WaKaNa as born in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan and graduated from Shobi Music College. She plays Smooth Jazz, Soul and R&B.


WaKaNa debuted in the United States with her 1st solo album Saxcess Story, produced by Greg Manning in 2018. She released “Go for the Sound" feat. Darren Rahn & Koh Mr. Saxman, produced by Darren Rahn in 2020. "Go for the Sound" got airplay throughout the United States, and was also ranked in the Smooth Jazz chart. Additionally, “SilK” was produced by Greg Manning in 2021. 


She also actively performs in various countries around the world, including a performance at a festival hosted by Michael Paulo, and held her own live show in San Diego. WaKaNa is one of the most authentic Smooth Jazz sax players in Japan and the one of the most notable artists in her native country right now. 


Her new album A Sunny Day was released on May 4th 2022. The first single "Fika Talk" is co-written by WaKaNa and Swedish-American keyboardist/producer, Jonathan Fritzen.


Fika: Slang for coffee, often enjoyed with pastries.


Over the past three decades, saxophonist, Walter Beasley, has artfully and dynamically redefined the phrase “musical Renaissance Man” for the modern generation. Considered by fans and critics alike as the “heir to Grover Washington, Jr.’s throne,” Beasley is the acclaimed saxophonist, vocalist, educator, and entrepreneur of the decade. As the highest selling full-time Professor / Recording Artist in history, the Boston-based musician has long mastered an exhilarating high wire act of balancing a successful career as a contemporary jazz recording artist and performer with an equally thriving presence in the field of music education.


A leading alto and soprano saxophonist and prominent vocalist all the same, Beasley is hailed by fans for his thrilling performances along the East Coast and throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. Notable performances include the all-star tour To Grover, With Love, performing alongside Chuck Loeb, Buddy Williams and Andy Snitzer and performing as the headlining act for the Playboy Jazz Festival.


A native of El Centro, CA, Beasley found his calling in the 1970’s after his Aunt gave him his first Grover Washington, Jr. record at the age of nine. During his early teens, Beasley played sax and sang in various bands throughout Southern California. In the following years, Beasley attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music and graduated alongside such prominent classmates as saxophonist, Branford Marsalis, and vocalist, Rachelle Ferrell.


"My new single "Hydra" is a song by Grover Washington Jr. that I have always loved. To my knowledge, it has not been done before now as the song is extremely difficult. If you play too much, you destroy it , if you play too little, you destroy it. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. My love for Grover Washington Jr and his expression is limitless. I have done my best to add my personality to an extremely beautiful track. Please enjoy." -Walter Beasley


In sharing his stories, Jason Miles invites us to be a fly on the wall at sessions he participated in for the likes of Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan, Marcus Miller, Michael Brecker, Gato Barbieri, Al Jarreau, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, George Benson, Ivan Lins and many more. A prolific composer and bandleader in his own right, Miles has recorded 18 albums as a leader, but its his memories of Miles Davis’ Tutu and Amandla, David Sanborn’s A Change of Heart and Close-Up, Grover Washington Jr.’s Strawberry Moon, Luther Vandross’ Power of Love and others that captivate here.

We follow Miles on the arc of his career, from egg creams and piano lessons while growing up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn to the studios of Manhattan and Monserrat, the endless stream of hotels and after-hour hangs on the road, the constant fixes in the studio, the numerous visits to Miles Davis’ Upper West Side pad, all recounted with uncanny detail.

An early convert to synthesizer technology, Jason was the guy who was frequently called upon by jazz heavyweights to unlock the mysterious of this new hardware. And his expertise paid off mightily. Along the way, he provides behind-the-scenes insights into his session work, including how a particular track was meticulously built up in the studio, along with an intricate breakdown of his tools of the trade.

The book also traces Miles’ emergence as a producer, beginning with the 1995 all-star Emmy-nominated People: A Musical Celebration of Diversity, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, and culminating in his own potent projects like his three recent Kind of New albums. He also gives his take on smooth jazz, provides detailed descriptions of recording studios and nightclubs all across Europe and the U.S., and runs down tiffs that he’s had with other musicians (yes, he names names).

A fascinating account of an Extraordinary Journey by a man with a keen eye for detail and an obvious love for the music. — Bill Milkowski


Published by Book Writing Cube Printed in the United States 

Copyright (c) 2022 by Jason Miles 

ISBN: 978-1-955901-13-0



The introspective song written in the aftermath of love dropped Friday as a single from the Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns” album.


LOS ANGELES (9 May 2022): The dramatic strings that open vocal interpreter Marsha Bartenetti’s “One Day At A Time” set the stage for the single’s contemplative reflection post-breakup. Released last Friday (May 6) from the Lo-Flo Records album “Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns,” the ardent song composed by Jane McNealy is a mélange of jazz, Latin and Afro Cuban music elegantly voiced by Bartenetti. Vocal and instrumental versions of the track were released, and a video will soon follow.   


Bartenetti was drawn to the album project that was recorded with a full orchestra in Studio A at Capitol Records by McNealy and songwriting partner Alice Kuhns’s authentic storytelling lyrics and intrinsic melodies beautifully wrapped in a package of Mike Watts’ eloquent orchestrations and arrangements. The critically praised collection offers a refreshing sound that reminds listeners in this time of distraction that matters of the heart are still the pulse of life itself. 


“One Day At A Time” initially shuffles along a breezy cadence imbued with Watts’ nimble piano flourishes, Jeff Bunnell’s majestic trumpet forays and Rusty Higgins’s plush saxophone embellishments. Mid-tune, the tempo kicks into high gear as Brazilian jazz rhythms churn feverishly, adding to the anxious emotions of the protagonist reflected in Bartenetti’s impassioned queries, “What went wrong?”    


“‘One Day At A Time’ is a song that catches us right in the midst of disorientation and confusion when a love suddenly ends, before we have a chance to process what has happened and regain some kind of perspective. It is like wandering in some kind of bizarre dream. Life goes on - the sounds, the bustling life on the streets - but you are utterly in shock and can't make sense of it all yet. Unrequited love may be the deepest cut of all when you have given your heart and it is not returned or, in fact, if it is spurned. Jane’s song captures that devastating moment immediately after a breakup and is a call to take it one day at a time while the shock and disorientation of losing your lover swirls around you,” said Bartenetti.


Legendary jazz singer Sarah Vaughan sang “One Day At A Time” along with three of the other songs that appear on “Marsha Bartenetti sing McNealy & Kuhns.” According to McNealy, the original concert performance was much more of a straight-ahead jazz cut, and Watts’s inventive orchestration and arrangement took the song in an entirely new and fresh direction.


“Although Mike is a jazz pianist, his concepts for a 50-piece orchestra are more nuanced and layered. We went over his score many times and I liked the idea of enhancing the bossa nova feel, picking up rhythm in the middle of the song and then keeping it going to the end. The core idea was that my chord structure would always be the backbone of the arrangement. At the time I wrote ‘One Day At A Time,’ I had just begun composing and working on esoteric and dissonant chord changes with melodies almost incongruous to the accompanying arrangements,” explained McNealy.


Love, romance and relationships are the subject of many of the pages in the McNealy and Kuhns songbook, which consists of jazz, pop, soul, funk and folk music written for records, theater and film. McNealy finds the subject matter a constant source of inspiration.


“When you’re young, you’re either in love or falling out of love, a universal theme that interests everyone. As a writer though, one of the reasons I started writing musicals was to get more variety in the stories and lyrics that I was putting to music. The entire process is a great challenge and a great source of inspiration. You never run out of ideas You can’t be in love forever; it’s too exhausting.”


“Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns” is available now on CD and digitally at iTunes, Amazon and all major retail outlets. It will be available on vinyl this summer.


For more information, please visit https://marshabartenetti.com and https://linktr.ee/loflorecords.


The R&B-jazz multi-instrumentalist drops “The Trilogy, Part 3: White” this Friday, his 25th album that was prefaced by the single “Step Into Love.”


CHICAGO (6 May 2022): The three-phase arc of a longtime relationship serves as the muse of R&B-jazz hitmaker Brian Culbertson’s trilogy of instrumental albums that he wrote, produced and performed with creative input from the 800-plus members of his Hang Club. On Friday (May 6), the third disc in the series, a collection of hopeful songs titled “The Trilogy, Part 3: White,” drops on the BCM Entertainment label. It’s Culbertson’s 25th album that to date has launched nearly forty singles to shoot to number one on the Billboard chart.


Culbertson composed the thirty songs that populate the three albums thematically along what he describes as the three-part arc of a long-term relationship: the hot and steamy “falling in love” phase, the rocky middle when perhaps they even break up for a bit, and the couple reunites to live “happily ever after” phase. The first album in the series, the sensual and romantic “Part 1: Red” was released last October and the second set, the melancholy “Part 2: Blue” streeted in January. “Part 3: White” is slightly more diverse stylistically with the uplifting urban grooves, nuanced contemporary jazz and shimmering pop songs fostering feelings of hope as the relationship thrives and endures.


All three albums in “The Trilogy” were crafted with input from the Hang Club, a tiered membership program via Patreon that Culbertson formed in 2020 tied to the weekly Friday night show that he streams live on YouTube. Hang Club members were granted exclusive behind-the-scenes access into every aspect of Culbertson’s creative process: from songwriting, arranging, recording, producing and mixing.


The first single released from “Part 3: White” for airplay is “Step Into Love,” a sultry mid-tempo call-and-response track featuring Culbertson’s signature piano melodies engaged with Patches Stewart’s soulful muted trumpet explorations, a song that has already been added into Culbertson’s live repertoire.


“I knew it would translate live because the song has real guitar, real bass, a lot of percussion. I had (drummer) Chris Miskel lay a simple groove down and it really turned out nice on stage,” said Culbertson, who has concert dates booked through November to support the album series.


As he has throughout “The Trilogy,” Culbertson performed the majority of the instruments on “Part 3: White” himself, playing piano, vocals, keyboards, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 Organ, Clavinet, Moogs, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, cello, trumpet and trombone amongst other instruments. Guitarists Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Thompson, Isaiah Sharkey and Gerey Johnson, bassist Maurice Fitzgerald, trumpeter-flugelhornist Michael Stever and vocalist Micaela Haley also appear on the album. 


Something different for Culbertson on “Part 3: White” is “Dance With Me Tonight,” which opens with a clubby pulsating beat before breaking into a festive salsa rhythm lavishly decorated with layers of percussion, horns and breathy flute accents by Althea Rene.


“I kept hearing more and more stuff in my head on ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ so I just kept adding it. The last piece of the puzzle that I added was Althea on that rhythmic flute-vocal thing that she did. As a producer, I go where the song takes me. I’ve never had a song that was asking for all that (instrumentation) before. This one asked for it. I’m not going to say no so I just did it. It’s a fun song. I threw the kitchen sink in on that one,” laughs Culbertson, who will be hosting the ninth annual Napa Valley Jazz Getaway in California Wine Country from June 8-11, the sold-out festival that he founded, curates and headlines. 


Culbertson voraciously explores and incorporates innovate sounds and technology into his recordings, which is heard in the lush sonic design he architected for “Part 3: White.”


“One of the new palettes that I tapped into on this particular album is analog synthesis where there’s a whole slew of new instruments that have recently been put on the market that are in essence a nod to the late 1970s/early eighties analogue synthesizers with modern technology implemented. What that means is I use a lot of these new sounds that add serious warmth and this human feel to a synthesizer that modern digital synthesis don’t have. For instance, there is a song on the album called ‘Sandcastles.’ There is a part after the first verse, this big swell of a pad like a big ocean current. If you really listen to it, it’s this massive, huge sound and there’s weird little inconsistencies in each note. That only happens with really analog circuitry. With digital, it’s too perfect. These synthesized sounds become like a real instrument, like a piano, like a saxophone. These were some new sounds that I was exploring on the whole album,” said Culbertson, who has begun work on a bonus fourth disc comprised of alternate versions, different mixes and several live tracks from “The Trilogy” for his first box set that is slated for release later this year.


As “White” arrives, Culbertson hopes people will listen to all three parts of “The Trilogy” as a whole, one project as opposed to three individual albums.


“Hearing the three albums in a row provides the context. All the songs on ‘Red’ were clearly about passion and love. ‘Blue’ is melancholy and sad songs, breakup songs and ‘losing people’ songs. Once you get to part three, ‘White’ is all about songs that have an uplifting feel to them. Emotionally, they all feel similar even though they are stylistically broad,” said Culbertson’s whose own long-term relationship, his marriage, will celebrate a milestone 25th anniversary in October. 


For more information about “The Trilogy” and Culbertson’s concert dates, please visit http://www.brianculbertson.com.


“The Trilogy, Part 3: White” contains the following songs:




“Step Into Love”

“Dance With Me Tonight”

“Just You & Me”


“My Promise To You”


“Summer Hideaway”

“Love Everlasting”

“You Are My Everything”


In 1995, after playing a concert for students at Huffman High School in Birmingham, AL, Eric Essix met a young Ruben Studdard. Ruben’s fellow students persuaded him to sing and Eric listened in amazement and said “young man that voice will take you wherever you want to go in the music industry.” Eight years later, Ruben became the second winner of the hit television show, American Idol! 


Eric and Ruben have, over the years, discussed one day working in the studio together and, when considering possible collaborations for his new album “Stride”, Eric knew he would be the perfect person to sing his arrangement of the Bill Withers classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine”. 


“My goal when covering an iconic piece of music like this, is to try and preserve the character and soul of the song while creating instrumental moments that will compliment rather than distract from it,” Eric says. “This song is so elegant in its simplicity. It’s a study in songwriting where the lyrics tell a complete story with very few words and Bill Withers delivers a vocal performance that is both understated and stunning. I believe Ruben’s interpretation is one that Mr. Withers would have approved and it was an absolute joy and honor to work with him on it. 


The single is the first from Eric’s new album, “Stride” the follow up to his “Songs From The Deep” album which was released in 2020 and produced the radio hits “Late Night Drive” and “The Deep”. It is Eric’s 28th album as a solo artist since his debut, “First Impressions” in 1989. 


"Ain't No Sunshine"

String Arrangement by Kelvin Wooten 

Orchestra Contractor - Robin Antunes 

Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Eric Essix 

Vocals - Ruben Studdard 

Harmonica - Pat Levett 

Organ, Wurlitzer Electric Piano and Bass - Kelvin Wooten 

Drums and Percussion - Marcus Finnie


Setting the tone for Exhale is the album’s title track which rolls out on a celestial sequencer groove with majestic chordal progressions and bubbly synth bass. “‘Exhale’ was clearly the lead single since 2020 has been a tough year for us all,” Bradley shares. “The original title was ‘Soffrito,’ inspired by me cooking Bolognese with my grandson and explaining that it takes all day. He shouted, ‘All day Bolognese!!’ Looking up the recipe, I saw that soffrito is the key ingredient and thought, ‘What a beautiful word.’ When Darren and I worked on the song together, it grew into something more. Then when we entered the COVID world, my wife suggested I call it ‘Exhale.’


Patrick and Darren’s shared Christian faith buoyed beautiful, heartfelt numbers such as “Completely Yours,” “Song of May” and “Lighthouse” (featuring some signature tasty guitar by Allen Hinds). More forthright in terms of inspiration is “In the Heart of the Seas” which shifts between piano-centric verses and guitar driven choruses.

“The term comes from The Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament which I am referencing in a specific context,” Bradley states. “When you’re flailing in the heart of the seas and you need someone to pull you out, only Jesus – for me – can save you. I had the title first which gave me that vibe – a mental picture of what it should sound and feel like. You can be in the worst situation yet rest in the knowing that it’s all going to work out fine.”


This song was created for Patrick's daughter Heather, who was born in May..


"Song of May"

Written by Patrick Bradley & Darren Rahn 

Patrick Bradley – Piano, Organ 

Darren Rahn – Tenor Sax, Wurli, Rhodes, Synths, Programming 

Allen Hinds – Guitar 

Mel Brown – Bass 

Tarell Martin – Drums


Billboard #1 flautist, vocalist, and composer Ragan Whiteside is back with an exciting new single, "Thrill Ride" - the title track to her upcoming 6th album release. Teaming up with veteran hit producers Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin, Ragan delivers a performance that is sure to get your summer started right. Joining Ragan on the track is Rich Harrison a.k.a the artist RAH on drums and Phil Hamilton on guitar.


"Thrill Ride" (the single) will be available May 9, 2022 at all digital download and streaming platforms. The full album will be available August 2022.


"The energy of this song allowed me to live out my race car fantasy," says Whiteside. "The photoshoot with the Slingshot autocycle brought out my inner wild-child and driving it was definitely a thrill ride!" - Ragan Whiteside


"Thrill Ride"

Written by Dennis Johnson, Bob Baldwin, and Ragan Whiteside

Produced by Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin

Ragan Whiteside - Flute

Phil Hamilton - Guitar

Rich Harrison - Drums

Dennis Johnson - Keyboards, Drum Programming

Bob Baldwin - Keyboard Bass, Piano


(left to right above)
Oskar Holldorff - vocals, keyboards
Håkon Høiberg - guitars, vocals
Tom Ian Klungland - drums, vocals


DIM GRAY - 2022 photo by Emil Vestre

DIM GRAY : ‘Mare’ artwork by Linnea Vestre

new single
out 05.05.22
(English Electric Recordings)

digital services

from the album
out 02.09.22

CD / LP pre-order


Following in the wake of ‘Flown’, their critically acclaimed 2020 debut album, Norwegian art rockers Dim Gray return with its follow-up, ‘Firmament’. Consisting of twelve direct, vivid and melody-driven songs, it is a record bursting with life and colour, making for an engaging and constantly surprising journey as it weaves a route from strings-infused chamber pop, through evocative indie-folk and lush electronics and into grandiose art rock.

An ambitious artistic statement, ‘Firmament’ will appeal musically to fans of artists such as Radiohead, Agnes Obel, Owen Pallett, Susanne Sundfør, Keane and Tears For Fears. Thematically, it explores further the landscape of melancholy and longing that was introduced on ‘Flown’; however, those sensations are now contextualised in the depressions of the modern world, juxtaposed against romanticised ideas of simpler times through childhood memories interspersed with myths and superstition.

‘Firmament’ will be released on English Electric Recordings, the label run by UK prog titans Big Big Train. Gregory Spawton of BBT states: “We are delighted to announce that we have signed Dim Gray. Until now, the label has just been a vehicle for Big Big Train and outside projects of BBT band members. We have been interested in expanding the label’s activities for some time but only wanted to do so when we came across a truly exciting band that we felt had something new to offer musically. When we were introduced to Dim Gray, we saw that the band has enormous potential and were very keen to sign them.”

The album will be available on CD, LP (via Plane Groovy) and all digital services, with the physical formats available to pre-order now via Burning Shed.

The first single from the record is ‘Mare’, which was originally written by guitarist Håkon Høiberg in 2016. Singer/keyboardist Oskar Holldorff explains that “we decided not to include it on ‘Flown’, but when Håkon attempted to rearrange it in the style of Brian Wilson circa ‘Pet Sounds’ we thought the result sounded inspired. The lyric was reworked right up until the recording and is about trying to break free of invisible shackles and the yearning for something more. We tried to balance the earnest expression of emotions with more obscure imagery, but achieving the right blend took a lot of time and effort.”
The trio who comprise Dim Gray come from different places, both musically and geographically, with all three - Høiberg, Holldorff and drummer Tom Ian Klungland - moving from different parts of Norway to Oslo a decade ago to study. Having found each other, they soon began playing together. The three members have contrasting musical backgrounds in genres as diverse as black metal, progressive rock, blues, folk and film music, but in fusing these together they began to develop their own distinctive sound.

The outset of the global pandemic saw the band issue several singles prior to the digital release of ‘Flown’. A concept record with intertwining songs structured like one continuous story, it related a vivid tale of loss and loneliness that constantly twists and turns, with intimate and spatial moments offset with massive and colourful soundscapes. It was issued on 2xLP and CD formats in 2021 to rave reviews.

Oskar Holldorff of Dim Gray will be touring as part of Big Big Train for a set of already announced dates in September 2022, deputising for BBT keyboard player Carly Bryant.

1  Mare
2  Ashes
3  Undertow
4  Avalon | The Tide
5  52~
6  Abalus | In Time
7  Long Ago
8  My Barren Road
9  Cannons
10  Iron Henry
11  Firmament
12  Meridian


"Elegiac and beautifully dense post-prog from Norway”
“An intriguing blend of well-written and superbly performed material, this debut album grabs you from the first listen”
“Unique and vitally intense. Dim Gray should be lauded for producing such a wondrous work of art so early in their career. A truly magical experience"
“Beautifully intertwining Nordic folk textures with serene experimentation, ‘Flown’ makes for a fascinating, intriguing and truly affecting journey. 10/10”




HBO Documentary Films is currently in production on STAX, a multiple-part documentary series exploring the legendary Memphis-based record label, Stax Records, responsible for some of the greatest soul hits of the 1960s and 1970s. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Jamila Wignot (“Ailey”), STAX is executive produced by Academy Award® winners Ezra Edelman and Caroline Waterlow (“OJ: Made In America”) of Laylow Pictures and Emmy® winners Nigel Sinclair and Nicholas Ferrall of White Horse Pictures.

Presented in association with Concord Originals, Polygram Entertainment and Warner Music Entertainment, the series revisits the history of Stax Records and its meteoric rise and fall. Founded in 1957 by Jim Stewart and co-owned with sibling Estelle Axton and later led by Al Bell, the label rose to fame over the course of several years with artists such as Otis Redding, Booker T. & the M.G.’s, Isaac Hayes, the Staple Singers, and Sam & Dave.

STAX is the story of the audacious group of outsiders who dared to make their own music on their own terms. The series will feature rare and never-before-seen archive material and will explore how a confluence of forces – race, geography, musical traditions, and the challenging world of the recording industry – helped shape a Stax spirit that continues to shape our culture.

“In both the sound that fueled its rise and the events that triggered its demise, Stax Records manifested the soul of America,“ commented Ezra Edelman. “There is no better person to bring this quintessential American story to HBO’s viewers than Jamila Wignot, whose work I’ve long admired.”

“As a lifelong fan of Stax Records, what has most inspired me about the label is its defiance,” commented Jamila Wignot. “The individuals who built Stax knew their worth and had a willingness to risk everything to make something on their own terms.”

Executive producers are Scott Pascucci, Sophia Dilley and Michele Smith for Concord Originals; Jody Gerson and David Blackman for Universal Music Group’s Polygram Entertainment; and Charlie Cohen and Ron Broitman for Warner Music Entertainment. David Peck, Jeanne Elfant Festa and Cassidy Hartmann will act as co-executive producers. Wignot will also serve as a producer on the project, alongside series producer Kara Elverson. Rob Bowman, author of Soulsville U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records is serving as a consultant on the series.



GARETH DUNLOP - photography by Daniel Morton

new single
out 04.05.22
(Zenith Café/Membran)

included on
out now

“Sophisticated pop with a modern feel and appeal. It’s classy music and you can see why he is in demand from other artists“
“A surprising album, more than the blend of its influences and casting a few new out there for the future. Is this where Roxy Music were heading, had they ever got beyond ‘Avalon’?”
“An immersive, synth textured set that blends ambient pop with soul, a touch of Celtic and a splash of cinematic”
“‘Animal’ is a beast of an album. Just put it on and bathe in its glow”


30.08.22  YORK Barbican
31.08.22  MANCHESTER Albert Hall
01.09.22  EDINBURGH Queen’s Hall
03.09.22  LONDON Eventim Apollo
04.09.22  BIRMINGHAM Alexandra Theatre
05.09.22  DUBLIN Olympia Theatre
07.09.22  CORK Cyprus Avenue
09.09.22  BELFAST SSE Arena


As the video for his new single, ‘My Kind of Paradise’, commences, Northern Irish singer, songwriter and producer Gareth Dunlop is sitting in darkness, far away from anything resembling a heavenly oasis – and that’s fine with him. “Don’t need sun on my skin / Or salt on the breeze / To calm the storms within / Or set my soul at ease,” he sings. “‘Cause I’ve found heaven / In your eyes / My kind of paradise.” A perfect love song to signal the onset of summer, albeit without an appropriate sunny locale, ‘paradise’ is at least subsequently built around him.

“How this video started out and ended up are two very different tales,” Dunlop laughs. “My original idea was to shoot a lyric video on the north coast of Ireland using lots of clever props my wife had made. We drove up to the location, but all hell broke loose when a storm began as soon as we arrived. Cars got stuck in the sand, props got soaked and ruined, signs blew away…in the end, we were beaten by the good old Irish weather.”

Thankfully, his director and videographer Jamie Neish had a Plan B. “His idea was to shoot a one-take and have a fake beach scene built around me,” he continues. “Jamie is one of those people in life who exudes positivity! When he’s excited about an idea, it’s infectious. We called two buddies to act as the builders on the set, re-used what was left of the props, bought some bags of sand and just went for it.”

‘My Kind Of Paradise’ is the latest single from Dunlop’s just released new album, ‘Animal’, which consists of a diverse set of songs including the soulful and anthemic ‘Right About Ready’ and ‘Look Back Smiling’ (which evoke the ‘80s yet exude a timeless quality), the atmospheric ‘Sorrow’ and ‘Prisoner Of My Past’, the laid-back ‘60s dream pop vibe of ‘Humans’, plus a memorable title song that adds an electronic bounce to its subtle groove.

‘Animal’ was recorded in Dunlop's own Sycamore Studios as lockdown engulfed the globe, a period that also saw him produce records by his friends and compatriots Foy Vance and Lee Rogers. All three are about to hit the road for a US tour, with Dunlop on double duty as part of Vance’s band. A previously announced UK and Ireland tour is scheduled for the late summer.

Gareth Dunlop has been recognised as an accomplished talent ever since the BBC tipped him as ‘one to watch’ in 2010 when he was not long out of his teens. In the ensuing decade he released several singles, a handful of EPs and an album that were musically eclectic yet all showcased his highly soulful voice, with several of his songs going on to be used in the hit TV series ‘Nashville’, commercials for Disney and Subaru, and more. He also had songwriting credits for recordings by stars such as T.I., Tim McGraw & Faith Hill and John Oates.

However, prior to the 2020 lockdown, Dunlop was just as likely to be heard by live audiences as he forged a reputation as a magnetic and charismatic performer on frequent headlining tours and support slots to the likes of Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, Snow Patrol and James Morrison. Reviewing one of his shows, Gigslutz stated that “Dunlop has the kind of voice that can still a room with its vulnerability, the meaning behind the words heartfelt, the emotion real”, while Maximum Volume Music succinctly described it as “instantly memorable".

In his home territory, the Irish News praised Dunlop for his “distinctive croon and ear for sharp melodic/lyrical hooks”, while local website ChordBlossom declared him to be “one of the greatest talents to come out of Northern Ireland”, a sentiment only slightly qualified by National Rock Review who stated that he is “arguably one of Northern Ireland’s greatest singer/songwriters from the past decade”.

Inspired by icons such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits, plus a soupçon of Pink Floyd, Dunlop picked up a guitar aged 14 and soon began performing covers and original songs in live venues around Northern Ireland, RoI and the rest of the UK. In 2011 he won a Young Songwriter of the Year award in Belfast that not only earned him an invite to collaborate with seasoned writers in Nashville, an experience he has repeated many times since, but it also enabled him to tour the US extensively.

Having spent so long away from Belfast following his initial breakthrough, Dunlop decided to record and co-produce his 2017 debut album, ‘No. 79’, in stripped-back fashion at home - literally - with Nashville based writer Bobby Hamrick and compatriot Alastair McMillan, who had also recorded Dunlop’s first studio sessions at Dublin’s esteemed Windmill Lane and has engineered for U2, The Rolling Stones and Van Morrison. A winning fusion of folk and soul, the album earned critical acclaim and was playlisted on several Irish and UK radio stations, while in RoI it earned an Album of the Week slot on the prestigious RTE1.



With the pandemic behind us, people are ready to travel again. I thought it would be a great idea to create a storyboard of sorts using music as the vessel to experience various destinations across the globe through song. This was the inspiration for my new CD entitled “Destinations” landing this summer (July 2022). To that end, the first single from this CD, "Barcelona," is scheduled for arrival on May 5th. My wish for this single (and 26th commercial release) is to bring feel-good energy and provide an upbeat soundtrack to accompany the warmer temperatures and exciting new adventures we are all looking to experience after being grounded for so long.




SUNNY MORNING (Summer Party) is a new special edition of this multi awarded song already released in May 2017 and included in the Roberto Tola’s debut album BEIN’ GREEN (2017).

In this re-arranged, remixed and remastered new version, Roberto has gave a more danceable and rhythmic pulse to the song. An fresher and brighter mood that takes You into the warmer and estive.

<<...five years from its debut, now I wished to watching ahead for a better time, after the pandemic... wishing to enjoy the freedom of being again with the people and among people, in joyful and serene mood...>> Roberto declared.

This new version of SUNNY MORNING sees the participation of the Grenadine talented singer Zorina Andal (Lead Voice and Choir), so as Bill Sharpe (Piano & Keys) and Jill Saward (Choir), both members of the English jazz funk band SHAKATAK.

The track is originally inspired by the Roberto’s native Sardinia, an amazing and almost untouched Island laid in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and Spain.

Land of centenarians, the Island indeed offers an enviable and unparalleled quality of life, a land almost always kissed by the sun throughout the year, boasts a breath-taking nature and environment, a turquoise and emerald sea, light breeze and a balmy air.


De Amerikaanse country-zangeres Naomi Judd is eergisteren op 76-jarige leeftijd overleden. Haar dochters, zangeres Wynonna en Hollywood-actrice Ashley, maakten haar overlijden bekend. "We zijn gebroken. We hebben onze moeder verloren als gevolg van geestelijke gezondheidsproblemen", klinkt het. Naomi Judd vormde eind jaren zeventig met dochter Wynonna het country-duo The Judds. De twee brachten zes studio-albums uit en scoorden een flink aantal hits. The Judds wonnen vijf Grammy Awards, stonden veertien keer op de eerste plaats van de Amerikaanse country-hitlijsten en verkochten ruim 20 miljoen albums. De albums ‘Why Not Me’, ‘Rockin’ With The Rain’, ‘Heartland’. ‘River Of Time’ en ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’ waren in de periode 1984 – 1990 zeer succesvol. De singles ’Mama He’s Crazy’, ‘Why Not Me’, ‘Girls Night Out’, ‘Love Is Alive’, ‘Have Mercy’, 'Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)’, ‘Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Rain’, ‘Cry Myself To Sleep’, ‘I Know Where I’m Going’, ‘Maybe Your Baby’s Got The Blues’, ‘Turn It Loose’, ‘Change Of Heart’, ‘Young Love (Strong Love)’ en ‘Let Me Tell You About Love’ werden nummer 1 hits in de Amerikaanse country-lijsten en Top 5 hits in de Canadese country-lijsten. De single ‘Why Not Me’ werd in 1989 ook in Nederland een flinke hit met de elfde plaats als hoogste notering in de Top 40. In 1991 stopte Naomi Judd vanwege gezondheidsredenen met toeren en ging haar dochter solo verder. Haar album ‘Wynonna’ werd een groot internationaal succes en haar carrière duurde voort. In 2010 kwam er toch nog een single van The Judds uit, die de titel ‘I Will Stand By You’ droeg. Naomi Judd ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


For the last decade, the Durham NC based Collective Groove Band has been giving invigorating spins to Jazz, R&B, Neo-Soul, Pop, classic Soul and Gospel music. 


With a new look and an ever-evolving sound, CGB is comprised of Kensby Blount, Cameron Morgan, Antwon Timmons and Kevin Crockett. This group of stage and studio professionals are not only musicians, but creatives who have the ability to write, arrange, produce and engineer their own imaginations and release them to the world.


CBG will bring the energy to any experience and setting, from Intimate events at the Governor’s Club, to some of the biggest stages on the East Coast; CGB makes the crowd groove!


Over 25 years into a stellar, multi-faceted career that’s found him continually pushing the sonic boundaries of what’s possible in contemporary urban jazz, saxophonist Paul Taylor brings us his highly-anticipated new recording And Now This on Peak Records.


And Now This, fully created via the exchange of digital files between the Las Vegas based Taylor and his longtime musical compadre, collaborator, co-writer and producer Dino Esposito, features the saxman’s ongoing exploration of an expansive range of dynamic danceable grooves and intricate pop/electronica vibes. The ten tracks fully reflect the way Taylor began moving forward in his personal and creative life, as if to say, in his words, “we’re coming out of the pandemic, this is what I’ve been creating, we’re kicking it back into high gear and we are more open-minded in our approach to music than ever.”


From the atmospheric soul and fast paced funk of the title track (featuring the guitar of Brian Monroney) through the sultry flow of the closing track “Good Night,” And Now This also celebrates the decades long friendship and intuitive, forward thinking musical chemistry between Taylor and Esposito. Their dynamic history dates back to when they played in the same band as students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas – and includes Taylor touring in Esposito’s band when he was a pop star in the late 80s touring with New Kids on the Block. Esposito has been Taylor’s chief sonic co-architect since the saxophonist’s 1995 debut On The Horn and subsequently collaborated on Pleasure Seeker (1997), Undercover (2000), his Peak Records debut Hypnotic (2001), Nightlife (2005), Prime Time (2011), Tenacity (2014) and Countdown (2016).


During the course of his storied career, the Denver native has headlined hundreds of shows and has been part of numerous all-star tours – including dates with Peter White and Euge Groove in a lineup affectionately dubbed “Peter, Paul and Euge;” Gentleman of the Night (with Marion Meadows and Warren Hill). He has also performed with The Rippingtons and the acclaimed “Groovin’ For Grover” tour. Some of his first post-pandemic lockdown shows have been with labelmate Michael Lington and Sax to the Max with Michael and Vincent Ingala.


Officially entering his second quarter century of recording, with And Now This, Taylor is as excited as ever to continue casting his creative aim higher and grateful for every opportunity to bring his best to his loyal legion of longtime and newer fans. “What I like most about the new album is its freshness, and the fact that after 25 years, Dino and I still have so many unique avenues to explore,” he says. “It’s a special album created in unusual, highly stressful times. There’s something to be said for all of us artists persevering through the shutdown of 2020 and finding a way to get it done. And we did — And Now This!”


"Friday@5" is the follow-up to Taylor's #1 Billboard hit, "Straight To the Point".


Klaus Schulze, een boegbeeld van de zogenaamde krautrock, elektronische muziek uit Duitsland, is eergisteren op 74-jarige leeftijd overleden. Dat heeft zijn familie op Facebook bekendgemaakt. De exacte doodsoorzaak is niet meegedeeld. “Met diep verdriet moeten wij jullie mededelen dat Klaus gisteren op 26 april 2022 op 74-jarige leeftijd na een lang ziekbed maar toch plotseling en onverwacht van ons is heengegaan. Hij liet niet alleen een geweldige muzikale nalatenschap na, maar ook een vrouw, twee zonen en vier kleinkinderen.” De multi-instrumentalist, maar vooral synthesizervirtuoos, Klaus Schulze was een van de oprichters van de elektronische rockband Ash Ra Tempel en speelde een tijdje bij Tangerine Dream, waarna hij een solocarrière opstartte. Die leverde meer dan veertig albums op. In 1976 kocht ik zijn album 'Timewind'. Andere visitekaartjes van Klaus zijn onder andere 'Irrlicht' (1972), 'Moondawn' (1976), 'Dune' (1979), 'Dreams' (1986), 'Miditerranean Pads' (1990) en het dubbelalbum 'In Blue' (1995). Klaus Schulze ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Ik zag Klaus decennia geleden in Aalst aan het werk tijdens een live optreden. Hij droeg toen een zilveren glitterpak, waarop een soort laserstralen weerkaatsten. En ik heb tevens verscheidene albums van hem gerecenseerd.


Patrick Van de Wiele


Photo: Warner Bros.

“Elvis” director Baz Luhrmann and star Austin Butler were both on hand at CinemaCon during Warner Bros.’ presentation on Tuesday, and they presented an extended new look at the film in which Elvis becomes a “god.”

The footage that debuted was an entirely new trailer along with an extended sequence from the film, in which Butler’s Elvis performs at Russwood Park in Memphis, Tennesse, on July 4, 1956. The concert was formative in his career as once he was warned not to even lift a finger, only for him to famously disobey it. The concert made such a stir that it also broke the color barrier that was established to attempt to segregate the crowd, and he was escorted out in a frenzy.

“In that moment, Elvis the man was sacrificed, and Elvis the God was born. He had no idea what he had done,” Tom Hanks says as Colonel Tom Parker in the clip.

Luhrmann also described the film in more detail and said it’s not truly a “biopic” but a film about America in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, all of it seen through the lens of Hanks’ character, Tom Parker, who served as Presley’s manager.

“You will hear the classics, you will still see the story of Elvis…but we’ve also translated the story for a younger audience,” Luhrmann told the CinemaCon crowd. “If it feels a little like a superhero film, it is… He comes from dirt, and in a few blinding moments, he flies so high, finds his kryptonite…”

“Elvis” hits theaters June 24 from Warner Bros after it first premieres at the Cannes Film Festival.


De Amerikaanse singer-songwriter en platenproducent Susan Jacks is gisteren op 73-jarige leeftijd overleden. Jacks werd bekend als lid van The Poppy Family en was enige tijd getrouwd met Terry Jacks, die we kennen van megahits als ‘Seasons In The Sun’ en ‘If You Go Away.’ Susan Pesklevits – zoals zij eigenlijk heet – begon haar muzikale carrière op vijftienjarige leeftijd, toen zij werd gevraagd om met enige regelmaat op te treden in de Canadese televisieshow ‘Music Hop’. Tijdens een van die shows ontmoette Susan Terry Jacks. Susan vroeg Terry om haar op de gitaar te begeleiden tijdens liveoptredens. Het muzikale duo werd een trio toen leadgitarist Craig McCaw erbij kwam en zo ontstond The Poppy Family, een naam die overigens uit het telefoonboek werd gehaald. Susan en Terry trouwden in 1967. Craig McCaw introduceerde iets later de uit India afkomstige percussionist Satwant Singh en het unieke geluid van The Poppy Family was compleet. Het debuutalbum heette ‘Which Way You Goin’ Billy’ en bevatte de gelijknamige wereldhit, die de eerste plaats van de Canadese hitlijst en de tweede plaats van de Amerikaanse Billboard Hot 100 bereikte. De single ‘That's Where I Went Wrong ‘ werd ook een grote hit in Canada en de VS. Het tweede en laatste album ‘Poppy Seeds’ werd opgenomen met studiomuzikanten, nadat Satwant en Craig de band hadden verlaten. Op het hoogtepunt van hun carrière traden Susan en Terry op in Bobby Darin's succesvolle televisie-variété special ‘The Darin Invasion’, die werd gefilmd in Canada. The Poppy Family werd in 1972 ontbonden en een jaar later werd ook het huwelijk van Susan en Terry ontbonden.. Terry werd als zanger een wereldster en Susan pakte de muzikale draad op als producer. Susan Jacks ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Slecht nieuws komt nooit alleen! De Amerikaanse saxofonist Andrew Paul Woolfolk II is gisteren overleden op 71-jarige leeftijd. Andrew werd wereldberoemd als zeer gewaardeerd lid van de band Earth, Wind & Fire. Hij speelde ook samen met artiesten als Deniece Williams, Stanley Turrentine, Phil Collins, Twennynine, Philip Bailey en Level 42. Woolfolk volgde onderwijs aan East High School in Denver, in de Amerikaanse staat Colorado. In 1972 trad hij toe tot Earth, Wind & Fire als saxofonist, waar hij meespeelde op succesalbums als ‘That’s The Way Of The World’, ‘Spirit’, ‘All ’N All’, ‘I Am’, ‘Faces’, ‘Raise’, ‘Powerlight’, ‘Electric Universe’, ‘Touch The World’, ‘Heritage’ en hitsingles als ‘Shining Star’, ‘’That’s The Way Of The World’, ‘Sing A Song’, ‘Getaway’, ‘Fantasy’,’Got To Get You Into My Life’, ‘September’, ‘Boogie Wonderland’, ‘After The Love Has Gone’, ‘Star’, ‘And Love Goes On’, ‘Let’s Groove’, ‘Fall In Love With You’, en ‘Magnetic’. In 2017 werd Woolfolk opgenomen in de Colorado Music Hall of Fame. Naast zijn werk voor EW&F, speelde Woolfolk saxofoon op Valerie Carter's album ‘Just A Stone's Throw Away’ en Deniece Williams' album ‘Song Bird’. Hij was in 1983 ook te horen op Level 42's album ‘Standing In The Light’, op twee albums van Philip Bailey en op het album ‘Dance Into The Light’ van Phil Collins (1986). Andrew Woolfolk ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Zanger en componist Henny Vrienten is op 73-jarige leeftijd overleden. Dat heeft zijn familie vandaag via concertorganisator MOJO laten weten. Vrienten was al langere tijd ziek. Henny Vrienten was veelzijdig als componist, gitarist en pianist, maar bovenal was hij bekend als voorman van Doe Maar. De legendarische band werd in 1978 opgericht. Vrienten sloot zich pas twee jaar later aan, als opvolger van Piet Dekker. De band ontketende met hun typische Doe Maar-geluid – een mix van onder andere ska, punk en reggae – een ware rage in Nederland. Singles als ’32 Jaar (Sinds 1 Dag Of 2)’, ‘Doris Day’, ‘Is Dit Alles’, ‘De Bom’, ‘1 Nacht Alleen’, ‘Macho’, ‘Watje’ en Pa’ werden grote hits. Albums als ‘Skunk’, ‘Doris Day En Andere Stukken’ en ‘4Us’ kregen een voor Nederlandse begrippen legendarische status. Daarnaast zij nummers als ‘Smoorverliefd’, ‘Nederwiet’ en ‘Belle Hélène’ een speciale vermelding waard. De overmatige populariteit deed de groep, de langste tijd in de bezetting van Vrienten, Ernst Jansz, Jan Hendriks en Jan Pijnenburg, besluiten in 1984 te stoppen. Hysterische tienerfans reageerden verslagen. In 2000 kwamen de mannen weer bij elkaar en maakten ze een comeback met zestien concerten in Ahoy. Daarna volgden meer concertreeksen en toerden ze langs festivals en theaters. Vrienten was dan wel het gezicht van Doe Maar, solo bracht hij ook verschillende platen uit. In 1977 verscheen de eerste, onder het pseudoniem Paul Santos. Na Paul Santos volgden onder andere de albums ‘Geen Ballade’, ‘Aardige Jongens’, ‘Vreemde Kostgangers’ en ‘Nachtwerk’, die laatste twee samen met George Kooymans en Boudewijn de Groot. Hennie’s laatste album verscheen in 2019, ‘Tussen De Regels’. Het was het derde en laatste deel van zijn muzikale autobiografie. De drie titels van de albums vormen samen de zin ‘En toch.. alles is anders tussen de regels’. ‘Ik geloof dat je altijd beter moet kijken dan je keek en dat je beter moet lezen dan je leest. Ik verstop graag wat, dat moet je zoeken’, zei hij daarover. Hennie schreef ook muziek voor diverse films en televisieprogramma’s, waaronder ‘Left Luggage’, ‘Abeltje’, ‘De Ontdekking Van De Hemel’, ‘Het Klokhuis’ en ‘Sesamstraat’. Ook werkte hij mee aan de musical ‘Petticoat’, waarvoor hij maar liefst 24 nummers schreef. Voor de musicalversie van ‘Ciske de Rat’ maakte hij de muziek van alle nummers, op één na: ‘Ik Voel Me Zo Verdomd Alleen’. Eind september 2021 maakte Doe Maar bekend de afscheidstournee af te gelasten vanwege de ziekte van Vrienten. De toer was eerder een aantal keren uitgesteld vanwege de corona-lockdown. De laatste keer dat de band door het land optrad, was in 2018. Hun 40-jarig jubileum vierden ze met de clubtournee ‘Er verandert NIX’. Hennie Vrienten ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


new single
out 22.04.22

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from the EP
out 20.05.22
[Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti/Membran]

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Gabriele Pribetti is a London-based Italian saxophonist and composer whose 2020 debut EP, ‘Reeded Edge Vol 1’, garnered praise from UK radio stations such as Jazz FM, Worldwide FM and Balaami, we well as sites like Musicamacondo, Twistedsoul and Jazz Revelations. Two singles lifted from it were added to State Of Jazz, the biggest jazz editorial playlist on Spotify.

‘Swimming Pool’ is the second single to be issued from ‘Reeded Edge Vol 2’, a follow-up companion EP that is set for release on 20th May. Premiering the track, Twistedsoul describe it as “warm yet fierce, with alternating delicate piano melodies, relentlessly grooving drum beats and an undertone of heavy keys, all interlocking with trumpet, while Pribetti’s broodingly beautiful and soaring saxophone notes set the mood for the rest of the production.”

Twistedsoul interview with Gabriele Pribetti published 20.04.22

In regard to the single’s title, Pribetti explains that “there is something about being underwater, a unique feeling of peace and quiet that makes me feel like I’d like to stay there forever. And then another feeling creeps in: survival, which is raging and violent, totally opposite but coexisting perfectly with the original thought. For a few moments these two opposites live in balance with each other. It’s interesting how being on stage can sometimes make you feel similar. ‘Swimming Pool’ is an underwater trip, with this duality expressed sonically by an acid bass synth and a soothing piano melody.”

As for the new EP and its predecessor, ‘Reeded Edge’ is a conceptual work of which Pribetti states: “I see the music like a coin: the beauty and perfection of tonality on one side,with the chaos and roughness of atonality on the other. I like to exist on the reeded edge.” Pribetti places himself on the grooved line that runs around the coin, balanced between these disparate worlds in order to harness their equal power.

‘Reeded Edge’ sees modern jazz harmony, polyrhythmic grooves and emotional classical melodies contrast with free jazz and post-tonal contemporary soundscapes, the two realms crashing and mingling like waves (to continue the water theme). The rounded sound of the double bass is juxtaposed with the thunder of the synth bass while the clean, soothing timbre of the flugelhorn converses with the dark and distorted tenor saxophone.

Performing alongside Pribetti are a quartet of renowned musicians consisting of trumpet/flugelhorn player Graeme Flowers, drummer Joshua ‘MckNasty’ McKenzie, Tomasz Bura on piano/keyboards and Michele Montolli on double bass.

The sound of his new record and the musical chops of the other musicians involved with its recording place Pribetti firmly within the current and ever-evolving London jazz scene.
With a distinctly percussive approach to his instrument and compositions, Pribetti’s music combines his love of jazz and improvisation with an early classical upbringing, while leaving space for interplay and free spontaneous composition. At the age of 30, he is already a highly experienced international session musician and has collaborated frequently with a wide range of artists that include Stormzy, Wizkid, Stefflon Don, Jordan Rakei, Burna Boy, Skepta, General Levy, Zion Train, Kamaal Williams, Congo Natty and U-Roy.

“The innovative Gabriele Pribetti has found his own voice and language. Groovy, psychedelic, flavoursome and super fresh”
“Ebbs and flows wonderfully throughout and is an absolute blast”
“Staggeringly intelligent and amazing”
1  Rain Project
2  Duende
3  Swimming Pool
4  Vaporizing Horror
5  In Or Out

All music composed, arranged and produced by Gabriele Pribetti
Mixed by Kassa Alexander aka PRGRSHN
Mastered at Whitfield Mastering by Naweed Ahmed

Gabriele Pribetti - saxophones
Graeme Flowers - trumpet, flugelhorn
Joshua ‘McKnasty’ McKenzie - drums
Tomasz Bura - piano, keyboards
Michele Montolli - double bass

Facebook HERE
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Instagram HERE
YouTube HERE


Professional saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, educator, arranger, mentor and music producer. Walter Chancellor Jr. has been a mainstay in the Twin Cities contemporary Jazz and R&B music scene for the past 25 years. After constant touring during his formative years he decided to relocate to musically successful Minneapolis from Des Moines, Iowa and lessen the necessity of so much traveling to perform.


Not long after his arrival in Minneapolis, Walter performed and recorded with Prince, earning him a Double Platinum Record for his participation on Prince’s “Emancipation” CD in 1996.


Additionally, Walter has performed, recorded and has shared the stage with such artists as Chaka Khan, Willie Nelson Maceo ParkerCandy DulferChance Howard (PrinceCandy Dulfer & Brian Culbertson), Brown Mark MazaratiMusiq SoulchildLarry Graham, the late Louis JohnsonCameo, The Pointer Sisters, Bobby Lyle, The Platters and Producer greats as Chris “Big Dog ”DavisAndre Fischer and Jack Douglas just to name a few.


"Time 2 Chill"

Written by Walter Chancellor Jr and Chris 'Big Dog' Davis


Walter Chancellor Jr - Saxophones and Production

Chris 'Big Dog' Davis - Keyboards and song arrangements


In 2021, Philippe Saisse took a dynamic stylistic detour into the world of lo fi hip hop jazz on “Shift,” a contemporary throwback to his days working with Arif Mardin and Chaka Khan which is still receiving major airplay on SiriusXM’s Watercolors and is included on Spotify’s influential playlists State of Jazz and 21st Century Jazz.


The ever innovative and adventurous keyboardist/ composer returns to his trademark global fusion vibe on his new single “Lost Words,” a vibrant and infectious, multi-genre track that taps into his passion for lush orchestration (drawing particular inspiration from the beautiful string arrangements Johnny Mandel created for Brazilian legend Joao Gilberto in the 70s), Caribbean-African flavors, romantic Brazilian rhythms and harmonies and snappy flamenco magic courtesy of guest guitarist Marc Antoine.


Driven by a powerful synergy with some of his most trusted go-to collaborators – acoustic bassist David Finck, drummer Maurizio Zottarelli and percussion master Gumbi Ortiz (whom the keyboardist has worked with for years in Al Di Meola’s band) – Philippe creates a uniquely soulful journey from an initial feeling of dreamy melancholy to a later sense of bright and hopeful joy that perfectly parallels our collective experiences during the pandemic era. 

The intriguing title “Lost Words” speaks to its origins as one of several demos that he was working on as collaborations with Al Jarreau in the years before the legendary singer’s passing in 2017.


Jarreau was excited about the tune, loved the Brazilian style of the track and felt the melody had an Italian quality, so he came up with the working title “Trevi Fountain.” He had scatted some ideas, with every intention of putting lyrics to Saisse’s music. When Jarreau entered the hospital, he took with him a CD with four tracks, intent on writing despite being gravely ill. He also had a black book with lyrics – possibly including the words he wanted for “Trevi Fountain” – but Saisse later learned that the book had been stolen.


So any lyrics he may have written are lost to history – hence the keyboardist’s eventual title “Lost Words,” which is also a subtle homage to author Dan Brown’s 2009 thriller The Lost Symbol. Because of his profound sadness over his friends’ departure, Saisse took five years to begin working again on the track again. The version Saisse is now releasing is very much like the original demo, only now with live drums and a high energy piano solo in the middle.


"Lost Words"


Composed, Arranged & Produced by Phillipe Saisse

Mixed by Goh Hotoda

Mastered by Colon Leonard at SING Mastering


Steinway acoustic piano, Marimba, Vibraphone, Keyboards, Vocals - Phillipe Saisse

Acoustic Guitar - Marc Antoine

Drums - Mauricio Zottarelli

Percussion - Gumbi Ortiz

Acoustic Bass - David Finck

Soprano, Alto & Bass Flutes - David Mann


new single
out now
(Zenith Café/Membran)

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from the album
out 13.05.22


The second single from his upcoming new album, the romantic anthem ‘Everytime’ is about the love that Northern Irish singer-songwriter Lee Rogers has for his wife, Nikita, “She is the person who helps fix my mistakes, never judges and soothes me back to the human I am supposed to be,” he explains. “I can’t count how many times she has painstakingly put me back together, held me when I was falling apart and reasoned with me when I wasn’t seeing reason in anything. I know that if you find that person in your life, who calms your storms and puts out the fires, who helps you be what you are meant to be, then you’ll get every word of this song.”

Based in Carrickfergus, just north of Belfast, the music made by Rogers sounds as resilient, gorgeous and scarred as his home turf looks. The sensual, resplendent songs contained on ‘Gameblood’, his long-awaited second album (his debut was in 2006), display an elegiac musical craftsmanship while showing off open-hearted, lyrical storytelling.

“My dad was a second generation settled Gypsy with black hair, swarthy skin and green eyes, like me,” he states. “He had gold hoop earrings and old Indian-inked tattoos. He was as hard as the road he walked on but had the softest heart for us and my mother, who he loved unconditionally. He had a fighting spirit, and that’s what I believe ‘Gameblood’ means and is where the album title comes from.”

On this third official release (he also issued an EP entitled ‘Dark Notions’ in late 2021), Rogers comes across as a manly yet tender outcast with an honest musical solidarity to fellow wounded exile-pioneers who have experienced similar rocky relationships and existential pain.

Recorded at Sycamore Studios with his regular band and produced by Gareth Dunlop (who also produced the recent EP), 'Gameblood’ will be released on Zenith Café, a label based in Northern Ireland that is dedicated to promoting artists from that country. Rogers describes the album as “a visit to those hard places that most people put to the back of their psyche and build a wall around. Love, lust, life, death, addiction and lots of spirits and ghosts moving around holding it all together. This album is a truer reflection of myself, my stories, where I’ve been and where I hope I am now. It’s music for the grown-up mind, those folk who have seen a bit of life, and can relate to the songs. Though I am hoping some of the kids love the vibe too!”

Rogers admits that he wasn’t in the greatest of places when he started writing the album, while the subjects of its songs have themes hard to visit that he was at least able to harness and heal in the recording process. The result is a tender, raw yet sophisticated record reminiscent of classic folk albums such as John Martyn’s ‘Solid Air’, the soulful craft of Keb Mo’s ‘Blues Americana’ and the glistening baroque balladry of Tom Waits' ‘Mule Variations’. Having worked as a tattoo artist for over a decade following the release of his debut album, the additional attention to human vulnerability and creative detail he has brought across from the skill set required in that industry has helped to set Rogers apart from most of his contemporaries.

1  Everytime
2  Silent Song
3  Uneasy Love
4  The House
5  Life And Lies
6  Haunted
7  Homeward Bound
8  Won’t Find Me
9  Fools Gold
10  Barefoot In The Basement (feat Foy Vance)



See George Michael's final work on the big screen. We're excited to announce that George Michael Freedom Uncut will be coming to cinemas worldwide on Wednesday June 22nd.

Tickets will be available from next week, Wednesday April 27th at 2PM BST. Sign up for more information: georgemichaelfreedomuncut.com

The documentary, co-directed and narrated by George Michael, is the definitive statement on his life and features contributions from some of his closest friends and collaborators.


I Want To Know What Love Is” , by Robert Minott

This classic remake by Foreigner still propels one to think about the journey that love will take us on, how we are still all figuring out that all though it is a simple four-letter word, it is still yet a big mystery that is worth finding out all about, the beautiful complexities of love. One of Roberts favorite verses of the song is “ I can’t stop now, I’ve traveled so far’.

Robert Minott is a Jamaican recording artist/songwriter/producer. His songs “Yuk Mek Me Feel good”, “Can’t Hold Back featuring Mr. lexx” and “You Are” were successful Euro Indie and the World Indie Charts.  “You Are”, was number one for two weeks on both the Euro and Indie Charts, Top Ten US, and various charts In the US. “I Want To Know What Love Is” is off his fourth coming album  BIG Things”.

As an artist Robert has performed alongside the likes of Maxie Priest, Ziggy Marley Damian, Jr Marley, Jefferey Osbourne, Peabo Bryson, Regina Bell, Howard Hewitt, Yellow man, Chaka Khan, Toots and the Maytals, Steven Marley, Dorian Paul and Ziggy Marly.

An imaginative singer, he is always in pursuit of excellence in his music. Among his releases are “ We don’t want no troubles”, “Makes ends meet”, an exceptional recording that brings nostalgic flashes …….

Nephew of the late Sugar Minott born and raised in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Robert migrated to the US in 1974 and released his first album titled “Love Struck” in 1991. As a recording artist, he has performed alongside the likes of some of reggae’s biggest names including Burning Spear, Shaggy, Maxi Priest, and Ziggy Marley, to name a few. An imaginative singer, he is always in pursuit of excellence in his music. Among his releases are “We Don’t Want No Troubles”, “Make Ends Meet”, an exceptional recording that brings nostalgic flashes of Dennis Brown of whom Robert is often compared to especially whenever he performs.

He released his debut album in 1991 which featured the single, “Irie”, featuring legendary artiste, Bunny Rugs from Third World, and Marlon “Ultimate” Greenwood (Jamaican born professional NFL football player – formerly Miami Dolphins; now playing for the Texans), received substantial radio play in Canada and Jamaica.

In 2007 he collaborated with dancehall artiste Elephant Man on the track Roll It. It was accompanied by a video which was directed by Nordia Rose. A former concert promoter, Robert topped the charts in Jamaica in 2011 with the reggae single “Right Man Fi Yuh”. The single also made strides on the New York and South Florida Reggae charts. He later followed up with a cover of “Silver Words” which featured rapper Kirkie KBZ. “Silver Words” hit the charts in Jamaica and opened up new doors for the singer.


Vel Lewis and Michael Garvin joined forces in 2020 and Garvel Music was born. Their new single "PlayTyme" is destined to burn radio waves worldwide!


Vel Lewis is an award-winning Hammond Organ Company artist whose music can be found listed on many popular recordings and well-known TV shows: The Sopranos, Mad About You, Friends, Wife Swap USA, and many more. He has performed numerous shows around the world with soul legends Dionne Warwick, The Delfonics, The Futures, and has shared the same stages with the Stylistics, the late Phyllis Hyman, and Earth, Wind & Fire and many mire.


Michael Garvin has made his career as a world-class songwriter of 33 Top Ten hits to date, of which 23 hit Number One on the charts. He is a guitarist and trumpeter, who is widely known for penning the Global Number One hit "Waiting For Tonight" recorded by Jennifer Lopez, and the worldwide, multi-platinum hit "Never Give Up On A Good Thing," recorded for George Benson. Michael has also created musical hits worldwide for artists from many different genres.


Rebecca Angel’s cover of the Bob Marley reggae hit “Waiting in Vain” is her new single to be released from her widely acclaimed Love Life Choices. According to Bistro Awards of Jun 28, 2021 by Gerry Geddy “Angel’s beautifully rhythmic phrasing takes the story of Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain” away from its reggae roots and gives the lyrics a new life with rare clarity and emotion.”


Samy Stein writes in the 2021 issue of “Something Else”, “'Waiting in Vain' is... delivered with creative vocal arrangements which do the original justice.... With a wonderful guitar solo... Angel shows her adaptability as she makes this work her way.”


Rebecca’s first single from the album “For What it’s Worth” garnered the 2020 Independent Music Network Award for New Artists Breakout Single and her original composition “Thoughts and Prayers” garnered the 2021 Independent Music Network Award for “Mainstream Breakout Single”.


Her album Love Life Choices has received rave reviews from around the world.


"Waiting In Vain"

Music & Lyrics by Bob Marley

Vocals, Background Vocals - Rebecca Angel

Background Vocals - Maya Azucena

Keyboards - Jason Miles

Guitar - Romero Lubambo & Nir Felder

Bass - Reggie Washington

Percussion - Jimmy Bralower

Congas - Mark Rivera


Grammy nominated and owner of six #1 smooth jazz radio singles himself, Paul Jackson Jr. has been featured on recordings with top superstars such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Luther Vandross, Barbra Streisand, and childhood friend Patrice Rushen. He's also recorded with some of today's biggest stars including The Weeknd, Zendaya, and Daft Punk.


Paul has scored music for many successful television shows and movies and has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, American Idol, The Academy Awards, The Emmys, The Kennedy Center Honors and on multiple Grammy appearances with Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Ne-Yo, Lionel Richie, and Chance The Rapper. Paul has also performed on the soundtracks for major motion pictures such as "La La Land", "Get On Up", "Zootopia", and "The Color Purple".


Regarding his new single "Love Like This", Jackson comments "Jeff Lorber, Everette Harp and I were playing at the Atlantic City Jazz Festival about a year ago. During sound check I started playing the guitar part of "Love Like This" by Faith Evans. Jeff stopped what he was doing and said "Hey, Paul, you need to record that song. Everybody likes it."


"He didn't have to tell me twice. And, since it was his idea, I wanted to feature him on my version. Also featured is my daughter Lindsey Jackson on vocals. Where are my roller skaters at!"


"Love Like This"

Guitars, Production - Paul Jackson Jr

Keyboards - Jeff Lorber & Dave Delhomme

Bass - Cornelius Mims

Drums - Dion Causey


Douglas A. Jackson earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees from California State University, Los Angeles. His principal instrument is the trumpet and he also attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston and Xavier University of Louisiana. He holds a Certificate of Completion from the Smithsonian Institute’s Summer Studies World Music Program at West Virginia University and has performed in the Latin Jazz Band of the legendary Cuban conguero Francisco Aquabella, among others. 


Douglas is an Associate Professor of Music at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, NC, where he teaches Trumpet, African American Music History, Music Business and directs the Elizabeth City State University Jazz Ensemble. In 2012 Douglas founded the annual Elizabeth City State University Jazz Festival where the list of guest artists includes: Jae Sinnett, Lesa Terry, Sean Jones, Michael Dease, Marcus Anderson, The Rhythm Project, Ron Carter and Shana Tucker. From 2012 to 2020, Douglas participated in the North Carolina Humanities Council Raod Scholars Speakers Program. His lecture topics were on “North Carolina Jazz legend Max Roach” and the “Influences of Jazz Styles and the Trumpet.”  


Douglas entered teaching after two decades of progressive responsibilities in Music and Film accounting, including 11 years with MGM Studios, Inc., mosts recently 3 years as Royalty Administrator for the BMG Production Music Group.


Frank Piombo, Multi Award Winning Contemporary Jazz Guitarist/Composer and International Recording Artist. Member of the Recording Academy. Sound Exchange. BMI, and the International Singer-Songwriters Association. Inducted into the 2020 Indie Music Hall of Fame. Nominated in 2019 and 2020 by the “East Coast Music Hall of Fame.” 


Frank Piombo’s portfolio is an impressive one. Appearing as lead guitarist and vocalist alongside Sidewalk Symphony, The Fantasy Band, Stepping Out, The New Prince Band, US & Co, the Original Infernos; and sharing the stage with the likes of The Duprees, The Mello Kings, Vito and the Salutations, and Vito and the Elegants, Frank has proved to be much more than a jazz guitarist. 


In addition to touring the East and West Coast, where he has built a solid fan base, Frank has also shared the stage with various European artists, such as “I Nuovi Angeli” and the “Formula Tre.” His music is now heard throughout North America, and several other continents, including: Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America.


Frank Piombo was accepted on the popular digital radio station Pandora, iHeart Radio, and YouTube where he now boasts his own stations.  He had two of his original compositions “Rush Hour Funk,” and “Keep It Movin’” placed on the 2018, 60th FYC, Grammy Voting Ballot.  


A little over a year ago, saxman Mo Louis met Euge Groove while buying one of his saxophones and they became good friends. Mo expressed his interest to release his own music and after some consideration, Euge decided to help him make his dreams a reality. "I’ll never forget standing in his studio and him putting on one of his own tracks for me to play along with." Mo said, "Talk about a humbling moment! I owe a lot to him… this wouldn’t be happening without him."


Soon after, Mo began working with the amazing Smooth Jazz producer Jeff Carruthers. His debut single "TURN IT UP" will be released on April 11th, 2022. His soulful and melodic voice gives him a unique identity that will hopefully find a place in the hearts of jazz lovers for years to come.


"Over the last 15 years I’ve worked steadfastly at my craft. He's played, recorded and toured throughout the United States. I’ve been able to establish a reputation as an artist and soloist amongst the finest Los Angeles musicians. I’ve reached a place in my life where it’s time to share with the world the music that’s been in my heart for so long!"


"This is just the beginning and I'm honored to share my heart and music with my amazing fans! Enjoy!" - Mo Louis


"Turn It Up"

Written by Mo Louis & Jeff Carruthers

Mixed and Mastered by Steve "Euge" Groove

Guitars, Keys, Programming - Jeff Carruthers

Drums - Eric Valentine

Bass - Darryl Williams

Hammond Organ - Ricky Peterson


Vandaag werd een wel heel bijzonder bordspel voorgesteld in Carré in Willebroek. Ontwikkelaar en uitgever Groep 24 stelde er samen met DJ 4T4 Monopoly Discotheken voor. In totaal zitten er 22 Belgische discotheken verweven in het spelbord. Het is in alle facetten een kabinetsstukje geworden.


Klassiek recept, nieuwe invulling

Deze officiële Monopoly-versie, onder erkende licentie van Hasbro, blijft trouw aan het originele spelconcept. In deze editie worden er geen winkelstraten maar Belgische discotheken verhandeld. Het gaat in totaal om 22 discotheken: oud en nieuw, bestaand of reeds dicht. De selectie is een mix van legendarische discotheken uit het rijke verleden maar ook hedendaagse zaken hebben er hun plaats. Bovendien werden alle discotheken geïllustreerd door Antwerpenaar Sam De Buysscher. Maar niet enkel het bord zal aangepast worden, ook de algemene fonds – en kanskaartjes zullen doorspekt zijn met verwijzingen naar de discotheek scene. Meer info via www.monopolydiscotheken.be


Docu-reeks DJ 4T4 als basis voor bordspel

Eind 2020 wordt een driedelige docu-reeks op muziekminnend Vlaanderen losgelaten: “Platendraaiers”. De reeks van DJ 4T4 (Kristof Michiels, die we o.a. kennen van ’t Hof van Commerce) gaat op zoek naar het begin van de weelderige Belgische discotheek scene en brengt de geschiedenis in kaart. De hoogdagen van de jaren ’90 en ’00 worden er uit de doeken gedaan. Bij wijze van gimmick wordt in de reeks ook een zelf in elkaar geknutseld spelletje “Discopoly” gespeeld. Presentator DJ 4T4 werd nadien overstelpt met vragen over het hoe en waar van het spel uit de reeks. Terwijl het eigenlijk gewoon een grapje was uit de documentaire blijkt er heel veel vraag naar een dergelijk item. Na wat omzwervingen kwam 4T4 dan uit bij de ontwikkelaar van Belgische Monopoly versies: Groep 24. Twee jaar later schrijven we 12 april in Carré Willebroek de bevindingen neer over de officiële Monopoly Discotheken die vanaf vandaag in de winkelrekken ligt, een onwaarschijnlijk verhaal!


Voor en door fans

De initiële vraag voor zo’n gezelschapsspel kwam dus vanuit de kijkers van “Platendraaiers”. Dat is de uitgever, Groep 24, en DJ 4T4 niet ontgaan. Zij lieten de fans stemmen op hun favoriete discotheken uit het verleden en daar kwamen dan 11 namen uit. In totaal werden er maar liefst meer dan 28.000 stemmen uitgebracht in een week tijd.


Getouwtrek met juridische diensten en bonzen zorgen voor vertraging

Gezien de wereldwijde omvang van een merk zoals Monopoly moet het spel heel wat bureaus passeren alvorens in productie te gaan. Bij één van de laatste controle en inspectierondes ging het mis. Op de Amerikaanse hoofdzetel van Hasbro, wereldwijde eigenaar van het merk Monopoly, gingen alarmbellen af bij de term discotheken. Terwijl het spel vertrok vanuit een muzikale scene zag Hasbro het als een thema waarmee ze zich niet wilden associëren. Na lang lobbywerk, pagina’s lange dossiers over de docu-reeks, een ondertiteling van de reeks en maanden geduld werd er dan toch groen licht gegeven voor de productie van het spel. Dit zorgde er echter voor dat het spel pas nu uitkomt en niet in november 2021, zoals initieel gedacht. 


Speel op de tonen van je favoriete DJ

Als toemaatje krijgt iedereen die het spel koopt een QR-code die verwijst naar een pagina die een vijftiental verschillende mixen bevat van DJ’s die ook terugkomen in de docu-reeks "Platendraaiers". Het gaat om grote namen zoals DJ Coone, Dave Lambert, TLP, Pat Krimson enz… Het spel is verkrijgbaar online via www.monopolydiscotheken.be, via Colruyt en verschillende speciaalzaken. Alle winkelpunten zijn terug te vinden via de website www.monopolydiscotheken.be.


Los Angeles, CA – “Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story” starring Grammy winner Ledisi, and an all-star cast including Columbus Short, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Janet Hubert, Vanessa A. Williams, Corbin Bleu and Keith David, has been chosen as the opening night film for the 2022 Pan African Film & Arts Festival. The film, executive produced by Ericka Nicole Malone and Vince Allen, and directed by Denise Dowse will make its debut at PAFF, on April 19, 7:00 pm at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) located at, 7920 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Mahalia was not only regarded as an iconic gospel singer who broke racial and gender barriers, she was also recognized as a Civil rights activist who understood the power of her position within the movement. “Remember Me” highlights Mahalia’s unbreakable relationship with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Columbus Short), and her integral role in the Civil rights movement by bringing Mahalia’s fight for freedom and her own personal search for love into the spotlight.

“I am from the South where Mahalia was considered a national treasure, so when I began writing “Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story” in 2017 I wanted to carefully consider every word to honor this amazing woman. In creating these words for this film, I never imagined it would star the phenomenal musical icon Ledisi and renowned actor Columbus Short, “said executive producer, Ericka Nicole Malone. “To now have the honor of opening PAFF on its 30th anniversary, I am beyond blessed and excited. Premiering my film at a festival that was built on presenting the power of Black cinema is more than an honor, it is a blessing, and I don’t take it lightly,” she continued.


JACK BROADBENT photography by Jeff Fasano

new album
out 08.04.22
(Crows Feet Records)

available from

“Every album by Broadbent stirs more into the palette, and ‘Ride’ moves with the momentum implied 8/10”
"Eight songs of pure quality by a true bluesman who feels every note he sings and plays. Eclectic and masterful tunes….stunning"
“Eloquent down-home blues that has its roots in the Mississippi mud. A cut above the current crop of beardy young men with big, bluesy guitars ****”
“A genre-defying collection of finely-crafted songs with real heart and depth and a whole load of rhythm”
“His most rugged and powerful performance to date, an impressive achievement for a guy whose earlier work remains some of the finest blues to emerge in years”
“A classic blues sound, with slide guitar providing colours and textures that don’t scream for the spotlight, but instead enhance the larger sonic picture”


Includes GRACE also includes the singles

(Eridge Park, Kent)
01.07.22  HAMBURG (DE) Elbphilharmonie
02.07.22  GRONINGEN (NL) Spot
03.07.22  AMSTERDAM (NL) De Waalse Kerk
05.07.22  ANTWERP (BE) Open Air Amphitheatre
06.07.22  EINDHOVEN (NL) Paterskerk


Acclaimed UK singer, songwriter and guitarist Jack Broadbent has released his new album, ‘Ride’, today. The latest track to promote it is ‘Grace’, with Broadbent stating that the song “is about finding your comfort place, about harmony with your surroundings.” The album as a whole echoes that contentment, with him deeming it “the rock 'n' roll record I've been wanting to make for a long time."

Broadbent grew up in Lincolnshire but has spent the last few years living in Canada. His earliest influence was his father Mick, who is also a musician (including a tenure with late ‘70s power-poppers Bram Tchaikovsky) and plays bass on ‘Ride’. Jack began accompanying Mick to open mic nights, and by his early teens was playing drums in his dad's bands, gravitating to guitar when he became interested in songwriting. His renowned slide guitar playing evolved from busking in his early 20s.

Finding an audience after the Montreux Jazz Festival hailed him as “the new master of the slide guitar” and Bootsy Collins famously proclaimed him “the real thang!”, Broadbent subsequently won over more fans after touring with the likes of Ronnie Wood, Peter Frampton and, most recently, Little Feat. Meanwhile, his penchant for writing on the road ensured that there was usually an abundance of material whenever he was ready to return to the studio. This holds true with ‘Ride’, although the album took a turn from what he had originally intended.

"I had to come off the road because of the Covid pandemic and was going to work on a solo project of acoustic material," he explains. Instead, with Quebec-based drummer and co-producer Mark Gibson, "...we started playing some of the more rock 'n' roll stuff I had, and we couldn't deny that there was a kind of vibe happening. So, I just went full steam ahead in that direction which brought the sound of this album into focus. We built on those grooves and ended up with ‘Ride'."
‘Ride’ does indeed rock, with Broadbent’s natural grit, voice and guitar riding atop every song with a driving force. However, there is also stylistic diversity on offer, from the moody ambience of ‘Who Are You?’ and the title track, to the blues roots of ‘New Orleans’, a love letter to one of his favourite cities. ‘Grace’ soars with a kind of front-porch spirituality, while ‘I Love Your Rock 'n' Roll’ gallops along with an energetic Americana vibe.

The next step is to take ‘Ride’ on the road, which Broadbent is doing throughout 2022, including an appearance at the Black Deer Festival in Kent in mid-June. He knows that its songs will only grow as he presents them on stage, but they will nevertheless continue to speak to the experiences from which they were born. "I really like the energy of this record," he says. "There seems to be an interesting dichotomy between what I write while I'm touring and what I write when I'm able to sit and think. What the album speaks to is that juxtaposition between the ride and the time spent parked up. It all ties into the journey of the artist."

No matter what lies on the road ahead, Broadbent’s fans can rely on his dedication to his music and evolving craft.

1  Ride
2  I Love Your Rock ’n’ Roll
3  New Orleans
4  Hard Livin’
5  Midnight Radio
6  Baby Blue
7  Grace
8  Who Are You?




Eddie Murphy is in early talks to play Parliament-Funkadelic leader George Clinton in an upcoming biopic.

Murphy also will serve as producer with Davis Entertainment’s John Davis, Catherine Davis and John Fox. They are tying down rights with the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and then they will set writers and shop the project.

Murphy has a three-picture deal with Amazon that came after the success of Coming 2 America, and this is a passion project for him.

Clinton is widely considered to be the Godfather of Funk, rivaling James Brown and Sly Stone as the foremost innovators in that musical genre. The film will tell the story of the iconic musician’s humble beginnings in North Carolina in the 1940s to the formation of his groundbreaking bands Parliament and Funkadelic and ultimately to becoming a major influence on artists of the hip-hop generation including Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Outkast and Wu-Tang Clan, among many others.

Murphy teamed with Davis on the Netflix film Dolemite Is My Name, which got him a lot of accolades playing the unlikely Blaxploitation film star Rudy Ray Moore. He then followed with Coming 2 America, the sequel to his 1988 comedy classic. Murphy next begins production on the Kenya Barris-directed Netflix comedy You People, in which he co-stars with Jonah Hill. That will be followed with Beverly Hills Cop 4 this summer, as he reprises his Axel Foley role. Murphy separately was Emmy-nominated for his long-awaited return to Saturday Night Live, the show that launched him in the early 1980s.

Clinton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, alongside 15 other members of Parliament-Funkadelic. In 2019, he and those members were given their Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards.


Triest nieuws om te beginnen, want de afgelopen dagen zijn opnieuw twee muzikanten overleden. Eergisteren (4 april) overleed de Amerikaanse rockmuzikant Francisco ‘Frank’ Gonzalez op 68-jarige leeftijd. Gonzalez maakte van 1973 tot 1976 deel uit van de Amerikaanse rockband Los Lobos, die in 1987 een wereldhit scoorde met een remake van ‘La Bamba’. Hij ruste in vrede!

Gisteren (5 april) overleed het voormalige tieneridool Bobby Rydell op 79-jarige leeftijd in Abington Jefferson Hospital in Montgomery County in de Amerikaanse staat Pennsylvania. Bobby Rydell, die geboren werd als Robert Ridarelli, speelde al op tienjarige leeftijd in de televisieshow van Paul Whiteman als drummer. In 1956 werd hij drummer bij Rocco & The Saints (met Frankie Avalon als trompettist). Rydells eerste soloplaat verscheen in 1957 bij Veko Records. Een jaar later tekende hij een platencontract als solist bij Cameo Records. Singles als ‘Please Don't Be Mad’ en ‘All I Want Is You’ flopten, maar in 1959 volgde Bobby’s eerste grote hit ‘Kissin' Time’, die de elfde plaats van de Amerikaanse Billboard Hot 100 bereikte. De opvolger ‘We Got Love/I Dig Girls’ werd de eerste van Bobby’s in totaal zes Amerikaanse Top 10 hits. Rydell groeide uit tot een tieneridool. Zijn hoogtijdagen lagen in de jaren 1960 t/m 1962 met hits als ‘Wild One/Little Bitty Girl’ (1960), ‘Swinging School/Dig-A-Ling’ (1960), ‘Volare’ (1960), ‘Sway/Groovy Tonight’ (1960), ‘Good Time Baby/Cherie’ (1961), ‘I’ll Never Dance Again/Gee, It’s Wonderful’ (1962) en ‘The Cha-Cha-Cha’ (1962). Van al deze singles werden in de Verenigde Staten 300.000 tot 600.000 exemplaren verkocht. In 1964 keerde Bobby Rydell nog een keer terug in de Top 10 van de Billboard Hot 100 met de single ‘Forget Him/Love, Love Go Away’, maar hierna nam zijn populariteit af. Rydell bleef tot na de eeuwwisseling optreden in het ‘gouwe ouwe’ circuit, vaak samen met Frankie Avalon en Fabian onder de naam The Golden Boys. Zijn autobiografie werd in 2016 gepubliceerd. Bobby Rydell ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


De Amerikaanse gitarist Joseph Messina is gisteren op 93-jarige leeftijd in zijn woning in Northville in de Amerikaanse staat Michigan overleden. Messina werd ook wel "white brother with soul" genoemd en was een van de meest getalenteerde gitaristen van het Motown Records huisorkest The Funk Brothers. Joseph Messina begon als puber met gitaar spelen. Op 25-jarige leeftijd speelde hij in het huisorkest van ABC Television en begeleidde hij artiesten als Sonny Stitt, Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Jack Teagarden, Lee Konitz, Jimmy Giuffre, Pepper Adams, Donald Byrd, Frank Rosolin en Dizzy Gillespie. Daarnaast speelde hij in ‘The Soupy Sales Show’, waarin hij onder andere Miles Davis en Charlie Parker begeleidde. In 1958 contracteerde Motown Records oprichter Berry Gordy Joseph Messina voor zijn Hitsville U.S.A. huisorkest, dat al snel de naam The Funk Brothers kreeg. In de jaren zestig en de beginjaren zeventig speelden The Funk Brothers mee op honderden Motown hits. Gedurende deze tijd werkte Messina met wereldsterren als Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops, Stevie Wonder en Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. Onder de talrijke Motown hits waarop Messina te horen was, bevonden zich ‘Dancing In The Street’ van Martha & The Vandellas (1964), ‘I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)’ van The Four Tops (1965) en ‘Your Precious Love’ van Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (1967). Messina stopte na dertig jaar met gitaar spelen voor Motown, toen Berry Gordy zijn Motown-imperium in 1972 naar Los Angeles verplaatste. Messina was de bedenker van een alternatieve muziektechniek, die ‘The Interval Study Method’ werd genoemd. Op 21 maart 2013 werden The Funk Brothers onderscheiden met een ster op de prestigieuze Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Joseph Messina ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


“Karlos Edwards is releasing this smash hit remake of the classic Stevie Wonder’s hit song ‘Summer Soft’. This song version has been officially given the direct node and approval from the official Stevie Wonder’s camp. It features Everett Peters who delivers an outstanding vocal performance on both the song and video + there's an additional up-tempo track mix by Dafunk Snatcha. this track is going to be a hit!”.


Artist Name : Karlos Edwards feat Everett Peters

Song Title : Summer Soft

Website : https://www.KarlosEdwards.com 

Genre : Jazz/Percussion

Song Producer : Karlos Edwards

Location : United Kingdom

Release Date: 25-APR-2022

Catalogue ID: DJ0101

UPC: 829282000733

Release Format: Single

Territory: Worldwide

P-Line: 2022 Digital Jukebox Records

C-Line: 2022 Digital Jukebox Records

Recording Location : United Kingdom

ITunes, EMusic, Inc All Major music outlets worldwide

Publishing Company : Digital Jukebox Recordings, UK

Distributed by Sony/The Orchard, New York USA

Sponsored by Latin Percussion - https://www.lpmusic.com/artists/artist-roster?artist_name=karlos+edwards#Karlos-Edwards


FERGE X FISHERMAN photo by Gregor Seifert


new album
out now - digital
out 22.04.22 - LP & CD
(Initiative Musik/Membran)

includes the single
feat Black Milk & Takuya Kuroda

Sits perfectly in between jazz and hip hop, combining the best of both worlds. Smooth trumpet licks and a virtuoso solo on a buttery warm production meet clever, introspective lyrics.


Jazz rap duo Ferge X Fisherman are comprised of German/American vocalist Fritz Fisherman and German producer Ferge. Having issued a debut album entitled ‘Blinded By The Neon’ in early 2020 (just as lockdown began), they subsequently occupied themselves writing and recording its excellent follow-up, ‘Duality’, which was released digitally on 1st April. LP and CD formats will follow later in the month.

Duality is a dual state or quality, and within mathematical systems a symmetry whereby a theorem remains valid if certain objects, relations or operations are interchanged. It also runs as both a feeling and realisation throughout the fourteen tracks included on ‘Duality’. Equal parts rap and jazz, it contains electronically produced beats and live instrumentation, and is lyrically reflective yet totally unreserved.

In regard to its lyrical content, ‘Duality’ is ostensibly a self-portrait of a musician raised in an affluent society and taking his first small steps onto the giant stages of the music industry. From 'Pace’ to ‘Trust’ to ‘Growth’, the words of the album's songs address the everyday realities he faces; emotional turmoil, his relationships, the contradictions in his own thoughts and actions and his quest for self-worth. By way of contrast, the security and comfort that his privileges bring are reflected musically throughout the record.

As relaxed, warm and comforting as this sounds, ‘Duality’ is also deliberately broken up with complex, jazzy interludes.

Having made the decision to continue releasing their brand of jazz rap independently, FXF have retained the freedom to create a well-rounded work of art in ‘Duality’ that breaks with typical conventions. Free of genre clichés, the duo have simply recorded what they wanted to and remained true to their musical vision. Multi-layered lyricism combined with complex compositions have resulted in an album that can be listened to attentively, discovering something new from it with each spin, but that can also run as ambient background.

The balancing act between electronically produced hip hop and live instrumentation is also wholly successful; the LakeSideBoyz have provided exciting instrumental parts, while the record also features high-profile international guest stars such as Detroit rapper Black Milk (‘Reality’), Japanese jazz trumpeter and Blue Note artist Takuya Kuroda (‘Reality’), New Zealand soul singer Noah Slee (‘Business’) and South African singer Hunter Rose (‘Home’).

With its unconventional sound, ‘Duality’ is a unique statement of intent for the German hip hop scene and sets a standard for others to follow.



Da Phatfunk Clique is a collaborative musical/creative concept, under the direction of violinist Darrell “D-Funk” Looney. The group continues developing their vibe as various musicians add their creative influence and experience to the compositional flow.


The current single entitled “Wait!” continues their tradition of funky jazz to elevate the mood of your everyday groove. Having previously collaborated with several fine musicians in the past including jazz piano luminary Bob Baldwin, this time he is undertaking a duet with chart-topping flautist Ragan Whiteside. They have generated a funky/jazzy vibe that audiences can’t “Wait!” to experience!


Darrell “D-Funk” Looney has created a purely eclectic vibe with the upcoming release of new all original tracks in genres ranging from Funk, to Latin/Reggaeton, Jazz and even Reggae for Da Phatfunk Clique’s new collection of compositions entitled “Da Smoovness”. The project is planned for full album release in late 2022.


What do you do after celebrating over a decade as one of contemporary jazz’s top saxophonists, known for your trademark blend of sensual Latin tinged powerful horn playing which garnered 12 top singles and 6 chart topping albums? You tap into your longtime love for the vibrant soul and blues energies of the 60s and 70’s to release your first studio album in six years BLUE, an album of original songs totally stylistically different from your previous recordings as evidenced by the cover art reminiscent of some of the great albums of that era. 


Driven by a fresh spark of creativity due to the isolation she felt during lockdown, Jessy set out to create an album full of James Brownesque drums and tasty/bluesy Ray Charles organ licks showcasing some of her most passionate and robust tenor playing ever. “The tone for BLUE was set when I wrote the track “Spinnin’,” whose high energy old school vibe was about me pouring out my frustration over cancelled gigs and sudden lifestyle adjustments due to lockdown,” states Jessy. “Overall my playing on the album reflects fourteen years of growth as a musician and songwriter, which feels normal considering how young I was when my first album came out. I always want to be evolving as an artist and producer. BLUE is very different from my earlier albums because it’s a snapshot of where I am now in my life and how I was feeling during these difficult times.”    


The result is anything but sorrowful. If anything, from the raw, sizzling horn-fired Crusaders-esque jam “Dig It” (a co-write with Jeff Lorber and BLUE’S first single) through her fast paced, discofied and thumping “Dance Beat,” it finds the artist letting loose, setting her musical spirit free and celebrating the start of a time of exciting new possibilities, while retaining some of her trademark Latin influences and traditional jazz and swing elements on later tracks.   

One of the unique aspects of recording during this time was the ability to record remotely via digital file transfer and sometimes FaceTiming with the other musicians in different locations – resulting in a truly international affair. In addition to “Dig It,” Jessy co-wrote and co-produced the wildly funky Cannonball Adderley influenced “Malt Shop” with Jeff Lorber, sending tracks back and forth from across L.A. County and having her friend Ludovic Louis create his improvisational trumpet blasts from Paris.


Starting with the immediate #1 Billboard chart success with the title track from her debut album Tequila Moon, the powerhouse saxophonist cemented her rising stardom touring with contemporary jazz greats like Lorber, Gerald Albright, Euge Groove and Peter White, She is seen regularly performing on the hit television competition shows “American Idol,’ “The Voice” and “Dancing with the Stars,’ and in more recent years has toured with Anita Baker, recorded with Robin Thicke and contributed as composer/performer to the albums of two members of Chance the Rapper’s band - the GRAMMY® nominated Intellexual album and The Juju Exchange’s Exchange. 


In conjunction with the release of BLUE Jessy embarks on a U.S. tour throughout the spring and summer. She will also be releasing California Christmas Vol. 2 for the 2022 holiday season.  


“Writing and recording BLUE was an extraordinary experience,” says Jessy. “I have missed the connection with my fans so much these past two years. On every level--physical, emotional, spiritual – music plays such an important role in healing us. It’s like therapy, making everything in life so much better and healthier.”


"Dig It"


Recorded and Mixed by Jeff Lorber at JHL Sound Pacific Palisades, CA

and Changi Records Anaheim, CA


Tenor Saxophone - Jessy J

Keyboards, Bass, Guitar - Jeff Lorber

Drums - Gary Novak


40th Anniversary Album: Contemporary jazz band Special EFX featuring Chieli Minucci will drop “Twenty Twenty 2” on April 22.


NEW YORK CITY (30 March 2022): Celebrating a fortieth anniversary is a big deal, especially when it comes to the longevity of a band so, when the novel coronavirus forced contemporary jazz group Special EFX featuring Chieli Minucci to abandon their concert tour midflight in March 2020, Minucci retreated to his New York City home studio and began work writing, producing and recording an album to commemorate the outfit’s milestone occasion. “Twenty Twenty 2” arrives on April 22.


Minucci, a three-time Emmy-winning and Grammy nominated guitarist-composer-producer-arranger, teamed with Hungarian percussionist George Jinda to form Special EFX in 1982, a bountiful partnership that ushered the band to the top of the charts, saw them embark on extensive concert tours with stops at some of the most prestigious jazz festivals in the world, and crafted a distinctive brand of music that incorporates jazz, rock, fusion, blues, pop and world music. Although Jinda died in 2001,  the release of “Twenty Twenty 2” celebrates the enduring legacy of what he and Minucci built together that continues to thrive today via the guitarist’s fervent vision and creative force.


“Twenty Twenty 2” consists of eleven new Minucci compositions, most of which were written during the first year of the pandemic. The album includes two reimagined songs from Minucci’s catalogue that were expanded and given new twists. “Everything & Anything,” a refresh of “Anything & Everything” penned thirty years ago, now features a sweet and soulful saxophone solo by Grammy winner Eric Marienthal. Over seven minutes long and recorded live at the SiriusXM studio prior to the lockdown, “Ballerina Dreams” is a sprawling 1989 piece that frees Minucci’s guitar to plier and pirouette with passion and grace. A nearly nine-minute remake of The Allman Brothers Band’s “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” is given the Special EFX gloss and serves as the album’s surprise opener.


Minucci and his extended band - seventeen musicians perform on “Twenty Twenty 2” in addition to the guitarist – broke from standard Special EFX recording practices.


“Special EFX has traditionally been a live-in-the-studio band for most of its years. But because of the world health crisis, that option wasn’t available. So, as many artists also experienced recently, the music was sometimes recorded one part, one musician at a time. This was a new experience for me,” said Minucci who acknowledged that “Ballerina Dreams” and the playful, handclapping Irish romp “Ceili Music” are exceptions that were recorded live.


“Twenty Twenty 2” showcases Minucci on acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, synths, beats, shaker and vocals. Making appearances on the album are keyboardists Lao Tizer, Jay Rowe and Oli Silk; saxophonists Marienthal, Nelson Rangell and Richie Cannata; violinist Antoine Silverman; trumpeter Lin Rountree; bassists Jerry Brooks, Ric Fierabracci, Dave Anderson and Gianluca Minucci; drummers Joel Rosenblatt, Lionel Cordew and John Favicchia; and percussionist Mino Cinélu.


In writing music for the album, Minucci found inspiration everywhere: on meditative beach walks (“Words Left Unsaid”); in mellow moments of reflection (“Slow Hands”); sifting through his record collection to listen to some of his favorite big-band sounding fusion groups (“Showboat”); solitude and seclusion (“Folks Like Us”); admiring the productions and arrangements of global pop artists like Zedd and Max Martin (“Novembers Child”); and from watching espionage and terrorism playout on a television series (“Homeland”).    


“I once read that composing is like an energy wave passing through one’s body: first from above, through the mind, then through the body, and finally out the hand, off into the world for all to share. I still feel that same excitement about music that I experienced as a child, more than ever perhaps,” said Minucci who has written music for television (“The Guiding Light,” “Dancing With The Stars,” “American Idol” and the “Good Morning America” theme), movies (“Bowfinger,” “Legally Blonde,” “Snake Eyes” and “Panic”), radio (Bloomberg Radio theme), and theater (live productions of “Peter Pan,” “Dora the Explorer” and “Thomas the Tank Engine”).


Special EFX featuring Minucci recently launched their 2022 concert itinerary with shows in Minneapolis and Denver to set the stage for “Twenty Twenty 2.” The band has dates booked through October and includes Boscov’s Berks Jazz Festival (April 2, 3 and 10), Winter Park Jazz Festival (July 16) and the Vail Jazz Festival (July 17). Special EFX will be in Houston, TX (Sugar’s Cajun Cuisine) the day “Twenty Twenty 2” streets and at Southern California hotspot Spaghettini the following night.


“My hope is that music lovers will listen to ‘Twenty Twenty 2’ from top to bottom, as is, in the order I chose to sequence it in - kind of like how we all did back in the day, before streaming and websites,” said Minucci who earlier this year released the solo acoustic guitar album, “Someone’s Singing.” 


“Twenty Twenty 2” contains the following songs:


“In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”

“Gonna Be Alright”

“Slow Hands”


“Folks Like Us”

“Ceili Music”

“Everything & Anything”

“Novembers Child”


“Ballerina Dreams”

“I’m Leaving You”



“Words Left Unsaid”


Catch Special EFX featuring Chieli Minucci on tour in 2022.


March 31          Annapolis, MD                          Ramshead Tavern

April 1              Richmond, VA                          The Tin Pan

April 2              Reading, PA                              Berks Jazz Festival Midnight Jam

April 3              Reading, PA                              Berks Jazz Festival

April 10            Reading, PA                              Berks Jazz Festival/Friends of Nick Colionne

April 22            Houston, TX                             Sugar’s Cajun Cuisine

April 23            Los Angeles, CA                      Spaghettini

April 29 & 30   Tarrytown, NY                         Jazz Forum Arts

May 6              Baltimore, MD                         Montpelier Arts Center

June 5              Saratoga Springs, NY               Caffe Lena

June 12             San Diego, CA                         San Diego Smooth Jazz Festival

June 17             Birmingham, AL                      Steel City Jazz Festival

June 18 & 19    Atlanta, GA                              Velvet Note

July 16             Denver, CO                              Winter Park Jazz Festival

July 22             Pittsburgh, PA                          Allegheny County Sound Park Bandshell

July 23             Augusta, GA                            Capture the Rhythm Art and Jazz Series

August 6          Portland, OR                            Vanport Jazz Festival

August 25         Branford, CT                            Branford Town Green

October 28       Miami, FL                                Miami Smooth Jazz Festival

October 29       Charlotte, NC                           Middle C Jazz


For more information, please visit https://chielimusic.com.


Initially branding herself as DawgGoneDavis, Kansas City area songwriter, rapper and Indie recording artist Rebecca L. Davis came out of nowhere in early 2018 and hit the global Indie music charts with her hilarious autobiographical breakthrough smash “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style,” which reached #1 on the influential Euro Indie Music chart and the top spot in Asia and South America. 

Considering the hipster novelty of the track, DGD could easily have become a one hit wonder. Yet with an ever-expanding base of global and US fans from 16 to 80+ hinging on her every rhyme, clever twist of phrase and namechecking of classic rockers (from Neil Diamond and Tom Petty to Motley Crew and Burton Cummings), Rebecca DGD has been an enduring phenomenon, with 20 hit international singles and counting. Her breakthrough success over the past four years has proven one thing – rap and hip-hop ain’t just for kids and hipsters anymore. 

Three years after she gathered her first nine singles on the debut compilation Hot Dawgest Night (whose title was a wink to the classic Diamond live album), the adventurous, ever-evolving artist is releasing Raybans in the Rain, a fresh collection of her last 11 smash hits. While giving longtime fans a chance to revisit her fascinating growth as a poetic storyteller and rapper, it’s also an incredible opportunity for newcomers to enjoy a feast for their ears.

Five of the tracks on Raybans in the Rain celebrate her dynamic collaborations with longtime Snoop Dogg producer Chago G. Williams, whom she calls “one of the great hook masters of the world” whose rousing, rocking, provocative and intensely intuitive choruses have helped take Rebecca’s creative game to fresh, transcendent levels. Their latest, “Appreciation,” recently hit #7 on the World Indie Music Chart, and just as importantly, is a terrestrial radio smash in Canada, whose listeners are dazzled by Rebecca’s tribute to their homies, legendary rocker Burton Cummings and The Guess Who. She also fondly name checks The Who on this song. This success is the latest in a DGD-Chago hitmaking streak that includes the hard-hitting, pandemic era cuts “Darkest Hour” (#5 on the Euro Indie Chart), “No More” (#11) and “Clean Slate” (#7) as well as “Raybans in the Rain,” the title cut of the new compilation and a festive celebration of summer, Rebecca’s favorite season. 

Beyond the Chago cuts, the new album boasts another key DGD collaboration, her emotional mid-2021 tune “Boulders Weeping – Cry No More,” which hit #6 on the World Indie Music Chartand featured a powerful vocal hook by former Gap Band member and gospel/R&B artist Dorian P. Williams.

The collection also includes her lighthearted yet poignant perennial Christmas hit “Here Comes Santa Dawg” (which hit the Top 5 on the World Indie Music Chart three holiday seasons in a row!) and a sublime revisit of “Butt On Fiya”, her 2018 single (#3 on the Euro Indie Music Chart), which, true to the autobiographical whimsy she brings to so many of her songs, found her mocking the breast cancer she beat and compensating for her removed mammaries with a genetically blessed rear end. The other tracks on Raybans in the Rain are her socially conscious, prayer like “Weight of the World,” a call to “Judge Not, Rap Yes” and one of her most playful, rockin’ songs ever, “Checkered Future.” 

From the very beginning, the foundation of the DGD sound has been her ongoing creative relationship with the dynamic Euro connection she considers her massive music weapons – German Producer, saxophonist, flutist Hellmut Wolf and explosive electric guitarist Romain Duchein. On some of her early hits, their overall sound design included the intense grooves of drummer Jack T. Perry. While Wolf has always showcased his formidable sax skills on previous Rebecca DGD tracks, “Appreciation” allows him to shine on his Ian Anderson influenced flute playing with fills and a powerhouse solo that reflects Burton Cummings’ prowess on the instrument.

“I feel so happy and blessed to have connected and worked with such talented musicians whom I never would have crossed paths with had I never taken a big leap to become an artist,” Rebecca says. “Working with Hellmut, Chago and Dorian, among others has completely changed my mindset as to the kind of tracks I want to create moving forward. No soft love songs for me, but a big, bold sound driven by “rap and roll” and “rock & roll.” I still write and rap the way I have always done, telling the stories in my life – and in fact, my upcoming song, which will feature Earth, Wind & Fire keyboardist Billy B. Young, is about my growing up in a small town and getting into very mild trouble. I love the way working with artists on this level has helped me develop my writing and performing, and my vision of what I can be as an artist. People look at me  and say, “how did she get to work with such huge talents? How did you make that happen?” “For me, it’s more that they hear and understand what I’m trying to do (and give to the planet) while we are all singing &dancing.” 😊




“Tired (Do You Hear Me) was originally a demo track put out there by Kim Tavares in 2021 whilst she was unsigned. The song caused a storm and was a massive underground hit which charted without an official release throughout Europe. The demand for her live performances in Europe grew and upon her successful signing to Digital Jukebox Records/Sony Music Distribution the song was returned to the recording studio where the production team at Digital Jukebox re-worked the entire demo track to a polished high-performance standard. This is the official release of the much-anticipated song of the year bringing you back to the true sounds of the classic 90’s R&B elements and flavours.”



Producer l Writer l Bassist Pat Carey (Pat Carey Project). Pat has put together a smooth chilled tune that will truly make you fall in love, and put you in a special place in someone's heart. Pat has brought in jazz saxophonist Tony White to add the jazzy flavor to this wonderful track.


Amazon - https://amazon.com/music/player/albums/B09S8YYQLR...

Deezer - https://deezer.page.link/DZsAL6d3tWZ5zB7H7

Spotify - https://amazon.com/music/player/albums/B09S8YYQLR...

Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/.../nothin-but-love.../1609592563...

Pandora - https://www.pandora.com/.../nothin-but.../ALvz2fpZ7mxkvh9...

iTunes - https://music.apple.com/.../nothin-but-love.../1609592563...


Helaas heel triest nieuws. Zojuist is bekend geworden dat oud-(bas)gitarist Bert Ruiter op 75-jarige leeftijd in Blaricum is overleden. Bert is sinds 1973 de levenspartner van zangeres Jerney Kaagman. Bert Ruiter wordt geboren op in 1946 in Hilversum. Op zijn twaalfde begint hij gitaar te spelen en vanaf zijn zestiende speelt hij in verschillende bands, waaronder The Caps, Angelflight Railways, Punky's Dilemma, Long Tall Shorty & The Spectacles, The Jay Jays (met Willem Duyn) en Full House. In 1970 begeleidt Bert kleinkunstenaar Herman van Veen voor wie hij het nummer ‘Morgen Ben Ik Op De Maan’ schrijft. In 1971 vervangt hij basgitarist Cyril Havermans bij Focus, de wereldberoemde symfonische rockband rond Thijs van Leer en Jan Akkerman. De singles ‘Sylvia’ en ‘Hocus Pocus’ van Focus worden grote hits in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en de Verenigde Staten. Het betekent de internationale doorbraak van Focus. In 1978 wordt Focus ontbonden en treedt Bert toe tot Earth & Fire. Hij heeft dan al bijna vijf jaar een relatie met zangeres Jerney Kaagman. In 1979 scoort de band een grote internationale hit met de single ‘Weekend’. Earth & Fire ontvangt in 1980 een Gouden Harp. De groep brengt in 1982 de elpee ‘In A State Of Flux’ uit, maar dat wordt geen groot succes. Het album levert wel de hitsingles ‘Twenty Four Hours’, ‘Jack Is Back’ en ‘The Two Of Us’ op. De single ‘Jack Is Back’ wordt geschreven door Bert Ruiter en Jerney Kaagman. Kort daarna valt de band uiteen. Jerney Kaagman gaat soloplaten maken waar Bert Ruiter nauw bij betrokken is. Eind jaren tachtig komt Earth & Fire in een andere bezetting weer bij elkaar. De doorstart is echter geen artistiek succes. Bert Ruiter verlaat de groep in 1995. Na Earth & Fire gaat Bert zich nadrukkelijker toeleggen op het produceren, componeren en arrangeren voor diverse artiesten. Daarnaast is hij bestuurslid bij Sena (Stichting ter Exploitatie van Naburige Rechten). Bert Ruiter ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Ron King is one of the finest trumpet / composer / arranger artists, in the world today. A Grammy nominated soloist, he is also one of L.A.’s top studio lead / jazz / improvisational trumpet players. He has attained Gold records for working with such artists as George Benson, Ricki Lee Jones, and Marvin Gaye.


In addition to these artists, he has also performed and recorded with The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Frank Sinatra and Keely Smith, The Jimmy Kimmel Live television show, ABC-TV’s, The Next Best Thing, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, and featured on The Grammy Awards!!


King has been involved with numerous music projects and CDs that include such artists as David Foster, Jeff Lorber, Michael Bolton, Queen Latifah, and Brian Simpson, to name but a few.


He's now released his own CDs, starting with Triumph in 2016, then Downtown Mama produced by Paul Brown (2019). His forthcoming new CD is also produced by Paul Brown, and features the new single "Cascade".


Saxman Greg Chambers new single "Double Trouble" is funk-forward, sassy and sweet, and hard-hitting from start to finish. Featuring bassist extraordinaire Michael Fields Jr. and an array of A-list players (Dwayne "Smitty" Smith, Eric Valentine, Matt Godina), "Double Trouble" boasts an infectious hook, whimsical interplay between sax and bass, and a rock steady, driving funk to bind it all together.


Greg's expressive delivery, shimmery saxophone tone, and melodic writing help to make this one bad tune.


National recording artist and saxophonist Dee Lucas is back just in time to heat up things in 2022 with "Hot Ice"! 


Coming off the heels from his Billboard smash hit "Full Tilt", Lucas is joined again with 9-time Billboard #1 artist & hitmaker Adam Hawley. "Hot Ice" features piano virtuoso and Smooth Jazz charting artist Gino Rosaria. The two together are the perfect combination of blending a sizzling hot hook with an ever so-cool melody!


As a runner-up in the 2007 Capital Jazz Festival Competition, Dee Lucas has opened for or co-billed for several such as Norman Brown, Ronnie Laws, Nnenna Freelon, Hugh Masekela, Gregg Karukas, Peter White, Nick Colionne, Michael Franks, Peabo Bryson, Miki Howard, Howard Hewett, & The Manhattans just to name a few. He has performed at several jazz festivals such as The Arizona Jazz Festival, The Jacksonville Jazz Festival, The Savannah Jazz Festival, The Atlanta Jazz Festival, & The Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival .


"Hot Ice"

Produced by Adam Hawley 

Written by Adam Omar Hawley, Orlando (Dee) Lucas & Carnell L Harrell 

Mixed by Adam Hawley 

Mastered by Steve Hall/Future Disc Systems


Dee Lucas - Soprano Saxophone 

Gino Rosaria - Keys 

Adam Hawley - Guitar, Rhodes, Organ, & Strings 

Mel Brown - Bass 

Eric Valentine - Drums 

Carnell Harrell - Additional Synth


Vandaag brengt de Italiaanse saxofonist Rocco Ventrella zijn nieuwe single ‘My Entirety’ uit. Het is mooie smooth jazz track, met zang van Kellie Allen, terwijl Jay Gore gitaar speelt, en Iacopo Carlini te horen is op piano en synthesizer. Rocco nam de rest voor zijn rekening. Nerio “Papik” Poggi zorgde voor de mixing, en Steve Hall masterde de track.



Dit najaar, vanaf september, zal Alex Agnew weer de intimiteit van het theater opzoeken. Scherp als altijd en dicht bij zijn publiek zal hij met zijn nieuwe voorstelling “Wake me up when it’s over” het hele land doorkruisen.


Alex Agnew staat meer dan 20 jaar op het podium en is inmiddels aan zaalshow nummer zeven aanbeland. Na een hele reeks try-outs (zo'n 80 stuks!) en een jaar gerodeerd te hebben zit de show gebeiteld en zal de grapdichtheid weer ongekend hoog zijn, zoals we van Alex Agnew kunnen verwachten. De king of comedy zal in première gaan in zijn Antwerpen. De Stadsschouwburg zal op 20 september 2022 plaats bieden voor de kick-off van de tournee die in heel Vlaanderen halt houdt. In de centrumsteden zullen opnieuw de grote bakken het speelterrein vormen van Agnew. Het publiek mag zich dus weer opmaken voor een stevige avond comedy in zalen zoals Capitole Gent, Trixxo Theater Hasselt, Kursaal Oostende, Concertgebouw Brugge, enz. Alex aan het woord:


“People of the universe!

Mensen die mijn carrière al langer volgen, weten dat ik graag met de deur in huis val, dus bij deze: mijn optreden op 18 juni op de wei van Werchter gaat niet door.

Ligt het aan de uitwassen van de pandemie, deze woelige tijden, het steeds duurder wordende leven of was het idee om op een festivalweide in openlucht voor rechtstaand publiek een comedyshow te spelen gewoon een brug te ver? Wie zal het zeggen?

Het is waarschijnlijk een samenloop van wrong time, wrong place en misschien ook wrong idea.

Ik zou in ieder geval iedereen die een ticket heeft gekocht enorm willen bedanken. Jullie hebben geen idee wat dat voor mij betekent.

Jullie tickets worden uiteraard volledig terugbetaald door Ticketmaster.

Ik ga uiteraard ook niet zomaar iets afkondigen zonder iets aan te kondigen:

Vanaf september speel ik mijn gloednieuwe comedyshow “Wake me up when it’s over” in alle theaterzalen en Culturele Centra in Vlaanderen en ook enkele exclusieve shows in Nederland.

Tickets zijn verkrijgbaar via www.alexagnew.be

Van elk verkocht ticket gaat, zoals beloofd, nog steeds 1 Euro naar het VUB Yamina Krossafonds om de strijd tegen borstkanker een handje toe te steken.

Live long, live strong en tot in de theaters!”


Het publiek wil dus vooral Alex Agnew zien in het comfort van een theaterzaal. En als het publiek een rode pluche zetel wil voor een avond comedy dan is comedy organisator Comedyshows.be er als de kippen bij om dat te faciliteren als toonaangevende organisatie in België. Tickets en info via www.COMEDYSHOWS.be en www.ALEXAGNEW.be. De ticketverkoop start vanaf vandaag. 


Uiteraard kon deze nieuwe tournee en annulatie van de Werchter-show niet zomaar passeren. Hij werd stevig op de korrel genomen door dichte vrienden en collega's (you only roast the ones you love) zoals: Philippe Geubels, Erik Van Looy, Xander De Rycke, Fokke van der Meulen en recente Humo's Comedy Cup winnaar Vincent Voeten. Bekijk hier de integrale roast: https://youtu.be/8AOWgvxYpyM. Vanaf september is Alex Agnew dus terug te zien in zijn vertrouwde habitat: theater! Tickets vanaf nu verkrijgbaar via www.COMEDYSHOWS.be en www.ALEXAGNEW.be.


Zaterdag 14 komt Jonathan Fritzen (Sweden) weer naar Nederland exclusief voor het JazzRock Café voor de release van zijn nieuwste album Piano Tales!

Het eerste JazzRock café weer sinds de Corona tijd met een internationale artiest! Hij zal worden begeleid door de band van Sietse Huisman en die bestaat dit keer uit:


Sietse Huisman – drums

Ronald Jonker – bas

Jeff Sopacua – gitaar


Sommigen hebben kunnen genieten van zijn muziek op het Jazz Festival Delft een aantal jaren geleden met Gianni Vancini:

YouTube: https://youtu.be/TgYI9dC7Wro


En zijn optreden enkele jaren geleden in het JazzRock Café Hengelo. Nu komt hij naar Metropool Enschede!

Naar verwacht wordt het weer een Funky Smoothjazz avond!



Wees er weer bij! Ticket sale is begonnen:



HIGH PULP - 2022 photo by Will Matsuda

(feat Jacob Mann)

new single
out 22.03.22

from the album
out 15.04.22
(ANTI- Records)

pre-order link


Seattle-based Jazz collective High Pulp have released a new single entitled ‘Kamishinjo’ today. Featuring keyboard wizard Jacob Mann, the cosmic sounding track is the third song to be issued from their new album, ‘Pursuit Of Ends’, which is out on 15th April.

“Kamishinjo is a neighborhood in Osaka, Japan where Antoine [Martel, keyboardist] and myself spent a good amount of time in 2019,” explains drummer Bobby Granfelt. “The song began with a drum groove based around a left-foot clave pattern. Those patterns have a natural tension and release to them and we used the song as a way to explore that push/pull relationship as a whole. When we were writing it, Antoine started messing around with his pitch wheel as a method of creating movement and I was immediately reminded of the frenetic energy of Kamishinjo Station.”

As for teaming up with Mann, Granfelt continues: “Working with Jacob was a dream. He sent over a handful of solo takes on his Juno 106 and I was genuinely inspired by their lyricism and originality. The horn writing at the end of the tune is also a nod to David Axelrod, who is one of our biggest influences.”

‘Pursuit of Ends’ is the second album by High Pulp but their first for ANTI- Records. Drawing on punk rock, shoegaze, hip-hop and electronic music, the band’s brand of jazz is both vintage and futuristic, hinting at times to everything from Miles Davis and Duke Ellington to Aphex Twin and My Bloody Valentine. Its contents balance meticulous composition with visceral spontaneity, while the performances of the group members are nothing short of virtuosic, fuelled by raw, ecstatic horn runs ducking and weaving their way around thick bass lines and dizzying percussion.


also available now



While High Pulp is centred around a crew of six core members, the group also make judicious use of a broad network of collaborators - including guest turns from the likes of sax star Jaleel Shaw (Roy Haynes, Mingus Big Band), harpist Brandee Younger (Ravi Coltrane, The Roots), GRAMMY-nominated trumpeter Theo Coker and keyboardist Jacob Mann (Rufus Wainwright, Louis Cole) - to help stretch the boundaries of their already expansive sonic universe. The result is a lush, cinematic collection as unpredictable as it is engrossing, an urgent, exhilarating instrumental album that manages to speak to the moment without uttering a single word.

“When you put us all together, our sound isn’t so much a fusion as it is a synthesis,” adds Granfelt. “There are a lot of different personalities coming from a lot of different places, and we use it all as fuel to create something that’s totally our own.”


HIGH PULP - 2022 biography

1  Ceremony
2  All Roads Lead To Los Angeles (feat Jaleel Shaw)
3  Blaming Mercury
4  Window To A Shimmering World
5  Chemical X
6  A Ring On Each Finger
7  Kamishinjo (feat Jacob Mann)
8  Inner Crooner
9  Wax Hands (feat Brandee Younger)
10  You’ve Got To Pull It Up From The Ground (feat Theo Croker)

(left to right above)
Antoine Martel - keyboards
Victory Nguyen - saxophone, flute & trumpet
Andrew Morrill - saxophone
Bobby Granfelt - drums & percussion
Rob Homan - keyboards
Kaeli Earle - bass
Trevor Eulau - guitar

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Smooth Jazz saxophonist Matt Lee, debuts his single "One More Kiss". Matt Lee features his signature style with a haunting and sexy soprano sax performance bringing a new vibe to the smooth jazz world. As the song moves thru the intro, it leaves you in suspense for what's to come. "One More Kiss" builds thru the chorus making you think of that special person sitting next to a fireplace with your favorite glass of wine. "One More Kiss" will definitely get you in the right mood for a memorable evening.


Producer Jeffrey Carruthers, puts together an amazing arrangement that screams "I Love Ya Baby"! Let's not forget the incredible performances by Darryl Williamson Bass, Eric Valentine on drums, Ricky Petersonon Hammond B3, Jeffrey Carruthers on piano, keys and guitar. Matt Lee on the soprano and tenor saxophones. "One More Kiss" is the perfect vibe for 2022.


"Music soothes the soul and unites our hearts". -Matt Lee


For Eric Darius there are no limitations when it comes to breaking new ground. Internationally known as an elite Jazz/R&B Saxophonist, Songwriter, Producer, and Performer, Darius most recently dropped, Summer Feelin’ Featuring Paul Jackson, Jr., the first single from his upcoming album which became a rallying anthem of hope during the pandemic, capturing the feeling of togetherness. He is now slated to release his second single, That’s My Jam Featuring Justin Lee Schultz on March 25th. 


This upbeat, feel good song captures the exhilarating grooves and high energy of his legendary live show and is sure to be his next Billboard chart-topping hit! That’s My Jam is a song that Darius wrote that pays homage to one of his closest friends who recently passed, Willie Payne. “He always lived life to the fullest and was the life of the party everywhere that he went! Any time he heard one of his favorite songs, he’d yell out: ‘That’s My Jam!’ and hit the dance floor. This is one of those jams that captures his infectious energy that I know he would’ve loved, so it felt right to name the song after one of his favorite past times…living it up and dancing like no one is watching! With so much going on in the world around us today, this song is about inspiring others to live their best life and just dancing to the rhythm of life.”


As for Eric’s upcoming album, this project will be his second release via his own independent label, SagiDarius Music. His most recent album Breakin’ Thru released in 2018 was a huge commercial success, yielding four #1 hits on the Contemporary Jazz charts, however, this upcoming project due this Summer promises to be his best to date!


Produced by GRAMMY award-winning musician, Philip Lassiter (Prince, Kirk Franklin, Ariana Grande), this album features collaborations with Paul Jackson, Jr., Justin Lee Schultz, Mononeon, and many others, musically blurring the lines between Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk & Pop! A worldwide tour is also in the works to promote the new album. 


About his foray into independence, Darius says, “I’m really excited to release another album on my own record label. As a recording artist, it is truly the most rewarding yet challenging thing I’ve ever done. To go independent and take complete control of my music from start to finish took a huge leap of faith, but there is really no better feeling than having true creative freedom and being able to make music directly for my fans with no restrictions or boundaries. I feel like I’ve learned so much on the entrepreneurial side of things in this process and it will only benefit me down the line in all facets of the music industry.”


new single
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(Zenith Café/Membran)

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out 13.05.22


Based in Carrickfergus, just north of Belfast, the music created by Lee Rogers sounds as resilient, gorgeous and scarred as his home turf looks. The sensual, resplendent songs contained on ‘Gameblood’, his long-awaited second album (his debut was in 2006), display an elegiac musical craftsmanship while showing off open-hearted, lyrical storytelling.

“My dad was a second generation settled Gypsy with black hair, swarthy skin and green eyes, like me,” states Rogers. “He had gold hoop earrings and old Indian-inked tattoos. He was as hard as the road he walked on but had the softest heart for us and my mother, who he loved unconditionally. He had a fighting spirit, and that’s what I believe ‘Gameblood’ means and is where the album title comes from.”

On this third official release (he also issued an EP entitled ‘Dark Notions’ in late 2021), Rogers comes across as a manly yet tender outcast with an honest musical solidarity to fellow wounded exile-pioneers who have experienced similar rocky relationships and existential pain.

The album’s first single, ‘Life and Lies’, is explained by Rogers as “a slightly cheeky, heartfelt ballad that everyone can relate to, about finding love and just a little light in the darkest places. Sometimes we just need to get ourselves to a place where we aren’t afraid to look.” Its excellent video was shot in a Belfast bar, which he adds was “the perfect setting. The fun part is I was genuinely drunk during the shooting, so there was little acting needed.”

A stripped-back, acoustic version of the video will be available from 18th March, of which Americana UK states: "Over delicate but insistent guitar-work, Rogers delivers an outstanding vocal performance. Full of engaging melody and character, with controlled changes in volume, and just the right amount of grit, his voice gives the song authenticity and emotional resonance.”
Recorded at Sycamore Studios with his regular band and produced by Gareth Dunlop (who also produced the recent EP), Rogers describes ‘Gameblood' as “a visit to those hard places that most people put to the back of their psyche and build a wall around. Love, lust, life, death, addiction and lots of spirits and ghosts moving around holding it all together. This album is a truer reflection of myself, my stories, where I’ve been and where I hope I am now. It’s music for the grown-up mind, those folk who have seen a bit of life, and can relate to the songs. Though I am hoping some of the kids love the vibe too!”

Rogers admits that he wasn’t in the greatest of places when he started writing the album, while its songs have themes of things hard to visit that he was at least able to harness and heal in the recording process. As an aching example, ‘Uneasy Love’ was written “about travelling all over Australia with this beautiful woman who set me on lots of the better paths I took in life. She left the planet for her next journey a while back. I had a dream that I was in this old car I had out there, driving in the middle of nowhere and got excited when I looked round and saw her in the passenger seat, sun-bleached hair, tanned skin, bare feet on the dashboard. Then, she started glitching in and out of vision, like she was gonna disappear completely. I woke up, gutted, went to my studio with tears in my eyes and wrote the song.”

Just as deeply felt, the romantic anthem ‘Everytime’ is about the love Rogers has for his wife Nikita, “the person who helps fix my mistakes, never judges and soothes me back to the human I am supposed to be. I can’t count how many times she has painstakingly put me back together, held me when I was falling apart and reasoned with me when I wasn’t seeing reason in anything. I know that if you find that person in your life, who calms your storms and puts out the fires, who helps you be what you are meant to be, then you’ll get every word of this song.”

The tender, raw yet cinematically sophisticated instrumentation on ‘Gameblood’ is reminiscent of classic folk albums such as John Martyn’s ‘Solid Air’, the soulful craft of Keb Mo’s ‘Blues Americana’ and the glistening if lacerating baroque balladry of Tom Waits' ‘Mule Variations’. Having worked as a tattoo artist for over a decade following the release of his debut album, the additional attention to human vulnerability and creative detail he has brought across from the skill set required in that industry has helped to set Rogers apart from most of his contemporaries.

1  Everytime
2  Silent Song
3  Uneasy Love
4  The House
5  Life And Lies
6  Haunted
7  Homeward Bound
8  Won’t Find Me
9  Fools Gold
10  Barefoot In The Basement (feat Foy Vance)



The single, “Mr. Jones,” goes for playlist adds on March 21, offering a preview of the forthcoming “Resurgence” album.


WESTCHESTER COUNTY (15 March 2022): Inspired by his mother’s death and his mentor’s massive stroke, R&B/jazz guitarist-bassist Aaron Brown felt a sense of urgency to create new music. As he works on his fourth album that he anticipates releasing in the fall, his BBP Records label will offer a preview when the single, “Mr. Jones,” goes for radio adds on March 21.


Brown wrote, produced and arranged the single named after his longtime friend and mentor, Gordon “G-man” Jones. Brown’s sinewy bass leaps to the fore over drummer Gene Faffley’s beats on the cut that features a prominent saxophone lead by guest star Pete Belasco, who admirably carries the melody with impassioned horn play. Dennis Johnson adds keyboard harmonies, embellishing Brown’s nuanced electric guitar.


Brown’s mother was an amazing 101-years-old when she passed away. Thankfully, his mentor survived the stroke and subsequent brain surgery. Jones always encouraged Brown to go from gigging studio session player and on-stage sideman to band leader. With the two real-life incidents serving as reminders of life’s fragility, Brown got hungry and began to compose new music with fervor. The album will aptly be titled “Resurgence,” which will be issued under the moniker Aaron Brown’s FuBop Collective.


Working on new music provides both a productive and healthy creative outlet for Brown as well as a fortress of solace. As Jones recovers and rehabilitates, working on “Resurgence” serves as a vital connection point for both mentor and mentee.


“Thankfully, G-man survived the ordeal (stroke) with most of his faculties and we continue to spend time together. Working on music keeps him connected to music and keeps us connected at this pivotal moment in both of our lives,” said the New York City-born Brown who resides outside the city in Westchester County.


Brown was a music major who studied performance, composition, arranging and music theory. While attending The City College of New York in Harlem, he learned to play the bass to add to his versatility. Brown dropped his debut album, “Eclectic Sessions,” in 2009. He has recorded and/or performed with a wide array of decorated jazz and R&B artists, including Roy Ayers, Marcus Miller, Omar Hakim, Freddie Jackson, Glenn Jones, Carmen Lundy, Larry Elgart Big Band, Charlie Palmieri and the Harlem Boys Choir. Brown was a member of the Columbia Records group Karavan, and fronted his own band, Aaron Brown & Moment’s Notice. Today, he runs Bop Brown Productions where he writes, records, edits, arranges and produces music.


Just as working on “Resurgence” offers Brown a welcome escape, he hopes “Mr. Jones” will serve a similar purpose for listeners.


“I hope ‘Mr. Jones’ brings listeners peace, tranquility and a few moments of relief from the woes of this crazy world and the crazy times in which we live.”


For more information, please visit https://www.fbcmusic.org.


De editie 2022 van Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke wordt gigantisch!


MIDDELKERKE – 1 juli tot en met 11 september 2022
Strand ter hoogte van De Greefplein


In 2021 bezochten meer dan 100.000 mensen de eerste Middelkerkse editie van het Zandsculpturenfestival. De lat ligt dus hoog voor de nieuwe editie. In de herfst werd het evenement al geëvalueerd. Middelkerke is de perfecte gaststad gebleken. Nu zijn Groep 24, MB Presents en de Gemeente Middelkerke trots om de nieuwe editie aan te kondigen.


Beter bereikbaar

Om het evenement nog beter bereikbaar te maken, zijn we op zoek gegaan naar een nieuwe locatie. Dat wordt het strand ter hoogte van het De Greefplein. Hier komt het gloednieuwe festivalterrein van meer dan 5.000 m2. Deze locatie ligt aan de tramhalte (De Greefplein) en is dus ideaal bereikbaar, ook voor wie gebruik maakt van het NMBS Discovery Ticket, waarmee je 50% korting krijgt op je treinrit.


Internationaal thema

Om nog beter tegemoet te komen aan de wensen van kustbezoekers uit alle windstreken werd er dit jaar een thema gekozen dat voor Belgen, van gelijk welke taalkundige achtergrond dan ook, én buitenlandse gasten toegankelijk is.

FC De Kampioenen was een heel dankbaar thema voor de vele Vlamingen die 2021 kozen voor een vakantie in eigen land. Dit jaar gaan we dus voor een thema dat iedereen zal bekoren: DINOSAURUSSEN!


Gigantisch veel zand

In 2021 werd zo’n 4.000 ton zand gebruikt voor de sculpturen. Dinosaurussen waren gigantisch, dus gaan we daar zo’n 2.000 ton bovenop doen om te zorgen voor meer en nog grotere sculpturen. Verwacht je naast de gekende soorten zoals de velociraptor, de stegosaurus en natuurlijk de T-Rex ook aan tal van spannende scènes. Indrukwekkend wordt het in elk geval!


Nog meer fun!

Nu het weer kan, wordt ook het aanbod aan animatie uitgebreid. We zitten uiteindelijk in de grootste zandbak van het land. Er komen onder meer workshops, een opgravingszone en speciale dino-events.


Samen met de dinofans

Er zijn heel veel dinofans, dat weten we. We willen de jongste fans betrekken bij de creatie van het evenement en daarvoor gaan we samenwerken met een aantal scholen. En net zoals vorig jaar, vragen we aan het publiek om de laatste sculptuur te ontwerpen. Zo vinden we de perfecte opvolger voor Jefke!!


Een ‘must see’ – ook voor de inwoners van Middelkerke

“Het Zandsculpturenfestival was vorige zomer een denderend succes.  Na een positieve evaluatie verwachten we nu nog meer van dit topevenement. Ook het thema doet het beste verhopen. Dino’s zijn een algemeen en aantrekkelijk thema voor jong en oud. We stuurden alvast de locatie bij, zodat het event nog toegankelijker wordt en de organisatie nog meer kan inzetten op een topbeleving. En dan weet je dat duizenden potentiële bezoekers een topdag in Middelkerke-Westende gaan beleven. Ook voor onze eigen inwoners is het Zandsculpturenfestival een ‘must see’. Daarom verkopen we opnieuw voordeeltickets voor onze eigen inwoners en tweedeverblijver. Die zullen enkel te koop zijn aan onze toeristische balies,” vertelt Tom Dedecker, eerste schepen van Middelkerke.


Het grootste kustevenement

Een uitstap naar of een vakantie aan zee is altijd een voltreffer. De combinatie met een topevenement voor jong en oud, zoals het Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke, maakt er het perfecte dagje uit van. In 2021 waren we al het grootste kustevenement, nu wordt Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke gigantisch!


Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke vindt plaats van 1 juli tot en met 11 september. Tickets zijn vanaf nu te koop via www.zandsculpturenfestival.com. Net zoals vorig jaar krijgen inwoners van Middelkerke en mensen met een tweede verblijf in Middelkerke 2 euro korting.


new single
out 11.03.22

included on
new album
out 03.06.22
(Round Hill Records)

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Pre-eminent funk outfit Lettuce have announced that their brand new album, ‘Unify’, will be released on 3rd June. The eighth studio record in total by the Boston, US-based sextet, it is their third in a row to be made at Colorado Sound Studios in Denver and completes a loose trilogy that began with the GRAMMY-nominated ‘Elevate’ (2019) and was continued with ‘Resonate’ (2020).

Fans can still expect plenty of the ultra-funky, soulful and largely instrumental tracks that Lettuce have always been known for, but in the tightest form they have ever taken. This time around, they have also received the stamp of approval from one of the genre’s legendary icons, Bootsy Collins, who can be heard singing on the song ‘Keep That Funk Alive’.
An introductory single from the album entitled ’Gravy Train’ is available from today. It features a tightly evolved rhythm section, pin-point accurate horns and guitar-bass interplay not executed this well since The Meters half a century ago. “It just has that classic Lettuce vibe,” states guitarist Adam ‘Shmeeans’ Smirnoff. “It's one of those songs that's timeless and could have shown up on any of our first albums. This one is for the OG Lettuce Heads.”

Approaching three decades since their humble beginnings, Lettuce essentially lived on the road until being forced off it in 2020, embodying the sly wink of their moniker: Let us play! They start touring again imminently. “We dreamed this up when we were teenagers, and here we are. We’re still doing it,” says saxophonist Ryan Zoidis.


“Dealing with the pandemic, being in separate places, trying to survive without our best friends, without touring, not to mention the political divide in this country….we really needed to unify,” says drummer Adam Deitch by way of explaining the album title, while Zoidis recalls that “the album somehow came together at a time when we were away from each other longer than we had been in years.” Although the group members were able to write in their respective home studios, they had not actually been in the same room or on stage together since a European tour in the early spring of 2020 was cut short by lockdown.

The very first track on ‘Unify’ captures the raw energy of the eventual Lettuce studio reunion in Denver, but is not where the story of 'Unify' begins. Its roots actually date back to 2018 when they assembled to begin work on ‘Elevate’. Armed with dozens of songs, they tracked enough material for that record, its successor ‘Resonate’ and more (including the vinyl-only live in the studio improv ‘Vibe’). With some stellar pre-existing tracks held over from those records and restrictions finally eased, the group was primed and decamped to Colorado Sound where they reunited with engineer Jesse O’Brien and self-produced the new record. Not having the opportunity of extensively road-testing the material and fleshing it out on tour prior to recording it, this time around the feeling was that they actually ‘discovered' the music as much as made it, essentially debuting it live in the studio.

A totally collaborative effort, ‘Unify’ is full of exciting cuts with brilliant lyrics and arrangements by vocalist/keyboardist Nigel Hall and fiery horn parts from trumpeter Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom, while bassist Erick ‘Jesus' Coomes observes that “we’re just getting tighter and tighter. These have been the first records made with the six of us as a team, and it’s the best the band has ever been: live and in the studio; the funkiest and the most fun.”

There is also the tantalising prospect of hearing it all unveiled on an extensive tour, which commences with a mammoth trek around the US in late March and eventually crosses the pond for a show at London Scala on 20th September that kicks off a set of European dates. “It’s exciting,” adds Smirnoff. “Our audiences are going to hear how we end up interpreting these songs for the first time, in the live form, and then for the 300th time; they’ll get to hear right along with us how the songs will morph and evolve.”

‘Unify' is an expression that is pure Lettuce. It will teleport you to a funky galaxy far, far away, where all life co-exists as one in peace, love, harmony…and music!  

Adam Deitch - drums
Ryan Zoidis - saxophone
Adam ‘Shmeeans’ Smirnoff - guitar
Erick ‘Jesus’ Coomes - bass
Nigel Hall - keyboards, vocals
Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom - trumpet



Eergisteren (11 maart) is de Amerikaanse soulzanger en toetsenist Timmy Thomas op 77-jarige leeftijd overleden. Thomas wordt geboren als één van de twaalf kinderen van een methodistische dominee. Vader Thomas leert al zijn kinderen pianospelen en laat ze ’s zondags spelen in de kerk. Als tiener krijgt Timmy jazzlessen van Stan Kenton en gaat hij studeren aan Lane College in Jackson. In die tijd begeleidt hij Donald Byrd en Cannonball Adderley en werkt hij als sessiemuzikant in Memphis. In 1967 studeert Thomas af en tekent hij een contract bij Goldwax Records. Dat jaar neemt hij twee singles op: ‘Have Some Boogaloo’ en ‘It’s My Life’. Deze blijven in Nederland onopgemerkt. Niet lang daarna verhuist hij naar Miami. Na daar een paar jaar op een hogeschool te hebben gewerkt, opent hij in 1972 zijn eigen café: Timmy’s Lounge Bar. In datzelfde jaar schrijft hij het nummer, waarmee hij in Nederland een flinke hit scoort: ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’. De inspiratie voor dit nummer haalt Thomas uit alle haat en leed in de wereld, zoals racisme en de Vietnam-oorlog. Hij neemt het nummer in één take op. ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ kenmerkt zich door de uitgeklede productie. Thomas speelt zelf hammondorgel (en hammond bas) en wordt begeleid door een drumcomputer. Nadat Henry Stone van TK Records ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ op de radio heeft gehoord, biedt hij Thomas een contract aan, koopt hij de rechten van het nummer en brengt hij het landelijk uit. ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ bereikt in het begin van 1973 de derde plaats van de Amerikaanse Billboard Hot 100. In de Veronica Top 40 haalt de single de 25ste plaats. In 1995 besluit Timmy Thomas te stoppen met zijn muzikale carrière. Hij gaat muzieklessen geven op een basisschool. De in België woonachtige muzikant Mike Anthony probeert een eigen cover van ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ te maken, maar gebruikt delen van de originele muziek. De rechter fluit Anthony terug, nadat Thomas een rechtszaak heeft aangespannen. Mike Anthony most alles terugtrekken en de single opnieuw opnemen. Met zijn versie van ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ scoort Anthony een Top 10 hit in de Nederlandse en Belgische hitlijsten. Andere covers van ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ komen van Sade (album ‘Diamond Life’), Steve Winwood en Carlos Santana. In 2015 gebruikt Drake in zijn hitsingle ‘Hotline Bling’ ook samples uit Timmy Thomas’ hit ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’, waarvan het thema anno 2022 weer actueel is. Timmy Thomas ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Smooth Jazz saxophonist Johnny James aka 'Dr. J' is back! James will release his new single "Foolish Heart" on March 14, 2022. The single, produced by Andre Brissette, is the first from James’ forthcoming album Breathing, scheduled for release this summer. "Foolish Heart" includes the all-star musical talents of Paul Brown, Norman Brown, and Greg Phillinganes.


James is super excited Paul Brown mixed the single to perfection. “Paul is definitely one of the heavy weights in smooth jazz,” said James. “I love how he mixed the single to give the recording an exhilarating feel and sound that vastly bring out the best in this beautiful ballad.”


Paul Brown has over 100 Top 5 radio hits in the smooth jazz genre. Norman Brown, the Grammy award-winning guitarist who lives at the top of Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Charts, adds his electrifying and tasteful guitar licks to "Foolish Heart". “It is an honor to have someone of Norman’s musical caliber on this single,” James said. “He is one of the greatest jazz and R&B guitarists, who embellished 'Foolish Heart' beyond my expectations.”


Greg Phillinganes has toured or recorded with several dozen great R&B/pop artists, including Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Michael Jackson, Brenda Russell, Toto, Eric Clapton, and Dionne Warwick. “Greg Phillinganes is one of the most in-demand pianists on the planet,” said James. “His keyboard magic and mastery on 'Foolish Heart' is beyond incredible.”


James adds, “I’ve loved 'Foolish Heart' since hearing Steve Perry’s original release in 1984. The pure beauty of the song and Steve’s incredible vocals made this a ballad that I always wanted to record.”


James is an accomplished vocalist, saxophonist, and flutist who has performed nationally and internationally for 40-plus years. The music major from Florida A&M University was a member of the pop-dance band Will To Power.


Following Eric Valentine’s Velvet Groove Album, Eric rallies more of the best musicians to move us again in his new single Q’s Vibe. His fresh collaborative sounds leave music-lovers grooving to his singable melodies, rich harmonies, and impeccable grooves.


His song "Velvet Groove" marched its way to Billboard’s #2 Smooth Jazz song of the year and remained on various charts for over 21 weeks. And, now Q’s Vibe is set to hit the airwaves internationally on March 14.


For Q’s Vibe, Eric called on Saxophonist Everette Harp and keyboardist Greg Manning to play his infectious melodies along with him. Eric lays the groove and serenades us with his smooth layered scatting vocals. And his voice is a delightful, unexpected complement to the sass of Everette’s sax and the enchanting sound of Greg’s keys. Together, they take you on a captivating musical journey, inspired by legendary composer and producer Quincy Jones.


"Q's Vibe"

Written & Produced by Eric Valentine

Co-written by Devin A. Smith

Eric Valentine - Drums, Drum Programing, Vocals, Keyboards

Everette Harp - Saxophone

Greg Manning - Piano, Synth Solo

Devin A. Smith - Keyboards

David Dyson - Bass

Rick Watford - Guitar

Tim Carmon - Organ

Mixed by Ken Freeman and Eric Valentine

Mastered by Euge Groove at House of Groove Mastering

Executive Producers - Eric Valentine & B. Valentine


Nashville-based musician JD Simo has revealed that he was chosen to be the sole guitarist featured on the soundtrack to ‘Elvis’, the highly anticipated Baz Luhrmann directed Elvis Presley biopic, which hits cinema screens in late June 2022.

JD has also remained active recording material of his own, releasing the acclaimed album ‘Mind Control’ in November 2021 and following that with his take on the John Lee Hooker classic ‘Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive’ in early 2022. This will be followed on 25th March by a cover of ‘Old Black Mattie’ by the late R. L. Burnside, which JD states “is a standard of R.L. Burnside and all of the Hill Country Guys. It's a favourite of mine and my band members so we put it down on a stop at Sweetwater Studios last August.”

Another single entitled ‘Barbara’s Lair’ will follow in late April, JD explaining that “it is probably my favourite instrumental that Adam Abrashoff [drummer] and I came up with during lockdown. We must have written and recorded 50 plus funk/r&b instrumentals during that time, but settled on this track to represent that period.” The simple fact is that Simo did not stop making music over the last two years, adding that “there's so much material that it's only right that some of it comes out.”

JD’s version of 'Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive’ can be heard here:

The announcement of these new singles and his work on ‘Elvis’ - its trailer has been viewed almost 14 million times in under three weeks - are sure to provide further momentum to a year that has already seen an upward trajectory in JD’s profile.

For the film, its music supervisor Dave Cobb, who is also a renowned producer (Rival Sons, Brandi Carlile, John Prine, Jason Isbell), personally handpicked JD to provide his guitar mastery to the film, the pair then working closely together alongside director Lurhmann.

A lifelong fan of Elvis Presley, JD was thrilled to play a part in the making of the film. “When Dave Cobb called me to participate, I couldn't believe it!” he recalls. “I literally learned to play guitar listening to Elvis records so playing on this soundtrack is a full circle moment for me. I am so proud to be a part of it.”

He was especially excited about re-recording the classic ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, adding that “it was the first song I learned and when we re-recorded it for the film, it was one of those times where you just get all the feels. Baz, Dave and his unbelievable crew really wanted this to be as authentic and exact as possible and I was happy to just be in the room to do that.”

He continues: “Whether recreating Scotty Moore, Hank Garland, Tommy Tedescho, Reggie Young or James Burton's original parts for the Elvis content or recreating Sister Rosetta Tharpe's signature guitar sounds for the awesome Yola to sing and portray, it is a dream project. Who can say that they got to step into the shoes of so many guitar heroes and invoke their essence? I'm incredibly grateful to Dave for having me on the team! All I could think about during the whole process was Long Live the King!”

Garnering tastemaker praise and fan fervour on both sides of the Atlantic ever since splitting his band SIMO in 2017 and going solo, JD's well received 2019 solo debut, ‘Off At 11’, and self-titled 2020 follow-up connected the missing link between Woodstock and Motown in their fusion of fluid and fiery fretwork with vital and vulnerable vocals. Collaborations with the likes of Jack White, Tommy Emmanuel, Luther Dickinson, Dave Cobb and Blackberry Smoke, as well as time spent as part of Grateful Dead founder Phil Lesh’s ‘Phil & Friends’, also cemented his reputation among guitar music aficionados.

JD’s 2021 album, ‘Mind Control’, was recorded in his home studio while the pandemic raged. Demonstrating his growth as both a songwriter and musician, it showcased complex guitar work and an insightful lyrical ability to create an emotional and thought-provoking experience. JD and his outstanding trio - longtime collaborator Adam Abrashoff on drums and bassist Adam Bednarik - recently promoted the album on a 60+ date North American tour, co-headlining with GA-20.

out now
(Crows Feet Records)

digital services link

“JD knows how to blend genres within a guitar trio format. Blues-rock with a late '60s/early '70s edge, ‘Mind Control' is highly recommended 9/10”
"Unafraid to take the focus away from his undoubtedly formidable fretwork in search of a more atmospheric, immersive soundscape 8/10”
“Mixes things up while keeping the humility and honesty of the blues genre at the forefront of his music”
“It’s all over the place, which is OK when the places he’s going to are great 9/10”

includes the singles



new EP
out 04.03.22
(JAR Records)

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includes single


Musician Dave Pen is best known for his role as co-frontman and co-songwriter in the successful prog/alt rock collective Archive. He also fronts the alt rock/electronic duo BirdPen, who released their well-received sixth studio album ‘All Function One’ exactly a year ago, following that with his debut solo album ‘Abran Wish & The Light Party’ in autumn 2021. Other projects have included collaborations with film/TV composer Robin Foster as We Are Bodies.

Today sees the release of a very personal solo EP by Pen entitled 'The Week Ending Forever' that encapsulates the experience of so many in recent times. Recorded on the spur of the moment, he explains his thinking behind it as follows:

“With everything that has happened in the last few years it has sometimes been a challenge to keep my mental health together, as it has been for so many others. In the last seven days it has been a real struggle. I hadn’t written anything for over six months so thought I would try and channel my feelings into creating some songs. This EP is exactly that. I had no ideas or lyrics before starting them and literally went with what came out. I spent two days writing and recording at home, made some rough mixes, took a photo of the flowers and a note from my youngest daughter, which are on my desk for the artwork….and now here they are. Everything you hear was more or less off the cuff and channels my fears, anxieties and hopes. I didn’t want to overthink things, so just went with what felt right as it poured out. I hope you can find something here that works for you in some way. Thanks for your support. Dave Pen

1  10mg
2  Motorise
3  Song For The Birds
4  F.R.H.G
5  Life Is But A Screen
6  All Of The Time



Let us introduce you to the up and coming smooth Jazz keyboardist, Rodney Greene. Although Rodney has been around for awhile, he is finally coming into his own and getting some well deserved recognition in the music industry. Rodney has released two Smooth Jazz studio album projects to date, “Nice n Slow” and “Meditation of My Heart”.


Rodney is currently working on his third album scheduled for release in April 2022. Rodney has released a single off the album which features Billboard's Smooth Jazz chart topping Saxophonist Jackiem Joyner, who is a musical icon in his own right.


"Real Close"


Alto Saxophone: Jackiem Joyner  

Lead/Rhythm Guitar: Darrell Crooks   

Keyboards/Synths/Horns/Strings: Rodney Greene 

Bass Guitar: Rodney Greene 

Drum Programming: Rodney Greene 

Vocals: Rodney Greene 


Bill Colletti is a professional multi-instrumentalist/recording artist who has been performing since 1978. His primary instruments are the Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Valve Trombone, Piano, Guitar and Vocals. Bill's horn style is influenced by the likes of Chet Baker, Doc Severinsen, Herb Alpert and Chuck Mangione while his versatility is demonstrated throughout many musical genres such as Jazz, Latin, Big Band, Pop, Orchestral and Broadway musicals. 


Bill has performed with Grammy award winning and top Contemporary/Smooth Jazz artists including Dave Koz, Peter White, Marc Antoine and Oli Silk. His first all original music CD "Be on the Light" was released January 29, 2019 and can be heard on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube as well as streaming radio stations world wide. In addition, Bill is a composer, producer and recording engineer.


Bill was awarded 1st place in the "So You Think You Can Jam" contest aboard the Dave Koz 2013 Mediterranean Jazz Cruise as well as 1st place aboard Dave's 2014 Alaskan Jazz Cruise.


The Dave Koz Lounge (SiriusXM ch. 66) has featured two of Bill's singles "Treble Maker" and "Be On The Light."


Billboard top 20 artist Jason Jackson burst onto the scene in 2021 with the release of his debut EP, Movin' On and hasn't looked back.


Jason will be releasing his second single from the Movin' On EP to radio stations all over the country. The track, "Groove All Night" is a smooth ride featuring guitarist extraordinaire Tim Bowman that is sure to have your foot tapping from start to finish.


Jason grew up in Wilmington, NC and at a young age, started to study music with long time James Brown saxophonist - Leroy Harper Jr. While still in high school, Jason landed a gig working as a member of the house band at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC where he performed as the opening act for artists such as: Brian McKnight, Morris Day and the Time, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Michael McDonald.


In 2011, Jason enlisted in the Navy as a musician where he was able to play for audiences all over the world including: China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Australia. During his first tour, he was awarded the Colonel Finley R. Hamilton Outstanding Military Musician Award and a few moths later, he was relocated to the Seventh Fleet Band in Yokosuka, Japan where he lived for over 3 years. During this time, Jason was able to play at some of the most prestigious venues in the area as well as volunteer in several local community bands where he was able to interact one on one with young local musicians. It was during this time that Jason learned that music was truly "the universal language".


After his military service ended in 2021, Jason teamed up with contemporary jazz star Adam Hawley to create his first offering as a solo artist. Movin' On is not only produced by Hawley, but includes him as a featured artist along with Julian Vaughn and Tim Bowman.


“Jason has a natural knack for coming up with super catchy melodies and playing them on his sax with amazing dexterity and a whole lot of soul. He’s got a bright future in the world of instrumental music as this new track featuring guitar great Tim Bowman certainly shows!”

-Dave Koz


"Driving All Night" is the new single by Croatian award-winning saxophonist and producer Igor Gerzina.

This is a smooth jazz driven tune with a dominant melody on the saxophone accompanied by excellent musicians: Gerzina's long-time collaborators Jurica Leikauff on the keyboard and Elvis Penava on guitar.


Igor Gerzina is a Croatian award-winning saxophonist, composer and Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra producer. He won several Porin awards (Croatian most prestigious discography award), as well as several Status awards for the best instrumentalist of the year, awarded by the Croatian Musicians Union.
Igor performed his song 'Dream For The Future' on the Croatian presidential inauguration.
The last three albums garnered airplay in more than 15 countries on 4 continents, including Billboard and America's Music Chart.
He took part in more than a hundred and thirty discography editions, composed for film, pop artists and opening songs for TV and radio. He has graduated in saxophone from Zagreb Academy of Music and has studied at Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA).


Igor Gerzina: sax, comp, arr & production

Jurica Leikauff: keys

Elvis Penava: guitars

Status Production 2022



Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/46D1DkTFAG8l1LDQgoeKDz?si=842f09c3a1ad4ed0

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ie/album/driving-all-night-single/1606975432 



Web: https://www.igorgerzina.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/igorgerzinasax

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/igorgerzinamusic/


"Some artists fail to understand what Smooth Jazz is all about, but that certainly isn't the case here. Lovely track that deserves to become a future classic." - Paul Miller BBC Radio: UK  

5/5 - "Amazing guitar and sax work that would ruffle the egos of Joyce Cooling and Kenny G, respectively.” – Ken Hawk WSNQ – Saxonburg, PA: USA

“Fresh work along with the beautifully harmonized guitar.” – Larry Vidal Hayes FM 91,8 FM – Hayes, UK


Michael Massaro is no stranger to the Canadian air waves as he is one of Canada’s premier musicians. His distinctive saxophone recordings have been heard internationally since the eighties with major instrumentals such as ‘Flying Easy’, ‘L.A. Days New York Nights’, and ‘Wings of Glory’. His talents were heard on a Redmond Broadcasting compilation recording with some of Canada’s foremost instrumental performers including David Foster, Liona Boyd, Moe Koffman, Andre Gagnon, and Frank Mills to name only a few. Michael Massaro was thrilled to be included with such a stellar lineup and was humbled when the album was titled after the Massaro hit ‘Flyin’ Easy’.


He has appeared at Sky Dome in Toronto performing the National Anthems of Canada and the United States before various sports events. His multiple appearances in Toronto have included performing as well as being the musical director for several years for the Italian Song Festival held at Ontario Place. The International airplay he has received has allowed him to travel and perform in such locales as Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Michael also headlined a National tour with four other recording artists playing concerts in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. Michael is a multi-instrumentalist and has had several Singles “Flying Easy”, Smooth Sailing” and Wings of Glory” that reached top ten in Canada and 4 Albums under his belt to date : ‘Awakening’, ‘It Takes Two’, ‘Waves Of Change’ and ‘L.A. Days, New York Nights’a compilation of his best works. He is currently releasing his 5th Album Cd "Love In Motion" which features him on 8 Original tracks and 2 covers “My One And Only Love” and “Stella By Starlight”. Love In Motion – The title and concept is clear “Love” is ultimately the driving force in all that is good. Michael’s music will touch and inspire the soul of the listener regardless of their age or background.


Photo: A&E

Mick Jagger and Questlove are exec producing a four-part docuseries about “I Got You (I Feel Good)” star James Brown for A&E.

The cable network has ordered James Brown: Say It Loud (w/t), directed by The Legacy of Black Wall Street Helmer Deborah Riley Draper.

It is the latest doc on the Godfather of Soul after Alex Gibney directed Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown for HBO in 2014. Jagger was a producer on that project.

James Brown: Say It Loud is set for a 2023 release, marking what would have been Brown’s 90th birthday. It will explore Brown’s legacy with interviews with friends, family, collaborators and proteges as well as his beloved music catalog and includes never-been-seen-before archival footage.

It will trace his life from a seventh-grade dropout arrested for armed robbery in the Jim Crow-era South to an entertainment legend.

It is produced by Inaudible Films, which produced Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown and is working on docs about Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Lee Lewis, in association with Polygram Entertainment.

Draper directs, Peter Afterman serves as executive producer for Inaudible Films along with producer Sarah Haber, Jagger and Victoria Pearman exec produce for Jagged Films, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson — who directed Oscar-nominated doc Summer of Soul — Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, Shawn Gee and Zarah Zohlman exec produce for Two One Five Entertainment and David Blackman exec produces for Polygram Entertainment.

Charlie Cohen and A&E Network’s Elaine Frontain Bryant and Brad Abramson also exec produce, while Madeline Post and Robert Komadina co-exec produce.

“I am thrilled to be producing the four-part documentary series with A&E delving into the fascinating life of James Brown,” said Jagger. “He was a brilliant performer who inspired me from the beginning and was deeply committed to the Civil Rights movement. I have always admired James and learned so much from him. I look forward to bringing the series to life.”

Said Thompson and Trotter: “The life of James Brown is significant not only to understand his immense musical impact, which inspires us and other artists to this day, but also for the deep and lasting impression he has had on American culture. Brown’s life is a crucial and timely story of struggle, redemption, and self-identity and we are honored to have the chance to share it.”

Added Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and Head of Programming for A&E: “A&E has a long legacy as a home for bold, insightful, and engaging storytelling that pushes boundaries and bring viewers deeper into the lives and worlds they thought they knew. We are honored… to continue this tradition with James Brown: Say It Loud to provide audiences with an in-depth look, not only into the extraordinary life of the Godfather of Soul, but also his immeasurable influence as a cultural force in American society.”


Amsterdam, 18 februari 2022. Vandaag kondigt de band Emiresmiaton zijn debuutalbum aan met de single Amelie (Excerpt) / Lunar. De band bestaat uit Jesse Schilderink (saxofoon), Olivier van Niekerk (gitaar), Jens Meijer (drums) en Stefan Lievestro (bas) en focust zich op verhalende improvisaties. Het debuutalbum van de band verschijnt op 8 april. 

Emiresmiaton streeft naar een vorm van creëren en improviseren die wordt geleid door ongebruikelijke parameters. Waar melodie, harmonie en ritme volledig van het moment afhangen en naar believen in te vullen zijn, maakt Emiresmiaton gebruik van verhaallijnen, spanningsbogen en dichtheid als leidraad binnen hun improvisaties. Op die manier wordt een nieuwe dimensie toegevoegd aan de muziek die het uitgangspunt vormt van de improvisaties. Het resultaat is een indrukwekkend debuutalbum waarop de synergie tussen de vier bandleden duidelijk te horen is. 

Jesse Schilderink: 
Jesse Schilderink (1995) is een in Rotterdam gevestigde saxofonist en componist, voornamelijk actief in de scene van instrumentale en geïmproviseerde muziek. Dankzij formaties zoals Willem Romers | In Contrast, Ezthetic en vele anderen, toont Jesse een groeiende aanwezigheid in het Nederlandse muzieklandschap. Zijn brede muzikale interesse zorgt voor een steeds evoluerende manier van spelen, schrijven en creëren. Niet bang voor experiment en constant proberend zijn persoonlijke grenzen te verleggen, denkt Jesse altijd vooruit. In 2019 behaalde Jesse zijn Bachelor Jazz aan het Codarts conservatorium te Rotterdam met als eindcijfer een 9,5. Gedurende zijn studie volgde hij lessen bij o.a. Ben van den Dungen en volgde masterclasses bij o.a. Bob Reynolds en David Binney. In het najaar van 2017 was Jesse enkele maanden gevestigd in Trondheim (Noorwegen). Daar studeerde hij aan het NTNU Conservatorium en volgde lessen bij o.a. Eirik Hegdal en Mette Rasmussen. Geïnspireerd door zijn ervaringen en ontmoetingen in Trondheim richtte hij bij terugkomst in Rotterdam het Rotterdam/Trondheim Collective op.

Jens Meijer:
Jens Meijer (1996) woont en werkt in Rotterdam. Een bruisende stad naar zijn hart. Overrompelende architectuur, culturen uit alle windstreken en een gezonde arbeidsesthetiek. Tijdens en na zijn studie aan Codarts Rotterdam pakte Meijer meteen door. Veel spelen en nog meer luisteren. Meijer ging aan de slag bij Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest, het Codarts International Ensemble, het Rotterdam/Trondheim Collective en hij speelde onder anderen met Benjamin Herman, Amsterdam Sinfonietta en Reinier Baas. Lessen volgde Meijer bij Mark Schilders, Joost Patocka en Hans van Oosterhout.  Zijn vele vlieguren als veelzijdig drummer betalen zich uit. Samen met jazzcollega’s Stefan Lievestro (contrabas), Jesse Schilderink (saxofoon) en Olivier van Niekerk (gitaar) brengt Meijer een plaat uit met verhalende improvisaties. Daarnaast verdeelt Meijer de stuwende grooves in de Peter Somuah Group. Deze prijswinnende, Rotterdamse band rondom de Ghanese trompettist Peter Somuah debuteert met het album Outer Space: daverende jazz vol Ghanese folkinvloeden, funk en afrobeat. 

Olivier van Niekerk: 
Olivier van Niekerk (Juni 2002) begon op zijn 7e begonnen met gitaar spelen. De eerste jaren speelde hij rock- en bluesmuziek, maar nadat hij de muziek van jazzgitaristen zoals Kenny Burrell en Wes Montgomery ontdekte en hier dusdanig door gegrepen werd, wist hij snel dat hij zich in dit genre wilde gaan verdiepen. Na een middelbare schoolperiode aan de School voor Jong Talent aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium van Den Haag, waar hij les kreeg van o.a. Martijn van Iterson, studeert Olivier momenteel aan het Conservatorium van Amsterdam waar hij les kreeg/krijgt van Maarten van de Grinten, Reinier Baas en Jesse van Ruller.
Olivier heeft mogen spelen op binnenlandse podia zoals het Bimhuis, Lantarenvenster en het North Sea Jazz Festival, en op verschillende plekken in 8 andere landen. Olivier won ondere het Prinses Christina Jazz Concours en een internationale jazz-contest, gehouden in Roemenië.

Stefan Lievestro:
Stefan Lievestro (Apeldoorn, 23 juni 1964) is een Nederlandse componist en musicus. Hij studeerde contrabas aan de Conservatoria van Arnhem (1984-1986) en Amsterdam (1986- 1989). Heeft deelgenomen aan talloze opnames van en met (voornamelijk) Nederlandse en Belgische jazz-artiesten en heeft door de jaren heen met internationale jazz-grootheden gespeeld, waaronder Freddy Hubbard, Nat Adderley, Bob Berg, Dee Dee Bridgewater. In 2006 richtte Stefan het label Mainland Records op, waarop hij tot 2015 cd’s van zijn eigen bands (Lievestro6, Mona Lisa Overdrive) en van andere Nederlandse musici en bands uitbracht. Tegenwoordig maakt Stefan deel uit van het Jasper van t Hof-trio (met Jamie Peet op drums), het experimentele elektro-duo The Celestial Turkey, REIO (Rotterdam Electronic Improv Orchestra), Emiresmiaton (Jens Meijer – drums, Jesse Schilderink – sax, Olivier van Niekerk – gitaar) en Peter Lenz’ Lithium (Peter Lenz – drums, Chris Speed – sax, Keisuke Matsuno – gitaar).


JACK BROADBENT photography by Jeff Fasano

new single
out 25.02.22
(Crows Feet Records)

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“A fabulously grooving, bluesy song that displays his gift for terrific songwriting. Broadbent's playing is immediately engaging, but his vocal performance is equally impressive, full of storytelling character and grit. Its brilliantly produced video is stylish and cinematic with a black and white visual that feels perfectly in keeping with his music, while Broadbent looks effortlessly cool”

from the album
out 08.04.22

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(Eridge Park, Kent)


English singer-songwriter and acclaimed guitarist Jack Broadbent will release a new single on 25th February entitled ‘Midnight Radio’, the third to be lifted from his new album, ‘Ride' (out on 8th April). Describing ‘Midnight Radio’ as “a song for the night owls, for the people that love their music by moonlight and stars,” his voice is both smooth and gritty on a track that combines country-folk and restrained yet distinctly bluesy guitar with a swinging jazz groove. Its promo video is shot in black and white and features a white-suited Broadbent performing alone on stage in a club, adding an atmospheric and mysterious twist to the fun vibe of the music.

Broadbent is used to people saying, "Oh, this is a departure from your previous stuff." He has heard it soon after the appearance of each of his five albums to date and it will certainly follow the release of ‘Ride’, his first full-length record since ‘Moonshine Blue’ in 2019. As someone who is as connected to the quality of his relationships with people as he is to the quality of his music, rest assured that he considers it a compliment. "I think there's a lot of variety on my records and this is no different,” he states. "I'm really getting a sense now that this idea of genre and where you fit in is not as important as it used to be, which I think is a good thing.”

Broadbent grew up in Lincolnshire but has spent the last few years living in Canada. His earliest influence was his father Mick, who is also a musician (including a tenure with late ‘70s power-poppers Bram Tchaikovsky) and plays bass on ‘Ride’. Informed as a youngster by the steady diet of music played around the house, Jack began accompanying Mick to open mic nights, and by his early teens was playing drums in his dad's bands, gravitating to guitar when he became interested in songwriting. "Being a drummer, I tried to develop a very rhythmic approach to my guitar playing," he recalls. "What interested me was being able to hold down a groove and do some gymnastics to incorporate solos and subtle bass lines.”

Broadbent’s renowned slide guitar playing evolved from busking regularly in his early 20s. "It seemed to appeal to people as something that was both visually and musically exciting. This was interesting to me. I was already playing in altered and open tunings, so when it came to using a slide I was well-versed in how those patterns worked together." He took some cues from influences such as John Lee Hooker and Little Feat, but ultimately says that "I never really wanted to emulate anybody else's style, which is why I ended up going down a slightly more hard-hitting, brash kind of route in my playing.”

Finding an audience after the Montreux Jazz Festival hailed him as “the new master of the slide guitar” and Bootsy Collins famously proclaimed him “the real thang!”, Broadbent subsequently won over more fans after touring with the likes of Ronnie Wood, Peter Frampton and other legendary talents. Meanwhile, his penchant for writing on the road ensured that there was usually an abundance of material whenever he was ready to return to the studio. This holds true with ‘Ride’, although the album took a turn from what he had originally intended.

"I had to come off the road because of the Covid pandemic and was going to work on a solo project of acoustic material," he explains. Instead, with Quebec-based drummer and co-producer Mark Gibson, "...we started playing some of the more rock 'n' roll stuff I had, and we couldn't deny that there was a kind of vibe happening. So, I just went full steam ahead in that direction which brought the sound of this album into focus. We built on those grooves and ended up with the rock 'n' roll record I've been wanting to make for a long time."
‘Ride’ does indeed rock, with Broadbent’s natural grit, voice and guitar riding atop every song with a driving force. However, there is also stylistic diversity on offer, from the moody ambience of ‘Who Are You?’ and the title track, to the blues roots of ‘New Orleans’, a love letter to one of his favourite cities. ‘Grace’ soars with a kind of front-porch spirituality, while ‘I Love Your Rock 'n' Roll’ gallops along with an energetic Americana vibe. Overall, via several twists and turns, the album takes the listener on a trip, strung together by a vision developed during the recording process.

"Mark and I recorded the tracks live in a small home studio in Quebec, following which I sent them to the UK where my dad added the bass lines and then sent them back to us for mixing and mastering,” Broadbent discloses. Working around travel limitations and the uncertainty of the last two years, this international collaboration reflects what Broadbent calls "this underlying theme of trying to get a feel for where you're heading and recognising how much distance you've still got left to travel.”

The next step, of course, is to take ‘Ride’ on the road, which Broadbent will be doing throughout 2022, including an appearance at the Black Deer Festival in Kent in mid-June. He knows that its songs will only grow as he presents them on stage, but they will nevertheless continue to speak to the experiences from which they were born. "I really like the energy of this record," he says. "There seems to be an interesting dichotomy between what I write while I'm touring and what I write when I'm able to sit and think. What the album speaks to is that juxtaposition between the ride and the time spent parked up. It all ties into the journey of the artist."

No matter what lies on the road ahead, Broadbent’s fans can rely on his dedication to his music and evolving craft. Little Feat founding member and recent US tour mate Bill Payne perhaps says it best when he states: "I love his voice. His playing is superb, showing an almost reckless abandon when he gets revved up. He is performing on the edge, and if he falls, so be it. The pieces will not break.”


1  Ride
2  I Love Your Rock ’n’ Roll
3  New Orleans
4  Hard Livin’
5  Midnight Radio
6  Baby Blue
7  Grace
8  Who Are You?

“His slide guitar playing is as phenomenal as they say, but the songs come first. Beautiful”
“Shows off his true power as a singer-songwriter. A superb album”
“The strength of his songwriting sets him head and shoulders above most Brit-bluesmen”
“A masterclass in slide and blues guitar with a great vocal delivery”



A Chicago native, saxophonist extraordinaire, Mark Allen Felton aka Panther drew upon a wealth of influences from Jazz to Gospel. At the tender age of 11 he began an artistic journey inspired by such musical greats as Grover Washington Jr., Earth Wind & Fire, Sonny Stitt and Kool & the Gang. By the time he graduated from high school, Felton had received numerous awards for his musical excellence including a scholarship to Texas Southern University in Houston, TX. The extraordinarily gifted artist has had the honor of playing on and sharing the stage with some of the most revered artists and musicians in the world of smooth jazz and R&B. His stage presence and music execution makes him a crowd favorite wherever he goes. Felton has played on stages throughout the world domestically and internationally (Japan, UK, China, Beirut, etc.).


A prolific composer, Mark Allen Fleton has written several hundred songs including the theme song for the nationally syndicated radio program "Radioscope" and the theme song for framed comedian Michael Colyar's comedy special. His compositions can be heard in independent films as well as on his five previously released CDs: On The Prowl, Gospel Stroll, A Blessing, I Do It For Love, & Soul Real. His 6th CD The Gem In I will be released in March of 2022. The first single from his CD Give Me Your Love will be released to radio in February 2022 followed by performance dates across the country.


Felton continues to release music that inspires, motivated, and engages the listener. On his latest effort, Felton collaborates with guitarist Adam Hawley on his new single, "Give Me Your Love".


Keith McKelley has had a wide and varied career as a saxophonist and Aerophone (Roland’s digital wind instrument) musician but also produces and writes his own material with the occasional collaboration with other writers and producers to create music that is at a high level, will last, and that is absolutely heartfelt.


Originally from Canton Ohio, Keith has been able to incorporate various forms of music to create his own signature sound and is quite evident when you take the time to hear his playing. Since his move to LA in August of 2013 he has been steadily working his way up the ladder while becoming an integral part of the LA scene. Due to hard work and perseverance he has been fortunate enough and had the honor to work with: Phillip Bailey, Rapper Logic, Jhené Aiko, John Lindahl, Gin Wigmore, Kenneth “babyface” Edmonds, David Foster, Usher, Tyrese, Larry Dunn of Earth, Wind, And Fire, Bob James, Harvey Mason, Raphael Saadiq, Mary J. Blige, Andrew Gouche, Solange Knowles, Bill ‘The Budda” Dickens, Angela Bofill, Micki Howard, Marcus Johnson, and Marc de Clive-Lowe.


Keith Plans to keep pushing his vision of new music, always setting the bar high. The operative word is “energy”. There always has to be 110% poured into every little bit of music no matter what the situation. This is more than just something he does. He lives it. The idea is to work with high quality artists and put out high quality, classic work that will surely contribute to the ever changing landscape of music in this world.


Bob Baldwin is an American Pianist/Composer/Arranger/Inventor. The Mt. Vernon, NY native has recorded on six of the seven inhabitable continents, and while Antarctica is not on his recording bucket list, his international list, including Dubai, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, UK, Canada, is quite impressive. "Whether it's a massive festival crowd of 30,000 or an intimate restaurant audience of 60, I refuse to rob my audience of great music and a good experience", says Baldwin. 


“Being a musician, we obviously had to make adjustments to the way we all do music,” says the Native New Yorker. “Concerts were eliminated in 2020, but fortunately, owning your own music makes you halfway covid-proof.”


SUN KISS is the new single by the multi awarded Italian guitarist and composer Roberto Tola.


A Jazz Funk sun-kissed new song, cheerful and positive music, An excellent work of design and weaving of the parts, where everything is perfectly in its place.

Great space for improvisation by Roberto in this new track, which with its inseparable jazz guitar, offers two impeccable solos, in the center and at the end of the piece, the latter in the guise of an exciting and profound greeting to the listeners, that slowly fades until it disappears.

This song was born on the dunes of the Asinara Gulf, on the island of Sardinia (Italy), where I live in my house a few steps from the sea. I love living here, where the mistral wind sweeps the sea and the sand dunes in winter and the sun restores the soul in hot summers. And from here, on the top of the dunes heated by the sun, I often stop to observe the horizon, looking for the infinite beyond the immense blue of the sea. They are moments in which I travel in my soul, rediscovering myself, the serenity and joy of the most beautiful days. This benefits me, because on my return home I bring with me new renewed energy that enriches my spirit, my joy of living. It is the miracle of a "Kiss of the Sun". This new single is an excellent and inspired work of composition and arrangement by the Italian artist, followed by an impeccable performance by the band. The song is a moderate funk, with warm and decisive sounds, with the pleasantly syncopated touch of the rhythm, entrusted to Esteban Rotunno on drums and Maciek Szczyciński on bass, which act as a driving force thanks to a pulsating and incisive melodic line. The cheerful and positive theme, played by Roberto's acoustic guitar in unison with the piano (Marco Rasa), flows smoothly, becoming even more engaging in the chorus. An excellent work of design and weaving of the parts, where everything is perfectly in its place, with the wind section entrusted to Slavik Burda on the trumpet and Kiril Yazikov on the tenor sax, counterpointed by the deep and warm sound of the French horn by the young Isabel Menegasse. Great space for improvisation by Roberto in this new track, which with its inseparable jazz guitar, a Joe Pass JP 20 from 1984, offers two impeccable solos, in the center and at the end of the piece, the latter in the guise of an exciting and profound greeting that slowly fades until it disappears, just like a breath of wind heading towards the immense horizon. A confirmation of the compositional, solo and technical growth of the artist, from his first and award-winning debut album BEIN 'GREEN.

Roberto Tola - Acoustic and Jazz Guitar, additional programmed keyboards, Composer, Arranger, Artwork Graphic and Designer, Producer, Soloist; Slavik Burda - Trumpet; Kiril Yazikov - Tenor Sax; Isabelle Menegasse - French Horn; Marco Rasa - Piano; Maciek Szczyciński - Bass; Esteban Rotunno - Drums; Alberto Erre - Mixing & Mastering, Blu Studio, Sassari (Sardinia, Italy




Gary Brooker, zanger, pianist en componist van de Britse band Procol Harum, is afgelopen zaterdag op 76-jarige leeftijd overleden. Brooker leidde Procol Harum gedurende de 55-jarige geschiedenis van de Britse band. De grootste hit van de band was de klassieker ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ (1967), het favoriete nummer van de vorig jaar overleden misdaadverslaggever Peter R. de Vries. ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ bereikte twee keer de eerste plaats van de Veronica Top 40. Hierna volgde opnieuw een nummer 1 hit: ‘Homburg’. Ook de singles ‘Quite Rightly So’ (1968), ‘A Salty Dog’ (1969), ‘Conquistador’ (1972), ‘Grand Hotel’ (1973) en ‘Pandora’s Box’ (1975) werden hits in Nederland. Albums als ‘Procol Harum’ (1967), ‘Shine On Brightly’ (1968), ‘A Salty Dog’ (1969), ‘Procol Harum Live With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’ (1972), ‘Grand Hotel’ (1973) en ‘Something Magic’ (1977) spraken zeer tot de verbeelding. Gary Brooker werkte ook samen met onder anderen George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Kate Bush en de Amerikaans-Nederlandse zangeres Lori Spee, met wie hij in 1986 het duet ‘Two Fools In Love’ opnam. Ook was hij te horen op een album van AVRO’s Toppop presentator Ad Visser, getiteld ‘Hi-Tec Heroes’. Solo had Brooker een flinke hit met de single ‘No More Fear Of Flying’, afkomstig van het gelijknamige album. In 2003 werd Brooker geridderd voor zijn inzamelingswerk voor goede doelen. Gary Brooker was ernstig ziek en overleed zaterdag 19 februari vredig in zijn woning. Namens Procol Harum is het volgende bericht verschenen: "Hij viel op door zijn individualiteit, integriteit en soms koppige excentriciteit. Zijn bijtende humor en honger naar het belachelijke maakten hem tot een onschatbare verteller, en zijn surrealistische scherts vormde een fascinerend contrast met de zwaarte van de uitvoeringen van Procol Harum." Gary Brooker laat zijn vrouw Françoise (Franky) achter. De twee ontmoetten elkaar in 1965 en trouwden in 1968. Het stel had geen kinderen. In het programma 'Top 2000 A GoGo' vertelde Brooker ooit zelf het verhaal achter 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale'. Gary Brooker ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


“There are absolute parallels between Jazz and flying,” confesses Grammy-nominated tenor titan Richard Elliot ,who has been flying airplanes for the past three decades. The Renaissance man, who is currently engrossed in the colossal project of building his own airplane, adds “When you are performing and flying you are 100 percent consumed and focused on that experience from a technical perspective, emotional and aesthetic perspective, taking in everything around you.”


The chart-topping saxophonist and pioneering Contemporary Jazz musician’s instantly recognizable trademark tenor has afforded him the opportunity to work with everyone from Smokey Robinson, Bonnie Raitt and The Temptations to Dave Koz, Tower of Power and Gerald Albright, to name a few. 


 Some of the special guests joining Elliot on Authentic Life include trumpeter Rick Braun, keyboardists Jeff Lorber, Chris “Big Dog” Davis and Philippe Saisse, saxophonists Dave Koz and David Mann, and percussionist Lenny Castro, among others. “It was wonderful collaborating with these guys because each one of them pushes me in a different direction melodically.”  


Authentic Life features the forward momentum of the new radio single "Move Ahead,” a refreshing and uplifting track that is bound to inspire joy. Co-written with Philippe Saisse and Rick Braun, it’s a swinger with a percussive backbeat with drummer Jay Williams and percussionist Lenny Castro and once again shows off the magnetic chemistry between Richard Elliot and Rick Braun.


Elliot adds, “This song is the musical embodiment of moving forward and beyond the challenges that we have all had to face this past year.”


“Move Ahead”

Written by Philippe Saisse, Rick Braun & Richard Elliot

Produced by Rick Braun

Record label - Shanachie


Richard Elliot – Tenor saxophone

Rick Braun – Trumpet

Philippe Saisse – Keyboards, arrangement

Nathaniel Phillips – Bass

Jay Williams – Drums

Lenny Castro – Percussion

Adam Hawley – Guitar


VERONICA FUSARO photo by Nils Sandmeier

new single
out 18.02.22
[deepdive records]

digital services link


Swiss singer-songwriter Veronica Fusaro has a small tattoo of a new moon on her wrist that is as subtle as her songs. “I’m a night person. It fascinates me,” she explains. “When you see the stars and the Milky Way - that’s when the space for thinking and dreaming opens up.” Having said this, it is surprising to discover that her bright and very sunny new single, the acoustic guitar-driven ‘Better With You’, is all about the joys of the morning. A very special morning, mind you. “Waking up gently, rays of sunshine pushing through the curtains, already nice and warm….and with the person who makes the moment perfect next to you….” she adds, coyly.

During the first phase of lockdown, Fusaro found it difficult to motivate herself to write, frustrated that her recording and touring plans had of necessity been put on hold following a breakout year in 2019 and early 2020 that had seen her release an EP and three singles that entered national charts around mainland Europe.

Finally, around Xmas 2020 she regained inspiration and her very next effort, ‘Better With You’, poured out in an instant, more or less fully formed. “It felt truly great to write it after several months of inactivity,” she states. “I love singing it so much. It’s very laidback and nothing is forced. It’s my first real love song with no rollercoaster complications and describes a beautiful moment. Pure joy, simple as that.”

‘Better With You’ also sees the 24 year old musician renew her successful association with London-based producer Jamie Ellis (The 1975, Jordan Mackampa), whose sympathetic production helps the song succeed as a slice of pure pop with a timeless sound that, although drawing inspiration from British and Euro-pop of the 1960s, is all about the here and now.

Fusaro has certainly travelled a long way. As a child in the idyllic central Swiss town of Thun she mainly listened to Italian music, but her world was turned upside down by the discovery of Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse just before she entered her teens. She was soon writing songs and built a studio in the basement of her family home, then at 16 entered one of her songs for a popular national talent competition. Mustering the courage to take a train to Zurich to attend the music business conference hosting the prize ceremony, she struggled to connect with the biz people surrounding her. Then the winner was announced: it was her. All of a sudden, she had grown wings. Up, up and away. She has never looked back since.



John E. Lawrence, a lifelong resident of Ypsilanti is one of Michigan’s most talented and respected guitarists. He has published sixteen instructional guitar books, produced, and released four DVDs and recorded and produced 12 CDs. John is the former Head of the Music Performance Program and former Chair of the Performing Arts Department at Washtenaw Community College. He is also the author of a book entitled Business Management for the Working Musician: A Step-by-Step Guide for Making Money Making Music.


Three books from Mr. Lawrence’s catalog are published Mel Bay Publications Inc. and he was included in Mel Bay’s 2000 Anthology of Jazz Guitar which includes solos by some of the world’s finest guitarist. He has endorsement deals with Heritage Guitars and GHS Guitar Strings.


John’s latest CD is entitled “Masterpiece Vol. 1.” The first single released from the CD was “Photo Shoot”, a soulful smooth jazz ballad released June 2021. The second single, “Movin’ Up to The Top” is an upbeat party song released in February 2022.


In 2019, John dedicated himself to writing and recording music fifteen to twenty hours a day. To date, he has written, recorded, and produced over three hundred and fifty songs.


In the summer of 2021, Mr. Lawrence embarked on another venture in the music business as a concert producer and promoter. John E. Lawrence Presents the Frog Island Jazz Series is a


free jazz concert series from July 2nd through September 3rd held on Fridays from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. The series brought in national and international Smooth Jazz Recording Artists to perform each week. The ten-week total attendance of the John E. Lawrence Frog Island Jazz Series 50,000.


In a genre and format that too often encourages even the most brilliant of artists to play it safe and sacrifice the full expanse of their chops for easy, friendly, infectious listenability, Michael Lemmo is that once in a decade cat who’s ready to blow all those niceties out of the water (while still being wildly melodic) on his genre-stretching, perfectly titled debut smooth jazz single “Blue Comet” – also the name of his upcoming debut.  


Understanding his unique background, the first clue that you’re in for a more fiery adventure with this multi-faceted singer, songwriter and guitar virtuoso is a list of his chief influences. While Lee Ritenour is up there, the rest are rockers - Lindsey Buckingham, John Mayer and late greats Jeff Buckley and Eddie Van Halen. While Lemmo is clearly in a class all his own, for point of comparison, he’s what might happen if we merged the historical power of Eric Clapton’s blues/rock and George Benson’s inventive jazz sensibilities.  


The genius of this relentlessly burning, constantly exploding “Blue Comet” is the decision to turn the powerhouse tune into a funky, jamming dance-duet with this generation’s premiere saxophonist, Jeff Ryan. It’s today’s genre equivalent of what might have happened if blues-rock inspired guitarist, the late Jeff Golub, joined forces with Richard Elliot. Once Ryan was added to the mix, the gale force of the track prompted an unprecedented reaction from its producer Paul Brown, who has helmed #1 hits for nearly every genre artist (including himself) for 30 years. Listening back with Lemmo, Brown was literally floored, like “that’s some serious crazy s*** right there.” It’s billed as “Michael Lemmo ft. Jeff Ryan,” but the camaraderie between artists is so much more than main artist/featured artist.  


So, prepare yourselves for not just urban jazz business as usual. The jam starts out with some crisp trademark Lemmo licks before Ryan blasts in with his combustible yet cool flow and unlike most tracks like this where the guitar might be featured and the sax plays a harmony and takes a later solo, the two are engaged in buoyant, high-energy conversation from the get go – often allowing Lemmo to establish a melodic line solo, then repeat it in tandem with Ryan. The joyful thing for mainstream genre fans is that while their performances are generally higher octane and their individual solos a few minutes in more blistering and intense than traditional radio fare, there are still some incredibly hooky melodic lines to latch onto.  


While Ryan’s solos these past few years on his own recordings and those of other artists have become the stuff of legend, the real payoff is hearing Lemmo, on his very first instrumental radio single, take his lengthy solo spotlight as an opportunity to fuse his aggressive, stratospheric rock and jazz sensibilities. It’s breathtaking stuff that will no doubt have listeners capping their astonishment with a moment to catch their breath. Brown’s usual studio crew of Roberto Vally (bass), Gorden Campbell (drums) and Marco Basci (keys) is on hand to make sure things are always poppin’ behind the two lead instruments.  


"For folks who like their “smooth jazz” a little less smooth and a lot more adventurous, the success of this song will hopefully lead other artists to cut loose like this more often." 

-Jonathan Widran 


COYLE GIRELLI : photography by Shervin Lainez


new single
out 16.02.22
(Honey Lemon Records)


“Full of longing and heartache aptly conveyed through Girelli’s deep and velvety tones”
“A radiant indie rock anthem driven by the fires within, it is emotional release manifest in song; a moment of intimacy after endless isolation”


digital services link

from the album
out 25.02.22

“A wonderful collection of rich and atmospheric soundscapes with Girelli emerging as the ultimate balladeer. He has a vocal style which absorbs all that is great about the likes of Roy Orbison and Richard Hawley”


Soaring and cinematic, ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’ is the latest single to be issued from ‘Funland’, the forthcoming new album by New York-based English singer-songwriter Coyle Girelli. A radiant indie rock anthem driven by the fires within, it is emotional release manifest in song, a moment of intimacy after endless isolation and an exhilarating invitation to throw caution to the wind and dive into the unknown.

Three previous singles from ‘Funland’ - ‘Fun’, ‘From 7th Street With Love’ and ‘Here Comes My Baby’ - have showcased the album’s nuanced highs and its stirring lows, while Girelli’s talent at marrying potent, provocative emotions with catchy, timeless melodies seems at an all-time high, driven by an intense desire to capture something that is just out of reach.

That unattainable ecstasy and euphoria comes a little closer in ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’. Jangly and shimmering, and propelled by an insistent bass line, it is a taste of rapture in the midst of all the solitude and disconnect of the last two years. Girelli shines as bright as ever in an emotionally charged, beautifully intimate chorus, his golden voice reaching a high as he welcomes in a night of mystery and discovery. Is he courting a person, or is he courting his own state of reckless abandon – a feeling he has been steering clear of for so long?

“This one was one of the first songs I wrote for ‘Funland’,” states Girelli. “To me, it has the energy of a caged animal, as that is how I felt in the early days of lockdown, kind of bouncing off the walls! It felt good to write and live in this moment, and I’ve loved playing it live since I finished the album. I imagine this scene in a Studio 54-esque place, just escaping with somebody somewhere to get up to no good.”

As for ‘Funland' as a whole, he adds: “it doesn’t take itself too seriously and some of the lyrics are quite tongue-in-cheek. Sonically, it sits in the world I usually end up in, which is quite rich, wide and bold.” 

In regard to the album title, he has previously explained that “‘Funland’ was a concept I had been kicking around before I started writing. A night-time place of escape, debauchery, vice and pleasure. I wrote the songs while holed up in the woods in Vermont as the pandemic raged and the concept took on a whole new meaning as the New York City I was missing got entwined with this other mythical place that I had created in my mind and it became ‘Funland.’

Coyle Girelli is an English singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has previously fronted the alternative rock bands Your Vegas and The Chevin. Based in Manhattan, New York for the last decade, he released a debut solo album entitled ‘Love Kills’ in late 2018. Packed with timeless and cinematic guitar-based songs and balladry, it demonstrated just why esteemed TV chat show host David Letterman had declared “if I had a voice like that I’d run for President” after hearing him sing.

Containing superb material such as the sumptuous sounding ‘Where’s My Girl’ (described by Clash Magazine as “a swooning knee trembler”), the glorious slow-burning 'Something Strange In The Night’, plus a grandiose orchestral title track that raised the bar even further, ‘Love Kills' was hailed Stateside as “a beautifully dark masterpiece” by Atwood Magazine and as “the most surprising musical diamond find of the year” by High Voltage. A hitherto undiscovered gem for most of its likely audience, in a perfect world the entire album would soundtrack the output of David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino.

As a songwriter, Girelli has collaborated with celebrated songsmiths such as Mac Davis and Linda Perry and written for several world renowned pop acts. He also works in theatre and co-composed the award winning French musicals ‘Robin des Bois’ and ‘Les Trois Mousquetaries’.




Born and raised in Kansas City, KS, Julian Vaughn was primarily a drummer when he picked up the bass guitar. Vaughn developed his playing style while growing up in the church where his grandfather pastored until turning over the reins to Vaughn's father. A few years later, he became good enough to start playing at concerts and live gospel recordings.


Vaughn launched his solo career in 2010 with his album The Purpose Project, which spring boarded him into his jazz career. In 2012 he put out the album Breakthrough (2012), featuring the single "On Your Feet," which peaked at #1 on the Billboard chart. He later would release albums Limitless (2015), Bona Fide (2017), Supreme (2019), and Chapters of Love (2021). Vaughn racked up four Billboard #1 hits between his albums and 8 #1s overall as a feature on various artists' songs. Vaughn has toured across the U.S., playing at some of the largest jazz festivals. In addition, he has performed abroad in places like Dubai, South Africa, Nigeria, Nairobi, Italy, Spain, and Germany. Vaughn takes pride in writing and producing almost all his music, saying, "I want to be known as a great writer and producer just as much as an artist."


In 2020 Vaughn was the #2 Artist of the year and had the #2 and #17 Billboard songs of the year, “Afro Calypso” and “Afternoon Delight.” His latest independent release, titled SOLO is slated to be his best work to date. As Vaughn's recording catalog continues to grow, he hopes to continue to redefine the lead bassist role in the Smooth Jazz genre.


“Take That"

Written & Produced by Julian Vaughn


Lead Bass: Julian Vaughn

Bass: Darrell Freeman

Keys & Production: Greg Manning

Drums: RJ Kelly

Guitar: Adam Hawley

Saxophone: Marcus Anderson

Horn Section: Emmanuel Echem


The lavish album featuring vocal interpreter Marsha Bartenetti releases April 1 preceded by three singles and a video dropping next month.


LOS ANGELES (14 February 2022): Advancing years and a stage four cancer diagnosis spurred songwriter, composer, arranger and librettist Jane McNealy to sift through the pages of her songbook of jazz, pop, soul, funk and folk tunes as well as theatrical material penned for stage and screen, selecting what she felt are some of the best songs, many of which she wrote with longtime collaborator Alice Kuhns. Set list in hand and with legacy on her mind, McNealy headed to the iconic Capitol Studios to record the material as she always envisioned the songs to sound. Giving voice to the opulent, exquisitely orchestrated collection is award-winning vocalist Marsha Bartenetti. The album, “Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns,” drops April 1 on McNealy’s Lo-Flo Records.


One would imagine that assembling a “time capsule” of your life’s work, spanning more than fifty years of music, would be an emotional experience and the album is indeed an emotional listen.


“This album is extraordinarily rich, expressive, layered and complex. It’s a lot to take in in one listen. It is a combination of everything that I love that I’ve written over the years that shows in total what my artistic life has been about,” said McNealy, who was mentored by the late Harold Battiste Jr. and has collaborated with Dr. John, Joyce Dunn, Tami Lynn, Lydia Marcelle, Judy Karp, Henry Butler, Andy Simpkins and Roy McCurdy among others


Relying upon Mike Watts to masterfully orchestrate and arrange “Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns,” McNealy knew that key to bringing to life a project that has such meaning and significance was finding the right voice to illuminate the songs. The tracks were already complete when Bartenetti entered the picture.


“Lyrics are everything to me. Whenever I choose songs to record, my first consideration is the lyric and how I resonate to the story…and then, of course, melody. Jane and Alice’s songs paint very evocative pictures – like you are walking into an impressionistic painting. And the lush arrangements of the songs create depth and texture, supporting each lyric. I was very drawn to the longing and hope in their lyrics as well,” said the elegant-voiced Bartenetti, who is also an actor and well-known voiceover artist.


McNealy knew what she found in Bartenetti, saying, “The subtlety and depth of Marsha’s interpretation, the haunting quality that she infuses into each song, her light touch, the fluidity of her vocal range - all this and more is interwoven into a fine tapestry of musical poetry on the album.”


“Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns” can be categorized as a jazz vocal album although the project is diverse stylistically, offering a wealth of sophisticated sounds akin to a collection of contemporary classics and standards culled from the great American songbook.


The first of three singles that will preview the album, “Why Does The Sky Keep Changing” will drop March 4 along with a video. Dramatic and desirous, underscored by sweeping strings and Bartenetti’s yearning portrayal, the song was penned for the musical “Gauguin” written by McNealy and Kuhns about the French Post-Impressionist artist. A snapshot of a frayed relationship with a straying lover is depicted on “Running Around,” a jazzy single coming March 11 bolstered by Jeff Bunnell’s classy trumpet and Rusty Higgins’ soulful saxophone. Dropping March 18, Bartenetti’s voice beams wistfully and longingly like an amorous dreamer on “Love,” written for the musical “Primrose Hill.”         


The variety show continues as “One Day At A Time” dances to Latin and Afro Cuban rhythms, a soaring jazz number propelled by trumpet, sax and Watt’s gleeful piano, buttressing Bartenetti’s impassioned voice. Vacillating between a gentle waltz and a brisk bebop cadence, “What Is Today Without You” is a showstopper composed for the fantastical musical “To Be Fred” that ruminates on isolation, imagination and ardent pining. Jazz singer and four-time Grammy winner Sarah Vaughan performed “I Never See That Rainbow Anymore,” a bluesy jazz joint featuring yet another knockout performance by Bartenetti about unrequited love. McNealy wrote “Kite In The Clouds” in fond remembrance of her father. The cut is a bright-eyed carnival ride that soft shoes to ragtime piano and whimsical percussion.


“Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns” is the type of big-budget album the major labels used to make, and you can hear it in the finished product. McNealy is proud of the record and delighted to spotlight Bartenetti. Like uncovering a time capsule buried in the backyard, she hopes that new listeners for years to come will discover these songs for the first time and that people already familiar with her catalogue will fall in love with it as beautifully rendered by Bartenetti. And McNealy acknowledges that the album may present a challenge.


“I think it’s probably extremely difficult to describe this album because it’s almost like eating chocolate mousse seven times. Making it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be treasured forever.”


For more information, please visit https://linktr.ee/loflorecords and https://marshabartenetti.com.


“Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns” contains the following songs:


“Why Does The Sky Keep Changing”

“Running Around”


“One Day At A Time”

“What Is Today Without You”

“I Never See That Rainbow Anymore”

“Kite In The Clouds”


new single
out 11.02.22
(Salon Africana/Membran)


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included on

new album
out 04.03.22



“Supple jazz singing and compassionate social consciousness that is both serious and seductive”

“Somi moves naturally from languid, legato phrases into whelps, calls and shouts; tricky vocal interjections that speak as much of her sophisticated musical heritage as of magic”

“The earthy gutsiness of Nina Simone blended with the fluid vocal beauty of Dianne Reeves”

Somi is a singer, songwriter, playwright and actor of Rwandan and Ugandan descent who is based in the US. She has released seven albums to date that have garnered critical acclaim and earned placings on leading international World Music and Jazz charts, some of which have featured guests including Common, Angelique Kidjo and the late Hugh Masekela (her longtime mentor). She was nominated for Best Jazz Vocal Album at the most recent Grammy awards ceremony, making her the first African woman ever to be recognised in a Jazz category. She has performed at Carnegie Hall in celebration of South African democracy and was invited by the UN Secretary General to participate in the commemoration of the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery. Having earned two university degrees and bestowed with a wide range of additional academic and artistic honours, Somi is also the founder of Salon Africana, a boutique arts agency and label for current African musicians and writers.

Her new album, ‘Zenzile - The Reimagination of Miriam Makeba’, is a celebration of the invaluable musical contributions and messages of social justice made by the ‘first lady of African song’ and features Somi’s interpretations of some of her best known recordings. “I have known Miriam Makeba’s voice for as long as I can remember, and as a result I feel like I know her personally,” explains Somi. “She is familiar and warm, a compass, the original African superstar. Her messages of social justice and the humanity of Black lives still encourage us today. This project is about honouring the vast and immeasurable contribution she made to popular, folk and jazz music on behalf of a people, a continent.”

Long before the making of this album, Hugh Masekela had advised Somi to listen to a song entitled ‘Love Tastes Like Strawberries’ as a possible cover version, as he thought it would suit her voice. Years on, she has honoured that request and makes the song entirely her own as a sultry minimal duet with US superstar Gregory Porter. Her decision to invite Porter to participate is a nod to a 1965 Grammy-winning album by Makeba that featured a series of duets with her own mentor, Harry Belafonte. ‘Love Tastes Like Strawberries’ is released as a single on 11th February 2022, three weeks ahead of the album.

Although Makeba (whose Christian name was Zenzile and who died in 2008) indeed elevated the spirit of a continent, including her native South Africa, her courage was met with decades of political exile from her homeland and her US visa revoked soon after her marriage to US civil rights activist Stokely Carmichael (a Black Panther Party leader). Somi’s respect for Makeba’s personal strength as well as a lifelong love of her music have led to ‘Zenzile’, an album that she hopes will inspire a rediscovery of her life and work. “It is my attempt to honour the unapologetic voice of a woman who made room for my own journey and countless other African artists,” she states. “In short, I owe her. We all do. She deserves her rightful place in the larger cultural archive of the US and the world in general.”

In recognition of Makeba’s resonance throughout Africa and its diaspora, Somi invited a number of guest musicians to perform on ‘Zenzile’. From South Africa, male vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, singer-songwriter Msaki, vocalist and activist Thandiswa Mazwai and jazz pianist-composer Nduduzo Makhathini all pay respects to their compatriot, while Nigerian singer-musician Seun Kuti (the youngest son of Fela Kuti), Beninese singer-songwriter/activist Angelique Kidjo and the aforementioned Gregory Porter also join Somi for this special tribute. “It has always been clear to me that to celebrate her is to celebrate ‘us’. It is also my hope that every listener to ‘Zenzile’ will revisit her original recordings and rediscover her story,” she concludes.

Somi has just taken the story of Makeba’s life to the stage with a musical entitled ‘Dreaming Zenzile’ that she has both written and stars in. With just a handful of cast members, it also features a live band that performs original music alongside reworks of Makeba’s repertoire. Having opened in St. Louis in September 2021 to rave reviews, it will transfer to Broadway in New York in 2022.



Peet Project saxman Attila Zavodi is not only a great instrumentalist but also an acclaimed composer, with his songwriting skills demonstrated on some of the band's hits, e.g. "Galaxies", "River Cruise" and "Drive Time". Besides serving as a full-time member of the Peet Project, Attila is also an in-demand session player in his native land of Hungary, lending his talent to local pop and jazz acts that feature names like Sting's former vocalist partner, Vinx.


His second solo single, "River Waves" is an instrumental track celebrating the classic stylistic elements of the smooth jazz genre through capturing the mood of a relaxed river cruise.


Hence the title, and the track is now presented to you for airplay consideration. A relaxed, instrumental smooth jazz ballad following the classic pathways of the genre. Rich in textures and emotions without turning overly sentimental.


"River Waves"

Written by Attila Zavodi & Marcell Toth

Soprano Saxophone - Attila Zavodi

Keyboards - Marcell Toth

Acousic and Electric Guitars - Miki Macko

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Marcell Toth


Iconic funk singer Betty Davis has died. According to a press release, Davis died yesterday morning at 4:40 a.m. Eastern in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The press release also stated that Davis was born on July 26, 1944; the musician’s birth year was previously reported to have been 1945. Betty Davis was 77 years old.

“It is with great sadness that I share the news of the passing of Betty Davis, a multi-talented music influencer and pioneer rock star, singer, songwriter, and fashion icon,” Davis’ longtime friend Connie Portis said in a statement. “Most of all, Betty was a friend, aunt, niece, and beloved member of her community of Homestead, Pennsylvania, and of the worldwide community of friends and fans. At a time to be announced, we will pay tribute to her beautiful, bold, and brash persona. Today we cherish her memory as the sweet, thoughtful, and reflective person she was.… There is no other.”

Davis’ records were distinctive thanks to her wild and overtly sexual vocal performances. The first, her self-titled debut, arrived in 1973. She followed it with two more: 1974’s They Say I’m Different and 1975’s Nasty Gal. Before her own music career took off, Davis married Miles Davis in 1968. The couple remained together for only one year, but it proved to be an influential relationship for the jazz musician. She introduced him to the rock icons of the time, including guitarist Jimi Hendrix. And, not only did Miles go include Betty on the cover of his 1968 album Filles de Kilimanjaro, but also the album contained the song “Mademoiselle Mabry.”

Born in North Carolina, Betty Mabry ended up slightly farther north in Pittsburgh, where she spent her childhood. She eventually moved to New York in the 1960s, and flourished within the city’s artistic scene. For her debut album, Davis worked with bassist Larry Graham and drummer Greg Errico (of Sly and the Family Stone), keyboardist Merl Saunders, and guitarists Neal Schon and Douglas Rodriguez. Slow sales plagued the album, as well as her two follow-ups, and she slowly receded from view. All three albums were later reissued along with her early sessions with Miles Davis and a previously unreleased 1976 LP, Crashin’ from Passion.

A documentary about Davis’ life premiered in 2017. And, in 2019, Davis returned with the new song “A Little Bit Hot Tonight.” Davis wrote, arranged, and produced the track, which was sung by Danielle Maggio.


Willie Bradley is a native of Orangeburg, SC and a graduate of South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC where he earned his BS Degree in Music Education and Performance. Over the course of his career he has become a go –to musician for many of soul music’s greats over the years. Willie’s stage presence includes performances with jazz greats including Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Frank Foster, Max Roach, Betty Carter, Gerald Albright, Walter Beasley, Alex Bugnon, Ronnie Laws, Hiroshima and Marion Meadows.


In 2014, Willie released his debut Contemporary Jazz CD Another Day & Time, produced and co-written by keyboardist/Recording Artist Nicholas Cole. Tracks from this CD made the Smooth Jazz Billboard Charts and have been added to Smooth Jazz radio stations worldwide to include Music Choice, Pandora, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.


Willie has performed at high profile shows around the country including Catalina Island Jazztrax, Denver's Premier Jazz Room, The Soiled Dove Underground, Magic City Smooth Jazz in Birmingham, Spaghettini Lounge, Ocean City Jazz Fest, Columbus Jazz & Rib Festival, Carson Jazz Festival, Newport Beach Jazz Festival, Lake Arbor Jazz Festival, Southern Maryland Wine, Jazz & R&B Festival, and the Jacksonville Jazz Coalition Jazz Festival. He is also known for being part of the brass section with RJ & The Original James Brown Band touring abroad in France, Osaka and Tokyo Japan's Billboard Live and Summer Sonic Music Festival.


Bold, yet simultaneously charming; Edgy, yet at the same time beautiful; these seemingly opposing adjectives might well-describe the music of artist/trumpeter Willie Bradley, but also fittingly tell about the man! Willie Bradley’s music brings together many varied styles, but takes smooth jazz to a whole new level.


Willie's new CD It’s My Time was produced and co-written by Jeff Canady that features several of his friends in the Smooth Jazz Genre, Ragan Whiteside, Greg Manning, Julian Vaughn, James Lloyd, LaShawn Gary, Selina Albright, Nathan Mitchell, Kay-ta Matsuno, Walter Beasley, Marion Meadows, Rob Zinn, Johnny Britt and George Clinton.

This musical adventure promises to be an appetizer of sweet things to come for Willie; savor it with open ears, and heart!


Nine #1 hits. 50+ dates per year. Adam Hawley has burst on to the scene as a celebrated and innovative artist, composer and band leader. Originally signed to Maurice White’s (founder of Earth, Wind, & Fire) label Kalimba Music, Adam’s first two albums Double Vision and Just the Beginning spawned an incredible six #1 hits, an unprecedented feat for a new artist. He followed that up with Escape which included the 2020 Billboard Song Of The Year, “To The Top.” Now totaling 9 # 1’s, Adam sets out with this exciting fourth album “Risin’ Up” which features Steve Cole, Vincent Ingala, Julian Vaughn, Riley Richard & Kat Hawley.


Adam has also been a guitarist to the stars, appearing with a who’s who list of artists in a wide variety of genres. Credits include Dave Koz, Jennifer Lopez, Brian Culbertson, Natalie Cole, Brian McKnight, and American Idol to name just a few.


He holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Southern California and currently teaches at Musician’s Institute, Chaffey College, and Saddleback College.


"Gotta Get Up" is the follow-up to Hawley's #1 Billboard hit, "Risin' Up".


new single
out now
[Moraine Music Group / Membran]

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“With a blend of alternative and heavy rock, glam, grunge and pop, often with anthemic overtones, together with a mix of both sensuous and uplifting vocals and provocative lyrics, Flight Attendant have emerged as a very exciting and eclectic indie rock band”

Music fans young and old will recognise ‘In The Pines’, an American classic that began as a traditional folk song and later became well-known thanks to the version by blues musician Lead Belly. Those who don’t immediately hear the tune in their head upon reading its name probably will once they know that some bands call it ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night?’, most notably Nirvana, who ended their renowned Unplugged performance in 1993 with the song.

Nashville-based indie outfit Flight Attendant have chosen to use the original title for their solemn rendition, which is out now as a single. Sung sorrowfully by lead vocalist/keyboard player Karalyne Winegarner and framed with piano and strings, it provided the right mix of dark and timeless inspiration for the group as they embarked upon creating the soundtrack for upcoming mystery-noir thriller ‘Find Her’, the forthcoming movie written, directed and starring Nick McCallum.

‘In The Pines’ will feature in the film's trailer, while its soundtrack has been created by viola player Nikki Christie, who states: “In preparation for the trailer, Nick wanted us to try covering ‘In The Pines', as it was a perfect moody match for the film’s tone. We had a great time working on such a classic piece!”

Winegarner adds: “The dark, cinematic vibes of the song inspired our guitarist Vinny [Maniscalco] with this idea of someone in the woods, just looking lost and kind of distraught. So we made him the main character and rented a huge zoom lens. On the day we were set to go shoot, it started pouring with rain, so we taped some trash bags around the camera and walked ankle-deep through a muddy state park outside of Nashville. It was super fun - and kinda freezing.”

Having had their runway forcibly closed in spring 2020, Flight Attendant have now begun playing live shows in and around Nashville and are finally ready for take-off.


Karalyne Winegarner - vocals, piano, guitar
Vinny Maniscalco - lead guitar, backing vocals
Nikki Christie - viola, backing vocals
Derek Sprague - drums
Erica Najera - bass



A new feature documentary will tell the story of Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff, and Thom Bell, the architects of Philadelphia International and the Philly Soul sound. With new interviews and unearthed footage, The Sound of Philadelphia will chronicle soul music in the late 1960s and the ’70s, with a focus on the legendary trio whose songwriting and production studio laid the foundations for disco and inspired pop, soul, and R&B for decades to come.

“After six decades, we are incredibly proud to finally share our life stories with the world and showcase all the hard work that has gone into creating this great music,” said Gamble, Huff and Bell in a statement quoted by Deadline. The trio went on to thank Imagine and Warner Music—who partnered with Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions on the doc—as well as executive producer Alex Gibney and director Sam Pollard. “Our longtime fans and new fans will get a unique look into the creation of the Sound of Philadelphia with the themes of empowerment and love, to ‘people all over the world’ as we’ve always had a ‘Message in our Music.’”

Gamble, Huff, and Bell, also known as the Mighty Three, churned out a stream of classic records in the proto-disco era, writing and producing tracks like Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes’ “I Love Music,” the O’Jays’ “Love Train,” and MFSB’s “Love Is the Message,” which became staples of New York discos like David Mancuso’s Loft. The documentary will also touch on the studio’s work with the Jacksons, Dusty Springfield, Patti LaBelle, Elton John, and The Supremes, Deadline reports. A release date has not yet been set.


HIGH PULP - photo by Will Matsuda

first single from new album
out 15.04.22
(ANTI- Records)

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Drawing on bebop, punk rock, shoegaze, hip-hop and electronic music, experimental jazz act High Pulp have announced the forthcoming release of ‘Pursuit Of Ends’, their first full-length album for ANTI- Records. The first song to be released from it is the frenetic 'All Roads Lead To Los Angeles’, which hints at the breakbeats of Louis Cole as it reflects the constant barrage of stimuli that define our modern lives. An equally compelling video directed by Sara Jade Alfaro and starring Zaahira Joseph is also available now.

The music of High Pulp music is simultaneously vintage and futuristic, hinting at everything from Miles Davis and Duke Ellington to Aphex Twin and My Bloody Valentine. The songs on ‘Pursuit Of Ends’ balance meticulous composition with visceral spontaneity, while the performances are nothing short of virtuosic, fuelled by raw, ecstatic horn runs ducking and weaving their way around thick bass lines and dizzying percussion.

While the Seattle-based collective is centred around a crew of six core members, the album also makes judicious use of a broad network of collaborators - including turns from special guests such as sax star Jaleel Shaw (Roy Haynes, Mingus Big Band), harpist Brandee Younger (Ravi Coltrane, The Roots), GRAMMY-nominated trumpeter Theo Coker and keyboardist Jacob Mann (Rufus Wainwright, Louis Cole) - to stretch the boundaries of their expansive sonic universe even further. The result is a lush, cinematic collection that is as unpredictable as it is engrossing and an urgent, exhilarating instrumental album that manages to speak to the moment without uttering a single word.

Music has been far more than just medicine for High Pulp in recent years; it has also been a source of community and meaning. Born out of a loose, weekly jam session hosted at Seattle’s historic Royal Room, the band came together the way a good heist crew might. There was keyboardist Antoine Martel, a mad scientist with a wall of modular synths and a passion for film scores and abstract soundscapes; fellow keyboard player Rob Homan, whose innate ability to process, deconstruct and reassemble material on the fly bordered on the scary; bassist Scott Rixon, a convert from the metal and hardcore world with impeccable pop sensibilities and a selfless ability to serve the song; tenor saxophonist Victory Ngyuen, a Pharoah Sanders acolyte with an ear for urgent, entrancing solos of the highest order; alto saxophonist Andrew Morrill, whose bold tones and fearless harmonic sensibilities earned him a reputation for pushing the old school into the 21st century; and last but not least, Bobby Granfelt, whose hip-hop and bebop-inspired drumming laid the foundation for the entire project.

“We’re a bunch of outsiders who refused to be kept out,” states Granfelt. “We’ve never had an academic approach to jazz as most of us grew up playing in DIY bands, so it was the rawness and the energy and the absolute freedom of the music that called to us in the first place.”

1  Ceremony
2  All Roads Lead To Los Angeles (feat Jaleel Shaw)
3  Blaming Mercury
4  Window To A Shimmering World
5  Chemical X
6  A Ring On Each Finger
7  Kamishinjo (feat Jacob Mann)
8  Inner Crooner
9  Wax Hands (feat Brandee Younger)
10  You’ve Got To Pull It Up From The Ground (feat Theo Croker)


(left to right above)
Antoine Martel - keyboards
Trevor Eulau - guitar
Kaeli Earle - bass
Andrew Morrill - saxophone
Bobby Granfelt - drums & percussion
Rob Homan - keyboards
Victory Nguyen - saxophone, flute & trumpet

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It is with extreme sadness that our family announces the passing of Soul & Blues Hall of Fame Legend, Grammy-Nominated Singer, Syl Johnson (born Sylvester Thompson in Holly Springs, MS). Dad, Brother, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Uncle, Friend & Artist, he lived his life as a singer, musician, and entrepreneur who loved black music.

One of the most sampled artists of our time, his music served as the soundtrack for some of our most poignant moments in history.

A fiery, fierce, fighter, always standing for the pursuit of justice as it related to his music and sound, he will truly be missed by all who crossed his path. His catalog and legacy will be remembered as impeccable and a historical blueprint to all who experience it.

To his fans around the world, he loved you all. A lover of music and a Chicago icon, Syl Johnson lived his life unapologetically.

With the passing of his brother, Jimmy Johnson (Blues Hall of Famer) a few days ago, our Dad has gone on to heaven to be with him and many of his loved ones and fellow musicians who have passed as well. The world has lost two musical giants.

At this time, we ask for your prayers for our family, his friends, and fans, and we ask that you continue to play his music and share the remarkable legacy he’s made in music.


Opnieuw heel triest nieuws, want de Canadese zanger Donny Gerrard is eergisteren op 75-jarige leeftijd overleden. Gerrard maakte in de jaren zeventig deel uit van de band Skylark en was later actief als achtergrondzanger voor artiesten als Mavis Staples. We kennen Donny Gerrard met name als de leadzanger op de prachtige klassieker ‘Wildflower’. Gitarist Doug Edwards van de Canadese popband Skylark verklaarde op 2 juli 1974 in een interview dat hij vereerd was met het feit dat de single ‘Wildflower’ in de maand juni in de Veronica Top 40 had gestaan. Skylark was slechts tussen 1971 en 1973 actief en werd opgericht in Vancouver. Skylark ontstond uit één van rockabilly zanger Ronnie Hawkins’s begeleidingsgroepen en tekende een platencontract bij Capitol Records. Van het debuutalbum ‘Skylark’ kwamen drie singles. Grote man achter Skylark was componist en arrangeur David Foster. Skylark hield op met bestaan na het tweede album ‘2’. Hun grootste succes was de power ballad ‘Wildflower’. ‘Wildflower’ werd geschreven door gitarist Doug Edwards en Dave Richardson, die in die tijd politieagent was in Victoria. Richardson schreef de tekst in nog geen kwartier. Hij kreeg de inspiratie door een vriendin, die verpleegster was. Deze vriendin had, op de dag dat zij een romantisch afspraakje met Richardson had, twee patiënten “verloren”. Na haar hart gelucht te hebben, ging ze zich gereed maken voor het uitje, maar viel ze oververmoeid in slaap. Richardson dekte haar toe, ging bij haar op de bank zitten en schreef de tekst van ‘Wildflower’. De single bereikte al in 1972 de Top 10 in Canada en in de lente van 1973 de Top 10 van de Amerikaanse Billboard Hot 100. Er werden in Amerika meer dan 1 miljoen exemplaren van de plaat verkocht. ‘Wildflower’ bereikte in 1974 de 23ste plaats van de Veronica Top 40. Donny Gerrard ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Amsterdam, 4 februari 2022. Vandaag brengt Peter Somuah de single 'Chief Palace' uit. Het nummer is afkomstig van zijn debuutalbum 'Outer Space' dat op 29 april verschijnt. 

Peter Somuah is een getalenteerde jazztrompettist afkomstig uit Accra, Ghana. Somuah leerde zijn instrument te beheersen door eindeloos te luisteren naar trompetlegendes als Roy Hargrove en Miles Davis. Zijn spel kenmerkt zich door zijn warme en melancholische geluid, gecombineerd met zijn uitzonderlijke gevoel voor ritme, aangewakkerd door zijn opvoeding in Ghana omringd door West Afrikaanse muziek.

Na een aantal succesvolle jaren als muzikant in Ghana strijkt Somuah neer in Rotterdam. In Nederland werkt hij al snel samen met artiesten als Akwasi en Yung Nnelg. Ook zijn live reputatie blijft niet onopgemerkt, dit levert hem zelfs een Erasmus Jazz award op. Dit voorjaar brengt Peter Somuah zijn debuutalbum ‘Outer Space’ uit. Samen met zijn band zoekt hij op het album de grenzen van jazz, afro-funk en traditionele Ghanese muziek op. 

Met de aankondiging van zijn debuutalbum brengt Peter Somuah ook de eerste single 'Chief Palace' uit. Op het nummer neemt de in Rotterdam woonachtige trompettist de luisteraar mee naar zijn geboorteland Ghana. "This song reflects what a ceremony at a Chief Palace feels like. Ceremonies at the Chief Palace areheld to thank and honour the gods and the ancestors, or to celebrate special occasions. The ceremonies usually begin and end with traditional drumming and dancing. The rhythms in this song reflect the drumming, while the melodies reflect the dancing" vertelt Peter. 

Chief Palace is nu te beluisteren. Het volledige album 'Outer Space' verschijnt op 29 april. 


My new single 'Spring Wind' Is out now


It's the first Friday of February and I'm celebrating with a brand new song — Spring Wind! Winter hasn't quite left us yet, but I hope this fun, groovy tune can help warm your soul and keep away any winter blues lurking around. This is the third single from my upcoming EP 'Astronomical' (with plans for that to drop March 11th!) and I'm once again honored to have worked with my good friend and longtime collaborate Steve Honz to create this auditory adventure through space and time. Enjoy and thank you for listening, sharing, grooving, and being a wonderful person.



Benny Brydern started as a musical protege on the violin giving his first public concerts at the age of 10. He lives in Los Angeles now and composes for film and the concert hall. He has won numerous awards and competitions.


Brydern studied violin and piano at the Richard-Strauss Academy of Music in Munich, Germany. He was invited to the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival to perform in the Festival Orchestra under the baton of Leonard Bernstein in 1988. The Jazz violinist and composers’ original melodies fuse Jazz with grooves and EDM elements.


"Rarely Smiling"

Composed and produced by Benny Brydern

Mastered by Becker Mastering

Benny Brydern - Violin & Keyboards

Mark Hollingsworth - Saxophone

Gabriel Vivas - Bass

Rayford Griffin - Drums


Kimberly Brewer is an American singer and background singer. She is best known for her longtime collaboration with Stevie Wonder. Kimberly Brewer was born on November 20th. Genres Soul, R&B, Pop Occupation(s) Musician Instruments Vocals Years active 1989 - present Associated acts Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire In 1989 she was featured as a backing vocalist on the hit single We Didn't Know, a duet by Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder. In 1991, she also contributed the song "If She Breaks Your Heart" (written by Wonder) to the motion picture Jungle Fever.


She was also featured on Elton John's twenty-fourth studio album Duets (1993). Along with Wonder, Jon Bon Jovi, Wyclef Jean, B.B. King, Stevie Nicks and others, she performed "I Love You More" (a duet with Wonder) on the TV special A Very Special Christmas from Washington, D.C. (2000). Brewer also appeared in the 2001 action movie Ticker (starring Tom Sizemore, Dennis Hopper and Steven Seagal). Along with Leland Sklar, Billy Preston and others, she was part of the blues band, who appeared in the movie.


During 2002 and 2004 she toured as a background vocalist for Earth, Wind & Fire. Over the years she contributed vocals to albums by Kristen Vigard, Teena Marie, Rick James, k.d. lang, Will Downing, Boney James, Vanessa Williams and several records by Stevie Wonder as well as his DVD release Live at Last: A Wonder Summer's Night (2009).


The best instrumental music stems from players with penchants for uncut, straight to the point communication. With “Better Days Are Coming,” electric bass guitarist supreme Byron Miller emerges from lockdown with a Funk-fortified message of pressing urgency. Because “B” is a master at getting a point across within his signature bass plucking style that is clearly talking to you, he is delivering this missive for all the world to hear in two ways. The civilized expression says “Better Days Are Coming.” But the underlying urgency of this COVID-era plea is “KEEP YO’ ASS @ HOME!” 


“Better Days Are Coming” is the hope-laden lead single of Psychobass 3: Real Love, Byron Miller’s third project of a series created to bring serenity, harmony and Funk-Jazz prophecy to a needy world, this one being a 7-song EP. This jam is soul stirring instrumental Funk of the highest order – with purpose, power and panache! Not only does it showcase Byron and his bass upfront tickling your earholes with a lead melody equal parts emphatic and sweet, it features Swedish keyboardist Mats Öberg, a protégé of immortal music legend George Duke.  


In 2016, Mats and Byron Miller met each other for the first time when they were part of “A Tribute to George Duke.” Mats and George met four times during George's visits to Stockholm, encounters that were nothing short of pivotal for Mats as George had been a heavy-duty inspiration for him since childhood when he started playing at the tender age of two. George’s influence is undeniable and palpable in the solo Mats takes here on pitch-bending synthesizer – straight up down home Dukey Stick Blues Funk! 


“Better Days Are Coming (Keep Yo’ Ass @ Home)” follows Miller’s most recent radio successes from his Psychobass 2: The Gift, including the Billboard Smooth Jazz chart-topper “The B Spot” (ahh, that’s #1, bobba) and the Top 20 hit “Soldier of the Groove.” Additional players on “Better Days” (co-written and co-produced by Byron Miller with Phil Davis and Rick Jordan) are Davis on keyboards, Jordan on drums, JUBU Smith & Darrell Crooks on guitar, and Munyungo on percussion.  


Soon as this COVID fog breaks, Byron Miller a.k.a. Psychobass will be bringing his 4-string and 5-string custom MTD basses, and a band to venues near you. `Til then, our funky fearless leader can’t stress enough: “KEEP YO’ ASS @ HOME!” 


debut solo album
LP / CD / USB key / deluxe / digital 
out 25.02.22
(Plastic Sound Records)

“Ten well realised, vintage aesthetic fantasies ****”
“Propelled by his core rhythm section and lyricist collaborator, they address some weighty subjects with passion ****”


album premiere event
includes live show + Q&A
Rough Trade East, London
industry guest list places available on request
further information below 



A unique blend of aggression, urgency, melancholia and surrealist beauty,  ‘L’Homme De L’Ombre’ (Man Of The Shadows) is the debut solo offering by London-based French multi-instrumentalist and producer Marc Olivier. A blistering set of songs that combine Rock n’ Roll, Glam, Punk and Nouvelle Chanson with great panache, they are sung in his native tongue and feature an impressive supporting cast of musicians that includes bassist Sami Yaffa (New York Dolls, Joan Jett, Hanoi Rocks) and drummer Christophe Deschamps (Jacques Dutronc, France Gall). Further contributions come from Kath Gifford (Stereolab), Danny Ray (MC5, Bo Diddley), Will Crewdson (Adam & The Ants) and veteran bassist Dave Richmond, who played with Serge Gainsbourg over fifty years ago and performed on iconic recordings such as ‘Histoire De Melody Nelson’ and ‘Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus’.

Marc and his band will be premiering the album at Rough Trade East in London on 14th March, an event rescheduled from February due to Covid travel restrictions. This special occasion will not only see Marc perform his songs live with Sami Yaffa, Christophe Deschamps and Dave Richmond, but they will also be discussing the French relationship with Rock n’ Roll in conversation with award-winning music author Daniel Rachel. Tickets are available now from link.dice.fm/t1bc66c3af29.

Incidentally, Marc is the first French artist that Richmond has played with since his days with the legendary Serge Gainsbourg.

Recent decades have seen various indie-alternative minded Brit acts championing French artists, to the extent that the language barrier is no longer such an insurmountable challenge. Bill Pritchard recorded with singer-songwriters such as Françoise Hardy, Daniel Darc and Etienne Daho in the late ‘80s, Blur with the first and St Etienne the last of these a few years later, while Peter Doherty has recently been working with French producer Frédéric Lo (and Pritchard) for a forthcoming album of songs by Darc and Jarvis Cocker has just released an entire album in French. Meanwhile, compatriots of Marc’s such as Manu Chao, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Keren Ann and Camille have all enjoyed global recognition that has led to their records no longer being relegated to the ‘world music’ section in stores.

Having moved from France to London in the ‘90s, Marc made his name on the capital’s alternative rock scene as a guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and recording engineer, while he has also toured across Europe and North America in various groups. ‘L’Homme De L’Ombre’ has a back story that reflects a true dedication to his art, but was almost never completed. “Halfway through making the album, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and everything stopped,” he explains. “I was also just about to become a father. Thankfully, after swift and complex surgery, followed by many months of heavy treatment, I was saved.”

A long road to recovery followed, and with it the growing confidence to finish a record that had acquired a whole new depth of meaning. In early 2021, he finally returned to the studio, working on one song at a time, until they clicked into the sounds he had been hearing in his head since starting on them in 2016. “It has been a long time in the making and it feels that this record has already had many lives.”

The finished product is also a creative pact that fuses Marc’s glam-tinged rock attitude with the wise yet witty writing of his brother, the author and philosopher Bruno Pons Levy. Giving each other freedom from interference in their areas of expertise, the result is not so much a songwriting partnership but rather a powerful third creation, much like the equation described in the song ‘Le Triangle Au Carré’ (The Triangle Squared). Addressing the blurring between the real and virtual worlds, the subconscious, gender dynamics, inequality and the abuse of power, the nature of paradox, the ambivalence of human nature, nationalism and multiculturalism, the record is packed with memorable songs peopled with figures such as Hermann Rorschach, Erwin Schrödinger, Raymond Aron and Julian Assange.

 The album begins with ‘L’Homme Du Monde’ (Man Of The World), which comments on globalised economic systems, while its closing title song is a dark and epic tale of narcissism and the notion of the death of the author. In between, listeners may learn something new about the world, human nature, and perhaps themselves, but they are guaranteed to be delighted by the musician and writer who have created this most personal of journeys.


1  L’Homme Du Monde (Man Of The World)
2  Le Fondu Des Bas-Fonds D’Écran (Fading Into The Shallow Screen) 
3  Le Dyssimètre (Dissymmetry Man)
4  Le Test De La Femme À Barbe (Test Of The Bearded Woman)
5  Les Démodes (The Old Fashioned)
6  Rendons Le Leurre (Give Them Back Their Lure)
7  Le Triangle Au Carré (The Triangle Squared)
8  Métalogue (Metalogue)
9  Le Casanovice
10  L’Homme De L’Ombre (Man Of The Shadows)



Een warme oproep vanuit cultuurcentrum De Werf om te stemmen voor je 3 favoriete Aalsterse popnummers. De lijst bestaat uit de gekende liedjes maar werd ook aangevuld met extra nummers. Ga dus gauw een kijkje nemen en breng je stem uit. Op zondag 6 februari kan je het eindresultaat bekijken en beluisteren. Dit doe je van thuis uit via online streaming of midden in de actie in de foyer van De Werf met een hapje en een drankje. Benieuwd of Technotronic zichzelf al dan niet mag opvolgen als nummer één. Jij bepaalt.

Tijdens de allereerste 'Top 053' vorig seizoen waren er maar liefst 2500 unieke stemmers. De Aalstenaars verkozen toen ‘Pump up the Jam’ tot de absolute nummer één. De wereldhit werd op de voet gevolgd door de kleinkunst van Jan De Wilde met ‘Eerste Sneeuw’. Het brons ging naar die andere Aalsterse dansformatie Natural Born Deejays met ‘A good day’. Of de podiumplaatsen opnieuw naar dezelfde artiesten gaan ligt dus volledig in de handen van de Aalstenaar.

Wie vorig jaar al moeite had met kiezen, krijgt deze editie een extra uitdaging. De geüpdatete keuzelijst bevat immers maar liefst 200 nummers aangevuld met recente nummers en verborgen parels uit het verleden. Je persoonlijke Top 3 kan je inzenden via www.top053.be en dit nog tot en met zaterdag 5 februari (17u). Exact 24 uur later maken we de finale ranglijst van 53 nummers bekend. De presentatie van De Top 053 is opnieuw in handen van Jonas Decleer. En natuurlijk zullen er ook verschillende gastsprekers en -muzikanten deelnemen. Wie wil kan alles ter plaatse live meevolgen in De Foyer met een drankje en een hapje. Of je volgt thuis mee via www.top053.be.

met o.a. OPROER / Natural Born Deejays / VVYNN / John Woolley / Luckas Vander Taelen (Lavvi Ebbel)


Michael Jackson’s unique and unparalleled artistry has finally arrived on Broadway in a brand-new musical. Centered around the making of his 1992 Dangerous World Tour, and created by Tony Award®-winning Director/Choreographer Christopher Wheeldon and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage, MJ goes beyond the singular moves and signature sound of the star, offering a rare look at the creative mind and collaborative spirit that catapulted Jackson into legendary status.



Amsterdam, 28 januari 2022. Vandaag brengen Shane Cooper & MABUTA de single 'Where The Heart Is' uit.  Het nummer is de eerste single van het nieuwe album van de band getiteld 'Finish The Sun'. De single is nu overal te beluisteren.

Dankzij hun aanstekelijke energie hebben Shane Cooper & MABUTA de gave om ieder publiek volledig aan zich te binden vanaf de eerste noten. Het is dan ook geen verrassing dat de groep aan het roer staat van de hedendaagse jazzscene van Zuid-Afrika. De band is een supergroep die bestaat uit een aantal van de meest vooruitstrevende Zuid Afrikaanse jazzmuzikanten. Gilles Peterson, Worldwide FM, BBC 1Xtra en vele anderen spraken eerder al hun waardering voor de groep uit. 

Onder supervisie van bandleider en bassist Shane Cooper brengt de band in mei van dit jaar het vervolg op debuut album Welcome to this World uit, op die plaat was onder meer de Britse saxofonist Shabaka Hutchings te horen. Met het nieuwe album 'Finish The Sun' beweegt de zeskoppige band zich langs invloeden uit Mali, Nigeria, Marokko en de vele geluiden van hun thuisland Zuid Afrika. Het resultaat is een plaat waarop afrobeat, maskandi en hiphop worden gecombineerd met hedendaagse jazz. 

Bassist en bandleider Shane Cooper vertelt: "A few years ago I was sitting outside with friends having coffee before a rehearsal. It was early spring and the sun was about to set. Someone suggested we go inside to start the session. I suggested we first “finish the sun”. Those words became like a mantra over the last two years while I was creating this album. I chose to take more time to enjoy and be present in the good moments, instead of always rushing to the next thing. I focused on what was important to me, like spending more time in nature.

This all influenced the sound and tempos of the music. I wrote these songs after walks and bike rides, and I was feeling good and balanced. Within the band, our original drummer had quit music to pursue a different career. So we featured a bunch of drummer friends from around Europe and Africa. It was a joy to bring their styles together with my South African brothers in the band. Even though the songs were not recorded with everyone together in the same studio, the energy was felt by all the musicians in a way that sounds as though we were in the same room, after finishing some sun together."

Het volledige album verschijnt op 13 mei. 

Shane Cooper & MABUTA is:

Shane Cooper – bas
Bokani Dyer – piano, keyboards, synthesizer
Sisonke Xonti – tenor sax, synthesizer
Robin Fassie – trompet
Reza Khota – gitaar

Met gastbijdragen van 
Buddy Wells - tenor sax
Jamie Peet, Arthur Hnatek, Christopher Cantillo, Mario Hanni, Julian Sartorius, Lungile Maduna, Andre Toungamani - drums


After the success of his Innervision Records debut album "Soul Expedition", guitarist Keith Andrew returns with a brand new composition called "Now's the Time". The title of which conveys what many in the contemporary jazz community are sensing - that this track could be a breakthrough for the bay area player whose playful, laid-back and funky style is amassing a dedicated fan base. Legendary keyboardist Bob James lends a hand to what is sure to be one of the new year's most anticipated releases - produced by hit maker label mate Blake Aaron.⠀

Pre-save link:https://ffm.to/kanowsthetime



Photo Credit: Nolwen Cifuentes





New York, NY – January 26, 2022 – A&E Network gives viewers VIP access to music icon and Grammy Award-winner Bobby Brown and his family with a new definitive Biography event and docuseries launching this summer. With more than 20 million records sold worldwide with New Edition, a solo career selling in excess of 12 million records, five gold singles, three No. 1 R&B hits, a Top 100 No. 1 hit, the New York Times best-selling author and one of Billboard Magazine’s Top 60 Male Artists of All Time details his transformation from Bad Boy artist to a responsible husband and father. Through exclusive access and interviews, the definitive documentary “Biography: Bobby Brown” gives fans an up-close and personal look at the American Music Award winner’s journey to superstardom and the fallout from his personal struggles with sobriety and the tragic deaths of his two children and first wife, Whitney Houston.

The new 12-episode series “Bobby Brown: Every Little Step” takes us into the present day for an exclusive look at his life with wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown and their children as he focuses on new business ventures, new music as well as the 2022 reunion with New Edition on The Culture Tour.

“Biography: Bobby Brown” two-night event airs Monday, May 30 and Tuesday, May 31 at 8pm ET/PT. “Bobby Brown: Every Little Step” premieres Tuesday, May 31 at 10pm ET/PT with new episodes airing Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT starting June 7.


“Piano for My Soul” drops April 8 accompanied by the release of nature videos, piano tutorials and sheet music.


LONG BEACH (28 January 2022): When the volume of the chaotic world becomes too loud as it did at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peggy Duquesnel escapes by sitting quietly at her piano. There, she sets her nimble fingers free to dance gracefully atop the keys, inevitably finding their way into her musical comfort zone. Soothed with soul bared, Duquesnel’s piano emotes a hybrid of classical music and inspirational hymns. These intimate, meditative sessions spawned “Piano for My Soul,” Duquesnel’s sixteenth album, releasing April 8 on her JoySpring Music imprint.


“I recorded a lot of the album during the lockdown and was happy to have the extra time to work in my studio. Many of the arrangements on ‘Piano for My Soul’ were inspired by my classical background. They also incorporate my gift of combining a hymn with a classical theme to create a new and moving piece of music. A light bulb or divine inspiration sometimes comes upon me when I’m practicing, and I get new ideas on bringing two different music pieces together,” said Duquesnel, who produced and arranged the music on the album.


“Piano for My Soul” is presented in two sections clocking in at a generous 71 minutes of music. The first section consists of piano orchestrations with Alan Broadbent, Billy Martin, Andre Mayeux and the late Steve Hall on works composed by Bach, Chopin and Tchaikovsky blended imaginatively with hymns and songs of faith, including several presented as duets between piano and organist Andre Mayeux (“Cristo Redentor,” “Were You There?” and “Precious Lord Take My Hand”), piano and cellist Melissa Hasin (Bach Prelude in C/“The Lord’s Prayer”), and piano duets featuring Hall (“Holy God We Praise Thy Name”/“Sous le dome epais – Delibes” and “You Are My Hiding Place”/“Swan Lake” – Tchaikovsky). The second section is comprised of solo piano numbers.


Duquesnel shares her artistic muse as multisensory experiences. Each selection on “Piano for My Soul” will be accompanied by the release of a nature video created in partnership between Duquesnel and Gary Hanson of CreationScapes. This is Duquesnel’s sixth consecutive album project that includes the release of nature videos crafted with Hanson.


Recording “Cristo Redentor” came from when Duquesnel watched the Disney-Pixar animated feature “Soul.” 


“Since the movie highlighted the life of a jazz musician, I thought it would be fun to see if there was an appropriate song in the movie to add to my album. ‘Cristo Redentor’ was one of the songs the band played in the jazz club in the movie. I had played that standard by Duke Pearson many years ago on jazz club gigs. Being a jazz pianist, it was fun to play and record this standard. I also asked my graphic artist to use the movie’s vibrant look for the album cover artwork,” said Duquesnel.


Duquesnel is an educator, a role that she will carry out through “Piano for My Soul” by releasing piano tutorial videos for several of the album’s selections. She is making her sheet music arrangements from the album available through the JoySpring Music website.


To help launch “Piano for My Soul,” Duquesnel has issued singles monthly along with nature videos since last October when she dropped “Be Still My Soul”/“Finlandia.” She released “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”/Bach 2-part Invention #13 in November; “A Lullaby,” an original composition inspired by the birth of her grandson, in December; and “Take My Life, and Let it Be” last Friday.


Duquesnel will preview the album at a concert that will take place at her church, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Los Alamitos, on March 16.


Based in Long Beach, Calif., Duquesnel’s diverse career spans serving as a pianist, vocalist, composer, arranger, producer, record label owner, and a professor of jazz studies at Concordia University. From recording jazz, pop, inspirational and classical collections to playing at NHL, MLB and Paralympics games, Duquesnel has performed and/or recorded with an array of luminaries such as Broadbent, Dionne Warwick, Henry Mancini, Pat Boone, Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Rick Braun, Jeff Hamilton and John Patitucci. Duquesnel is a creative and devout musician who uses her musical ministry as an offering. For more information, please visit www.joyspringmusic.com.


“Piano for My Soul” contains the following songs:


Piano Orchestrations:

“Be Still My Soul/Finlandia”

“Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”/Bach 2-part Invention #13

“A Lullaby”

“It Is Well With My Soul”/Bach 2-part Invention #14

“O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”/Chopin Waltz Op. 34, No. 2

“Cristo Redentor” (with organist Andre Mayeux)

Chopin Prelude Op. 28, No. 4

“Were You There? (with organist Andre Mayeux)

“Holy God We Praise Thy Name”/“Sous le dome epais – Delibes” (with pianist Steve Hall)

Bach Prelude in C/ “The Lord’s Prayer” (with cellist Melissa Hasin)

“Precious Lord Take My Hand” (with organist Andre Mayeux)

“You Are My Hiding Place”/“Swan Lake” (Tchaikovsky) (with pianist Steve Hall)

“Take My Life, and Let it Be”


Solo Piano:

“Be Still My Soul/Finlandia”

“Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”/Bach 2-part Invention #13

“A Lullaby”

“It Is Well With My Soul”/Bach 2-part Invention #14

“O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”/Chopin Waltz Op. 34, No. 2

Chopin Prelude Op. 28, No. 4

Bach Prelude in C

“Take My Life, and Let It Be”


On January 31, legendary musician and songwriter, Johnny Britt is set to release "Is It Cool," feat. Josh Britt, the highly anticipated new single from the legendary trumpeter. 


Talking about the new song, Britt says "Is It Cool" is a fresh and smooth track that I hope everyone enjoys." He adds, "The song includes my son, Josh on the piano. Now, how cool is that?" 


"Is It Cool" was originally written while on tour by Britt with Maxwell and the song was first recorded by Boney James with the title “Deep Time." 


With Britt’s 2022 version of the song, he chose to use the original title "Is It Cool". The 'feel-good' song written by Johnny Britt, Boney James and Freddie Washington with Boney James melody played by Britt on Flugelhorn and the stellar vocals and melody by Johnny Britt, is definitely the romantic song of the year! 


Britt has also written 3 number One Billboard Contemporary Jazz hit singles for Boney James as well as countless others. The award winning urban-jazz singer and trumpet virtuoso sings lead and background vocals and plays flugelhorn on this track. 


Johnny Britt is the founder of the celebrated Motown/MoJazz group, Impromp2. With 3 hit singles in 2021, MoJazzin' feat. Norman Brown (#1 Mediabase), The Way I Feel feat. Marion Meadows, and "Let's Get Down Tonight," which has acquired over 2 million radio listeners weekly, the hit-maker is unleashing new music in January, 2022. His Jazz release, Good Feelin' is 'Most Added' on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart and remains a popular favorite, along with his plethora of other signature songs. 


With a global career that spans over 30 years, Johnny Britt is one of the most versatile and celebrated talents of our time.


Ilya Serov is an award-winning trumpeter, guitarist, vocalist and music producer. He began studying classical trumpet early-on, honing his skills at the prestigious St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music and performing with St. Petersburg’s symphony orchestras and the state opera theatre.  His musical world was expanded dramatically when Serov discovered American jazz as a teen, and it quickly became his passion.


Serov’s album JUST FRIENDS is a departure from his 2013 successful debut album of jazz standards, September in the Rain, following which he was named Best New Artist at the Hollywood International Music Awards (2014).  His second album, Back in Time, was released in 2018 as an homage to the Big Band era. It featured the artist’s smooth trumpet playing and unique vocal style, and included collaborations with GRAMMY®-winning percussionist Poncho Sanchez, renowned pianist Roger Kellaway, and acclaimed sax player Eric Marienthal.


For several years, Serov has participated in well-known and highly-respected music festivals including the Catalina Jazz Festival and the Newport Beach Jazz Festival. He has also traveled with the Dave Koz & Friends at Sea jazz cruise, sharing the stage with such greats as Peter White, Larry Graham, Jonathan Butler, and Michael Lington.


LaShawn D. Gary is an Emmy Award Winning Producer, Composer, Smooth Jazz Artist and Pianist. He is a native of Detroit, Michigan and received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Instrumental Music Education from Southern University A&M College, and earned a Master’s of Music Education Degree from the University of Louisville. 


LaShawn has released four Smooth Jazz singles: “Now is the Time (2019) '', “Love, Peace & Praise (2020)”, “Inception, featuring Mark Whitfield (2021)” and “Line Brothers (2021).” “On The Yard” (2022) is his newest single from his upcoming album scheduled for release on April 17, 2022. He is also the featured artist on “For Your Love” on Smooth Jazz Network 2021 Artist of the Year Willie Bradley’s new album.


LaShawn is currently on staff as a composer for the television mini-series “Terror Lake Drive” featuring Malik Yoba, Shannon Kane and Lamman Rucker. He has worked as a composer/arranger in commercial advertisement with Burrell Communications, Global Hue and Yessian Music. His musical talents were displayed on television in the production of the Toyota Avalon “Son-in-Law” commercial, the introductory advertisement of the Ford Fiesta, Xfinity “Unplug” Commercial and the Happy’s Pizza Jingle featuring the Four Tops. LaShawn was the Choir Director for the McDonald’s 365 Black Awards directing the Southern University Gospel Choir with Erica Campbell and the Louisiana Leadership Institute Drum-line performance with American Idol winner, singer, and actress Jordan Sparks.  


In March 2015, LaShawn worked with Grammy Award winning singer Patti Austin, Greg Phillinganes, and Sanchez Harley as the Assistant Choir Director for the Charles H. Wright Museum 50th Anniversary Celebration “Oh Freedom.” In 2015, LaShawn also released his debut album, “Love, Peace, and Praise.” The decade ended as the Emmy Award winning producer and fellow producing partners, Bill Bowen and Mike Ellison released “Detroit: One Nation Under A Groove”, a YouTube video featuring the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences Choir which received over a million views in the first month. The team was also awarded two Detroit Music Awards for “Outstanding Music Video” and “Outstanding Urban Recording”. 


LaShawn is a music educator with Southfield Public Schools and serves as the Director of Music at Oak Grove AME Church. He is currently the Executive Director for the Michigan Fine Arts Institute, formerly known as the Beverly Thomas Fine Arts Institute. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated, Phi Mu Alpha Professional Music Fraternity, The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). He is married to Cherida D. Gary and together they have two children Nigel and Niyah.


"Students of Southern University A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana affectionately refer to the campus as “On The Yard”. This song is a reflection of my diligent pursuit to become an accomplished pianist, composer, arranger and music educator as an undergraduate student at the prestigious SU. As a member of the world renowned “Human Jukebox” Marching Band and the 1992 winner of the Tourgee Debose National Classical Piano Competition, I was recruited by the late, great Jazz Clarinetist, Alvin Batiste (recording artist), to join the jazz ensemble, and the rest is H-I-Story; my story." - LaShawn D. Gary


As the go-to special show and traveling drummer for Chuck Berry for many years, Michael Mesey had a blast creating explosive moments on stage with the legendary musical pioneer all over the country. Yet one of his most cherished memories is a moment on a tour bus, when Berry was listening to a blues tune, turned to him and said, “This is how I want us to play the blues – because when it’s time to rock, you rock me. No, I mean, you REALLY rock me!”

While transcendent, pinch me moments like these have happened throughout the St. Louis native’s multi-faceted 40 years as a writing, recording and touring musician, Mesey also knows a little something about the darker side of the life he chose - spending long stretches on the road, spending weeks at a time and holidays apart from beloved family members (including his daughter as she was growing up) while blazing away in the service of rock and roll. A few years ago, when he wrote “Together” for his hard rockin’ band American Greed, he never dreamed that the poignant powerhouse of a song - reflecting the personal heartache and longing of the road warrior musician - would become a universal anthem perfectly meeting our anxious collective moment during the age of COVID-19.

Over a propulsive, mid-tempo groove created by Mesey, Matt Arana's sizzling electric guitar energy, lead vocalist Dave Farver’s searing, emotional vocals speak eloquently for all those apart from their loved ones due to the pandemic, from family and friends who must Zoom to communicate to relatives of those suffering in the hospital and front liner workers spending hours away from home: "Sorry for the tears you cried/I wasn’t by your side when you needed me. . .all I ever wanted was to be by your side/In this jaded heart of mine, you know I really tried/How can I find a way/To heal our soul of sorrows for the time I was away…I just wanna hear you say, we’ll be together, We will be together."

In addition to nearly 200,000 streams on Spotify, “Together” –featuring the searing emotional lead vocals of the four-piece band, American greed - is a hit on two influential international charts, reaching #9 on the World Indie Music Chart and hitting #14 on the DRT Global Top 50 Rock Airplay Chart during a week when AC/DC’s “Shot in the Dark” was #1. Its impactful video, which opens with the words “We Are In This Together,” has over 400,000 views on YouTube. 

The clip, created by Mesey, intersperses hard-edged live performance clips of American Greed  with compelling images of healthcare workers, military personnel reuniting with family members, eerily empty city streets, medical ships, a busy ICU and crowds of masked people – images which are now familiar to us but only a year ago would have seemed like a new sci-fi movie.

“Together” is the title track from American Greed’s 2020 full length debut album, which was produced and engineered by Malcolm Springer, who has worked with Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Isaac Hayes. The track has received an impressive array of critical accolades from prominent indie music outlets. Garth Thomas of Hollywood Digest writes, “Carried out with a thrilling rock ballad music bed, this understated track is one of exceptional musicianship. ‘Together’ ties the binds that glues the best of the best rock tracks together – a band that rocks together can also release heartfelt songs. The song is inspiring and hits close to home for many. , .American Greed captures the hurt and balances it out very well with the pining for forgiveness . . .a way to say thank you for the selflessness.” 

Michael Rand of Mobangeles.com adds, “Packed tightly with a near symphonic rock guitar and a percolating percussion, American Greed spoils the listener with the right amount of heart, rock and power pop. ‘Together’ feels like the culmination of hard work, exceptional talent and wearing one’s heart on the sleeve.”

“The song had some promotional stops and starts in the past,” Mesey says, “but it turns out that this year was the perfect time to release it, because the message is that much more meaningful in light of everything that’s happening. Every line I wrote literally fits what we’re witnessing – people going into the hospital alone, the first responders spending hours away from loved ones. I originally wrote it because I was often on the road for Thanksgiving, and I regretted missing so many moments in my family’s life and wondered how I could make things right. I thought maybe the concept would touch the lives of military personnel who are away for months or years at a time, but now it’s an experience almost everyone is going through.  

“The truth is, we all have someone that we miss, that is all alone, that is on the front lines working to keep us safe and healthy, and some loved ones we have lost,” the drummer adds. “Whether it’s the pandemic, the protests due to racial injustice or everyday life, the truth is that despite our differences, we are in this together. Everything in the world and in America is about being ‘Together.’ I truly believe that we need to come together, rise together, heal together and then we will be together. I hope the song and the video helps everyone in some way or another to feel like they’re not alone, that so many others are dealing with the same challenges and frustrations.” 

Prior to their breakthrough with “Together,” American Greed scored some major indie success winning a total of six Los Angeles Music Awards – including Music Video of the Year and Live Video Producer of the Year – and nominated for such honors as Rock Single of the Year, Rock Artist of the Year and Hard Rock Band of the Year. In addition to performing extensively in and around their home base of St. Louis, they’ve opened the LA Music Awards and the Phoenix Music Awards in Arizona and played the legendary Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Blvd. 

Mesey split his time for many years between high profile gigs with Chuck Berry and recording and touring with famed St. Louis based Classic Rock Band Head East, including performances with Sammy Hagar, Boston, ZZ Top, REO Speedwagon, Heart, Cheap Trick and many others. His time with Berry includes shows at legendary venues like The Fox Theatre in St. Louis, The Show Boat in Atlantic City, Bayside in Miami for the Super Bowl, in front of 66,000 at Busch Stadium and performing “Johnny B. Goode” for a live worldwide broadcast from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena CA for The Voyager project. 

The drummer also produced and performed on an all-star version of “Johnny B. Goode” featuring one of the last studio performances by legendary pianist Johnnie Johnson, in addition to Michael McDonald (who sang lead vocals) and saxophone legend David Sanborn. Also interesting to note, Mesey owns the only Chopper drum set in the World and has been featured in many articles around the world including Drum Magazine, Music Connection, Motorcycle USA and Thunder Roads Magazine.

“All of these incredible experiences have led me and American Greed to this moment where we are sharing ‘Together’ with the world,” says Mesey. “In my heart, this is the rock song for the moment we’re living in. I hope that when people hear it, they forget about left and right and can relate to it no matter what they’re dealing with personally in their lives. It’s not a political statement, it’s a song about the current realities of what’s happening in families everywhere around the world, written straight from the heart. If they feel when they listen the way I felt when I wrote it, maybe they can let all the other things, the differences between us and the issues that divide us, drift out of their head. I would love for everyone to think about  "Time can seem very long, remember me when you hear this song, and close your eyes with a little smile", because it’s truer than it’s ever been, we are all in this together.”  


“Robert Minott again? Hell yeah! Are you kidding me? Let’s go, let’s go/Rasta train is coming again…” And with those playful, inviting words, the veteran Jamaican born, Atlanta based singer and performer gets down to grooving, hopeful, free-flowing business, meeting our collective moment of release and joy after a year of fear tension and anxiety with “Rasta Funk,” a true anthem of our time and the ultra-infectious title track to his highly anticipated epic new 14-track album on Wolf Entertainment.  

Featuring the emotionally resonant backing vocals and snazzy vocal arrangements of Minott’s longtime friend Dorian Paul – legendary for his work as a songwriter, producer, singer and arranger with The Gap Band – “Rasta Funk” sets the much needed uplifting mood of the collection with lines like “We must learn to love and care for each other/Let the music take you higher and higher/Everybody looking for the new best thing/Everybody wanna feel their body swinging. Addressing head on a time full of racial and political strife, Minott gets to the heart of the message later when he soulfully intones: “Music is love/Music is life. . .No matter your tribe or where you come from/We all one blood/Love is my religion…” 

The singer, who this year marks an extraordinary 30 years since the release of his debut album Love Struck, laid the foundation for the release of Rasta Funk with two influential global hit singles. “Let’s Chill,” released in 2020, is a reggae version of a Teddy Riley penned track that was a Billboard Top 5 R&B/Hip-Hop hit in the early 90’s. Produced by Norman Owen – an influential New York based Jamaican artist in his own right – Minott’s recording hit #1 on Reggae Global Radio. 

Minott’s subsequent single “Can’t Hold Back” hit #4 on the World Indie Music Chart and #6 on the DRT Reggae Pop chart. Produced by renowned fellow Jamaican artist Kirk “Kirkeldove/Drummy” Bennett, it’s a song of deep longing for an elusive lover, that fuses the singer’s reggae roots with exotic tastes of Afro Beat and R&B and featuring a dynamic rap by Jamaican rapper/DJ Mr. Lexx. 

Next up for release is “Yuh Mek Me Feel Good,” a perfectly titled, dreamy light funk gem that captures the feel good spirit of romantic as well as universal love.  

To Minott, a world renowned singer, songwriter and entertainer who has earned favorable comparisons to the late reggae legend Dennis Brown and British born Jamaican superstar Maxi Priest, the concept of Rasta Funk means the opportunity to blend and share the best vibes of his homeland of Jamaica and his adopted home of America – an expanse which covers his many musical loves, including reggae, R&B, funk, rock and even country for the simple reason that he loves them and all have made an impact on his ever-evolving artistry. 

From “Rasta Funk” and “Reggae Party, “ and infectious, percussive jam featuring Hellmut Wolf aka The Wolfman on sax through the chillout coolness of “Lighter” (featuring Tremendous) and the tropical acoustic romance “Love Struck,” Rasta Funk – a labor of love six years in the making - harkens back to Minott’s earlier life, when he recalls kicking back on Sundays listening to what he calls “lover’s rock,” country and R&B and singing along with The Temptations, Freddie Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gayle, etc. 

In addition to the producers already mentioned, Rasta Funk features tracks produced by Tampa based mixer/producer John Zych and the hit Jamaican production duo Sly & Robbie, whose credits include Maxi Priest, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Santana, No Doubt, Mr. Vegas and Grace Jones. 

“My producers and I built Rasta Funk track by track, and as the sessions progressed and the name and concept took hold, it became more and more exciting to me,” says Minott. “The process of making this album has helped me to evolve into a better songwriter and artist, confident in my ability to take the music to a higher level. Rasta Funk is about having fun and people enjoying life as they should. It’s a response of feel good music to what’s going on in the world today, my way of contributing to kind of opening people’s eyes to the reality that there’s so much more to life than going at each other like cats and dogs. The story it’s telling is to spread love and communicate what some might call my impossible dream – uniting everyone to live love and laugh so that everything is perfect and happy. That’s my outlook on everything and music is my vehicle to express that.”

Minott considers Rasta Funk “the best album I have ever produced, one I can listen to from start to finish and never get tired of” - which is a powerful evaluation considering the international success he has achieved with various singles and albums over the years – beginning with his debut single “Irie” featuring legendary artist Bunny Ruggs from Third World. His popular releases have included his 2011 hit “Right Man Fi Yuh,” which topped the Jamaican charts and made strides on the South Florida and New York Reggae charts; the globally popular 2014 album Splendid Woman; and “Playa Playa,” a 2009 Top 10 Billboard R&B/Reggae/Dancehall track (from his self-titled Minott collection) that stayed on the chart for over eight weeks. In 2007, he collaborated with dancehall artist Elephant Man on the track “Roll It,” and a later cover of “Silver Words” featuring rapper Kirkie KBZ also hit the Jamaican charts.  

Over the years, Minott has also been a popular global performer, headlining shows everywhere from London, Johannesburg and the Cayman Islands to Houston, San Antonio, Austin, South Carolina, Miami and of course Jamaica. He has performed alongside the likes of some of reggae’s biggest names, including Priest, Burning Spear, Shaggy and Bob Marley’s sons Ziggy Marley, Ky-Mani Marley and Damian aka “Jr. Gong” Marley. He also has the unique distinction of performing with another Jamaican musical great, singer-songwriter Gregory Isaacs, and later playing for several years at an all-star tribute concert, held every Valentine’s Day to celebrate Isaac’s legacy after his passing in 2010. 

“Everything I do as an artist and performer is driven first by my lifelong love and passion for music and making people happy,” Minott says. “I’ve been making music for several decades, doing it my way and still doing it the right way. Rasta Funk makes me feel good, period, with incredible production by my team of greats, and very original melodies and lyrics. I’m in a great place in my life, so this is the perfect time to release an album that speaks so powerfully to the joy everyone can have despite the many challenges we all go through. Everything has fallen into place exactly as it was meant to be. I feel good about where I am both musically and personally, and I am looking forward to getting out there and performing these songs.”

Minott will be hosting a CD release party for Rasta Funk at the Ebony Club in Houston on August 10. Special guests include Dorian Paul and Dorian’s niece, singer Enjolee.  


Stephen Wrench has again proven he is a living embodiment of the proverbial Renaissance Man. His new single, Storm, rolls like a sampler of his across-the-board genius as a singer/songwriter whose musical and melodic creativity and lyrical depth and insight know no bounds.

Country music doesn’t have to be loud, glamorous, nor feature an elaborate instrumental arrangement to be endearing. The laid-back, simplistic side is the most emotional and entrancing, and this is the side Stephen Wrench is playing off in his new single “Storm”.

Striking a balance between a John Denver-style folk/pop and the bucolic melodicism of traditional country music, Stephen Wrench channels some of the most spellbinding aesthetical attributes of both genres beautifully,  “Storm” will serve more as a boon to the Nashville puritans among us than anyone else. 

The vocals are cleanly presented to us in the mix. There’s never a moment in which the string melodies are clouded by a bassline or partly concealed behind a prominent showing of strength from the vocal – they’re always at the forefront of our attention, guiding us into the guts of the music.

The keys are quite the stunning instrumental counterpart to the lyrics in “Storm,” and to some degree, they’re the foundation for every cathartic vocal harmony in the song.  

Stephen has worked with some of the most groundbreaking artists on the planet and performed all over the world on stages in front of thousands and at small-town honky tonks. This St. Augustine, FL based force of nature and creative free agent proudly proclaims he’s “played with everybody and every band but been a member of nothing.” Now, with a mindset fueled by the promise of a new decade, the man who’s proudly been standing on the shoulder of giants is diving headfirst into the next and perhaps most exciting phase of his multi-faceted career.

Having penned literally hundreds of songs in all genres for years – pop, rock, country, R&B, Americana, you name it – Wrench is shining a spotlight on board genius as a singer/songwriter whose musical and melodic creativity and lyrical depth and insight know no bounds. 

Asked why he is still writing and producing new songs, Stephen said, ‘This is what I do.’ I feel the same way about my playing, singing and songwriting. I’m a musician and creator. And when I’m performing, I will close my eyes and essentially let my soul out of my body.

“When you can touch people and make people feel that…when their hair is standing up as they feel the transcendence…then you’ve accomplished your goal. After spending too many years on the sidelines, I’m really excited about people hearing my songs and experiencing me as an artist firsthand.


On a roll these past months with two international hit singles – “I Called Her Rose” and “A Box For Jewels” – rising high on the Euro Indie Music Chart and World Indie Music Chart, singer-songwriter Chris St. John’s latest track, the uber-infectious “Hey Siri,” perfectly captures the zeitgeist of our techno-crazy modern world, humorously yet pointedly addressing both our addiction to and frustration with Siri, Alexa, Facebook and Amazon while lamenting the loss of simpler times before the cell phone/social media age.

Over a lighthearted, playfully rolling, whistle-infused African styled groove reminiscent of Paul Simon’s classic Graceland vibe, the fast emerging multi-faceted Americana, folk, soft rock and country influenced artist shares insightful lyrics we can all relate to – and will no doubt be singing by the second chorus: “Siri’s unavailable, Alexa won’t stop talking, texts and emails coming, our children text for talking/I can’t remember my passwords/Days run like a river/My phone is like an organ./You’ll kill me if you take it away.”

Produced by industry legend Stephen Wrench, who has worked with everyone from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tom Petty to Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt and Ozzy Osbourne, the buoyant track was recorded at Omni Studios in Nashville with some of Music City’s most renowned session musicians. Wrench, also a powerhouse radio promoter whose company Musik Radio Promotions caters to a network of over 250,000 stations in 180 countries, worked with St. John’s earlier singles – and was so impressed by his latest batch of songs that he signed as his producer for the current project.

 “Hey Siri,” a compelling video for which is still being shot, is the first lead single from St. John’s still in progress album Fly Away. Expected for release in early 2022, it’s the follow-up to the singer’s debut collection I’m Dreaming, which dropped earlier in 2021. “I Called Her Rose” from that collection reached #3 on the Euro Indie Music chart and #8 on the World Indie Music chart.

“Hey Siri’ is a song I wrote in less than a half an hour, early one morning at my office,” says the Long Island based St. John, who began writing songs at age seven but set his musical dreams aside for years as he pursued a successful career as a prosecutor, judge and, for many years, an attorney and owner of a large law practice. “I heard an upbeat melody in my head and added lyrics about the blessing and curse of modern technology. I knew I wanted airy dancing guitar and that it wouldn’t be a typical folk or rock song – and when I sent it to Stephen, he said don’t change a thing!

“I thought back to my childhood and how much things have changed,” he adds. “We are prisoners to our phones and devices. We are much more productive, but at the cost of our peace, privacy, and creativity.  What gets lost is the enjoyment of personal conversations, time with our family and friends. We read less, we dream less, and we are being killed by a death cut of texts, emails, and calls.  When technology fails us in any way, even for a brief moment, we lose our patience.  We are at the world’s beck and call, and that is stealing our happiness.  People need to decide for themselves whether the progress we see is better for our overall human condition.”

While there’s a certain thematic novelty aspect to “Hey Siri,” the upcoming collection’s second lead single, the album’s title track “Fly Away,” is a soulful, poignant ballad that all parents can relate to, a song that reflects the true emotional depth of his ever-evolving songwriting artistry. “Fly Away is about my son heading off to college,” St. John says. “When your child is born, everyone tells you that the years will fly by and before you know it, they’ll be on their own, but you think it’s just a cliché and don’t believe it. Until it really happens. The song touches on my feelings about him leaving the nest and my vow to be an emotional support system no matter the distance. It’s about the journey of life, but as a metaphor, the title is also what I hope will happen to my career.”

St. John’s recent chart breakthroughs and forward momentum should inspire anyone who has long set aside their musical dreams to realize that any time is the right time to start pursuing them anew. While most working musicians were sidelined from the road during the first stage of the pandemic, there were silver linings galore for budding artists like St. John. Several months after laying off the seven person staff at his law office, he told his wife he needed to get out of town for fresh air and a fresh perspective. He had fallen in love with horses on a previous trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and fell into an exciting opportunity to go on a real deal 650-strong, miles long cattle roundup, with a rancher and a few other riders.

Spending 12 hours a day in the saddle, St. John went through a few horses before falling in love with Reagan, whom he later purchased. He wrote a song about the experience titled “I Need a Horse,” which became the first song he ever had produced in a studio setting (two actually, with tracks done in California and the vocals produced locally on Long Island). Encouraged by the response he received from family and friends, the singer dusted off a bunch of songs he had written over the years for a hopeful project he had put on the back burner. With time to spare, St. John went on a creative tear, writing 15 new songs over the course of several months – many of which are being produced now by Wrench and will appear on the Fly Away. “Once I wrote that song about that life changing trip and my horse,” St. John says, “I knew it was time to take a leap to a professional music career and follow my dreams.”

St. John brings wealth of life experiences to his musical palette that could never have existed had he gone the proverbial starving artist route earlier on in his adult