains four songs featuring this core lineup, the first of which is “Chocolate Shake” that Standring stirs with a talk box.


“As We Think” is a departure from recent Standring recordings in that the album is horn powered with most of the arrangements constructed by Grammy and Emmy winner Walter Murphy. “Good Gracious” introduces the horn section made up of Aaron Janik (trumpet), Brandon Fields (alto sax), Katisse Buckingham (tenor sax) and Ido Meshulam (trombone).


“This is the kind of song I love to play because it is challenging to improvise on and it

allows me to build a story in a solo. Plus, it feels really good,” said Standring who plays London’s Pizza Express Jazz Club on March 14-16 before returning to gig south of Los Angeles at Spaghettini on March 23.


The Earth, Wind & Fire elements on the seductive R&B groove “Come Closer” are undeniable, prompting Standring to say, “This whole album has a very retro feel about it, as do many of my albums, but I have a particular fondness for the soul of the 1970's. This feelgood track instantly takes you to that time.”


In addition to his agile lead guitar licks, Standring adds organlike keyboards to the invigorating “Top Hat & Tails.” The first radio single, “Alphabet Soup,” is a groovy funkster accompanied by a slick black and white video that can be viewed at  


“It’s an ensemble piece featuring one of my label artists, Dino Soldo, on tenor sax, Rodney Lee on organ, and a Los Angeles-based horn section. Quite an elaborate arrangement, which is possibly why I named it ‘Alphabet Soup’ because everything's in there. I'm always looking for new fun songs to add to my live show and this will no doubt be in the 2024 live setlist,” enthused Standring.


On “Bedtime Story,” the guitarist intended to create a Steely Dan-like tune, but that’s not exactly how the story unfolded.


“I'm a sucker for ballads and chord sequences that allow me to express myself while improvising. I actually wanted to try and write something like ‘Babylon Sisters’ because of the distant chords that take you on a little journey, but I ended up going in quite a different direction once I got in there. This is what came out. Clearly nothing like Steely Dan,” said Standring with a laugh.


Coleman is featured on “Michael’s Watch,” pounding out a timely drum solo midtrack in juxtaposition to Standring’s lyrical electric jazz guitar. The instrumental song recounts the unlikely story of how a watch running ten minutes late led to his parents meeting for the first time at a wedding and how he wouldn’t be here if that watch ran on time.  


“This Life” satisfies Standring’s long-held desire to pen a tune that has a reggae vibe.  


“I always wanted to write a reggae track but twist it somehow to my style. I have tried unsuccessfully in the past, but ‘This Life’ came out great. It’s fun and joyful,” he said.


Showcasing another one of his label artists, Terry Disley, “Monday Madness” grants the acoustic pianist the platform to rip a swinging solo. Standring challenges himself on “Swings and Roundabouts.”


“Sometimes I like to take a sample of something strange and make a whole song out of it,

forcing myself to choose harmonies that have to match the musical sample. In this case,

the opening scratchy keyboard lick is that sample. Sometimes having to work within tight parameters makes for very creative writing,” reflected Standring.


Closing with “Too Good To Be True,” Standring serenades his new bride with an assist from Soldo’s reassuring harmonica embrace and Larry Steen’s elastic upright bass rhythms. 


“There is something very longing and hopeful about this song, but also romantic,” described Standring.


After playing in the jazz and hip-hop band Solar System, Standring debuted as a solo artist with 1998’s “Velvet” album. A dozen years later, he scored his first of seven Billboard No. 1 singles with “Bossa Blue,” which also was Billboard’s contemporary jazz track of the year. Standring notched an additional four more Billboard No. 1 singles as a featured guest soloist on singles by Thom Rotella, Cindy Bradley, Rick Braun and Richard Elliot. Eager to explore the unconventional and unexpected, he’s challenged himself by recording a live album in London with an orchestra and a collection of standards culled from the great American songbook that he recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios. Mixing things up literally last year, Standring issued a remixed set of his more sensual tracks titled “The Lovers Remix Collection.”


A popular performer on concert and festival stages throughout the U.S. and Europe, Standring is eager to share the joy, positivity and celebration he infused into the music on “As We Think” during his concert itinerary that presently contains dates through October.


“As We Think” contains the following songs:


“Chocolate Cake”

“Good Gracious”

“Come Closer”

“Top Hat and Tails”

“Alphabet Soup”

“Bedtime Story”

“Michael’s Watch”

“This Life”

“Monday Madness”

“Swings and Roundabouts”

“Too Good To Be True”


Go inside the “As We Think” recording sessions with Standring in the EPK:


For more information including tour dates, please visit


Bohemian Productions kondigt met trots de audities aan voor hun hedendaagse versie van de wereldberoemde musical CATS. Voor dit uniek locatieproject transformeert Bohemian Productions het Bauhuis in Sint-Niklaas tot een betoverend decor voor deze onvergetelijke productie.


De musical CATS, een meesterwerk van componist Andrew Lloyd Webber, wordt opgevoerd van 1 tot en met 11 mei 2025, met minstens 10 geplande voorstellingen. Dit magische spektakel belooft een unieke en eigentijdse interpretatie te zijn en Bohemian Productions nodigt iedereen uit om deel te nemen aan de audities of mee te werken aan dit unieke project.


Verschillende rollen, diverse talenten, grote cast


Alle geïnteresseerden kunnen deelnemen aan de audities, als zanger/danser of als zanger of als danser. Voor deze productie hoopt Bohemian Productions een erg grote cast samen te stellen en in totaal tot 75 mensen op het podium te zetten. Daarnaast wordt de live muziek gespeeld door een 20-koppig orkest.


Wie graag wil meewerken achter de schermen kan zich ook reeds aanmelden.


Unieke locatie: Bauhuis Sint-Niklaas


Na het vorige locatieproject Jesus Christ Superstar (in de Christus Koningkerk te Sint-Niklaas) zet Bohemian Productions een stap verder in het creëren van meeslepende theaterervaringen op locatie door het Bauhuis in Sint-Niklaas volledig om te bouwen tot een sfeervolle setting voor CATS. Dit unieke locatieproject biedt deelnemers en publiek een buitengewone ervaring die een totaalervaring garandeert.


Aanmelden en informatie


Alle informatie over de audities en de productie is beschikbaar op


Geïnteresseerden kunnen zich daar registreren en ontdekken hoe ze deel kunnen uitmaken van CATS.


Audities vinden plaats op volgende data:

zaterdag 25 mei ’24 – ronde 1 voor zang

zondag 26 mei ’24 – ronde 1 voor zang

zaterdag 8 juni ’24 – dans

zondag 9 juni ’24 – ronde 2 voor zang


Lage Landen wisselen leading ladies musical uit:

Maike Boerdam vervangt Ann Van den Broeck in 'MAMMA MIA!'

Vanaf 22 maart 2025 - Antwerpen, Gent, Hasselt


Vanaf 22 maart 2025 blaast de fel gesmaakte Vlaamse versie van musicalsensatie 'MAMMA MIA!' het dak er weer meermaals feestelijk af in Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen, Capitole Gent en Trixxo Theater Hasselt. Niet van de partij ondanks eerder aangekondigd, is Ann Van den Broeck die opnieuw in de huid van Donna zou kruipen. Ann kreeg een mooie kans aangeboden om in Nederland in een langlopende productie mee te spelen. Na overleg met en de zegen van Deep Bridge, besloot Ann deze te grijpen.


Regisseur Stany Crets, die overigens opnieuw de rol van Bill zal vertolken in 'MAMMA MIA!', moest dus op zoek naar een 'nieuwe' Donna. Die vond hij tot ieders grote tevredenheid in niemand minder dan Maike Boerdam. De in België geboren (Knokke-Heist), maar van nationaliteit Nederlandse Maike, verwierf in het begin van haar carrière bekendheid bij het grote publiek door haar rol als Betsy in de kinderserie 'Big & Betsy'. Later groeide ze uit tot één van de meest gelauwerde musicalartiesten van de Lage Landen. 


Die Lage Landen wisselen dus voor een tijdje hun leading ladies van de musicalwereld uit. Een moeilijke, maar weloverwogen keuze van Ann:

"Met pijn in het hart en een knoop in mijn maag neem ik afscheid van 'MAMMA MIA!'. Er kwam een opportuniteit op mijn pad die ik niet kon laten liggen. Ook al komt er iets moois in de plaats, afscheid nemen blijft moeilijk. Dank aan Deep Bridge om me de kans te geven zo lang Donna te spelen, én om het nu mogelijk te maken ook deze kans te grijpen.
Met vochtige ogen, maar met de glimlach geef ik de fakkel door aan Maike Boerdam. Donna is bij haar in veilige handen. Ze zal stralen op ons Grieks eiland, daar heb ik alle vertrouwen in. Geniet, lieve Maike! 

En mijn liefste publiek, het spijt me, maar ik maak het dubbel en dik goed. Dat beloof ik! Tot gauw!"


Maike is op haar beurt maar wat blij met de kans om in de huid van Donna te kruipen en kijkt alvast enorm uit naar haar 'MAMMA MIA!'-avontuur:

"Sinds ik de voorstelling de eerste keer zag in 2003 in Hamburg, hoopte ik dat ik ooit Donna zou kunnen spelen. Het feit dat ik dat nu hier in België mag doen én met deze mensen is een heerlijke kers op de taart!!"

Maike wordt in het warme, Griekse bad van MAMMA MIA! verder verwelkomd door o.a. Nathalie Meskens (Tanya), musicaldebutante Els Dottermans (Rosie), Jan Schepens (Sam) en Helle Vanderheyden en Dorian Liveyns, die opnieuw de rollen van aanstaande bruid Sophie en haar verloofde Sky op zich nemen.


Oude liefdes en geweldige nummers
‘MAMMA MIA!’ combineert de grootste hits van ABBA met een humoristisch liefdesverhaal over alleenstaande moeder Donna en haar dochter Sophie, die op het punt staat om te trouwen. Sophie wil dolgraag worden weggegeven door haar echte vader, maar het blijkt niet eenvoudig om te ontdekken wie dat is… Ze wil een antwoord krijgen op haar vraag en nodigt daarom drie voormalige liefdes van haar moeder uit op het Griekse eiland waar ze wonen. Donna wordt compleet verrast door het weerzien met de mannen en staat plots oog in oog met haar bruisende verleden. Samen met haar vriendinnen haalt Donna herinneringen op aan vroeger, aan oude liefdes en aan hun tijd als het zangtrio Donna and the Dynamo’s.

Alle bekende ABBA-hits passeren de revue, waaronder ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’, ‘Super Trouper’ en uiteraard ‘Mamma Mia’.

'MAMMA MIA!' speelt vanaf 22 maart 2025 in Antwerpen, Gent en Hasselt.
Tickets & info: 


The eye-popping and thematically spot on cover of Lars Taylor’s latest instantly infectious contemporary jazz single “Space Journey” has the guitarist and multi-instrumentalist in full Han Solo mode, bundled in a heavy jacket, hipster shades on, ready to explore the vast reaches of the universe while equipped with some of his most important studio gear, including several keyboards and an acoustic guitar hanging on the wall. At a time when cover art is often reduced to a thumbnail shot on streaming sites, this is definitely the perfect image to reflect to dreamy, atmospheric, seductive, laid back and hypnotic track. But the title and image also gives us a moment to reflect on how since releasing his debut single “Sweet Onion” in 2019, Taylor’s releases – all 13 non-holiday tracks till now – are the musical equivalent of transcending time and space by taking us on many unexpected stylistic journeys that soar into different genres without ever losing his core melodic and rhythmic vibe. Three of his recent singles – the funk rocker “Electric Night,” the tropical exotica tune “Carioca” and the synth-pop flavored “Sound of Freedom” (featuring a mystery UK vocalist) – are perfect examples of Taylor’s freewheeling approach to his career. “Space Journey” invites us into the experience by wrapping its swirling atmospheres around our senses just as the funky, hypnotic mid-tempo beat kicks in via Taylor’s drum programming and Charles Berthoud’s electric bass. Once the main keyboard hook takes hold, however, it’s done deal. We’re on board, our bodies grooving sensually as Taylor’s chill, sexy earworm – enhanced in key spots by an ethereal voice whispering romantically in an unidentifiable language - carries us deeper into the multi-faceted sonic experience. A few minutes in, Taylor matches his fluid guitar textures to the synth, making the impact of the motif even more emotionally powerful. One of the highlights along the way happens when he holds back on the keyboard melody for a moment and unleashes a beautiful, intricate acoustic guitar solo, then achieves the same effect later with a soaring electric solo that taps into his love for rock music. Those are just two of the incredible ways that Taylor - who also produced, arranged and mixed the track – takes us on his next adventure. Though it’s a more subtle part of the mix, Dumindu Dassanayaka flute playing also contributes depth to the overall aural experience.


Music written by Lars Rüetschi © 2024

Lars Taylor  (Legal Name Lars Rüetschi) - All Guitars, Keyboards, Synths, Drum Programming, Arrangement, Production, Mixing

Charles Berthoud - Electric Bass
Dumindu Dassanayaka - Flute


It’s time to cook up something tasty!

The third single from German global groove outfit OLUMA is called “Cooking Time” and is the title track of their upcoming debut album, a recipe that includes afrobeat, funk, jazz and Brazilian music, perfect to satiate your hunger for all things groovy!


The nine-piece global groove band from Leipzig presents their very own 9-course menu with the third single from their upcoming debut album, title track "Cooking Time".


Inspired by afrobeat, funk, jazz and Brazilian music, the song is perfect for the hunger for old Afrobeat songs and modern club culture. It‘s easy to digest and will get every cell in your body moving. The instrumental track features two very expressive horn solos carried by a joyful and floating groove from the rhythm section.


OLUMA was founded by Gregor Nicolai and André van der Heide, who share a common passion for danceable music. Afrobeat, jazz, funk and Brazilian influences flow together and form their musical environment. Carried by the rhythm section, the four wind players create a versatile sound, often virtuoso snappy lines, sometimes floating and free. Driving rhythms unfold and make you move - it's all about the experience with each other.


TITLE: Cooking Time (single)
LABEL: One World Records
RELEASE DATE: March 8th 2024
FORMAT: Digital
GENRES: afro-jazzy groove


Brazilian Singer-Songwriter Toco to Release New Single ‘Coragem’ via Schema Records on March 8, 2024.

‘Coragem’ is an exciting folk-pop song inspired by the poetic universe of one of the best-known albums of Brazilian popular music of the 1970s, Milton Nascimento’s 'Clube da Esquina’.

Produced by Toco’s long-term collaborator, the talented Stefano “S-Tone Inc” Tirone, the new single ‘Coragem’ was written in collaboration with Dario Bracaloni (Aquarama). It is embellished by the unique and fascinating sound of Danilo Moraes’ ‘viola dinâmica,’ an instrument with surprising characteristics that blend perfectly with the sound fabric, giving the composition an engaging atmosphere.

The song features Ramiro Levy on guitars and backing vocals, Eduardo Taufic on keyboards, Mauro Martins on drums, Edu Hebling on bass, Dario Bracaloni on acoustic guitar, and Marquinho Baboo on percussion.

Credits: Written by Tomaz Di Cunto, Leonardo Milan and Stefano Tirone Toco - vocals Ramiro Levy - guitars Eduardo Taufic - keyboards Mauro Martins - drums Edu Hebling - bass Dario Bracaloni - acoustic guitar Marquinho Baboo - percussion Danilo Moraes - viola dinâmica Produced by Stefano “S-Tone Inc.” Tirone Recorded and mixed by Francesco Borrelli at Blue Spirit Studio - Milan Mastering by Giovanni Versari.


T o c o (@tomazdic) • Instagram photos and videos

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The Leon Project


Shortly after signing with Primary Wave,  Patrick discovered the label had purchased Leon Russell's catalog. Leonard has been a Leon fan since day one and immediately wanted to do a project with his songs and carefully chosen artists.

The first song has been recorded. Logically,  Patrick started with the first song on Leon’s  debut recording, “A Song For You” done brilliantly by Elton John.

The second track recorded was “Masquerade” sung by the incomparable Brandi Carlile. 

Leonard has a list of 13 songs, all from very early in Leon's solo career as well as a wish list of artists that he believes  will do Leon's legacy justice. There is currently no schedule. So like fine wine when it's ready, we drink. 

 Patrick Leonard   March 2024


Leon Russell song list


  1. A song for you  (Elton)
  2. Dixie lullaby
  3. Shoot out on the plantation
  4. Hummingbird
  5. Delta lady
  6. Prince of peace
  7. Hurt somebody
  8. Rollaway the stone
  9.   Stranger in a strange land
  10. Home sweet Oklahoma
  11. Ballad of Mad dogs and Englishmen
  12. Sweet Emily
  13. Masquerade (Brandy)


Keyboardist Darren Horn started performing professionally as a teenager in Detroit with singer Cortez Harris, who was a member of popular R&B/funk band Al Hudson & One Way. 

He and Cortez hit it off after Horn, whose aunt lived across the street from where the band was rehearsing, took the initiative to start jamming with them. After a time playing with Cortez at major clubs like The Twenty Grand, the keyboardist hooked up with The Axe Band, which was renowned as singer Cherelle’s backing band and toured with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.


Horn later played keys and acted as road manager for Kiara, which scored a #2 on Billboard R&B chart a duet with Shanice Wilson on Arista Records, and opened for everyone from Gerald Albright to Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross; they also created pop crossover remixes for saxophonist Marion Meadows and worked for a time with Toni Braxton just as she was about to emerge.


Horn is releasing The Horn Connection EP on the heels of his 2022 debut album Summertime, whose popular, vocal-driven title track single was played on Smooth Jazz and soft rock radio and internet stations throughout the U.S. and Europe.


“Nairobi,” an infectious and spirited mid-tempo ballad that showcases Mr. Horn’s sparkling piano magic and features dynamic solos by Billboard #1 Smooth Jazz hit makers, guitarist Nils and flutist Ragan Whiteside.


The Horn Connection will include four other tracks by Horn featuring collaborations with various artists. These include the whimsical and romantic yet grooved-out original “I’ll Be There for You” and fresh, keyboard-centric re-imaginings of some of his favorite R&B and contemporary jazz songs – the Chuck Mangione classic “Feels So Good,” Stephanie Mills’ “I Feel Good All Over” and Earth, Wind & Fire’s brassy funk jam “In The Stone.”


National recording artist/saxophonist Dee Lucas is the illustrious pied-piper of contemporary jazz music, celebrated and adored by audiences worldwide.


Noted as the year of emergence for the creative, in 2004, Lucas embarked on the journey of what would become footprints of a music legacy--forming an independent record label known as Mo' Better Recordings along with an all new music project. Having the reigns of creative control at his advantage, Lucas launched and distributed the debut CD project, "Remembrance," independently on the new label in 2005, "Something To Ride 2," in 2007, and produced 4 more projects (from 2010-2016) in collaboration with the Mo' Better Recordings label...each record marked with serious charting status and industry recognition. Lucas accredited the success of each project to production heavyweights such as LA-based Lew Laing, Jr., Grammy-Award winner Phil Davis. Joel Del Rosario, TC Campbell and David P. Stevens.


In 2017, Lucas merged his previous catalogs with his new parent company, Dee Lucas Enterprises, home of his brand new record label ODL Music. “Going Left,” released in 2018, garnered respectable success on several smooth jazz charts. In 2020,“The Time Is Now” marked the artist's 9th worldwide release which featured Adam Hawley, Blake Aaron, Darryl Williams, David P. Stevens, Lew Laing, Jr., Gino Rosaria, & George Freeman. In 2023, “No Boundaries" spotlighted keyboardist Gino Rosari, Blair Bryant, Selina Albright, and Ragan Whiteside. Singles from the CD garnered critical acclaim, #1 smooth jazz chart positions and an indie soul award nomination. At the height of Lucas' career comes the highly anticipated 1st single from the upcoming project "TWENTY, entitled "Tighten Up," releasing nationwide on 3.8.2024!


The kids are grown, living on their own, and there’s a fifth wheel parked in the driveaway. Relishing the freedom to hit the road to explore and take in nature is the inspiration for jazz fusion keyboardist Patrick Bradley’s new single, “Road Trippin’, which will begin collecting radio playlist adds and Spotify spins on March 11. Bradley wrote the song with 26-time Billboard chart-topper Darren Rahn, a multiple Grammy nominated producer, songwriter and saxophonist. Rahn produced the single previewing Bradley’s “Gratitude” album, which is slated to arrive later this year from the Patrick’s Song Factory label.  


Beyond their shared musical connection, Bradley and Rahn are bonded by their devotion to their Christian faith. Blessed with a grateful heart, Bradley is thoroughly enjoying this chapter in his life after having raised two children. He and his wife of forty years, Lisa, decided to get the fifth wheel so they could travel freely and easily, enabling them to spend more time on their own in serene scenic outdoor settings. You can hear the sense of adventure on the rousing groove anchored by Rahn and Grammy-winning bassist Mel Brown on “Road Trippin’.” One can almost see the fifth wheel motoring along the open road against a majestic backdrop as Bradley’s piano issues melodic flourishes. Rahn texturizes the track with energizing harmonies via his Wurlitzer, synths and programming. Further embellishments come in the form of Joel Del Rosario’s funky guitar riffs, which are dispensed liberally throughout the cut.


“The inspiration of the song is really celebrating the freedom and the joys of a road trip. Ever since Lisa and I purchased the fifth wheel a couple of years ago, we’ve been enjoying the outdoors. We’re grateful to have the opportunity at this time in our lives when we have both the freedom and the means available to get out there. For us, it’s about exploring new destinations and visiting cherished places while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation,” said the Southern California-based Bradley, who will perform on July 28 at Spaghettini south of Los Angeles.


“Road Trippin’” provides a glimpse into what’s in store on Bradley’s upcoming sixth album, “Gratitude.” It’s his first outing since 2021’s “Exhale” album, which spawned four Billboard top 20 singles, including the title track that went No. 1 and the top 10 single, “Completely Yours.” Rahn was a big part of that project as was Grammy-winning jazz fusion keyboardist Jeff Lorber, a longtime collaborator who cowrote and produced two songs on the album after producing several of Bradley’s earlier albums. Bradley debuted in 2006 with the “Come Rain or Shine” album. Over the years, he’s collaborated with Grammy nominated saxophonists Dave Koz and Eric Marienthal, Billboard hitmakers Rick Braun and Adam Hawley, and legendary guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. (Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Luther Vandross, George Benson). 


"Road Trippin'"


Written by Patrick Bradley & Darren Rahn

Produced & mixed by Darren Rahn

Mastered by Joe Yannece at Park Street Mastering


Patrick Bradley - Piano

Darren Rahn - Wurli, Synths, Programming

Joel Del Rosario - Guitar

Mel Brown - Bass 


Twiggii Quinn keert na ‘Closer’ en ‘Love It’ terug met de vrolijke en dansbare oorwurm ‘My Love’, waarop de prettig gestoorde en veelzijdige Belgisch-Braziliaanse uit Ukkel zich helemaal kan uitleven.
Twiggii Quinn, alter ego van Isabella Maria Rafaela Gabriella Micaela Benita De Wardin, is een Belgisch-Braziliaanse singer-songwriter en professioneel paaldanseres. Als jong meisje droomde ze al van een internationale carrière als professionele ballerina. Vanaf haar vierde danste Twiggii fanatiek ballet tot een gebroken voet haar op 16-jarige leeftijd dwong die dromen te laten varen.

Het verlangen om te entertainen bleef echter borrelen. Op 16-jarige leeftijd werd ze de leadzangeres en violiste van een metalband, Wardoom. Twiggii speelde al viool sinds haar achtste en greep deze kans met beide handen om haar passie voor muziek in de schijnwerpers te zetten. Drie jaar later ontdekte Twiggii de opera en het duurde niet lang voor ze zich realiseerde dat ze hiervoor een aangeboren talent had. Vastbesloten om van zingen haar beroep van te maken, sloot ze zich op 21-jarige leeftijd aan bij een gospelkoor, wat haar inspireerde om van stijl te veranderen en een totaal nieuwe start te maken.
Vandaag heeft de veelzijdige Ukkelse schone een eigen YouTube kanaal waarop ze covers zingt en eigen composities. Ze bracht begin 2022 haar debuutsingle 'Closer' uit, gevolgd door de catchy single 'Love It'. Het eerste nummer ging over obsessie, het tweede over donkere fantasieën, maar dat alles telkens met een speelse knipoog. Dat speelse zit ook overduidelijk in de nieuwe ‘My Love’, een radio- en dansvloervriendelijk nummer in een aanstekelijk productie van Wekho. 

Met ‘My Love’ keert Twiggii Quinn terug in volle glorie, tovert ze instant een lach op 
je gezicht en verleidt ze je om na het beluisteren telkens weer op de repeat knop te drukken!

'My Love', de nieuwe single van TWIGGII QUINN , komt uit op Sancover en kan je vanaf 8 maart beluisteren op alle grote streamingplatformen.


JUDITH HILL | 2024 photo by Ginger Sole Photography


new single
out 05.03.24
(Regime Music Group)


included on
new album
out 26.04.24


also includes
stream  |  lyric video

Coinciding with Women’s History Month, GRAMMY Award-winning vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Judith Hill has today unveiled a beautiful new single entitled ‘Dame de la Lumière’ (Lady of the Light), which is dedicated to her mother and grandmother. Its accompanying video puts Hill's raw emotions front and centre as she serenades both them and indeed generations of powerful women. Not only is it a love letter to the ladies of the light who raised her, but an empowering tribute to women everywhere!

“This is the story about my mother and my grandmother, two powerful women who taught me the meaning of perseverance,” states Hill. “I remember how they overcame the impossible and survived because they were determined to be there for their families. Standing on their shoulders, I carry on. I close my eyes and see the faces of every woman in history who turned weeds into leaves of evergreen. They stand taller than the mountains. If they can do it, I can do it. Bad times make strong women! This is my mantra.”

‘Dame de la Lumière’ is included on Hill’s forthcoming new album, ‘Letters From A Black Widow’, which will be released on 26th April via Regime Music Group. Its dozen songs present a riveting story - from private pain to communal transcendence - and is her most soul-bearing work to date. The album follows ‘Baby, I’m Hollywood!’ (2021), which garnered widespread critical acclaim. Its mix of funk, rock, blues and soul was described by Record Collector as ‘breathtakingly kaleidoscopic’, while Echoes proclaimed it ‘Album of the year’ in a 5 star review. Where that album offered a rowdy coming-of-age tale of a mixed-race child of bohemian California, ‘Letters From A Black Widow’ is a formidable battle cry; a soul/funk/gospel passion play spectacularly written, arranged and performed by Hill.

Although Hill plays many of the instruments herself, the new record is not a strictly solo endeavour. Built on the unshakeable musical foundation she has enjoyed for most of her life, her band includes her parents, bassist Robert ‘Peewee’ Hill and keyboardist Michiko Hill, while she is also joined by John Staten (drums and percussion), Daniel Chae (strings) and a group of friends on backing vocals.

Hill and her band will tour extensively in support of ‘Letters From A Black Widow’, with a North American tour prior to its release followed by a European tour that commences in Norway on 7th May and concludes in London on 8th June. A recently updated full tour itinerary is as follows:

07.05.24  STAVANGER (NO) Maijazz Festival
08.05.24  TRONDHEIM (NO) Trondheim Jazz Festival
09.05.24  HAMAR (NO) Hamar Jazz Festival
10.05.24  SANDVIKA (NO) Baerum Kulturhus
11.05.24  STOCKHOLM (SE) Fasching
12.05.24  STOCKHOLM (SE) Fasching
17.05.24  COPENHAGEN (DK) DR Concert Hall
19.05.24  SCHÖPPINGEN (DE) Blues Festival Schöppingen
21.05.24  ZÜRICH (CH) Kaufleuten
22.05.24  INNSBRUCK (AT) Treibhaus
23.05.24  RUBIGEN (CH) Mühle Hunziken
24.05.24  TÜBINGEN (DE) Sudhaus
26.05.24  WEERT (NL) Poppodium Q-Factory 
29.05.24  SINT-NIKLAAS (BE) De Casino Concertzaal
30.05.24  PARIS (FR) New Morning
01.06.24  WEIZ (AT) Jazz Festival Weiz
04.06.24  ALMERIA (ES) Clasijazz
06.06.24  ANTALYA (TR) Akra Jazz Festival
07.06.24  HAMBURG (DE) Elbjazz Festival
08.06.24  LONDON (UK) Bush Hall


1  One Of The Bad Ones
2  Flame
3  My Whole Life Is In The Wrong Key
4  We Are The Power
5  Black Widow
6  Touch
7  Dame De La Lumiere
8  Let Me Be Your Mother
9  You Got It Kid
10  Runaway Train
11  Downtown Boogie
12  More Than Love
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The first single from his forthcoming “Gratitude” album was produced by multi-time Grammy nominee Darren Rahn.


VISTA, Calif. (4 March 2024): The kids are grown, living on their own, and there’s a fifth wheel parked in the driveaway. Relishing the freedom to hit the road to explore and take in nature is the inspiration for jazz fusion keyboardist Patrick Bradley’s new single, “Road Trippin’, which will begin collecting radio playlist adds and Spotify spins on March 11. Bradley wrote the song with 26-time Billboard chart-topper Darren Rahn, a multiple Grammy nominated producer, songwriter and saxophonist. Rahn produced the single previewing Bradley’s “Gratitude” album, which is slated to arrive later this year from the Patrick’s Song Factory label.  


Beyond their shared musical connection, Bradley and Rahn are bonded by their devotion to their Christian faith. Blessed with a grateful heart, Bradley is thoroughly enjoying this chapter in his life after having raised two children. He and his wife of forty years, Lisa, decided to get the fifth wheel so they could travel freely and easily, enabling them to spend more time on their own in serene scenic outdoor settings. You can hear the sense of adventure on the rousing groove anchored by Rahn and Grammy-winning bassist Mel Brown on “Road Trippin’.” One can almost see the fifth wheel motoring along the open road against a majestic backdrop as Bradley’s piano issues melodic flourishes. Rahn texturizes the track with energizing harmonies via his Wurlitzer, synths and programming. Further embellishments come in the form of Joel Del Rosario’s funky guitar riffs, which are dispensed liberally throughout the cut.


“The inspiration of the song is really celebrating the freedom and the joys of a road trip. Ever since Lisa and I purchased the fifth wheel a couple of years ago, we’ve been enjoying the outdoors. We’re grateful to have the opportunity at this time in our lives when we have both the freedom and the means available to get out there. For us, it’s about exploring new destinations and visiting cherished places while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation,” said the Southern California-based Bradley, who will perform on July 28 at Spaghettini south of Los Angeles.


“Road Trippin’” provides a glimpse into what’s in store on Bradley’s upcoming sixth album, “Gratitude.” It’s his first outing since 2021’s “Exhale” album, which spawned four Billboard top 20 singles, including the title track that went No. 1 and the top 10 single, “Completely Yours.” Rahn was a big part of that project as was Grammy-winning jazz fusion keyboardist Jeff Lorber, a longtime collaborator who cowrote and produced two songs on the album after producing several of Bradley’s earlier albums. Bradley debuted in 2006 with the “Come Rain or Shine” album. Over the years, he’s collaborated with Grammy nominated saxophonists Dave Koz and Eric Marienthal, Billboard hitmakers Rick Braun and Adam Hawley, and legendary guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. (Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Luther Vandross, George Benson). 


For more information, please visit


Van links naar rechts: Laurenzo Moerman, Peter Devisch (voorzitter), Luc Neuville (penningmeester), Elmer Keleman
foto:  PADI


Op zaterdag 22 juni 2024 kan iedereen vanaf 19u30 terecht in het Nieuwpoortse Centrum Ysara, waar de VZW Kiwanis Nieuwpoort Polder en Duin zijn 50ste verjaardag viert, ondergedompeld in een Italiaanse sfeer. Het hoogtepunt wordt het optreden van de wereldvermaarde Italiaanse Eros Ramazzotti tribute band Dove c’è Musica. 

“Na vijf mooie decennia mogen we al eens groots uitpakken met aangepaste foodtrucks met pizza, pasta en varianten, gecombineerd met Italiaanse toets. Onze top DJ en Dove c’è Musica zijn dé ingrediënten voor een heuse feestavond. Net zoals de voorbije jaren schenkt onze populaire serviceclub opnieuw de opbrengsten aan lokale goede doelen, waarmee in het verleden de kinderarmoede werd bestreden.

Het enthousiasme bij onze leden en sympathisanten is groot, waardoor we iedereen aanraden om snel tickets te bestellen. Vanaf vrijdag 1 maart 2024 kan dat, via de QR-code op onze affiches of via mail aan,” zegt penningmeester Luc Neuville namens de jubilerende organisatie.


Goede doelen

Met de 1112ste vergadering in het vooruitzicht, 16 kernleden en een massa steunende sympathisanten, organiseerde de populaire VZW Kiwanis Nieuwpoort Polder en Duin de afgelopen 50 jaar heel wat activiteiten en evenementen. Met die centen kon de serviceclub ondertussen heel wat lokale goede doelen ondersteunen. “We koesteren tradities. Elke euro die we besteden aan sociale projecten wordt dubbel gecheckt, maar als we erin geloven kunnen ze altijd op onze steun rekenen. We hebben het exacte bedrag niet bijgehouden, maar de geldsom die we de voorbije vijf decennia hebben weggeschonken is aanzienlijk. Ook de komende jaren wordt die lijn doorgetrokken, omdat het broodnodig is en we merken dat we met onze bijdragen ook effectief mee het verschil kunnen maken. Vanuit die positieve ingesteldheid blijven we organiseren en daar doen we met onze ‘Italiaanse avond’, tijdens ons feestjaar, nog een schepje bovenop,”zegt Luc Neuville.

Eros Ramazzotti

Na o.a. ‘Enjoy Cuba’ (2018), ‘Cuba-Licious’ (2019) en post-corona ‘J’aime la vie’ (2022), zet Kiwanis Nieuwpoort Polder en Duin nu voluit zijn schouders onder de Italiaanse avond die op zaterdag 22 juni 2024 plaatsvindt in Centrum Yasara. 

Vanaf 19u30 kan je aanschuiven bij diverse foodtrucks met een extra focus op de bekende Italiaanse specialiteiten, terwijl een top DJ in de achtergrond en tijdens de avond voor de zwoele sfeer zorgt. Het gaat crescendo, met als hoogtepunt het optreden van de wereldvermaarde Eros Ramazzotti tribute band Dove c’è Musica van zanger-frontman Gero Carlino. Dankzij de goede contacten die Nathalie Brys van het Nieuwpoortse boekingskantoor ‘The Music Office’ heeft, kon de organisatie deze Internationale topband strikken. Met z’n zessen brengen ze on stage de grootste hits van de Italiaanse wereldster Eros Ramazzotti, de man die in 1984 doorbrak als winnaar van het Festival van San Remo met zijn hitsingle ‘Terra Promessa’. Zijn eerste internationale hit was ‘Se bastasse una canzone’, maar hij scoorde ook hits met o.a. ‘Adesso tu’, ‘Musica è’ en ‘Cose della vita’, dat hij in 1998 in duetvorm uitbracht met Tina Turner. Ramazzotti werkte ook samen met o.a. Cher, Joe Cocker en Andrea Bocelli. Doorheen zijn carrière verkocht hij wereldwijd meer dan 55 miljoen albums. “Vorig jaar gaf hij nog twee uitverkochte concerten in Vorst Nationaal. Dit jaar heeft hij geen concertplannen, dus zijn we blij, fier en trots dat we met Dove c’è Musica die leegte invullen met een sterk alternatief voor de talrijke fans van Ramazzotti en het Italiaanse repertoire. Onze Italiaanse avond kan je trouwens ook ideaal combineren met een overnachting aan zee, want we werken hiervoor nauw samen met enkele lokale B&B’s en hotels die speciale voorwaarden aanbieden. Op onze website vind je hierover alle informatie”, klinkt het bij de organisatie.


Dove c’é Musica

Je mag Dove c’è Musica omschrijven als ‘de beste Eros Ramazzotti tribute band’, want die status hebben ze inmiddels verworven op basis van hun reputatie en de talrijke optredens. “Als grap ben ik begonnen met imitaties van Eros, maar dat sloeg meteen enorm aan. Vrij snel volgde mijn solocarrière en kwam ik terecht bij diverse bands. Begin 2000 werd ik uitgenodigd voor ‘Stella Gemella’, één van dé shows op de Italiaanse televisie. Later was ik ook nog te zien in o.a. ‘Tali e Quali Show’ en werd ik uitgenodigd voor ‘Michelle Impossible’, een programma dat Eros Ramazzotti zijn eerste vrouw Michelle Hunziker presenteerde. Onze verstandhouding met Eros is uitstekend. Eén van onze muzikanten speelde mee in één van zijn videoclips en we zagen hem ook life op Facebook tijdens één van onze optredens,” zegt frontman Gero Carlino. Samen met zijn 5 collega’s reist hij op zaterdag 22 juni 2024 af naar België voor het eerste optreden dat Dove c’è Musica geeft in ons land. “Meer dan anderhalf uur spelen we de grootste hits en bekendste nummers van Eros Ramazzotti. Na o.a. Frankrijk, Zwitserland, Oostenrijk, de Verenigde Staten en  optredens voor meer dan 100.000den Italianen komen we nu jullie kant uit. Naast een sterk vertegenwoordigde Italiaanse gemeenschap, zijn er bij jullie ook heel wat landgenoten die houden van de Italiaanse sfeer, het land, de cultuur en de muziek. Als je België zegt, denken wij spontaan aan bier, wafels en frieten (lacht), maar we weten dat er gelukkig nog veel meer is,” glimlacht Gero.


Vanaf vrijdag 1 maart 2024 kan je via de QR-code op de affiche of via mail tickets bestellen voor de Italiaanse feestavond van Kiwanis Nieuwpoort Polder en Duin. Meer info over de 50-jarige Nieuwpoortse serviceclub en deze activiteit vind je ook op


LaShawn D. Gary is an Emmy Award Winning Producer, Composer, Smooth Jazz Artist and Pianist. He is a native of Detroit, Michigan and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Instrumental Music Education from Southern University A&M College, and earned a Masters of Music Education Degree from the University of Louisville. LaShawn has released seven Smooth Jazz singles: “Now is the Time (2019) '', “Love, Peace & Praise (2020)”, “Inception, featuring Mark Whitfield (2021)”, “Line Brothers (2021)”, “On the Yard” (2022), “Transitions” (2022) and "For Your Love (feat. Willie Bradley)" (2023).


Gary's newest single “Everything You're Looking For" ft. Penny Wells is from his upcoming album Evolution, scheduled for release on March 1, 2024. LaShawn is also the featured artist and co-writer of Jeff Canady’s “Light Within.” He has also performed as a session musician on several Smooth Jazz and R&B projects. 


LaShawn has worked as a composer/arranger in commercial advertisements with Burrell Communications, Global Hue and Yessian Music. His musical talents were displayed on television in the production of the Toyota Avalon “Son-in-Law” commercial, the introductory advertisement of the Ford Fiesta, Xfinity “Unplug” Commercial and the Happy’s Pizza Jingle featuring the Four Tops. LaShawn was the Choir Director for the McDonald’s 365 Black Awards directing the Southern University Gospel Choir with Erica Campbell and the Louisiana Leadership Institute Drum-line performance with American Idol winner, singer, and actress Jordan Sparks. In March 2015, LaShawn worked with Grammy Award winning singer Patti Austin, Greg Phillinganes, and Sanchez Harley as the Assistant Choir Director for the Charles H. Wright Museum 50th Anniversary Celebration “Oh Freedom.” In 2015, LaShawn also released his debut album, “Love, Peace, and Praise.” The decade ended as the Emmy Award winning producer and fellow producing partners, Bill Bowen and Mike Ellison released “Detroit: One Nation Under A Groove”, a YouTube video featuring the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences Choir which received over a million views in the first month. The team was also awarded two Detroit Music Awards for “Outstanding Music Video” and “Outstanding Urban Recording”. LaShawn is a music educator with Southfield Public Schools and serves as the Director of Music at Oak Grove AME Church. He is currently the Executive Director for the Michigan Fine Arts Institute. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated, Phi Mu Alpha Professional Music Fraternity, The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

"Everything You're Looking For" ft. Penny Wells is a mid-tempo Smooth Jazz groove with beautiful lyrics, which will inspire people to look within themselves to discover the greatness that exists.


We are excited to announce to announce the release of saxman Mo Louis new single, “To The Maxx” ft. Jeff Lorber! It’s the follow-up to Mo’s #1 Billboard hit, “Static”.


"To The Maxx"


Produced by Jeff Carruthers

Written by Jeff Carruthers and Mo Louis

Mixed by Jeff Carruthers

Mastered by Euge Groove


Mo Louis: Saxophone

Jeff Lorber: Piano

Gary Novak: Drums

Corney Mims: Bass

Jeff Carruthers: Guitar & Keys

Lenny Castro: Percussion


Ryan Montano is a nationally celebrated trumpeter, songwriter, bandleader and recording artist. His beautiful tone, sophisticated and memorable compositions, impactful live performances and precise technique have garnered him global radio airplay and festival performances across the United States.


A 5-time Billboard-charting recording artist, Montano’s debut contemporary jazz single "I'd Like That" found nationwide popularity and acclaim by reaching the 14th position on the Billboard National Jazz Airplay chart. His follow up single "Honey Girl" peaked at #13 on Billboard after 20 consecutive weeks on the the chart.


In addition to his musical artistry, Montano is a talented and truthful actor having appeared in several commercials and Hollywood films with speaking roles in "GoodKill" starring Ethan Hawke, Disney's "Lemonade Mouth" and "Love N' Dancing" starring Amy Smart, Rachel Dratch and Betty White. He has been a featured performer on “CSI Miami” and “Wildfire” and has several runway modeling shows and print campaigns to his modeling credits. Montano has also appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” playing the trumpet for pop stars “Hanson” as part of the “Cleto & The Cletones” horn section.


He is also a professional filmmaker, director, videographer, photographer, editor and graphic artist. His video work has been featured on national television networks including ESPN, CBS, NBC and FOX.


Specializing in music-based visual media, Montano has filmed and/or directed award-winning music videos for “Dustin Lynch”, “Kane Brown”, “Runaway June”, & “Ozomatli”. He has created video content for major global brands including Ford, Dr. Pepper & T-Mobile.


While his talents encapsulate many different passions, it is music and the trumpet that truly define Montano as an artist. With a truthful artistic vision and emotive songwriting, delivered through a graceful and soft tone, Ryan Montano is an artist creating and evolving along a path and sound all his own.


Uitstekend nieuws voor al wie het gehad heeft met onze natte Belgische winterdagen: Neville debuteert met 'Como Pablo' en luidt zo, op zijn minst alvast in je hoofd, officieel de zomer in! Een debuutsingle, en dan ook weer niet, want de Geelse rapper-zanger timmert intussen al 20 jaar muzikaal aan de weg.

Je kan gerust stellen dat Neville voorbestemd was voor muziek. Als zoon van een predikant ging hij begin jaren 2000 wekelijks naar de kerk en ondervond er aan den lijve hoe begeesterend muziek kon werken. Als kind leerde hij zichzelf drummen en vanaf zijn negende (!) werd hij in tal van Afrikaanse kerken uitgenodigd om er te komen spelen. Vervolgens leerde hij zichzelf stapsgewijs ook piano spelen, want hij was vastbesloten om muzikant worden.

Oudere neven met een eigen muziekstudio (tot de dag van vandaag bekende artiesten in Duitsland) brachten hem in contact met rap en hiphop. Meer bepaald 50 Cent’s 'In Da Club' in de legendarische productie van Dr. Dre was een ware eyeopener en veranderde zijn leven. Dit moest en wou hij ook kunnen. Neville focuste zich vanaf nu op het schrijven van rhymes en produceren van beats. Het notitieboekje en pen weken niet meer van zijn zijde. Op zijn 25e besloot Neville zijn ambities naar een nieuw level te brengen en kocht hij zijn eerste materiaal voor de inrichting van een eigen muziekstudio. De microfoon werd zijn beste vriend. 

Tussen 2015 tot 2020 produceerde hij intensief rapmuziek en richtte in het jeugdhuis van Geel een studioruimte in waar hij met andere artiesten samenwerkte en kleine optredens organiseerde. Zo kwam de Mechelse Pita op zijn pad, met wie hij het nummer 'Pijn in mijn hart' uitbracht, en zijn eerste optreden deed, op het voetbalterrein van Racing Club Mechelen. 

Na 20 jaar timmeren aan de weg, kwam producer Wekho, oprichter van platenlabel ‘Sancover’, op zijn pad en sloegen ze de handen in elkaar om Neville’s eigen geluid op punt te stellen, met een mix van gospel, country, en hiphop. De eerste officiële single gaat nog een stapje verder: 'Como Pablo' is een onweerstaanbaar zomerse latin vibes track, waarop Neville laidback rapt in het Nederlands en zo het beste van de verschillende werelden combineert!

'Como Pablo', de nieuwe single van Neville, komt uit op Sancover en kan je vanaf 1 maart beluisteren op alle grote streamingplatformen.


It's difficult to explain what it feels like when you write a song that you love and that you know will be a great song, but as time goes by you never end up finding the voice that the song needs, and you make the decision to put it in a drawer. ...and you forget about it.
A few weeks ago, by true chance, I FOUND THAT VOICE, and suddenly what was a great song became a wonderful song. That voice belongs to TY JUAN.

He has not only sung the song, but has written the verses, the choruses, the backing vocals and everything that concerns the lyrics of Whatever You Want.

This is the first collaboration between the famous Asturian guitarist, musician, composer and producer from Gijón (Spain) of numerous international neo soul, funk and house bands. Singles and remixes... ALEX FANJUL (Alejandro Fanjul) And the illustrious singer, composer of international R&B soul and number one on the charts of many countries, from U.S.A and GRAMMY NOMINATED as songwriter TY JUAN.

The Production Credits comprises an ensemble of accomplished musicians, distinguished technicians & lauded lyricist who've all collectively achieved this impressive optimal result.

Here, we proudly present to you all of them as follows:

  • Alex Fanjul on Lead Guitar, Drums, Programming & Original Production.
  • Ty Juan on Lead  & Background Vocals
  • Baltasar G. Casanovas AKA @bassbarcelona on Bass.
  • DJ Ale Rossi Additional Production, Arrangement,  Programming, Engineering, Mixing &  Mastering.

Original Music Concept, Pre-Production, Lead Guitar & Drum Programming all by Alejandro Fanjul (Alex Fanjul) at Mr. Right Studio, Gijón (Asturias), North-western Spain.


Fueled by inspiration from the Legendary George Benson’s 2009 sonic masterpiece, Living in High Definition, Maysa and her longtime producer, Chris “ Big Dog” Davis, created a musical story titled, “Spirit 222”, expressing the idea that we are all connected by THE SOURCE: LOVE and if we all truly led with love, our world could be a heaven on earth..

When the time came to decide who would be featured on Spirit 222, Maysa instantly knew that master musicians, guitarist Chieli Minucci ( Special EFX) and percussionist Thomas Dyani Akuru( Incognito, Shakira, The Lion King ), would be perfect to carry the song to the highest of heights.

The musical arrangement of "Spirit 222" perfectly complements the introspective nature of the lyrics. The smooth jazz instrumentation, including gentle piano chords, soulful guitar solos, and powerful percussion, creates a soothing and contemplative ambiance. The interplay between Maysa's vocals and the instrumental sections adds depth and dimension to the song, creating a lush sonic landscape.

The essence of Maysa's 8th track "Spirit 222" ,from her highly acclaimed 19 song double album, MUSIC FOR YOUR SOUL, captures the quintessential vibe that Smooth Jazz Lovers cherish, prompting a nostalgic reminder of the genre's core appeal.


Out Now on Candid Records


January 12, 2024: Today, legendary guitarist Carlos Santana released "Let The Guitar Play," a reimagination of his 2021 song "Song for Cindy." Teaming up with producer Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey), and remix producer Lino Nicolosi, “Let The Guitar Play” brings the original song to new heights  —  Run DMC's Darryl McDaniels delivers a poetic rap over an EDM-style drum beat, serving as a dynamic catalyst for Santana to intricately weave his signature guitar magic.


“Now, more than ever, it is essential that we heal life, people, and the planet,” says Carlos Santana. “This music is assigned and designed to touch your heart, take you out of your misery, and to remind you that you are significant, meaningful, and can make a difference in the world. It is a joy to collaborate with brother Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels, producers Narada Michael Walden and Lino Nicolosi, Cindy Blackman Santana, and with our partners at Candid. Our collective vision is to heal and to bring light and peace. Please join us!”


The release features three distinct remixes—The Radio Version, The Soul Radio Version, and The 70's Version—each showcasing Santana's commitment to pushing musical boundaries and extending his legacy to captivate a fresh generation of listeners. As reflected in the music, Santana's work continues to be a beacon of positivity. His mission of healing the planet and touching people's hearts through art reinforces Santana's legacy as an artist committed to spreading positive messages and making a lasting impact on the world.


“Let The Guitar Play” is out now via Candid Records.


About Carlos Santana:

For more than five decades — from Santana’s earliest days as a groundbreaking Afro-Latin-blues-rock fusion outfit in San Francisco — Carlos Santana has been the visionary force behind artistry that transcends musical genres and generational, cultural, and geographical boundaries. To date, Santana has won ten GRAMMY Awards and three Latin GRAMMY Awards, with a record-tying nine GRAMMY Awards for a single project for 1999’s Supernatural (including Album of the Year and Record of the Year for “Smooth”). He has received the Billboard Century Award (1996), was ushered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1998), received the Billboard Latin Music Awards’ Lifetime Achievement honor (2009), and was the recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors Award (2013). Among many other distinctions, Carlos Santana has been cited by Rolling Stone as #11 on their list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time;” and has joined The Rolling Stones as one of only two bands to have an album reach the Top 10 in every decade since the 1960s. In 2018, he released his first MasterClass, and recently celebrated three epic milestones — the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking album Supernatural, the 50th anniversary of his legendary performance at Woodstock, and the 50th anniversary of his masterpiece Abraxas. His most recent album, the powerful, energy-infused Blessings and Miracles (2021) features collaborations with Rob Thomas, Chris Stapleton, Steve Winwood, and many others. Santana continues his residency at the House of Blues Las Vegas where he recently celebrated his 10th anniversary of performing in the intimate venue.


Carlos Santana:

Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Website


Two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown produced the vulnerable album chronicling the process of growth.


BOWIE, MD (28 FEBRUARY 2024): Indigo is a natural plant-based hue produced through a transformational process that unfolds over time. R&B/jazz keyboardist Jeff Logan has been going through his own transformative process that inspired the title of his long-germinating second album “Indigo,” which will drop on April 12 via the Fire and Ice Network label. Two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown (Boney James, Norman Brown, Al Jarreau, Bob James) produced the ten-song set written by Logan who opened his heart to reveal intimate moments, introspective reflections and personal stories of love, heartbreak and hope culled from the process of real life.  


Logan has always been a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, constantly composing and recording new material in his home studio, playing all the instruments himself. As a composer, he has an innate way with melody. However, he hasn’t shared any of his recordings publicly since his 2011 debut album, “Black Tie Affair.” Since that project, he went through a painful divorce, was distanced from his daughters, and logged innumerable high-stress hours serving as the Chief of Population Management for Prince George's County, Maryland Department of Corrections.


Daily, Logan found solace sitting at his keyboard, strumming his guitar, and thumping his bass to create new music, amassing a catalogue of over four hundred songs. The creative outlet enabled him to remain hopeful and optimistic while his spirituality kept a bright smile on his face through the tumult. But to grow as an artist, Logan had to take a leap of faith: surrender production duties to someone else and bring in additional musicians. 


“Anyone who knows me, knows I try to do everything myself. I can be a control freak and will always try to figure out things for myself first before asking for help. Artistically speaking, I learned how to play multiple instruments and to self-produce. However, I was encouraged to consider collaborations, including working with a producer. I didn't think Paul (Brown) would oblige me, but he graciously agreed to work with me, initially for one song. One song became a few songs, and a few songs evolved into an entire album. Paul helped to craft the songs, production-wise, into masterpieces that I believe will stand the test of time,” said Logan.

With Brown in the producer’s chair while adding guitars and percussion to the “Indigo” tracks, he brought in his A-team of veteran session players to elevate Logan’s vibrant piano and keyboard harmonies. Shane Theriot is virtually a one-man band who played bass, drums, guitar and keyboards on the album. The rhythm section consisted of drummer Gorden Campbell and bassist Roberto Vally. Multi-horn man Ron King and saxophonist Greg Vail completed the lineup.

Recalling hot days spent with family and friends, Logan opens the album by serving up thirst-quenching “Lemonade.” Sweet piano melodies stir the drink of a chill R&B groove poured over horns aplenty as a refreshing chaser.

“During an unusually sweltering day last spring, I heard a rhythm and melody (in my head) begging me to get to my piano. The lead melody came first and then the bassline quickly followed. As I sat at the piano, memories of summers gone by, and summers I hope to be blessed to spend with family and friends, flooded my emotional space, and the song wrote itself,” recalled Logan.


“Chill Factor,” which will be released as a single in April, began when Logan heard in his head a guitar riff playing in unison with his piano.

“It's hard to get good melodies out of my head once the creative process starts. So, I picked up my guitar and worked on the riff until I thought I had perfected it, and then I played the piano part against the guitar part. However, Paul Brown is not only a top-shelf producer, but he is a top-tier guitarist thus I was really stoked when he added his signature style by playing the lead guitar riff. The collaboration of his guitar against my piano riff is magical to me. The perfectly titled song creates an atmosphere of being able to relax from the troubles of my life by sitting back and being moved to a simple place of tranquility via music,” Logan shared.


The elegant jazz sounds heard on “Tears of Hope” belie the intense introspective feelings Logan delves into on the track that evokes the influence of the late great contemporary jazz keyboardist Joe Sample.


"I wrote ‘Tears of Hope’ several years ago during a period when I questioned if I would ever reconnect with my daughters in a way where they would still love me and want to spend time with me after their mom and I divorced. I wanted them to live with me for an equal amount of time as with their mom, but the court said no. As I sat at the piano working on the song, it took on a greater meaning. There have been instances throughout my life when I've experienced not only sad tears of hope but exhilarating tears of hope at seeing situations in my life turn out for the better. It's definitely a reflective piece of music on which I made myself totally vulnerable,” revealed Logan.


Varying the lead instrumental voice, Logan adds warm flute sounds atop his keyboard hooks and melodies on “Let It Go,” the album’s preview single that was soft launched in January. It’s another track that King and Vail filled with muscular horn section parts under Brown’s skillful direction.


Logan said, “I was trying to create a song that would beckon me to let go of anything and anyone that was and/or is bogging me down. Life is short, so the message in this song is that we have to let go of things impeding us from being a better us. I wanted to write something that would have a subtle flute as a lead, creating an echo effect in my mind that I wouldn't be able to escape, much like a loop. It's not often that a song comes out the way you hear it in your mind, but ‘Let It Go’ is one of those songs for me.”


“Bread and Wine” exudes a calming sense of joy, which Logan said emanates from nurturing his spirit via cherished time spent with family and friends.


“It's my life's blood and sustenance to be connected to my family and friends. It means everything to me, so I spend a considerable amount of time trying to match my creative side to music themes that embody the spirit of being connected to family and friends. When we get together, we break proverbial and literal bread and wine together,” shared Logan.


On “I Love You,” another melody rich expression of affection spoken through his keyboards and flute, Logan ties together the themes underlying the entire album into one song.


"‘I Love You’ is a simple, poignant and honest expression of affection and appreciation for my family, friends and listeners. There are several themes that are interwoven throughout this album: family, friends, hope, communing with one another; loving those we call family, letting go of some people and things keeping you down so you can have more of your time to spend meaningfully with those who truthfully matter to you. Moreover, if you love someone, show them. And one of the best ways I can show my love for those I profess to love is to make myself vulnerable by sharing my music,” said Logan.


Not only does Logan share his music, but he also shares his emotional journey and the difficult inner work he did to heal and learn to love again on the gentle “Fall In Love.” His sensitive keyboard seems to gain reassurance from Vail’s soothing sax.  


“It’s a song that I wrote for me, to me, about me, on which I give myself permission to love again. The track is supposed to feel like a crisp breath of fresh air that I am breathing in, filling my spirit. I spent years doubting whether or not I had the capacity to love again at the level I had once committed myself to loving my then wife. I gave everything I had, but unfortunately it still wasn't enough. But I did the work on myself, and I continue to work through the hurt, the pain, the regret and the self-loathing. I've worked through all the stages of matrimonial grief that accompany the severing of a marital relationship. Going through that process, I've realized I still do have the capacity to love at that level and perhaps even deeper,” Logan disclosed.


In the process of creating the album, Logan did what he calls “a heart audit.” He set his soul-searching to music on the gorgeous mellifluous piano reflection titled “If Only.”


"‘If Only’ embodies me taking an inventory of my life. I am reflecting on some opportunities missed, loves lost, and family members who are no longer with me on this journey of life. I challenged myself not to waste God's time. I am determined to minimize procrastination and spend my time creating, loving, and being there for those in my life who matter the most.”


The foundation of the uplifting title track is a funky R&B groove, bouncy, hopeful and feel-good, cleansing and purifying after the intense feelings, emotions and revelations Logan examined and stirred up.     


“I wrote ‘Indigo’ while reflecting on the process, how most things go through a time continuum in order to become aesthetically pleasing to the heart, the mind, the body, and the soul. I came up with the concept of writing songs for this album several years ago that I knew was going to be titled ‘Indigo.’ The indigo plant is used to create a deep blue-violet color that is so beautiful, but there is a process involved that takes time to create that unique color. The indigo color is a metaphor for my life and the process that I go through to reveal my musical art,” said Logan.


The album closes with the contemplative “A Soul’s River,” an existential rumination on which Logan ponders his impact.


"Our time on this earth is fleeting and none of us truly know how much time we have to make an impact. Who did I touch? How did I touch them? How did we flow? I want to flow beautifully into as many people as God had intended for me to do, and in such a way as that I added to their life in a positive way before I evaporate and return to the source that created me.”


Logan’s growth – artistically and professionally as well as personally and emotionally - in the nearly thirteen years since his last album is nothing short of remarkable. No doubt it took a lot of challenging work and nurturing self-care. The time-honored processes that he’s been through over the years served to develop and hone his craft. “Indigo” is the product of a composer-keyboardist who has evolved into a uniquely gifted and expressive instrumental voice capable of communicating powerfully via distinctively colored musical hues.  


Logan’s “Indigo” album contains the following songs:



“Chill Factor”

“Tears of Hope”

“Let It Go”

“Bread and Wine”

“I Love You”

“Fall In Love”

“If Only”


“A Soul’s River”


For more information, please visit


The American reggae, soca and calypso artist Bickley Rivera releases her new chill Deep House single featuring her epic steel pan treasures and velvet vocal touches in this "trip to the outer limits of imagination".


Deep House Chill Music

​Release Date: February 23, 2024

Label: Tropic Heat Music 

Publisher: Caribbean Xpress (BMI)

"Love the deep vibes from the moment the music starts; You are drawn into a world of rich, immersive soundscapes. The whispers in the background add a layer of intrigue, creating an alluring atmosphere that keeps you hooked from start to finish. Love it!"
Danny Lynn
Owner and Radio Host at Tiki Man Radio

"Good to see Bickley Rivera back on the scene, with a new super-hot jam. This is one to get you moving and bobbing your head, whether you're cruising down the Boulevard or jamming on the floor. I just love the high energy that she is bringing to the mix this time for music lovers!"


Italian powerhouse Mattei & Omich, alongside their Re-Tide guise member Andrea Prezioso, return to Fool’s Paradise armed with a double helping of funky discofied dance-floor fever on their ‘Give Me Your Love EP’, featuring Liverpool’s shining vocal star, Katy Alex. Powered by Katy’s irresistibly seductive vocals, ‘Give Me Your Love’, is a catchy funk fueled affair with a little nod to the 80’s. Also on the package is the peak-time Disco House groover, ‘Work It Out’, peppered with sweeping strings, a funky bass and garnished with Katy’s candied tones.

Re-Tide formed in 2009 and is comprised of Italian producers and DJs Patrizio Mattei, Danny Omich and Andrea Prezioso. Melding their love of underground music of the 70’s and 80’s, their sound infuses elements of disco, funk and modern house, establishing them as one of the top House, NuDisco artists on the scene.

Katy Alex has risen up the ranks in the Dance scene over the last couple of years with her sought-after collaborations with the likes of Piero Pirupa, Roger Sanchez, Laidback Luke, PS1 and Martin Trevy going on to amass more than 15 million streams on Spotify alone, with countless BBC Radio 1 plays and playlist adds to Capital and Kiss FM.

Track Listing
1 Give Me Your Love
2 Work It Out
3 Give Me Your Love (Extended)
4 Work It Out (Extended)

‘Give Me Your Love EP’ will be released on March 1st 2024 on Fool’s Paradise.

Mattei & Omich, Re-Tide feat. Katy Alex
‘Give Me Your Love EP’
Fool’s Paradise / FP012


His latest release, ‘Reversed Emotion’ isn't a Smooth Jazz or Jazzy Lounge single. Instead, it's an attempt of blending lounge orchestral elements with chill vibes, aiming to evoke feelings of tranquility and sophistication. Lately, Christophe’s been delving into orchestral compositions, and this marks his initial endeavor to seamlessly integrate it with his lounge influences in a more cinematic approach.


Released on all platforms on 5th Mars 2024

Genre: Lounge / Chillout

Written, performed & produced by Christophe Goze
Guitar, Piano & Orchestration by Christophe Goze
Recorded & mixed by Christophe Goze at Earth Studio


FERGE X FISHERMAN | photo by Steffen Metzger


new single
out 23.02.24
(Ferge X Fisherman/Membran)


included on
new album
LP | digital
out 22.03.24
includes features from

German hip-hop/rap duo Ferge X Fisherman have previously released three well received jazz-infused albums. Their forthcoming fourth full-length record, ‘Good Mother’, is a concept work about facing and embracing various life stages and sees them deploy gospel choirs, vintage strings, soulful Rhodes chords and wah-wah guitar pedals to give the entire record a distinctly ‘70s film soundtrack vibe.

The album song ‘What Have We Become’ has been released today as a single. Featuring the Chicago-based rapper Mick Jenkins, it orbits around the topic of growing up as he and FXF rapper Fritz Fisherman reminisce about specific moments, experiences and impressions of their past and paint a detailed picture of what it means to leave youth behind and progress into adulthood. The search for love, the realisation of social responsibilities and acceptance of change are all part of the song.

Coming across like a last late night drive through your hometown on a warm summer night, knowing you might not be returning for a while, a warm and soulful production with just the right amount of melancholy make ‘What Have We Become’ a track to think, sing and vibe to all at once. An artful drum groove meets vintage warm strings, a complex bass line and warm but melancholy Rhodes make it a must listen for all alternative hip-hop fans.

'What Have We Become’ follows ‘Lace Up’ VIDEO, ‘Adults’ VIDEO and ‘Racing’ VIDEO in being issued as singles ahead of the full album.

1 Good Mother
2 Lace Up
3 Supposed (feat. Ceeopatra)
4 Summer
5 Fall
6 Caterpillar / Butterfly
7 Adults (feat. Jerome Thomas & Takuya Kuroda)
8 Cost
9 Racing
10 What Have We Become (feat. Mick Jenkins)

 short biography
Vocalist Fritz and musician Ferge originally met as teenagers while skateboarding in their home city of Nuremberg. An immediate chemistry between the two swiftly extended to involve crack jazz quartet Nujakasha, who have become an integral part of the FXF set-up both live and in the studio. It is a partnership that has already seen the release of ‘Gone Fishing’ (2018), ‘Blinded By The Neon’ (2020) and ‘Duality’ (2022), on which the likes of Noah Slee, Black Milk, Takuya Kuroda and Hunter Rose have also guested.

‘Good Mother’ kicks things up to another level, boasting a reappearance from Kuroda plus features from Mick Jenkins, Jerome Thomas and Ceeopatra on a multi-dimensional coming-of-age album that explores the complexities involved in the process of growing-up; formative experiences, evaluation of past decisions, sexual insecurity, financial and emotional concerns, as well as the acknowledgement of universal fears as time ticks by.