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Format favorite, keys player Ben Tankard is back at it with a song that has a "unique" title.  Featuring his trademark organic playing, and with some very tasty flute colors highlighted on the track as well, this will appeal to Ben's fans across the country and afar. 


New on Woodward Avenue Records

With an impressive career body of work and a resume a mile long, Wendy Moten has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the finest singers around.  A runner-up on the recent season 21 of THE VOICE, this former Capitol Records artist now brings her amazing talents to the beloved Stevie Wonder classic "As".  Co-produced by Wendy, Lew Laing Jr., and Brandon Brown, this cool new arrangement which has some tasty horn parts, brings new life to one of many people's favorite tunes from Stevie's legendary album, "Songs In The Key Of Life".  With great song recognition, superior singing, arrangements and production, this one has all the elements of a format winner.


Hailing from Washington D.C. and currently residing in Franklinton, North Carolina, 

Kevin has performed/recorded with the following smooth jazz artists: Marcel Anderson, Marcus Anderson, Collective Groove Band, Willie Bradley, Reggie Codrington, Eric Darius, George Freeman, Jazmin Ghent, and Marqueal Jordan.


"Cruisin' In The Wind"

Composed by Kevin Crockett & Jeff Canady 

Produced by Jeff Canady 


Recording Engineer: Carlos Gunn 

 Mixing Engineer: Derrick Holmes 

Mastering Engineer: Steve Hall


Saxman Antoine Knight is back with another hot new single, following the success of his first single "Something About You," which was picked up by 9 Billboard stations.


His newest sophomore campaign "Infatuation" is composed by Detroit's two-time #1 Smooth Jazz Producer and drummer, Jeff Canady.


"Infatuation" is a highly anticipated release filled with passion & admiration for that special someone in your life.


Violinist Brooke Alford is releasing her new single "On the Move", which will be included on her highly anticipated 5th CD release.


Brooke’s inspiration behind the creation of On the Move is simple: focused and determined forward motion to achieve ultimate goals at hand! When a mission is set out to be accomplished, there can be no negativity, distraction, procrastination, or doubt. There are exciting places to experience, amazing people to meet, and greatness ahead. Trust the process and have some fun along the way!


“The daily moves we make in our lives dictate our outcome. Strategy is definitely needed (much like playing a game of chess) in order to win! In this season of my life, I literally stay ‘On the Move’ and in motion because it’s time to make the dream a full reality.” says the Atlanta-based artist.


Featuring and produced by Fayetteville, NC’s finest, George Freeman (pianist), Brooke and George came together once again to create an upbeat, “make you want to dance” track full of high energy, pocket, and groove. The all-star musicians that brought this track to life are Sean Michael Ray (bass), Kevin Crockett (guitar), and Anthony Roberts (drums).




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“Startling….falls somewhere between Four Tet and Thom Yorke’s work with Atoms For Peace”
“Its structure and rich instrumentation recalls ‘Amnesiac’/
'Kid A' era Radiohead”

The former Civil Twilight vocalist and songwriter Steven Dayvid McKellar has returned with ‘NAMA’, the follow up to his 2020 debut solo album ‘ETHIO’, and it finds the artist at play in his Los Angeles apartment as the pandemic raged. McKellar had left Nashville and arrived with the expressed intention of experiencing La La Land in peak, post-apocalyptic distress - a fitting metaphor for a record implicitly concerned with staring our deepest emotions in the face.

Deftly self-produced, ‘NAMA’ is a musical self-psychoanalysis of McKellar’s id, where the primitive utterances of the subconscious are quite literally coaxed and arranged into fully realised expressions of song. It is a disciplined process that McKellar has been honing for several years in his painting as well as his solo music. Unconcerned with a predetermined theme, ‘NAMA’ is a meditative and patient coming-to-terms with the deep recesses of humanity.

The emotions and impulses McKellar draws on for this short and sweet seven song recording are manifested primarily via a Juno synth, vocals and drum machine, accompanied intermittently by bass, classical guitar and the interwoven percussion of ordinary household items. Additional instrumentation was provided by friend and occasional bandmate Bucky Shorts.

Despite the seemingly restrictive minimalism of its construction, ‘NAMA’ is teeming with dense atmosphere, layers of crunchy, trancing beats, haunting melodies and back-road, windows-down introspection. At its heart, however, is an odd, paradoxical sense of joy - that particular sort of quiet pleasure that can only be found in the unsatisfied desires of life that, by their mere existence, point us hopefully toward the unknown and the numinous.

From the minimal electronic heartbreak of its opener (and previous single) ‘One and Zero’ to the haunted claustrophobia of ‘Stop Running’ and the fractured beauty of the closing ‘Edge Of The Garden’, ‘NAMA’ somehow balances introspection with an outward push into the unknown.

With Civil Twilight, McKellar had seen life on the big screen, leading the South African rock band through a successful run that saw them share stages with the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Florence + the Machine, Jimmy Eat World and Silversun Pickups, while their songs were placed in TV shows such as One Tree Hill, House and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Now releasing music on his own terms, McKellar remains ever creative. Ahead of ‘NAMA’, a three song EP is headed up by 'Stop Running' and also includes the trippy non-album track ‘Middle’ and a live version of ‘Don’t Ask Me Why’ from ‘ETHIO’, a record that was issued at the onset of the pandemic and suffered from the upheaval of that time. Pensive and soulful throughout, ‘Stop Running’ explores both the isolation and the curiosity in navigating oneself through dark times, with McKellar diving deep into the subconscious and unearthing melodies that strike the gut, eliciting deep-seated emotions of lingering questions in his textured electronic style.

“’Stop Running’ is a tune that was originally entitled ‘Stop Trying’,” explains McKellar. “It's a conversation with myself as well as with the culture around me, and is inspired by the idea behind Charles Bukowksi's quote ‘Don’t Try’ on his tombstone. To me, it goes hand in hand with another great quote by [self-styled English 'philosophical entertainer'] Alan Watts from an interview in the early ‘70s when responding to a question about the scattered trajectory of modern American society: ‘Stop this perpetual agitation to go somewhere, get the future. The future is nothing but an abstraction. There IS no future.' To me, it’s a call to let live what I've already put out into the world, to let that grow and collaborate, to stop chasing, and to be in the present. The new EP as a whole reflects this idea.”

1  One and Zero
2  Nama Wind
3  Slow Fade
4  Stop Running
5  Pull Away
6  Trillion Tiny Waves
7  Edge Of The Garden



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The third solo album by Italian composer and producer Saro Cosentino, 'The Road To Now' features singers Peter Hammill (on four songs), Tim Bowness (of No Man) and Karen Eden, plus instrumental contributions from the likes of Gavin Harrison, David Rhodes, John Giblin and Trey Gunn. Available on heavyweight colour vinyl, CD and digital formats, it is the long-awaited follow-up to 1997’s acclaimed ‘Ones And Zeros’.

Born in Rome but currently based in Prague, Cosentino formed a blues outfit in his late teens but soon became more interested in experimental and electronic music, beginning a lengthy association with the popular Italian singer-songwriter Franco Battiato, who had been juggling his own love of the avant-garde with record company pressure to produce ‘hits’. The duo co-wrote Italy’s entry to the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest (which Battiato performed in the competition) and collaborated on two operas later in the decade.

Cosentino released a self-titled debut solo album on EMI in 1988 prior to successfully dividing his time between composing film/TV soundtracks and writing for/producing numerous international artists that have included Peter Hammill, David Rhodes, Tim Bowness, Pandit Dinesh, Tony Levin, Natasha Atlas, Jakko Jakszyk and Gavin Harrison, as well as further work with Battiato plus other compatriots such as Milva and Alice.

'The Road To Now' was recorded in the UK and US as well as at Cosentino’s own studio in Prague, with final mixing taking place at Real World in Bath. The opening 'You’re The Story' sees the soothing voice of Tim Bowness matched with a suitably sumptuous yet melancholic backdrop, followed immediately by 'The Joke', the first of four superb songs featuring the unmistakable tones of legendary prog singer Peter Hammill. Its line ‘you were joking about the rain’ seems especially prescient in the summer of 2022. ‘November’ (on which Bowness provides a backing vocal) is a tale of long lost love, the outstanding 'Time To Go' contemplates the very end of the road (hopefully a long time from now), while the closing 'When Your Parents Danced' considers the first central figures in one’s life in their younger days, ‘before life’s stories made them what they’ve become’.

Having contributed to 'Ones and Zeros', as well as records by the likes of William Orbit and Chris Rea, the versatile Australian singer Karen Eden returns to perform on two contrasting tracks; the portentous sounding ‘Pray' and (by way of contrast to everything else on the record), the pop song 'Us (Scars on Skin)'. The album also contains the instrumental ‘Howl', which switches from strident to atmospheric midway through and showcases the skills of the musicians involved.

1 You’re The Story (feat Tim Bowness)
2 The Joke (feat Peter Hammill)
3 Pray (feat Karen Eden)
4 November (feat Peter Hammill & Tim Bowness)
5 US (Scars on Skin) (feat Karen Eden)
6 Time To Go (feat Peter Hammill)
7 Howl
8 When Your Parents Danced (feat Peter Hammill)

Peter Hammill - vocals, guitar
Tim Bowness - vocals, backing vocals
Karen Eden - vocals
Dorota Barova - cello, vocals
Gavin Harrison - drums
John Giblin - bass
David Rhodes - guitar
Trey Gunn - waar guitar
Nicola Alesini - saxophone
Radim Knapp - trumpet
Saro Cosentino - guitars, keyboards, bass, strings, piano, arrangements, programming, sound design


GARETH DUNLOP photo by Laura Maria

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(Zenith Café/Membran)

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“Sophisticated pop with a modern feel and appeal. It’s classy music and you can see why he is in demand from other artists“
“A surprising album, more than the blend of its influences and casting a few new out there for the future. Is this where Roxy Music were heading, had they ever got beyond ‘Avalon’?”
“An immersive, synth textured set that blends ambient pop with soul, a touch of Celtic and a splash of cinematic”
“‘Animal’ is a beast of an album. Just put it on and bathe in its glow”

30.08.22  YORK Barbican
31.08.22  MANCHESTER Albert Hall
01.09.22  EDINBURGH Queen’s Hall
03.09.22  LONDON Eventim Apollo
04.09.22  BIRMINGHAM Alexandra Theatre
05.09.22  DUBLIN Olympia Theatre
07.09.22  CORK Cyprus Avenue
09.09.22  BELFAST SSE Arena

Northern Irish singer-songwriter and producer Gareth Dunlop has just released a single entitled ‘Right About Ready’, a soulful and anthemic song lifted from his recently released new album, ‘Animal’. A nifty looking karaoke-themed video is also available.

Dunlop explains that “the further I got into putting my new album together the more I realised how retro-synth the whole thing was going, with ‘Right About Ready’ really leaning into that style. I started discussing visuals with my regular director Jamie Niesh, who has that rare ability to take the smallest of ideas and blow them up into something much bigger and better. He took what I thought would be a basic lyric video and turned it on its head into a concept with scenes, setting and visual candy.”

“There is a style and a self-assuredness with ‘Right About Ready’,” adds Niesh. “As a group, we have a love for bringing in things that we have known over the years into the visuals, and this song just sat right for us to have some fun with, lean back into our ’90s childhoods and not take it too seriously. It is a really simple concept that relies on Gareth giving it all he's got, which thankfully he always does.”

'Right About Ready' is among a diverse set of songs on ‘Animal’, which also contains the similarly evocative yet timeless 'Look Back Smiling', the atmospheric ‘Sorrow' and 'Prisoner Of My Past', the laid-back ‘60s dream-pop vibe of ‘Humans', plus a title song that adds an electronic bounce to its subtle groove.

‘Animal' was recorded and produced in Dunlop’s own Sycamore Studios in Belfast during lockdown, a period that also saw him produce new records by his friends and compatriots Foy Vance and Lee Rogers. All three toured the US together in May 2022, with Dunlop doing double duty as part of Vance’s band, while he is set for an identical stint on a UK and Ireland tour that commences in late August. Dunlop and Rogers will also play a special one-off London show on 20th October, with tickets available HERE .

Gareth Dunlop has been recognized as an accomplished talent ever since the BBC tipped him as ‘one to watch’ in 2010 when he was not long out of his teens. In the ensuing decade he released several singles, a handful of EPs and an album that were musically eclectic yet all showcased his highly soulful voice, with several of his songs going on to be used in the hit TV series ‘Nashville’, commercials for Disney and Subaru, and more. He also had songwriting credits for recordings by stars such as T.I., Tim McGraw & Faith Hill and John Oates.

However, prior to the initial lockdown, Dunlop was just as likely to be heard by live audiences as he forged a reputation as a magnetic and charismatic performer on frequent headlining tours and support slots to the likes of Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, Snow Patrol and James Morrison. Reviewing one of his shows, Gigslutz stated that “Dunlop has the kind of voice that can still a room with its vulnerability, the meaning behind the words heartfelt, the emotion real”, while Maximum Volume Music succinctly described it as “instantly memorable".

In his home territory, the Irish News praised Dunlop for his “distinctive croon and ear for sharp melodic/lyrical hooks”, while local website ChordBlossom declared him to be “one of the greatest talents to come out of Northern Ireland”, a sentiment only slightly qualified by National Rock Review who stated that he is “arguably one of Northern Ireland’s greatest singer/songwriters from the past decade”.

Inspired by icons such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits, plus a soupçon of Pink Floyd, Dunlop picked up a guitar aged 14 and soon began performing covers and original songs in live venues around Northern Ireland, RoI and the rest of the UK. In 2011 he won a Young Songwriter of the Year award in Belfast that not only earned him an invite to collaborate with seasoned writers in Nashville, an experience he has repeated many times since, but it also enabled him to tour the US extensively.

Having spent so long away from Belfast following his initial breakthrough, Dunlop decided to record and co-produce his 2017 debut album, ‘No. 79’, in stripped-back fashion at home - literally - with Nashville based writer Bobby Hamrick and compatriot Alastair McMillan, who had also recorded Dunlop’s first studio sessions at Dublin’s esteemed Windmill Lane and has engineered for U2, The Rolling Stones and Van Morrison. A winning fusion of folk and soul, the album earned critical acclaim and was playlisted on several Irish and UK radio stations, while in RoI it earned an Album of the Week slot on the prestigious RTE1.


Primarily a self-taught musician, it was at the age of eleven that his mom introduced him to the guitar and a love affair with music that has stood the test of time. In his teens, North “2unes” Woodall studied the playing styles of Ernie Isley, Santana, and Joe Walsh, among other R&B, funk, rock, and pop music styles. Hard work, determination, and a natural gift paid off and as a result of his exceptional proficiency with the guitar, he was quickly established with popular groups in and around Dayton, Ohio, such as The Delvones and Round Trip Ticket. North has since relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and was sought to share the stage with funk masters Lakeside, The Ohio Players, Roger Troutman and Zapp, Roy Aires, Millie Jackson, Tom Brown and Will Downing. He regularly sells out venues as the audiences know that they will be highly entertained and satisfied by tight arrangements and banging guitar solos with great licks. And the blessings continued to flow. 2unes has become a staple on the Atlanta music scene appearing in venues from the Ritz Carlton to Wind-Down Wednesdays at Centennial Park, bridging the generation gap with his unique music blend of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop.


“I work for the listener and my music is designed for them. It is important to me that I give them what they want.” Woodall went on to say that he defines his musical style as being like a gumbo. “I can’t be put into a box musically. I’m not one thing, but many things bringing people together from all sides of the music spectrum.”


Bob Baldwin features Detroit native, vocalist Kathy Kosins on his latest single with "Let's Rewind", a ballad that reflects on the stay at home era. 


Baldwin comments "We wanted to come up with a cool track that musically reflects on the soulful sounds of Phily and Motown, with a Smooth Jazz spin. It's a pleasure to work with her!” 


Bob's new 34th album, B Positive! is set for release August 19, 2022. 


Catch Bob on tour at City Winery (8/11), and Middle C Note in Charlotte (8/19-20), Atlanta (9/9) and Toledo (9/10).


"Let's Rewind" ft. Kathy Kosins

Written by Bob Baldwin and Kathy Kosins 

Produced by Bob Baldwin


Nine #1 hits. 50+ dates per year. Adam Hawley has burst on to the scene as a celebrated and innovative artist, composer and band leader. Originally signed to Maurice White’s (founder of Earth, Wind, & Fire) label Kalimba Music, Adam’s first two albums “Double Vision” and “Just the Beginning” spawned an incredible six #1 Hits, an unprecedented feat for a new artist. He followed that up with “Escape” which included the 2020 Billboard Song Of The Year “To The Top.” Now totaling 9 # 1’s, Adam sets out with this exciting fourth album “Risin’ Up” which features Steve Cole, Vincent Ingala, Julian Vaughn, Riley Richard & Kat Hawley anchored by the thrilling first single “Risin’ Up.”


Tour Highlights Include: Seabreeze Jazz Fest, Catalina Jazz Fest, Berks Jazz Fest, Rehoboth Jazz Festival, Jazz Fest West, Java Jazz, Cancun Jazz Fest, Newport Beach Jazz Fest, Dave Koz Cruise, Mallorca Jazz Fest, Napa Valley Jazz Getaway, Jazz on the Vine & Many More…


Adam has also been a guitarist to the stars, appearing with a who’s who list of artists in a wide variety of genres. Credits include Dave Koz, Jennifer Lopez, Brian Culbertson, Natalie Cole, Brian McKnight, and American Idol to name just a few.


Hawley's new single "Let's Get Down Tonight" features Vincent Ingala on saxophone. We think you and your listeners will love it!


Judah Sealy Music

Following up on his recent impressive #1 single "Stylish", Judah is back with another great sounding tune and track, featuring his warm and full sax sound.  Widely considered one of the elite young sax players in the format, Judah continues a knack for creating his unique brand of radio-friendly songs, with his signature sound. 


Het zal niemand ontgaan zijn. De Brits-Australische zangeres en actrice Olivia Newton-John is gisteren op 73-jarige leeftijd overleden. Dat heeft haar echtgenoot John Easterling bekendgemaakt op het Instagram-account van de zangeres. Olivia was al enige tijd ziek. Fans van Olivia herdenken hun idool door bloemen en foto’s achter te laten bij haar ster op de beroemde Walk of Fame. Olivia Newton-John is vredig ingeslapen op haar Ranch in Zuid-Californië, omringd door familie en vrienden. Olivia werd geboren in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, maar groeide op in Australië. In de jaren zestig keerde ze terug en haar muzikale carrière begon in de groep Toomorrow. Niet veel later verhuisde ze naar de Verenigde Staten om verder te werken aan haar zangcarrière. In 1971 scoorde Olivia haar eerste Top 10 hit (in Australië, Canada en het Verenigd Koninkrijk) met de single ‘If Not For You’, gevolgd door de Australische nummer 1 hit ‘Banks Of The Ohio’. Twee jaar later volgde de eerste Amerikaanse Top 10 hit met de single ‘Let Me Be There’. In 1974 deed ze voor het Verenigd Koninkrijk mee aan het Eurovisie Songfestival en werd vierde met het liedje ‘Long Live Love’. Van het album ‘If You Love Me, Let Me Know’ kwam Olivia’s eerste Amerikaanse nummer 1 hit ‘I Honestly Love You’. De opvolger ‘Have You Ever Been Mellow’ bereikte ook de eerste plaats van de Billboard Hot 100. Naast haar muzikale carrière zal Olivia Newton-John altijd worden herinnerd door haar rol als Sandy in de filmmusical ‘Grease’ uit 1978. Daarin vervulde ze de hoofdrol naast John Travolta. ‘Grease’ werd een enorme bioscoophit en leverde onvergetelijke hits op als het titelnummer ‘Grease’, ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’, ‘Summer Nights’, ‘You’re The One That I Want’, ‘Sandy’ en ‘Greased Lightning’. Het scheelde maar weinig of Olivia had niet in die film gespeeld, want ze vond zichzelf veel te oud voor die rol. Travolta reageert via Instagram op het overlijden van zijn collega. “Mijn liefste Olivia, je hebt ons hele leven zo veel beter gemaakt”, schrijft hij. “Je impact was ongelooflijk. Ik houd zo veel van je. We zien je aan het einde van de weg en we zullen allemaal weer samen zijn. De jouwe vanaf het eerste moment dat ik je zag en voor altijd!” Verwijzend naar zijn ‘Grease’-personage sluit de acteur af met: “Jouw Danny, jouw John!” Na het kassucces ‘Grease’ ging Olivia rustig verder met het scoren van grote hits, die ook in Nederland veel succes hadden. ‘A Little More Love’ (1978), ‘Magic’ (1980), ‘Xanadu’ (1980, samen met ELO) en ‘Physical’ (1981) zijn de bekendste voorbeelden. Buiten haar werk als zangeres en actrice om werd Olivia Newton-John de afgelopen dertig jaar door haar strijd tegen de ziekte kanker een symbool van hoop, zo schrijft haar echtgenoot op Instagram. Ze werd ook door Queen Elizabeth in 2019 geridderd voor haar bijdrage aan kankeronderzoek. Olivia Newton-John ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Lamont Dozier, legendary Motown songwriter, has died at the age of 81. The news was confirmed by his son, Lamont Dozier Jr, on Instagram.

As one third of the Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting and production team, Dozier helped to create what became known as the ‘Motown sound’, crafting hits for the likes of Martha and The Vandellas, The Supremes, The Four Tops and the Isley Brothers.

Indeed, the trio’s discography reads like a Motown greatest hits tracklist: Where Did Our Love Go, Baby Love, This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You), You Can’t Hurry Love, Reach Out I’ll Be There, Nowhere To Run and many more.

Working with Brian Holland, Dozier’s main focus was on musical arrangements and production, with Eddie Holland primarily concerned with lyrics and vocal production.

Dozier also released several solo albums, and hit the top of the charts again when he co-wrote the Motown-inspired Two Hearts with Phil Collins in 1988.



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Flight Attendant is an eclectic indie-pop/rock group from Nashville. Blending guitar pop with viola, piano, synth and electrifying vocals, they were described by Louder Than War in a recent review as "a blend of alternative and heavy rock, glam, grunge and pop, often with anthemic overtones, together with a mix of both sensuous and uplifting vocals and provocative lyrics. They have emerged as a very exciting and eclectic indie rock band.”  They have issued several singles to date that have ranged from the pulsating and hypnotic ‘Man Of Chaos’ to the darkly sensuous ‘Comedy Show’, and from the post-punk earworm ‘dogs’ to a recent solemn rendition of the Americana classic ‘In The Pines’.

A new single entitled ‘Crybaby’ has just been issued to coincide with the announcement of their forthcoming self-titled debut album, plus a European tour to promote it. An exuberant anthem, the band’s lead vocalist Karalyne Winegarner explains the lyric of ‘Crybaby' by stating “I'm personally so over being sad and complaining about life. The constant, endless scrolling through the hell of social media and comparing my life to others.... F*** that. This song is about kicking and screaming my way out of depression until I feel like the badass that I know I am."

A literally smashing video for ‘Crybaby’ has been made by director Casey Pierce, who adds that “I had to make a video for this song. Karalyne's charisma and the level of energy the band brings really spoke to my deep punk roots.”

Karalyne Winegarner (lead vocals, keyboards, certified Sommelier, from Kansas City) met Vinny Maniscalco (guitar, vocals, award-winning bartender, from Boston) while working together at a restaurant in Nashville, where Nikki Christie (viola, vocals, great at drinking wine, from LA) soon went to work too. It didn’t take too many nights of cocktail-making and wine-tasting before they decided to form a band. With the addition of drummer and long-time drinking buddy Derek Sprague (drums, lager lover, also from Boston), the line-up of Flight Attendant was complete and they soon began playing local shows and recording songs.

TurnUpTheVolume have compared the group to “Warpaint having a dance with Best Coast”, while there have also been references in other reviews to iconic artists such as Lana Del Rey, No Doubt and even Fleetwood Mac.

Flight Attendant have been ready for take-off globally since before the pandemic - not to mention a TV drama with the same name that subsequently hit our screens - and have a first European tour booked throughout November to promote their debut album, which is set for release on 30th September and has been produced by Grammy Award-winning engineer and producer Charles Yingling with the assistance of his cabin crew.


1  Man Of Chaos (3:36)
2  dogs (2:51)
3  Cotton Candy (3:47)
4  Fresh Gasoline (2:57)
5  Teach Me How To Lie (3:24)
6  Paradise (2:45)
7  Honeysweet (2:57)
8  Phosphorescent (Fine Line) (3:35)
9  Crybaby (3:07)
10  Comedy Show (3:07)
11  I Like You (2:37)
12  Golden Gun (2:58)
13  In The Pines (3:47)

02.11.22  LEIPZIG (DE) Ilses Erika
03.11.22  BERLIN (DE) Roadrunners Paradise
04.11.22  COTTBUS (DE) Galerie Fango
05.11.22  SLAVONICE (CZ) Inst. Sklep
06.11.22  ŽATEC (CZ) Theatre
07.11.22  MOST (CZ) Benedikt
08.11.22  KLADNO (CZ) Library
09.11.22  HAVIROV (CZ) Jazzclub
11.11.22  ZNOJMO (CZ ) Na Vecn
12.11.22  REGAN (DE) Obserstübchen
16.11.22  KLAGENFURT (AT) Hafenstadt
17.11.22  VIENNA (AT) B72
18.11.22  MÜNCHEN (DE) Lost Weekend
19.11.22  NEU ULM (DE)  Das Gold
20.11.22  OFFENBACH (DE) Hafen 2
21.11.22  BAMBERG (DE) Live Club
24.11.22  OLDENBURG (DE) Polyester Klub
25.11.22  EINBECK (DE) Backpackers Inn
26.11.22  SAARBRÜCKEN (DE) Terminus
28.11.22  AACHEN (DE) Domkeller
01.12.22  HAMBURG (DE) Deichdiele
02.12.22  HAMBURG (DE) BelaMi 

Karalyne Winegarner - vocals, piano, guitar
Vinny Maniscalco - lead guitar, backing vocals
Nikki Christie - viola, backing vocals
Derek Sprague - drums


De Australische zangeres Judith Durham is vrijdagavond in The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne op 79-jarige leeftijd overleden. Judith was de zangeres van de folkgroep The Seekers, die met name in de jaren zestig de ene na de andere hit scoorde over de hele wereld. Australië verliest een van zijn meest geliefde zangeressen. Judith werd in 1963 de leadzangeres van The Seekers. De band verkocht wereldwijd meer dan 50 miljoen platen. In een reactie op sociale media drukken de andere Seekers-bandleden Bruce Woodley, Keith Potger en Athol Guy hun medeleven uit. "Ons leven is voor altijd veranderd door het verlies van onze dierbare levenslange vriendin en stralende ster. Haar strijd was intens en heroïsch. Ze klaagde nooit over haar lot en accepteerde de afloop ervan volledig." The Seekers vergaarden internationale roem met singles als ‘I'll Never Find Another You’, ‘The Carnival Is Over’, ‘A World Of Our Own’, ‘Someday, One Day’, ‘Morningtown Ride’ en ‘Georgy Girl’. Judith Durham verliet de groep in 1968 om haar solocarrière uit te bouwen, maar keerde in de jaren negentig weer terug naar The Seekers. Er volgde een reeks comebackconcerten en de band nam zelfs nog drie nieuwe albums op, waaronder ‘Back To Our Roots’, met Judith als zangeres. In 2013 kreeg Judith een beroerte waardoor ze minder goed kon lezen en schrijven. Haar zangkunsten werden er echter niet minder op. De prachtige stem van onze ‘Georgy Girl’ zal altijd in onze herinnering blijven voortleven. Judith Durham ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


August 20, 2022, marks the 50th anniversary of the historic Wattstax concert. The event was a partnership between Tommy Jacquette, the Watts Summer Festival, Watts Labor Community Action Committee, Al Bell, the President of Stax Records based in Memphis, TN, and Forrest Hamilton, the Stax Record’s West Coast director in the Los Angeles office, laid the foundation of an event that would showcase Watts and African American talent in remembrance of the August 11 – 16, 1965 uprising. Wattstax, held at the famous Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum featured a line up comprising of 26 Stax artists and bands including some of the label’s biggest stars, including Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas, Carla Thomas, The Rance Allen Group, William Bell, Eddie Floyd, The Staple Singers, Albert King, Billy Eckstine, and the Bar-Kays.

Wattstax attracted over 100,000 African American attendees and the price for admission to the 7-hour concert was one dollar. Truly a historic day. Join Stax Records as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Wattstax and its historic place in Los Angeles and music history.


Rocky Padilla has been in the music business for over 45 years, has been around The U.S. touring, making people happy and making them dance. CEO Rocky Padilla is a veteran in the Music Department. Selling over 500,000 C.D's with On The Spot, then Thump Records. RP has built a steady fan base all over the United States. While playing 6 different instruments and taking over any size show, RP has a one of a kind stage presence, along with mesmerizing vocal talents, RP is a professional from start to finish. 


Since 2003, Billy Mondragon of DW3 & Steve Carias have set the high energy mood on cruises (Smooth Jazz Cruise, Dave Koz Cruise, Soul Train Cruise & 80’s), at jazz festivals, showrooms and clubs, including hundreds of performances at their longtime home base of Spaghettini in Seal Beach, CA. They also played a key role on Dave Koz and Friends’ Grammy nominated Summer Horns project. 


Cloud Nyyne


"Livin' It Up" (4:16) - featuring Billy Mondragon of DW3

Written by F. Padilla & S. Carias

RP (Fidel Padilla) - Song Production, Horn Arrangements, Mix & Mastering

Steve Carias - Music Production, Drums, Bass Guitar, Piano, Synths

Billy Mondragon of DW3 - Creative Production

Walle Larsson - Sax, Flute

Michael Bautista - Guitar, Trumpet


Rebecca Jade is an accomplished singer/songwriter, and has been singing as long as she can remember. She has been described by many to have a chameleon-like quality to her voice, where she is able to deliver each song in a unique way, yet she has been blessed with a sound unlike anyone else. Many music lovers have stated that she has the ability to transfer the emotion of each song to her listeners.


   Jade has performed with some of the most sought-after musicians all over the world, and her versatility has allowed her many unique opportunities to perform: Rebecca has been touring with the Queen of percussion, Sheila E. since 2017 and most recently appeared in the Emmy-nominated show, “Let’s Go Crazy: The GRAMMY Salute to Prince” that aired on CBS in April of 2020; She also sang background vocals for Sir Elton John at the 2020 Academy Awards; Rebecca opened for Will Downing and Boney James at a sold-out Valentine’s Day concert last year in Long Beach, as well as opened for Jeffrey Osborne for the 2019 Thornton Winery Summer Concert series; Rebecca has appeared as a repeat guest artist on the Dave Koz Cruises since 2016 and recently made her debut as a guest artist on the Smooth Jazz Cruise; Rebecca has done multiple concerts at Spaghettini in Seal Beach and was the singer in the house band at Anthology in San Diego for 5 ½ years.


“Rebecca has tirelessly assisted other artists in realizing their dreams in the studio and on the road for years. Myself included! Well, it’s now time for her to take her rightful place center-stage to share her insanely musical gifts with the world as an artist herself. Rebecca’s timing is impeccable, as she brings such a cool-sounding world to our ears with this collection of songs showing her artistry as a singer, songwriter and producer. I couldn’t be more proud, nor excited to witness what happens now for this extremely talented artist.” -Dave Koz


While many smooth jazz artists create their music as a means of pure escapism, Carol Albert has scored numerous Billboard chart hits over the past five years with songs that powerfully chronicle her evolving personal emotions and thoughtfully reflect upon the world around her. The multi-talented pianist and composer’s latest single, the infectious, deeply soulful mid-tempo ballad “Paradigm Shift,” artfully captures the profound shift of consciousness that’s taken hold of all of us in the wake of the darkest days of the pandemic. 


Co-written by Carol, Paul Brown and Shane Theriot and produced by and featuring Brown on guitar, “Paradigm Shift” is one of the lead singles from Carol’s upcoming full length album, whose title Magic Mirror literally reflects the theme of self-reflection in this era of new awakenings. The collection will also include the artist’s most recent singles “Fire & Water” (which reached #4 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs chart) and “Crashing,” intended as a digital release for fans only. 


While representing a dynamic new phase of Carol’s recording career, “Paradigm Shift” and Magic Mirror follow on the high charting heels of four hit radio singles from Carol’s 2020 album Stronger Now, including three Top 5’s - “Stronger Now,” “Perfect Sunday” and “Femme Flight,” the latter of which featured flutist Ragan Whiteside and saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova and earned Carol a new legion of fans via extensive airplay on SiriusXM’s Watercolors. In addition to their success at radio, “Perfect Sunday” and “Stronger Now” have achieved unprecedented streaming numbers for the Smooth Jazz genre, with “Perfect Sunday” currently at over 6.4M streams on Spotify and “Stronger Now” at over 2.1M.   


Reflecting on the connected themes of “Paradigm Shift” and Magic Mirror, Carol says, “To me, there has been a profound shift of consciousness as we emerge from the pandemic. It’s like we’re stepping through a mirror, looking more closely at ourselves and experiencing a journey where so many of us are taking stock of our lives like never before. We’re asking ourselves, ‘What’s it all about? Who have I become? And do I like where I am?’ These are the questions that have come naturally to me, and the melody, rhythm and overall flow of the song is a musical expression of the fresh perspective I have on the direction of my life and career.” 


With the release of “Paradigm Shift,” the Atlanta based artist continues to build on the career momentum she’s experienced since breaking through on the smooth jazz charts in 2016 with “Mas Que Nada” and her first Billboard charting single “One Way.” Carol’s other recent radio hits include the Top 10 “Sun’s Out,” the Top 5 “Fly Away Butterfly", “Chasing Waterfalls” and “One Way.”


New on Wide Sky Records.

Format veteran Steve Oliver is back with "New Heights", a fine new piece which features his trademark guitar.  Joining Steve on the track is the inimitable Hall of Fame drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Paul McCartney, Chris Botti, and a ton of other big name artists on his resume), as well as Michael Broening on  additional keys/programming.  Steve always brings an upbeat flavor to his music, and this song is no exception.  By no means "more of the same" contemporary jazz you folks get constantly, this song sounds like a potentially reactive song for your listeners.


New on Woodward Avenue Records.

Many of you have enjoyed success with this talented vocal trio based in So. California over the years they have been releasing songs to the format.  This time out finds them covering the George Duke/Stanley Clarke favorite:  "Sweet Baby".  Their warm vocal blends sell this hit song all over again in a 2022 musical setting.


Photo credit: Marlene Marino

Today, John Cale presents “Night Crawling,” his first new music since 2020 when he released the single, “Lazy Day,” and collaborated with Kelly Lee Owens on “Corner of My Sky.” “Night Crawling” is a taste of much more to come from Cale, and precedes his upcoming UK tour, which includes his first performances since pre-pandemic. Cale wrote “Night Crawling” with a nod to 70's NYC pre-disco, recalling times when he and David Bowie would traverse the city at night. Throughout the track, Cale layers his inimitable vocals with a skipping beat and hovering bass. As it expands, it becomes nearly danceable with jockeying percussion and whirs of synth. Cale played nearly every instrument on the track, aside from additional drums by Deantoni Parks and backing vocals by Dustin Boyer, and it was mixed by Seven Davis, Jr.. The accompanying video, animated by Mickey Miles, visualizes the song’s vibrant sounds with colorful, retro animation.
Cale further explains: “It’s been a helluva past 2 years and I’m glad to finally share a glimpse of what’s coming ahead. There was this period around mid-late 70s when David and I would run into each other in NY. There was plenty of talk about getting some work done but of course we’d end up running the streets, sometimes until we couldn’t keep a thought in our heads, let alone actually get a song together! One night we managed to meet up for a benefit concert where I taught him a viola part so we could perform together. When I wrote ‘Night Crawling,’ it was a reflective moment of particular times. That kind of NYC that held art in its grip, strong enough to keep it safe and dangerous enough to keep it interesting. I always figured we’d have another go at the two of us recording together, this time without the interference of being perpetually off our heads! The thing about creating music is the ability to divine a thought or feeling even when reality says it’s a logical impossibility.”

John Cale Online:
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Joe Rozum originates from Wyomissing, PA….located 15 minutes outside of Reading, PA. Rozum is a graduate of Boston’s world renowned Berklee College of Music. The thrill of going to Berklee and living in Boston was certainly a fantastic four-year journey. At Berklee, Rozum was surrounded by music day and night in one of the most beautiful & historical cities in the country, not to mention all of the great Colleges, Universities and professional sports teams located there too.


Seamless fusion of smooth jazz and pop — this is what best reveals Joe Rozum as an artist and composer. His signature sound may be soothing piano ballads, but Rozum is well known for violin duets and performances with a full band. His music has inflections of cool blues, soundtrack themes, gospel, and a hint of classical, which come from many musical influences ranging all over the map … Billy Joel, Elton John, David Foster, Diane Warren, Yanni, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Jim Brickman, Quincy Jones, Phil Vassar, Yolanda Adams, Oleta Adams Andre Crouch, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Carole King, Earth, Wind and Fire, Gino Vanelli, Jamie Cullum, Lionel Ritchie, John Williams, Hans Zimmer & David Arnold. The list can probably go on and on with such great musicians… and of course the great music of Elvis and the Beatles.


Rozum's extensive background of songwriting in all genres includes composing for commercials and film. One current commercial that repeats in southern California throughout the year is for the Valley View Casino in San Diego, which uses a :30 spot from his song “Boogie Cookin”.  Other songwriting projects include the Bruce Lee Jeet June Do video, the Hanna-Barbera cartoon titled Phish and Chip, a commercial for the local based Los Angeles / Santa Barbara Gift Store Jay’s Luggage, and music for the short film winner in the 1999 NY International Film Festival entitled Have A Perwinkle Day. 


The 6-year wait was well worth it as Sharon Rae North prepares to release her first full album, Silhouette, produced by mega-producers Chris “Big Dog” Davis and Paul Brown. The project’s new single, produced by Brown, is a beautiful, but more modern cover of "Heart of Mine", penned by Bobby Caldwell, Dennis Matkosky and Jason Scheff.


North said, “I remember Boz Scaggs singing 'Heart of Mine' in the late 1980s and thinking I would love to cover it one day because it’s such a poignant and beautiful song. That day has finally come.”  


The day also has finally come for North to release a 10-song album. Silhouette is a beautiful mixture of originals and covers, with North and Davis collaborating on several with the writing and music. North masterfully manipulates her voice; at times she’s strong and powerful, then soft, sensual and even vulnerable. She understands the songs and makes sure listeners will too.


Silhouette is nearly 42 minutes of pure enjoyment. The first single, "Moments" (feat. Marion Meadows) dropped in 2019, pre-pandemic. After a hiatus, North worked virtually with Big Dog and Brown throughout 2021 and 2022 to complete the project.  


"Sharon is unassuming and her smooth silky voice spins a musical web that captures you and makes you listen. Pure bliss!"

— "The Genie" Bola Sonola, Smooth 98.1 FM Lagos, Nigeria


MPS (EDEL) is proud to announce the release of the newest project by Robben Ford and Bill Evans, called ‘Common Ground’ on September 30th, 2022.  The multiple times Grammy nominees Ford and Evans have shared the stage in Europe, North America and even Japan and already released a collaborative album called The Sun Room together in 2019 (earMUSIC). With the jazz rock album Common Ground they continue their creative relationship as Evans explains.


“Every now and then, like-minded musicians are able to get together in the studio or on the same stage and create interesting music together. It’s the blending of each other’s influences and styles, and the will to create something new and fresh that can turn this ‘creative meeting’ into something special. I believe myself and Robben share that same ideology. We both love all kinds of music whether it’s classic blues, soul, rock and roll, you name it. This openness to combine different kinds of music and create something musical and special is what brought me and Robben together in the first place. Robben composed some of the most inspiring music I’ve played in a long time. Our writing styles blend seamlessly.”


German singer Max Mutzke, who finds the kindest words for this collaboration.  “When I was a little boy, I went to Bill Evans concerts with my father. I listened to his music over and over. Bill has always been a musical inspiration for me.  Now he is my friend and that is an incredible joy for me. What a great person.  At his request, I am singing a song on his and Robben’s album. It's a dream come true.”


Recorded in Nashville, the jazz rock album features a first-class rhythm section with bassist Darryl Jones (recording and touring with the Rolling Stones since 1993 and former sideman of Miles David and Sting) and drummer Keith Carlock (currently a touring member of Steely Dan). It was produced by Bill Evans and Clifford Carter, who also took over the piano and organ on the title track.


Robben Ford about the recording: “It’s always a great and sought-after pleasure to work with some of the best musicians in contemporary music, and making this record was for me one of those occasions. We have, each of us, worked with one another in different configurations in the past, so, there is a comfort level in that. But more importantly, everyone involved is a dedicated musician who’s first thought is to make the best music possible in any situation. Such a joy for me, personally, to play with these gents! Bill and I have worked quite a lot together over the past several years. But, the opportunity given to us by Edel to finally document the music has happily resulted in two recordings that we are very proud of the first being ‘Sun Room’ released on earMUSIC and now ‘Common Ground’ on MPS. I feel the music presented here is ‘fresh’ in both composition and performance with all of the musicians being versatile, true improvisers and having a strong sense of groove, as well. These are the qualities that make you want to play! I’m so happy to have been a part of what lead to this record.”


Robben Ford is an American rock, blues and jazz guitarist. Ex-member of fusion pioneers Yellowjackets, he is admired for his solo works but also known for his collaborations withgiants of music like Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison and many others. He comes from a generation of Californian musicians who contributed to eliminate boundaries between different genres, often writing and performing timeless music that will stand the test of time.


Bill Evans is an American saxophonist, pianist and producer who has recorded 26 solo albums to date. He has played, toured and recorded with artists such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and John McLaughlin to name a few before spending the last 30 years touring with his own groups worldwide and receiving wide recognition as a true renaissance man.


Robben Ford – Guitar 

Bill Evans – Saxophone, Keys

Darryl Jones – Bass

Keith Carlock – Drums

Produced by Bill Evans & Clifford Carter


Chart-topping jazz/R&B sax player Boney James released his new single “Bring It Back” featuring critically acclaimed composer, conductor, orchestrator, arranger, and trumpeter, Dontae Winslow. The track is now available via all streaming services and marks the first release from James’ forthcoming 18th studio album, Detour, out September 23rd on Concord Records. The new 10-song collection is a subtle stylistic turn that builds on the commercial success of 2020’s Solid, James’ highest charting release ever on the pop charts, peaking in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200.


Also featuring vocals from 5-time Grammy winner Lalah Hathway, Detour was recorded largely at Boney’s L.A. home studio (live drums and percussion were tracked at venerable Sunset Sound). The album was produced by Boney with co-production from in-demand writer/producer, Jairus “J-Mo” Mozee (Anderson.Paak, Nicki Minaj, Anthony Hamilton) among others. Additional musicians on the album are keyboardist Tim Carmon (Eric Clapton), longtime drummer Omari Williams and bassist Alex Al, renowned percussionist Lenny Castro and guitarists Big Mike Hart and Paul Jackson Jr.


“We’ve all been on a detour these last few years,” says Boney. “This album reflects how my music and I have been affected by the times we’re in.” 


James is currently on the road for select dates across the U.S. which will take him well into 2023. Promising to bring James’ iconic 30-year career to the live stage, including selections from Detour, the multi-city trek will hit a number of major markets including Detroit, Hartford, Dallas, Nashville, and Los Angeles, where he is scheduled to headline the legendary Hollywood Bowl on August 28th. For further information on the tour, dates, and on-sale info please visit  


During his 30-year career, Boney James has released a staggering 18 studio albums – including a pair of Christmas records -with 1995’s Seduction, 1997’s Sweet Thing and 1999’s Body Language all RIAA certified gold. In 2015, Boney’s futuresoul spent 11 weeks atop the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart and was the best-selling Contemporary Jazz Record of 2015. Boney has earned four Grammy nominations (“I’m not gonna lie... I’d still love a statue,” he says), two NAACP Image Award nominations and a Soul Train Award, while a dozen of his albums have landed at #1 on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Album chart. His collaborators in the past include a Who’s Who of R&B and soul: Raheem DeVaughn, Faith Evans, George Benson, George Duke, Dwele, Al Jarreau, Philip Bailey, Anthony Hamilton, Jaheim, Eric Benét, Dave Hollister, Stokley Williams, Kenny Lattimore and Angie Stone.



new album
UK release date
24.02.23 (CD)
out now (digital)
(Major Music)

summer single
out 25.07.22

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“Pure Desmond create music that concentrates on the essentials, which, despite its cool mood, is of the highest intensity and dynamic and radiates far more than pure aesthetics. The timeless elegance of Paul Desmond's cool jazz experiences a new musical dimension with this brilliant quartet”

The German jazz quartet Pure Desmond formed in 2002 with the aim of bringing the original sound of ‘60s cool jazz (as exemplified by the legendary Paul Desmond) into the modern era through their own original compositions as well as adaptations of well-known songs. With a belief that ‘less is more’ leading them to focus on the melodies of whatever classic they might choose to tackle, the interaction between the four musicians is natural and never feels forced, helping to create an imaginative dynamic which is inherent in every single one of their performances.

The group have just interpreted the classic ‘La Mer’ by Charles Trenet for their fans as a soundtrack for the warm - or indeed, baking hot - summer holiday evenings by the sea that many of us have recently been enjoying. It can be heard HERE   

Meanwhile, their new album, ‘Pure Desmond Plays James Bond Songs’, sees them take on one of the world’s most iconic oeuvres with a style and panache befitting of 007 himself. The zest for life of the sophisticated secret agent films with their scenes in glamorous casinos fits perfectly with the elegant classical jazz treatments offered by the quartet, with the range of compositions spanning the classic themes and songs of the 1960’s right through to 2020’s ‘No Time To Die’.

The likes of ‘From Russia With Love’ becomes an airy samba with a pinch of subtle humour as the sax player of the Dave Brubeck Quartet might have interpreted it, while ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ turns into a jazz ballad. The original 1962 James Bond theme is an instrumental big band arrangement with a clear jazz framework, of course, but that is not to denigrate songs such as ‘Die Another Day’ by Madonna or ‘You Know My Name’ by Chris Cornell, both of which are also classics of their time and genre and are treated as such by Pure Desmond.

Indeed, the quartet manage the balancing act between these many different musical worlds and combine them into something thoroughly new via their modern, cool, instrumental jazz arrangements. With these interpretations, Pure Desmond take the listener on a journey through the world of James Bond.

Lorenz Hargassner – alto saxophone
Johann Weiss – guitar
Christian Flohr – double-bass
Sebastian Deufel – drums


new single
out 22.07.22
(Sound Of Solar Records)

digital services

‘Human’ is the title track of a new four song EP that has also been released today by the soulful singer-songwriter Josephine Oniyama, who was born and raised in Manchester but is now based in Liverpool. It follows the recent ‘Tears Will Never Be Mine’, which reintroduced her to fans after a period out of the solo spotlight and received airplay on Radio 2, BBC Merseyside and BBC Manchester.

Oniyama states that ‘Human’ is “literally about having someone else there with you, physically. Another human being in the room, talking to another face. Someone that can be touched and touch you back. A no phones and no screens reality.”

As for the subject matter of the EP as a whole, she adds that it is “about finding the things that link us together, rather than what divides us. Being kind and accepting, positive and brave. There seem to be more barriers than ever going up between each of us, so it's great to have put together something that celebrates bonds.”

Combining electronic and acoustic elements, ‘Human' reflects Oniyama's exploration in recent years of varied and diverse sounds; a period in which she has not only listened to powerful female artists such as Grace Jones, Lana Del Rey, Joanna Newsome and Alison Krauss, but has also rediscovered earlier influences like Ali Farka Touré, Bob Marley, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, all of whom had been inspirations when learning how to play guitar in her teens.

1 Tears Will Never Be Mine
2 Human
3 Electrically You
4 Numbers


‘Human' will be followed in the autumn by Oniyama's third album, her long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s ‘Portrait’, which was issued to stunning reviews across the UK media. Praised for its fusion of folk, soul and jazz, songs from it were A-listed at BBC Radio 2, while there was further playlist support from 6 Music, XFM and Jazz FM. Oniyama also performed on Later With Jools Holland, The Andrew Marr Show, Saturday Night Live (Ireland) and a number of mainland European TV shows, while two extensive headlining tours were further backed up with appearances at major festivals (Glastonbury, Latitude, T In The Park, Electric Picnic) and high profile slots with Paloma Faith, Madeleine Peyroux, Michael Kiwanuka and Paolo Nutini.

The praise for ‘Portrait’ also saw Oniyama recognised by a diverse selection of her peers, leading to collaborations in the mid-2010’s with Travis (with whom she recorded the song ‘Idlewild’) and jazz producer/trumpeter Matthew Halsall (she co-wrote three songs for his acclaimed ‘Into Forever’ album). More recently, she was commissioned to create two live scores for the launch of HOME, the Manchester international contemporary arts centre: 'Celluloid History Songs’ was a set of new songs written to accompany silent footage from the North West Film Archive, and the centenary of the classic occult documentary ‘Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages’ was given an ambitious new score by Oniyama and students from the University of Salford. Fusing song-based and electro-acoustic sounds, it has further expanded her creative ideas and skills as a songwriter, arranger and sound artist.

Oniyama has also spent time earning an MA degree in English and became a mother while writing and recording her new EP and album.


"A versatile and substantial new talent“ MOJO
“An original, unfolding talent“ UNCUT
“Wonderful, uplifting, euphoric soulful gems“ SUNDAY TIMES
“Her voice is fabulous and different“ EVENING STANDARD
“Stunning newcomer“ SUN
“Striking talent“ MIRROR
“A timeless, distinctive and soulful voice” MUSIC WEEK


Dan Alan Levine was born and raised in the suburbs of New York and graduated from The Manhattan School of Music in NYC. Early in his career, Dan composed and arranged freelance big band charts for The Dick Cavett Show, and arranged, orchestrated, and/or composed background music for TV game shows including I’ve Got A Secret, and the theme song for What's My Line.  Dan received numerous awards for his many commercials, and music for radio/TV stations through the years.  His 80’s hit, "Big Band Meledy", reached #19 on the Billboard charts and was the most requested new record in NYC for three weeks.  An album followed.


Dan received a Tony Award nomination (best original score) for composing the score of the Broadway Musical, Anna Karenina (aka Daniel Levine). The show received four Tony Award nominations, and was performed in Chicago, and to sold-out audiences in nine Japanese cities….3 separate times.  Dan orchestrated and produced the Broadway Cast Album staring Melissa Errico, Kerry Butler, Gregg Edelman, Marc Kudish, Brian D’arcy James, and Jeff McCarthy. A Japanese cast recording and DVD were also produced. Dan orchestrated the music for the Japanese production of Anna Karenina.


Dan arranged/orchestrated/produced and played keyboards on the Leslie Uggams album, On My Way To You.  He worked on that album in conjunction with some of the music industry’s leading legends including Marilyn and Alan Bergman, Jon Lucien,  and Michel Legrand who sang on the album.  Dan produced the Off-Broadway cast recording of Thunder Knocking On The Door, and original blues musical written by acclaimed writer Keb’Mo, along with Anderson Edwards, and Keith Glover.


Presently, Dan is creating an exciting array of new music for various artists in collaboration with among others, lyricists Jack DePietro and Ann Hampton Callaway. Dan is also about to release his first smooth jazz album, OVER THE MOON on which he is both composer and keyboard artist, with the first single entitled “OUR KIND OF LOVE” featuring flautist Kim Scott.


Referred to as “the perfect blend between Sinatra and Motown”, crooning sensation Terrell Edwards style of music is that organic blend which becomes the soundtrack to moments in your life that evokes the fondest of memories.


Terrell took to the stage as an adult contemporary artist. The smooth, but explosive tunes is what got the attention of legendary Tonight Show host Jay Leno. Within days of being introduced to Jay Leno, Edwards was invited to Las Vegas to work alongside the legend. Terrell and the Tri City Rat Pack spent the next few years opening for the icon at the Mirage Hotel.


Terrell’s long-awaited solo project “Unchained” was released in 2018, showing his resurgence as a soul singer and in the same year he was nominated for the “Live Entertainer of the Year”.

Beyond music, Terrell is a true philanthropist in many charitable organizations. One of his passions lie with The Reach Mission Foundation, which was founded by Edwards and brings aid and awareness to International poverty relief, and also provides financial support to local youth initiatives.


The other organization that receives a lot of attention and financial support from Terrell is the Alzheimer’s Society. Terrell hopes to inspire people in everything that he is blessed to be a part of. He’s having the time of his life! Everybody deserves that opportunity!


What do you do after celebrating over a decade as one of contemporary jazz’s top saxophonists, known for your trademark blend of sensual Latin tinged powerful horn playing which garnered 12 top singles and 6 chart topping albums? You tap into your longtime love for the vibrant soul and blues energies of the 60s and 70’s to release your first studio album in six years BLUE, an album of original songs totally stylistically different from your previous recordings as evidenced by the cover art reminiscent of some of the great albums of that era.    


Born in Oregon and raised in southern California of Hispanic heritage, Jessy J is grateful that her Hispanic fans have been inspired by her love of these musical roots.  A jazz studies graduate from USC, Jessy paved the way for her success recording with Michael Buble and touring with Jessica Simpson, The Temptations and Michael Bolton.  


Starting with the immediate #1 Billboard chart success with the title track from her debut album Tequila Moon, the powerhouse saxophonist cemented her rising stardom touring with contemporary jazz greats like Lorber, Gerald Albright, Euge Groove and Peter White, She is seen regularly performing on the hit television competition shows “American Idol,’ “The Voice” and “Dancing with the Stars,’ and in more recent years has toured with Anita Baker, recorded with Robin Thicke and contributed as composer/performer to the albums of two members of Chance the Rapper’s band - the GRAMMY® nominated Intellexual album and The Juju Exchange’s Exchange. 


In conjunction with the release of BLUE Jessy embarks on a U.S. tour throughout the spring and summer. She will also be releasing California Christmas Vol. 2 for the 2022 holiday season.  


“Writing and recording BLUE was an extraordinary experience,” says Jessy. “I have missed the connection with my fans so much these past two years. On every level--physical, emotional, spiritual – music plays such an important role in healing us. It’s like therapy, making everything in life so much better and healthier.”


Multi-instrumentalist Thiago Pinheiro contributed his keyboards, strings, drums and percussion programming on the new single “Dance Beat” from Brazil. 


Jazz fusion bassist and R&B singer Michael Henderson has died. He was 71. The news was confirmed on the performer’s official Facebook page. Henderson was known for his work with Miles Davis in the 1970s and played on his early fusion albums Jack Johnson (1971), Live-Evil (1971), and Agharta (1975).

Henderson’s Facebook page was updated tonight with a confirmation of the singer’s passing.

Singer, Songwriter, Bass Innovator, Music Producer, Father and Son Michael Henderson has peacefully made his transition surrounded by family and loved ones today at his home, Atlanta Georgia… Bless his heart and soul… He touched the lives of many and returned that love through his many live concerts, music recordings, social media, interviews and incessant touring which he loved… Please stay posted for details pertaining to The Michael Henderson “Celebration of Life”..

Henderson was born in Yazoo City, Mississippi. In the early ’60s, he moved to Detroit to play as a session musician. Over the course of his career, he played with Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, the Dramatics, and many others. He also released a number of solo albums, beginning with 1976’s Gold. His final solo album was 1986’s Bedtime Stories.


His reimagined “When You Love A Woman” is currently collecting playlist adds.


NEW HAVEN (19 July 2022): Advocating systemic change when civil unrest erupted in the midst of a pandemic and economic uncertainty two years ago, R&B-jazz balladeer Ricky Alan Draughn teamed with two-time Grammy nominated produced Chris “Big Dog” Davis (Norman Brown, Will Downing, Najee) and urban-jazz saxophonist Kim Waters to record a timely version of Sam Cooke’s poignant “A Change Is Gonna Come.” On the heels of the recent Supreme Court decision that impedes women’s rights, Draughn dropped another aptly timed musical statement, this one celebrating women in the form of the new single “When You Love A Woman,” produced by Billboard hitmaker Adam Hawley.


The 1988 power pop ballad written and recorded by Journey serves as Draughn’s source material. Anchored by the crooner’s emotive tenor vocals, Draughn belts out an impassioned salute amidst a throwback adult contemporary track featuring a grandiose gospel choir (Kevin Monroe & Devotion), sweeping strings and Hawley’s piercing electric guitar solo. The cinematic single illumined by cascading melodies and Draughn’s emotional fervor was one of the most added new singles last week on the Billboard BDS chart.        


“I wanted the song to celebrate women and to be played as a backdrop to honor that special female. I wanted to bring back a memory of simpler days with a refreshing reboot of a classic tune. I’ve always loved that 1980’s soft rock era, when a song had a lyrical composition that was just as impactful as the melody. ‘When You Love a Woman’ was such a song. We arranged the background vocals specifically to allow for general interpretation and not just for a romantic relationship. My hope is that the single becomes an anthem in the wake of women’s rights currently being threatened,” said Draughn, who released an accompanying video for the single directed by Edwin Escobar.

While the single is brand new, Draughn has been performing the song in concert with his twelve-piece band for years. He usually closes his sets with it, bringing down the house with his captivating performance, making it one of his most requested songs.

Tapping Hawley to bring his vision for “When You Love A Woman” to life proved to be a perfect match for Draughn. 


“Adam and I got together, and he was almost completing my thoughts. It was like we’ve known each other forever. He is an incredible musician and a pleasure to work with. As a result, the song came together very quickly. He understood the assignment, maintained the song's integrity and left the song intact, ready for my signature vocal arrangements. Adam brought in Carnell Harrell on synths and Dan Needham on drums, and it was magical - that timeless 80's sound was successfully captured,” said Draughn about the first single from his forthcoming debut album, “Genesis 8:5,” which he aims to release first quarter next year.  


Hawley is producing the majority of “Genesis 8:5,” including what Draughn expects will be his next single, “Relentless,” an upbeat original written by the singer that he describes as having “sort of a neo soul vibe, very danceable.” The album will be eclectic in terms of variety, reflecting Draughn’s stylistic range and sphere of influence. He’s composing most of the music although he anticipates there will also be several collaborations.


Mixing jazz, R&B, pop and gospel, Draughn emerged from singing with prominent gospel groups such as Mighty Clouds of Joy and Mississippi Mass Choir. He’s performed at marquee venues, from the Blue Note to the Apollo Theater, and has shared the stage with R&B, funk and jazz stars, including George Clinton, Chaka Khan, Shirley Murdock, Jodeci, The Whispers, Macy Gray, War, Nancy Wilson, Lou Rawls, Wilson Pickett, Marion Meadows and Alex Bugnon, among others.


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Meet Michael Tinholme, Your Favourite Musician’s Favourite Singer-Songwriter


(CAMBRIDGE, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, 21 JUNE 2022) Working alongside David Bowie and Michael Jackson’s collaborators. Being an artist with worldwide airplay. Brokering a hundred-million-dollar deal with Disney-Pixar and SGI without any formal education. Any one of these things would be almost impossible for anyone, but singer-songwriter Michael Tinholme overcame the most impossible odds to make all of these a reality…

As a child Michael was adopted into a turbulent household. With his father often away as a Lieutenant in the army, and his mother suffering from serious mental health issues, Michael had to battle through abuse and care for his younger siblings. Michael found sanctuary and the freedom to pursue his dreams of making music in the club The Four Muses, who brought him on as an opening act for legendary artists such as Bill Medley, Melody and Jennifer Warren. Michael Tinholme found a friendship and mentor under the wing of Scatman Carruthers (Chico and the Man, The Shining).

Unfortunately, things reached a breaking point when Michael had to leave home days before his 16th birthday, starting his 6-year stretch of self-exile and homelessness. He hitchhiked up and down the 5 Freeway in California and the Pacific Coast Highway, panhandling, dishwashing, and doing day labour. Eventually he had to steal to feed himself and became self-destructive. Aged 20, he met a former pimp by the name of Fast Eddie Valentine who saw potential in Michael and who got him accommodations and helped him back on his feet. 

With no high school diploma, and having faked graduating, Michael worked for free as a computer salesman, quickly working his way up and within a few years he became part of America’s technology revolution. Despite his rough background, Michael went on to be one of the first to sell industrial robots in California, and was one of the first to consult with General Dynamics following the Challenger disaster. He eventually graduated to selling ‘Silicone Graphic’ workstations and CGI software to Pixar, and Industrial Light and Magic, the tools needed for their major motion picture Toy Story and many others, contributing to the change of the media landscape. A $100M deal for Disney Burbank, one of the largest orders of its kind.

Armed with success, Michael returned to his true passion – music. Despite playing his first professional show aged 12, Michael released his first CD decades later with – ‘The House of Jazz’. Conducting the orchestra on Michael’s first album was legendary Bruce Fowler, conductor of the largest movie symphony orchestra to date for, ‘The Dark Knight’. 

Since then, Michael has released 15 singles and 4 albums. Throughout he has become close friends and collaborated with the likes of Mike Garson (pianist – Davie Bowie, Trent Reznor), Steve Lukather (guitarist – Toto, Michael Jackson, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney), Bill Cunliffe (pianist – Bette Midler, Quincy Jones), and a whole host more. 

Michael Tinholme’s catalogue has enjoyed airplay across UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Caribbean, China, and more, and has seen him featured across USA Today, The BBC, and TalkTV. 

Michael’s story is a true testament to the strength of the human spirit and one man’s love for music. It is hard to believe that given Michael’s turbulent upbringing and years on the streets, that he has been able to impact the modern pop culture landscape so significantly. With a listen to his music, we think you will see what makes him your favourite musician’s favourite singer-songwriter. 


“Michael Tinholme’s Story is the stuff dreams are made of or Legends. It’s the stuff that happens in Movies”

Tom Berg - USA Today






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New Album "Other Shores"

Following 2019's critically acclaimed Pearl, which saw her return to her rockier roots and Oyster producer Youth, Heather Nova is releasing her first covers album, Other Shores, out August 26th.
The charming singer/songwriter has always liked to sprinkle a cover version or two into her live sets, from artists like Neil Young, Chris Isaak or Nick Cave. The singles released so far, such as "Waiting For A Girl Like You" (Foreigner), "Don't Stop Believing" (Journey) ,”Never Gonna Give You Up" (Rick Astley) "Here Comes Your Man" (Pixies) and “Fireproof” (The National) already indicate the musical journey of this album; Heather is distilling these songs; removing unnecessary ballast and using only the framework and the soul of the lyrics, to give them new life with the sparsest instrumentation and her unique and ethereal voice.

“I’m first and foremost a songwriter, but I’ve discovered I also enjoy being an interpreter sometimes: For me, recording a cover is all about stripping away the original production, to find the bare bones of the song. I love the process of getting right inside the emotion of the song, feeling it as my own, and presenting it in a new, more raw and intimate form. I’m fascinated by how songs written by men feel very different when sung by a woman.” says Heather Nova.

It's exciting to hear what the likeable artist has made of other well-known hits like "Jealous Guy" (Roxy Music) and Neil Young's "Like A Hurricane". You know the songs, but you discover them in a completely new way at the same time. Very intimately arranged, and with the melancholy typical of Heather Nova and her emotional sensitivity, these versions have an almost palpable fragility. "Other Shores" includes 13 reinterpretations and ends - fittingly for Heather Nova - with "Sailing" (Rod Stewart).

01 - Waiting For A Girl Like You
02 - Jealous Guy
03 - Stayin' Alive
04 - Fireproof
05 - Never Gonna Give You Up
06 - Don't Stop Believing
07 - Here Comes Your Man
08 - Fragile
09 - Like A Hurricane
10 - Cold Little Heart
11 - Ever Fallen In Love
12 - Message Personnel
13 - Sailing

Belgian concerts
10/10/22    Het Depot, Leuven
12/10/22    Stadsschouwburg, Kortrijk
13/10/22    Den Amer, Diest
14/10/22    CC, Evergem
15/10/22    De Velinx, Tongeren
16/10/22    De Singer, Rijkevorsel

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‘This Is My Story’ is the brand-new song from the critically acclaimed smooth Jazz album, which was released last year called ‘The Story of the Flight Crew to Mars’. It brings a powerful emotionally charged composition produced and arranged by Jazz legend Dexter Wansel. It also features one of Philly’s most respected top vocalist, Mr Damon Williams who contributes an outstanding performance on the music video. The song shall be released this coming August in conjunction with the Sound of Philadelphia 50th anniversary tour which begins in the UK. 


Artist Name : Dexter Wansel feat Damon Williams -

Song Title : This is My Story

Website :

Genre : Jazz/Soul/RNB

Location : United Kingdom

Release Date: 04-Aug-2022

Catalogue ID: DJ0108

UPC: 829282000801

Release Format: Single

Territory: Worldwide

P-Line: 2022 Digital Jukebox Records

C-Line: 2022 Digital Jukebox Records

Recording Location : United Kingdom

ITunes, EMusic, Inc All Major music outlets worldwide

Publishing Company : Digital Jukebox Recordings, UK -

Distributed by Sony/The Orchard, New York USA


GEOFF MULDAUR photographs by Sacha de Boer


new album
2xLP box set / 2xCD book
UK release date
(Moon River Music)

includes the singles
out 15.07.22


“Geoff has always been one of my favourite singers”
Bonnie Raitt
“Someone I’ve always admired from afar”
John Cale
“There are only three white blues singers - Geoff Muldaur is at least two of them”
Richard Thompson
"Bob Dylan didn't want to be Woody Guthrie. He wanted to be Geoff Muldaur. Geoff was the Big Man on Campus. He still is"
Van Dyke Parks

‘His Last Letter’ is the most ambitious project ever undertaken by the Americana legend Geoff Muldaur; an 18 song tour de force in a long line of highly-acclaimed recordings by this venerable and highly respected musician. Recorded in the Netherlands, Muldaur takes us on a wide-ranging musical journey, collaborating with some of the finest classical and jazz musicians in that country to present stylish renderings of tunes from the American folk and jazz ‘songbag’, musical settings for the poems of Tennessee Williams, tributes to heroes such as Jelly Roll Morton and Duke Ellington, plus original compositions.

These recordings are available in high-end packages that include a 2xCD with book and a 2xLP box set with a 12”x12” book that includes photos, a foreword by composer David Amram, plus extensive track-by-track notes and personal stories by Muldaur. A true collector’s item, ‘His Last Letter’ will appeal in particular to listeners with an interest in American culture of the 1960s/70s, while its musical mix of classical, jazz, blues and Americana is the very epitome of ‘eclectic’. It also serves as an impressive retrospective of what has been a fulfilling career, a refreshing and vibrant modern classical/crossover mix that profiles Muldaur as an ever-creative artist who remains committed to developing his favourite music into the future.

Muldaur first had the idea of recording some chamber works he had been working on - pieces for violin, cello, clarinet, bassoon and French horn - in the late ‘00s, and for the next ten years found himself crossing the pond 2-3 times a year to rehearse and record in Amsterdam.
Producer Gert-Jan Blom soon came on board and utilised his address book to find the most skilled musicians, studios and engineers in the country, with Muldaur recalling that “as my arrangements and compositions evolved and different ensembles were needed, we found key players from the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Residence Orchestra of the Hague, the Asko | Schönberg Ensemble and Metropole Orkest. We also engaged freelancers on a variety of instruments, including our fine mezzo-soprano Claron McFadden.” McFadden shines on ‘My Little One’ (a musical setting for a Tennessee Williams poem) and especially on the album title track, which appears as the second movement of Muldaur’s own ‘Octet in Three Movements’ for soprano, string quartet and wind instruments.

The genesis of ‘The Last Letter’ dates back to 1977 when Muldaur found a box at his family home that contained a newspaper article from almost a century before about the sinking of the USS Oneida in Yokohama harbour. The ship’s Lieutenant Commander was his great-grandfather. Years later, in 2012, Muldaur received another box of historical records, “this time from the estate of my cousin. In it were letters sent from Japan by my great-grandfather to his wife in New Jersey. Among them was a love letter written the day before the USS Oneida left Tokyo for home.” As the ship left Tokyo Bay in heavy fog, it was rammed, sunk and abandoned by a British steamer out of its lane. Letters from survivors and military officers, newspaper articles and a US Senate report described the event. ‘His Last Letter’ was conceived from these sources.

"'The white man cannot vocal the blues', said the blues singer Muddy Waters with grave finality, and his maxim has only rarely been disproved. One of the few white vocalists to tackle effectively black folk-music idioms - country blues, gospel, early rhythm-and-blues - Geoff Muldaur succeeds not because he copies the timbre and inflections of a down-home African-American but because his voice - reedy, quavering, otherworldly - is so unusual that the 1920's and '30s blues he sings become little more than a context, a jumping-off point. As steeped as he is in the music of Skip James, Sleepy John Estes and Lead Belly, Muldaur has never sounded anything other than utterly individual”

GEOFF MULDAUR - brief biography
Geoff Muldaur is not only one of the great voices and musical forces to emerge from the folk, blues and folk-rock scenes that emanated from the US East Coast over half a century ago, but he also lived in the legendary Woodstock for many years and played at the Newport Folk Festival several times when the original Americana/folk genre was at its height.

During the 1960s and '70s, he made a series of highly influential recordings as a founder member of the Jim Kweskin Jug Band and later with Paul Butterfield's Better Days group, as well as collaborations with then-wife Maria Muldaur and notables such as Bonnie Raitt, Eric Von Schmidt, Dr. John, Phil Everly and Jerry Garcia.

During the ’80s, he composed scores for film/TV and produced off-beat albums for the likes of Lenny Pickett and the Borneo Horns and the Richard Greene String Quartet. Muldaur’s definitive recording of ‘Brazil’ provided the seed for - and was featured in - Terry Gilliam's film of the same title. Composing has been his path ever since, with ensuing releases featuring uniquely crafted interpretations of classic (and often obscure) American material as well as his own unique compositions.


While Reggie C, the Fayetteville, NC native may be new on some people’s radars, he is actually no stranger to music. Reggie has been performing and recording for over a decade, with nine previous albums to his credit. The towering company he keeps powerfully confirms Reggie’s emergence in smooth jazz circles. His latest album titled, Always in Motion, features #1 recording artist NILS’ (who produced the project, composed some of these wildly infectious pieces, and lends his slick guitar, bass, keyboards and drum programming), to keyboard master Jeff Lorber, and the late, great R&B/jazz drummer icon, Ricky Lawson. Even more impressive is the glorious father/son horns of Reggie and his trumpeter dad Ray, whose tandem magic drives the emotion of most of the tracks.


Throughout his career, the soprano saxophone player has also opened for numerous music legends, including Ramsey Lewis, keyboardist Kevin Toney, and Frankie Beverly & Maze and Charlie Wilson. Perhaps the most notable of these for the North Carolina native was receiving an invitation to perform at the Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC, January 2012. Codrington also played at the star studded Black Caucus Ball in Washington, DC, and was later invited to perform jazz, gospel, and Christian rock music at eight concerts in villages in Guatemala, followed by another performance in Antigua. Always on the go and in demand, Reggie has since performed at various jazz concerts, festivals, and venues. Like many veteran recording artists who have taken many recordings to break through, Reggie has survived his share of disappointments in the music industry, even as he has made a living performing for many years. That commitment to overcoming obstacles stems from the difficulties in his childhood of dealing with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy (ACP), a chronic condition that affects muscle coordination and depth perception. Receiving a curved soprano sax on his 18th birthday led to a major transformation, offering Reggie a comfortable way to play that he had not previously experienced. “Something magical happened, and I knew I had found my niche,” he says. “I fell in love.”


Throughout the journey of writing and recording Always in Motion, NILS’ – whose crackling lead and rhythm guitar lines complement Codrington’s trademark soprano and occasional alto/soprano lead melodic lines - was able to grant Codrington’s “wish list” of collaborators. The groove-packed 10 track set includes keyboardist Jeff Lorber, some of the last sessions ever by the late drum legend Ricky Lawson, trumpeter Johnny Britt, bassist Reggie McBride and drummer Joey Heredia. “I always loved NILS’ music and thought this would be the perfect time to do something different from the past,” says Reggie. He goes on to say, “NILS’ really pushed me beyond what I thought I could do emotionally. In the past, I might run through a solo once and be satisfied, but NILS' would say, I think you have another one in you! Along with his sonic expertise, this kind of work ethic gave this album something fresh, a new vibe that is helping me evolve as an artist in ways I never expected.”


Reggie Codrington’s masterful blend of smooth jazz, old school soul, and elements of contemporary funk is nothing short of brilliant. To experience his musical flavor is to understand his popularity, and know why he is one of the most requested jazz artists on the scene today.


With its swanky, sassy four-on-the-floor groove, “Love Planet” was composed by Etheredge and features the artist on piano and synthesizers, supported by guitarists Paul Brown and Jay Gore, bassist Roberto Vally, drummer Joel Taylor, and percussionist Lenny Castro. The horn section is comprised of Ron King (trumpet, flugelhorn, horn arrangement) and saxophonist Greg Vail.


“‘Love Planet’ is about love for each other, as well as self-love. I was taught growing up that everyone is born with a sense of goodness, and I still believe it’s true. And that goodness is totally inclusive. With all the craziness on this planet, it’s easy to lose sight of that. These days, I wake up asking, ‘What can I do to be more loving today?’” said Etheredge.


Etheredge’s most notable radio single, “Connected,” ranked No. 6 on Billboard's Smooth Jazz Chart. Subsequent singles include “Roger That,” “Resonance,” and “You&Me&We.”


"Love Planet"

Produced by Paul Brown

Session engineer: Carmen Grillo


Mark Etheredge - piano, synthesizers

Paul Brown - electric guitar

Jay Gore - electric guitar

Roberto Vally - electric bass

Joel Taylor - drums

Lenny Castro - percussion

Ron King - trumpet, flugel horn, horn arrangements

Greg Vail - tenor & baritone saxophones


The sizzling summer single that he wrote with hitmaker Adam Hawley topped five charts simultaneously.


ALISO VIEJO (13 July 2022): Guitarist Blake Aaron is living the dream. Writing, producing, recording and performing music all over the world at the highest level, he just notched his fifth Billboard number one single as a solo artist. The scintillating summer smash that he wrote with chart-topper Adam Hawley, “Dreamland” went number one on five national charts simultaneously: Billboard, Groove Jazz Music, Mediabase, Radiowave and Smooth Jazz Network. The Innervision Records single is the second consecutive release to go number one from Aaron’s forthcoming seventh album, “Love and Rhythm.”    


“I set out to create a song that captures the imagination, excitement, fun and unbridled curiosity of a dream come true," said Aaron whose dexterous electric jazz guitar was accompanied on the energizing track by Hawley (rhythm guitar and keyboards), drummer Eric Valentine (who recently topped the Billboard chart with his own single), bassist Mel Brown, saxophonist and horn arranger David Mann, and trumpeter Trevor Neumann.    


Together, Aaron and Hawley scored a number one last year with Aaron’s single “Sunday Strut,” which topped four charts, including Billboard. Although Aaron has produced number one singles for himself as well as for other artists, he realizes the benefits of teaming with Hawley, a consistent chart-topper both as a solo artist and as a producer.


“Working with another Billboard number one producer inspired ideas and concepts that I may not have thought of on my own. Having a writing and production partner whom I respect but has a different style than mine opens up new musical and creative doors through different approaches and compromises. Utilizing a producer to challenge an artist to go to another level with an idea they may have thought was already ‘making the cut’ or conversely, encouraging the artist to run with an idea they were ready to throw out, can take the song in a whole new direction,” said Aaron.


Aaron hopes to continue the success that he and Hawley share by collaborating. In May, they locked themselves away in Hawley’s studio and didn’t emerge until they recorded rough mixes for two more singles.  


“In the internet age when most artists are collaborating online, Adam and I have found a certain magic of writing ‘old school’ by actually meeting in the studio, locking the door and not leaving until we have a fully recorded rough mix of a hit single,” said Aaron who plans to drop the next single crafted during their recent session on September 19.


Aaron has a proven track record of recording more than a handful of hit singles before bundling them as an album. Initially, it was an approach that came out of necessity for the time crunched artist – he’s also a first-call studio musician who has composed and produced music for television and film – but as the music industry has changed and evolved, now it’s a chosen path that helps him reach more listeners via Spotify. The coronavirus quarantine allowed him time to finish and release his last album, “Color and Passion,” in 2020, which spawned three Billboard number one singles.


“We’ll probably have enough music ready to release ‘Love and Rhythm’ next year.”   


Catch Blake Aaron on tour in the following cities (additional dates may be added):


August 20         Tyron, NC                                Mountain Brook Vineyards Wine & Jazz Fest

August 21         San Diego, CA                         Humphrey’s Backstage Live

August 27         Melbourne, FL                         The Maxwell C. King Center

August 28         Largo, FL                                 Central Park Performing Arts Center

September 5     Atlanta, GA                              City Winery Atlanta

September 10   Oxnard, CA                              Oxnard Jazz Festival

September 11   Temecula, CA                          Rhythm on the Vine Concert Series

October 20       Avalon, CA                              Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival

October 23       Galveston, TX                          BillyRay Sheppard’s Smooth Jazz Cruise

October 31       Sa Coma, Spain                        Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival


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Back with a follow-up to his recent well-received single "Sweet Reunion", Tommy brings a well produced treat featuring some pretty impressive singers and instrumentalists to the table, on "I Know".  Co-produced by Tommy and Chris Davis, and with stellar guest appearances by Selena Albright (singing some exquisite background vocals), and none other than Richard Elliot on an inspired sax ride, this one has a lot going for it.  Add to that a tremendous horn arrangement by Andrew Neu, and you have an exciting platform for Tommy to continue his artistic development as a vocalist.

PAULA ATHERTON -  ‘READY OR NOT’  (Dream On Records)

One of the reigning queens of smooth jazz sax, Paula is back again with a very radio-friendly tune, produced and co-written by Adam Hawley.  With its upbeat and dare I say happy melody, punctuated by a memorable hook, Paula shines again on what sounds like another winner for her.


Widely recognized as one of the premier bass players in the reggae and international music worlds, Rohan has also found a home on contemporary jazz stations for the last several years. 

His new single "Razzle Dub", with its cool island feel, is an authentic representation of Rohan's natural artistic voice. 

His bio offers some more info on this tremendous player:


DUSTBOWL REVIVAL - 2022 photo by Ulf Bjorlin

UK TOUR 2022

28.07.22  LONDON Nell’s tickets
29.07.22  CAMBRIDGE Folk Festival (stage 1) tickets
30.07.22  CAMBRIDGE Folk Festival (stage 2)
31.07.22  BARNSLEY Underneath The Stars Festival tickets
01.08.22  BRISTOL Redgrave Theatre tickets
02.08.22  SHOREHAM-BY-SEA Ropetackle Arts Centre tickets
03.08.22  SNAPE Maltings tickets

brand new single
out 15.07.22
(AntiFragile Music)


Los Angeles-based Dustbowl Revival are all about pushing the boundaries of American roots music, specialising in uplifting folk-rock ballads that often tilt into joyful soul songs. Lead singer and songwriter Z. Lupetin (who is also a playwright) has recently been taking the band in additional new directions, mixing in elements of theatre and creating songs that are lushly orchestrated and cinematic in feel.

The group’s most recent album, ‘Is It You, Is It Me’, was released in early 2020 and saw them expanding beyond their already genre-defying style to incorporate everything from folk to funk to New Orleans swing and more. Infused with subtle pop sensibilities that enhanced their infectious sound, it earned plaudits from numerous UK publications and airplay on several BBC stations.

Having now emerged from an enforced touring hiatus, founding members Lupetin, Josh Heffernan and Ulf Bjorlin are excited to welcome a new wave of talent to their ever-evolving group who will be introduced to UK fans on a set of dates either side of a highly anticipated appearance at the Cambridge Folk Festival in late July.

A first single featuring the reconfigured line-up entitled ‘Lying To Myself’ will also be released in the middle of the month, which Lupetin describes as “a dark love-song led by dreamy harmony vocals, an aching pedal steel guitar and a galloping beat. In many ways it was inspired by Chris Isaak’s haunting classic ‘Wicked Game’ and Milky Chance’s moody dance hit ‘Stolen Dance’. Based on the end of a romantic entanglement, it focuses on the stories we tell ourselves when one person can’t accept that the other is leaving. Love, obsession, infidelity, sharing a dog - it all gets complicated. Fall in and out of love in your twisty twenties? This one is for you.”

Dustbowl Revival began in 2009 when Chicagoan Lupetin arrived in L.A. as an aspiring screenwriter, swiftly grew disillusioned with his job in advertising, and placed an online ad seeking musicians who not only shared his love of Louis Armstrong, Old Crow Medicine Show, Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin and the brass bands of New Orleans, but who also wanted to craft songs like Americana pioneers Wilco, Lucinda Williams and Bruce Springsteen.

current album
digital services


“There’s just so much to admire. The group don’t shy from key topics and that should be applauded. It has also led to them creating an album of a very high standard ****”
“A wonderful collection of soulful, melodic songs. Astonishing on so many levels ****”
“Classy lyrics and beautiful harmonies. There are so many layers that it keeps the listener awestruck”
“The lyrics are so good, and I loved the fact that 10 of the songs are four minutes or longer so they can stretch out instrumentally ****”
“Feels both vital and vicarious and definitely has the potential for crossover success”


We are pleased to announce the release of vocalist Ricky Alan Draughn' new single, "When You Love A Woman". The new single, produced by Adam Hawley, is a stunning interpretation of Journey's 1996 mega-hit, which was the lead single from their 1996 album, Trial By Fire.


"When You Love A Woman" reached #1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, and was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group.



"When You Love A Woman"


Lead Vocals: Ricky Alan Draughn

Background Vocals: Kevin Monroe & Devotion

Vocal Production: Vic Steffens (Horizon Music Group)

Synths: Carnell Harrell

Drums: Dan Needham

All other instruments: Adam Hawley

Produced and Mixed by Adam Hawley

Mastering: Steve Hall


Music has always been a huge part of Von Stupart's life. Von started formal music lessons at the age of 12. He started on the trumpet, but picked up the saxophone in high school. He has been developing and honing his craft ever since. Von is a very proud husband, father and grandfather. After working for 40 years and now retired, he is now enjoying the fruits of his labor in this new season of his life. He is thrilled to be able to pour all of his passion and experience into creating music to share with the world! 


Von hopes you can feel the joy, passion, and love in his music. 


"Come Party With Me"

Written by Von Stupart & Adam Hawley

Von Stupart - Saxophones

Eric Valentine - Drums

Mel Brown - Bass Guitar

Adam Hawley - All other instruments and programming


"Greg Manning and I have come to know each other over the years while working with other artists. In that time he's been recognized as a gifted solo artist and a brilliant producer.


We always had great chemistry when we played together so it was long overdue for us to collaborate on a project. I love a great melody and real horns and Greg is the master at all things that groove and vibe. We were each able to contribute our individual strengths to create a track that showcases our mutual passion for creating music that appeals to musicians and fans alike.


"Take It Home" is your perfect summertime jam! Thanks for listening." - Andrew Neu


"Take It Home"


Andrew Neu - Sax & Flute

Greg Manning - Keys & Programming

Morris O'Connor - Guitar

Mel Brown - Bass

Eric Valentine - Drums

Peter Neu - Trumpet

Nick Lane - Trombone

Written by Greg Manning & Andrew Neu

Produced by Greg Manning

Horns arranged by Andrew Neu

Mixed by Greg Manning

Mastered by Steve Hall


Two time Grammy Award winner Paul Brown, both as an artist and producer, is responsible for more than 60 #1 jazz radio hits! Paul has produced and shared the stage with a who’s-who of jazz greats such as George Benson, Patti Austin, Boney James, Norman Brown, and Peter White, just to name a few.


With his new album Promised Land (Shanachie), Brown reaches the peak of his prodigious creativity. The album kicks off with the spirited first single “Secret Sauce,” a sure fire contemporary jazz radio #1, and delivers with “Don’t Stop,” Paul’s sexy collaboration with Marion Meadows, and the Bluesy, in-the-pocket, “7 and 7,” featuring Euge Groove.


Paul Brown

"Secret Sauce"

Written by Paul Brown & Jeff Carruthers

Paul Brown - Guitar

Roberto Vally - Bass

Jeff Carruthers - Keys, Drums and Percussion

Ron King - Trumpet and Horn Arrangement

Greg Vail - Saxes


COYLE GIRELLI : photography by Shervin Lainez


new single
out 06.07.22
(Honey Lemon Records)

digital services

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New York-based English singer-songwriter Coyle Girelli will release a seven song collection in late July entitled ‘Stripped’. As implied by its title, it contains stripped-down, acoustic performances of songs from his two solo albums to date, as well as cover versions of ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ by Leonard Cohen and ‘Fireworks’ by First Aid Kit, both of which have been made available today as a AA-sided single.

Discussing the inspiration behind ‘Stripped’, Girelli explains: "In addition to versions of songs from my ‘Love Kills’ [2018] and 'Funland' albums, I also wanted to throw a little something else in there and decided to record one of my favourite songs by the late, great Leonard Cohen. I subtly pulled on the melody and the words to add accents to areas of the song that maybe weren’t there in previous versions. I adore singing it: ‘Thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes, I thought it was there for good so I never tried’ is one of my favourite ever lines. I also recorded a cover of the First Aid Kit song ‘Fireworks,’ which is a great song from more recent times. A stunning melody, it glides, rises and falls like it’s on a wave.”

Girelli’s own songs ‘Modern Noir’, ‘Flake’ and ‘Funland’ were all written acoustically as he was exploring the sound for what became his current album, while ‘Here Comes My Baby’ evokes the more woozy moments of Radiohead between moody guitar motifs as it finds comfort in a lover’s arms.

‘Stripped’ follows the album ‘Funland’, released in February 2022 and described by Louder Than War as “a wonderful collection of rich and atmospheric soundscapes with Girelli emerging as the ultimate balladeer. He has a vocal style which absorbs all that is great about the likes of Roy Orbison and Richard Hawley.” A single from the album, ‘Do You Wanna Dance’, is attracting increasing attention at US radio, where Girelli has just completed a tour with The Psychedelic Furs.

‘Funland’ is available HERE

As a songwriter, Girelli has also collaborated with celebrated songsmiths that include Mac Davis and Linda Perry, and written for several world renowned pop acts. He has worked in theatre (co-composing the award-winning French musicals ‘Robin des Bois’ and ‘Les Trois Mousquetaires’) and previously fronted the alternative rock bands Your Vegas and The Chevin, with a performance on ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ leading its host to state: “If I had a voice like that, I’d run for President.”

1  Famous Blue Raincoat
2  Modern Noir
3  Funland
4  Here Comes My Baby
5  Naked Soul
6  Flake
7  Fireworks


MARCUS ANDERSON  (‘Soul Ties’)  -  Marcus soared up from 11>4 Billboard with a massive +24 spins nationally, and is still going strong.  He has 15 of the 16 BB reporters on the song.


THE BRAXTON BROTHERS  (‘Catalina Nights’) -  Wayne & Nelson stayed at #2 BB with an impressive +16 spins nationally.  They missed a move to #1 by five spins. Will the new chart that comes out on Tuesday be their big day?  Fingers crossed!  They did move up to #1 this week on the Smooth Jazz Network chart.


Cecilia Villar Eljuri werd geboren in Guayaquil (Ecuador), maar woont al sinds haar kinderjaren in New York. Als dochter van Libanese en Spaanse ouders mengt ze onder de artiestennaam Eljuri al deze verschillende culturen in een spannende, top-geproduceerde en vrolijke Mex-mix van rock, Latin en funk. Op haar vijfde soloalbum ‘Reflexion’ laat de songwriter/zangeres/gitariste 11 nieuwe nummers met een sociale boodschap horen; “As a Latinx artivist, I try to break musical and social boundaries”.

“Espejo” is de eerste single/videoclip van Eljuri’s nieuwe album ‘Reflexion’!

Op 30 september verschijnt het album: ‘Reflexion’.


1 Espejo

2 Salva La Tierra

3 La Voz

4 Home

5 Shelter

6 Llevame

7 Por Ti

8 El Dia

9 No Puedo Cruzar

10 Feeds You

11 El Camino

12 Keep It Up (bonus-track)


Music inspires us all. The vibrations ripple through the space between us. Eljuri is constantly exploring new sounds. They intersect somewhere between the cultures that she was raised in and the places that she has called home: Spain, Lebanon, Ecuador and New York City. Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador to Lebanese and Spanish parents, she moved in her childhood to New York. Steeped in her greatest passion of songwriting, she welcomes you to drink from her new cup of “Reflexion”. Her antidote to the inconceivable isolation we have all recently experienced. Her highly anticipated fifth solo-album is another feelgood gem!


Eljuri lays down an optimistic sonic guitar palette that boasts a blend of classic funk guitar rhytms with modern filter effects. She plays several guitars, including her favorite Gibson Les Paul. She is accompanied by her rhythm section with Alex Alexander on drums and percussion and bass-player Winston Roye. The songs were recorded and mixed by Paul Antonell and Shubham Mondal at The Clubhouse and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Studios.


“My greatest passion is songwriting. I feel empowered to testify about life in 2022. I consider myself a conduit to the voices of those I encounter when I travel and tour internationally. My music mirrors the things that resonate in my soul. I break musical and social boundaries and take risks that stretch my sound beyond where it’s been before. From my unique perspective as a New Yorker, immigrant, Latina, woman, singer and guitarist I am exploring deeply within my creative self and emerging to reflect the world around me”.


As a revered songwriter and guitarist, with over 20 years of experience as a professional musician, Eljuri developed hypnotic and undeniable melodies that are familiar and foreign all at once. With heavy guitar-driven grooves, her mix of rock, Latin, middle-eastern music, reggae, funk and dance wrap around stories of resilience, shelter, our borders and the planet. She empowers the Latinx community, champions for human rights and is considered as one of the leading Latina artivists!


Touted as one of the top Latina electric guitar players in the world, Eljuri celebrates her ‘free life’ again with “Reflexion”. Eljuri’s stature, musicianship and social engagement have allowed her to create new and deeply relevant connections virtually with new audiences in the time of Covid, but there is no substitute for the thrill of being on stage and creating a unique symbiotic musical bubble with a live crowd. Audiences engage with her memorable bilingual message of protest and universal truths.


Eljuri has released four critically acclaimed solo albums: “En Paz” (2008), “Fuerte” (2012), “La Lucha” (2016) and “Resiste” (2019). She has been honored with over 20 songwriting and video awards, has often reached the Top 10 of the World Music Charts, appeared on over 50 television shows across the Americas and has been touring internationally for more than 15 years, mainly in Mexico, US, Canada and Columbia.


Eljuri proudly endorses Gibson Guitars (since 2008!), D’Angelico Guitars, JH Audio Custom In-Ear Monitors, Mono Cases and Moody Guitar Straps.


“Cecilia Villar Eljuri is a triple threat: she's an accomplished songwriter, a great vocalist, and one hell of a guitar player”.


“Songs which are as infectious as they are poignant, music which is as effortlessly contagious as it is deftly wrought”.


“Eljuri bounces confidently between fiery Santana-esque rock, reggae, Motown pop and vintage Cuban dance rhythms”.


“Built around her guitar mastery and hypnotic voice she is simply spectacular”.


“Eljuri is the best guitar player in the Latin rock scene”.


“The sound of Eljuri’s songs is a contagious amalgamation of danceable rhythms with lyrics that address social issues”.


“A sunny Mex-mix of Carlos Santana, Michael Franti and Manu Chao with uplifting female vocals”.


While equally remarkable and melodically and rhythmically infectious as his earlier tunes, Swiss guitarist Lars Taylor's latest jam "Blue Sphere" showcases some different exciting elements of his artistry, starting with his graceful and fluid flow on the electric guitar, bright sizzling high register tones on the main melody and a seductive, transportive, sense of ambience he creates as a producer of the track.


Then, just as we're grooving along with the playful summery energy, Taylor romps into full world fusion territory, switching axes and plucking out a powerfully exotic solo on an oriental gypsy guitar and heavier percussion (including the darbuka) heats up. Just as quickly, he returns to the buoyant, melodic electric fusion vibe for the rest of the track.


In these compelling and dynamic 3:48, Taylor takes us on a journey full of memories of the few weeks he spent at the Black Sea in Romania with his wife, a native of that country. Here's hoping for more travels and great guitar adventures in the future!


Chuck Dennis Productions along with J-Jams Records is proud to announce the World Premier of the “Gold Coast Horns”. Comprised of 4 of the hottest stars in Smooth Jazz this 4 member unit consists of trumpeter/vocalist Johnny Britt, saxophonist Jeff Ryan, trumpeter 

Lin Rountree and saxophonist Jackiem Joyner. These stars are ready to set the Smooth Jazz World on fire. Along with their hit-making songwriter/ producer Chris “Big Dog” Davis and horn arranger Johnny Britt this debut single “Bounce To This” is sure to be a hit on Smooth Jazz radio.


With this infectious groove and the mastery of Britt, Ryan, Joyner and Rountree on the horns is a combination of Gold at radio and jazz festivals nationwide. Along with a hot touring schedule which will debut at the 2022 “Oxnard Jazz Festival” September 10th. The Jazz Festival produced by concert promoter Chuck Dennis is also the executive producer and brainchild behind the making of the “Gold Coast Horns”. The target marketing audience for the “Gold Coast Horns” will be adult contemporary/ smooth jazz listeners 35 – 70 of age.


"Bounce To This"

Lin Rountree - Trumpet 

Jeff Ryan - Tenor Sax 

Johnny Britt - Flugelhorn 

Jackiem Joyner - Alto Sax


Written and Produced by "Big Dog" Davis

Horn Production by Johnny Britt

Mastering by Ron Boustead at Resolution Studios

Mixed by Josh Britt at Intuitive Music

Executive Producer Chuck Dennis


Powering full steam ahead into the next phase of his dynamic 25 year solo career, saxophonist Michael Lington captures all the freewheeling magic, energy and optimism we’re feeling post-pandemic with his latest perfectly titled single “Play” – a funked out, fun-spirited, perfect for summertime jam that marks his first time co-writing and co-producing with longtime friend and fellow horn master and hit maker, Darren Rahn.


The groove-intensive track also features Paul Jackson Jr.’s blistering guitar fire and the non-stop grooves of bassist Mel Brown and drummer Tarell Martin. While creating a forward minded way to keep joy and hope flowing in turbulent times, “Play” – from Lington’s upcoming EP and first set of original tunes since 2018’s Silver Lining – also reflects the multi-talented artist’s ever-bustling role as a new dad and the passion he’s bringing to his latest endeavor, hosting his own Friday radio show on



Michael Lington - Alto Sax 

Darren Rahn - Wurli, Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Synths, Programming 

Paul Jackson Jr - Guitar 

Mel Brown - Bass 

Tarell Martin - Drums


Written by Michael Lington & Darren Rahn

Produced and Mixed by Darren Rahn

Co-Produced by Michael Lington


Hello friends,

The new single titled 'Crazy' is available on all digital music platforms. It’s a cover of the popular Seal song.

The track is from my forthcoming album "Anything Can Happen", due out later this year.

John Cassidy, who is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer cooked up this version. He pretty much played everything because, well, he can. I am a huge Seal fan and really wanted to do a cover of one of his songs. I picked this one and really love John's vision of the remake. 

Hoping radio and the rest of the world love it as much as I do






Wednesday, June 22, 2022 - Formed in 1968, the original Alice Cooper band forged a theatrical brand of hard rock that was destined to shock and had never been seen before. Within five years they would release no fewer than seven studio albums, amongst them their international breakthrough School's Out (including the Top 10 hit of the same name) and the US #1 Billion Dollar Babies (1973).

By 1974, the band had risen to the upper echelon of rock stardom... and then, it dissolved.
In October 2015, over 40 years later, record store owner and superfan Chris Penn convinced the original line-up to reunite for a very special performance at Good Records, his record store in Dallas, Texas, USA.
Alice Cooper (vocals), Michael Bruce (guitar), Dennis Dunaway (bass) and Neal Smith (drums) were joined on stage by Alice’s current guitarist Ryan Roxie (standing in for the late Glen Buxton). A packed audience was expecting to attend Dennis Dunaway’s Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!’ book signing…  but they ended up witnessing a full-blown happening.
The legendary reunion show including all-time classics such as “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out”, is now becoming available for the very first time worldwide on September 30, 2022.
Luckily, the event was also filmed. The documentary movie “Live From The Astroturf, Alice Cooper” (edited and directed by Steven Gaddis) was very warmly welcomed at Film Festivals all over the world by music fans as well as rock journalists. The documentary won multiple awards for its coverage
of the historic event.


The movie is included in the live album’s first print CD and Vinyl LP editions.

Alice Cooper
Live From The Astroturf
Album Release:
September 30, 2022
Ltd. CD+Blu-ray Digipak / Ltd. Apricot 1LP+DVD Gatefold / Ltd. Curacao 1LP+DVD

1. CAUGHT IN A DREAM (Vinyl Side A)
6. UNDER MY WHEELS (Vinyl Side B)
9. DESPERADO (Intr. Bonus-Track)
(Running time: over 100 minutes)
-Music Video “I’m Eighteen
(Live From The Astroturf)”
-Music Video “Under My Wheels (Live From The Astroturf)”
-Extensive Interview with Dennis, Michael and Neal

More details and pre-order options can be found here:


The insightful rock album exploring issues of our times will be preceded by two singles.


LOWELL (27 June 2022): Dr. Alan Williams is an ivy league scholar, a professor of music at the University of Massachusetts Lowell with a doctorate in ethnomusicology. His role requires that he mask and refrain from expressing his own personal music likes and dislikes, which is why he relishes his platform as a singer-songwriter, allowing him to craft expressive music that flows like a current from the core of his being. Williams wrote, produced, arranged, sang and played on “Currents,” a rock album dropping August 19 on Blue Gentian Records. 


"I’m an academic with a PhD and all that that entails. I’ve written a few words and read quite a few more. So, I make music to try to get at what I feel, to express something beyond words alone. It’s in the feel of strings under fingers, in the vibration in my throat, in the emotion that can sneak up and hit you from behind. Hard,” said Williams, who began writing material for the album prior to the pandemic, recording much of it during quarantine in his Boston-area studio and at his Hawaiian retreat.


Williams’s occupational perch allows him to be more of a societal observer. He saw things that concerned him, shifting and reshaping the U.S. in the four years prior to the pandemic. Once COVID-19 hit, things at the fore shifted again. We got stuck in the current, with fear and uncertainty dragging many people under. As health and financial worry escalated, the current’s grip tightened its hold on America’s throat when civil unrest erupted. Williams wrote many of the songs for “Currents” in response to our times.


“‘Currents’ was formed during a time of tremendous social upheaval when serious forces were shaping our lives dramatically. Some of the songs address power as both systemic and as random disturbance. But at the core of them all lie the very real impact of those forces on individual lives, the external shaping the internal, the weariness that slowly erodes joy. Yet, after all the chaos attributed to difference, it is emotion that best illustrates our commonality: 'to see the me in you and the you in me,'" said Williams.


One of the more pointed and searing songs on the album is “Season of the Lottery,” a tense cauldron featuring a blazing fusion-y, progressive rock electric guitar solo from Chris Biesterfeldt that bursts through the staccato beat constructed by drummer Ben Wittman (Sting, Paula Cole, Laurie Anderson).  


Williams explains, “This song began to coalesce early in the pandemic, but its inspiration began the summer before and really has roots in hundreds of years of American history. What struck me so often in those days was the seemingly random victims of violence and loss, though, with even a short step back, it’s easy to see these as inevitable consequences of systems not only indifferent to suffering but predicated upon it. The summer of 2020, the United States seemed to be on fire, whether in protest over the institutionalized murder that had given rise to Black Lives Matter, or the vast swaths of land ignited in the drought conditions and shifting wind patterns brought on by climate change.”


According to Williams, “Currents” is not a pandemic album although restrictions and precautions played a significant role in how the album was made during the pandemic. Williams has been playing with the Toronto-based Wittman for nearly thirty years, but they couldn’t get into the studio together for fear that the drummer wouldn’t be permitted to cross back into Canada after the sessions. Thus, they were forced to rely upon their decades of musical chemistry, recording tracks countries apart and sending files by email. The situation also impacted the third member of their “thirty-year trio,” bassist Greg Porter (Aimee Mann, Patty Griffin), who was bandmates and roommates with Williams and Wittman in college.


“It was such a letdown to not get to spend time with my friends and to miss that feeling of energy that happens when making music in real time. Yet we found it quite easy to get the tracks recorded. And because of our long history, my ideas were communicated in a familiar shorthand,” Williams shared.


With Wittman and Porter forming a taut - and intuitive - rhythm section, Williams plays acoustic and electric guitars, piano, percussion, synth keyboards and cowbell on the set. He added depth and lushness with The Cast of Characters ten-piece string section and a horn section consisting of UMass Lowell faculty and students. Organist Nathan Sharples, percussionist Jeff Fischer, electric guitarist Eric Giribaldi and electric guitarist-electric slide guitarist Thomas Juliano complete the lineup on “Currents.”


Three singles are scheduled for release, each with an accompanying video directed by Williams. Up first is the album opener “Think of the Night,” a song written from the perspective of someone with extreme delusions of grandeur, which releases July 15. The whimsical “Giving You A Warning” hits August 5, a song that Williams describes as “a little slice of pop pastiche, and maybe a welcome bit of brightly colored lightness from someone more inclined to ruminate in the dark corners of a rainy night.”


For a complete change of pace, the amorous heart tugger “Before I Wake Up,” a resplendent melodic beauty with the kind of emotionally wrought drama that Williams says conjures a Celine Dion power ballad, will street as the third single on September 16.   


While not a single, Williams’s reimagination of The Beatles’ “Love You To,” the collection’s lone cover, merits a closer listen.


“The basic idea was to transplant the Indian exotica of the original so, the opening sitar alap becomes slack-key guitar. I tried to reference the original while gradually moving into more folk guitar kind of lines; hopefully, you can hear the shape of George Harrison’s impressive melody work even in this new guise. And with the harmonic language now more Ry Cooder than Ravi Shankar, I thought I’d push a little harder into the darkness of the lyric,” said Williams.


An Asheville, NC native, Williams has been writing, performing and recording for over forty years. He was trained at the New England Conservatory of Music and earned his PhD at Brown University. His musical palette spans classical and jazz piano as well as rock, country, folk, bluegrass, world music and mainstream pop. He’s recorded solo records as well as three albums with Porter and Darleen Wilson as Birdsong At Morning.     


In the extensive liner notes that Williams wrote for “Currents,” he references a myriad of influences in a wide array of musical genres, citing Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, Roxy Music, King Sunny Ade, Brian Wilson, Paul Jackson Jr., Led Zeppelin, The Cars, Neil Finn, Allan Holdsworth, Steely Dan and Jimmy Johnson. The record is accurately categorized as a rock project, but jazz, R&B, blues, soul and pop are also in evidence. Could the ethnomusicologist be seeping into the mix?


“My musical conception of fluid meter changes, unanticipated modulations, and general soundscape ideas reflects my familiarity with a fairly broad range of musical practices in ways that are less intellectually conceived, more naturalized as simply music. I don’t think anyone hearing the album would say, ‘this was clearly made by an ethnomusicologist,’ but I doubt it would surprise any listeners that global traditions and pop musics are somewhere in the soup. Like many post-internet musicians…”


For more information, please visit


“Currents” contains the following songs:


“Think of the Night”

“For My Heaven”

“Giving You A Warning”

“Love You To”

“Fall From the Sky”

“Season of the Lottery”

“Before I Wake Up”


“Keeping Time”


Two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown produced the album dropping August 12; the title track arrives first as a single.


LOS ANGELES (23 June 2022): That pianist Mark Etheredge appears smiling on the cover of his new contemporary jazz album, “Love Planet,” offering roses – his songs – to the world is a triumphant story of resilience. Since the title track of his last album, 2016’s “Connected,” landed him at No. 6 on the Billboard singles chart, the keyboardist slipped into the abyss of alcoholism, going bankrupt and losing his West Hollywood home, which forced a move back to the Bay Area where he slept on a friend’s couch and watched his mother slowly slip away before she finally succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease last year.         


As “Love Planet” readies for its August 12 release on Vipaka Records, the now clear-eyed Etheredge is back living in his own West Hollywood place, clean and sober for fourteen months, living one day at a time with hope restored. During the tumultuous years, Etheredge found strength and creative expression by retreating to his keyboard to compose music. Reteaming with “Connected” producer and two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown, Etheredge recorded and released two singles, “Resonance” (2019) and “You&Me&We” (2020), both of which appear on “Love Planet” alongside eight new songs.


Last month, Etheredge finished recording the inspired new set consisting of spirited jazz instrumentals, soulful R&B grooves, iridescent pop melodies and festive Latin rhythms, with Brown at the controls. A vibrant homerun hook powers the title track, which will begin collecting playlist adds on July 18.


“‘Love Planet’ is about love for each other, as well as self-love. I was taught growing up that everyone is born with a sense of goodness, and I still believe it’s true. And that goodness is totally inclusive. With all the craziness on this planet, it’s easy to lose sight of that. These days, I wake up asking, ‘What can I do to be more loving today?’” said Etheredge.


On “Untethered,” he celebrates his newfound sobriety, with his pliable piano passages getting a boost from chart-topper Steve Oliver, who issues placid nylon-stinged guitar licks.


“I literally drank my money away. During the pandemic, I finally accepted that I had a problem with alcohol. I got help. This song expresses my gratitude and joy to be free, one day at a time,” said Etheredge, who later on the album echoes the sentiment with “Elated.”


Tenor saxophonist Greg Vail adds fullness to “Groove City,” a cut inspired by the diversity, energy and the rhythms of urban life. The Latin-singed “Saucy” is spiced by full-throated horn section tracks performed by Vail (tenor and baritone saxes) and Ron King (trumpet, flugelhorn, horn arrangement), and scorching electric guitar riffs played by Brown and Shane Theriot. Etheredge ruminates on trust and the role love plays in the face of adversity on “We’ll Make It Through.”


“This one is about trust, hanging on. Sometimes, life brings along a bumpy ride. Trust that together with love, we’ll make it through,” said the keyboardist who is accompanied on the album by guitarist Jay Gore, bassist Roberto Vally, drummers Joel Taylor and Gorden Campbell, and percussionists Lenny Castro and Richie Gajate Garcia. 

The penetrating piano melodies on “Resonance” explore human connection and attunement. “I think as humans, we all have opportunities to resonate with each other - to be in tune and find peace with each other - if we want it enough,” said Etheredge who amiably shares the spotlight with Brown’s bluesy guitar statements.


Watching the war, unnecessary death and destruction in Ukraine on television stirred Etheredge to pen the contemplative and compassionate plea for “Peace.” Brown is called upon to help illumine “You&Me&We,” a lush piano and guitar romp pondering unity.


“How can we coexist peacefully with one another? Perhaps if ‘you and me’ think not just about one or the other’s wants or needs, but consider a third way, “us,” focusing on our shared interests that benefit us both. Can we be kind? Can we practice compassion and justice? Can we be loving? Can we be respectful of one another?” Etheredge poses.


Etheredge offers “Golden Hour” in fond remembrance of his mother, who used the term for the times she took a nap when he was a child. Like “Saucy” and “Elated,” the album closer benefits from Theriot’s skilled rhythm guitar textures. 


Etheredge grew up near San Francisco in Sunnyvale and although his mother was a music school teacher and choir director, he’s primarily a self-taught pianist. His groups have opened for David Benoit, Bobby McFerrin, Sergio Mendes, Tuck & Patti, Betty Carter and Sheila Jordan, among others. This year, Etheredge was the featured soloist on singles released by Vally (“On The Down Low”) and guitarist Mark Carter’s “Swingtown.” For more information, please visit


“Love Planet” contains the following songs:


“Love Planet”

“Untethered” featuring Steve Oliver

“Groove City” featuring Greg Vail

“Saucy” featuring Paul Brown

“We’ll Make It Through”




“You&Me&We” featuring Paul Brown

“Golden Hour”


Another significant new young sax player hits the scene next week in the name of Kyle Schroeder.  This Florida resident has played on releases by format favorites Ben Tankard and Nathan Mitchell, to name just a few.  This song has a great upbeat bounce to it, with some serious energy.


Marilyn Scott is best known for her Grammy-nominated work as a contemporary jazz musician, having performed with some of the best musicians in the world over the last few decades.

A native of southern California, vocalist Marilyn Scott counts among her earliest influences, artists Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway, Etta James, Jean Carn and Andy Bey. She began performing in local clubs and fronted soul-jazz bands around the San Francisco Bay area. Among the many friends she made were the guys of Tower of Power, who gave her the opportunity to do backing session vocals with the Oakland-based band. Those recording sessions steered her to making her way back to Los Angeles as a studio session singer, where she performed with musicians and groups including Spyro Gyra, Yellowjackets, Hiroshima, John Mayall, Etta James, Bobby Caldwell and Bobby Womack. Scott’s first recording in 1977, as a solo artist, was a single version of Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows”, which led to her first album, Dreams of Tomorrow, on Atco/Atlantic. Her discography continued with, 1983 Without Warning, Polygram, 1991 and 1992 Sin-Drome recordings, Smile and Sky Dancing. 1996 and 1998 Warner Bros. releases of Take Me with You and Avenues of Love. The Japanese Venus Records recording, Every Time We Say Goodbye, in 2008.

Marilyn moved to Prana Entertainment and released from 2001 to 2017, Walking With Strangers, Nightcap, Handpicked, Innocent of Nothing, Get Christmas Started and Standard Blue in 2017. Her 2022 release on Blue Canoe Records marks her most recent release, The Landscape.

She has combined her interest in neo-soul, jazz and Brazilian music. She has collaborated with Dori Caymmi, George Duke, Russell Ferrante, Bob James, Jimmy Haslip, Brenda Russell, Bob Mintzer, Perri Sisters, Terri Lyne Carrington, Patrice Rushen and Scott Kinsey.

Marilyn is best known for her Grammy-nominated work as a contemporary jazz vocalist and singer songwriter. As the years have progressed, she has dived deeper into jazz writing and interpretations. Collaborations with many acclaimed artists and musicians have opened and widened her range in a music that’s rich in texture and complexity.

More Info:

“The landscape is more than trees and views, it’s what we say it’s what we do, it’s what we are today. Never Forsaking this Frontier, so this beautiful view won’t disappear” - Marilyn Scott


Craig 'Thumper' Samuels is a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, model, composer, producer, and much more. He has created and developed his own website,, (were you can see and hear more of him), an independent record label Thumpin' Hard Records, Inc., 2 recording studios, and United 4 Love Entertainment, his own entertainment company, and two non-profit organizations that he has a deep passion for. "JADA" (Jazz Against Domestic Abuse) a non-profit organization that helps victims of domestic abuse by raising awareness and funds for educational material and shelters and a second non-profit organization "Our Stars of 2morrow" a scholarship program that he raises money for through his music. He writes one song each year and donates the proceeds of that song to high school seniors to help for college tuition. This monster musical genius blends Rock, Gospel, Funk, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and many other styles together, and adds a little spice of his own to produce his sound...the O-ZONE sound.


There are many many Recording artist that have influenced Thumper. Prince, John Legend, Janet Jackson, Richard Marx, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few and has been touched by a lot of today's up and coming artists as well. He has exchanged both music notes and stages with such national recording artists as Prince, The Time, Keith Sweat, The System, The Bar-Kays, and many more, along with such smooth jazz artists like Jonathan Butler, Steve Oliver, Steve Cole, Peter White, Joseph Vincelli, Euge Groove, Richard Elliott, and many more. Thumper currently has 13 CD's to his credit and is currently on tour working on his first live CD "Thumper & Generation One LIVE !!! Thumper has just released his 13th studio album "The Midas Touch".


Terry Wollman’s new album, “Surface”, was composed and recorded virtually during the unprecedented global pandemic. Terry collaborated remotely with a world class myriad of musician friends from around the globe to create a deeply personal, inspired expression of his art. With over 30 years in the music business, Terry has produced and performed with an array of artists including Melissa Manchester, Keb’Mo, Al Jarreau, Joan Baez, Billy Preston, Michael McDonald, Alan Bergman with Dave Grusin, Tony Bennett, Dick Van Dyke and many more. 


From his critically acclaimed debut album,“Bimini” to his 25 year retrospective “Silver Collection”, and the recent “Cassini’s Last Dance”, Wollman's songs, arrangements and production continue to reach straight into the heart of each listener. His latest offering features artists Bob James, Najee, Andy Snitzer, Greg Manning, Ricky Kej, Wayne Bergeron and special guest vocalists Melanie Taylor, Connie Jackson and Ellis Hall. Terry is proud to present “Surface”, a unique global musical collaboration, and a true journey of songs and stories infused with gratitude and attitude. 


 “In many ways, making this album has been an awakening for me. You have to dive deep before you surface.” - Terry Wollman


"What Is Hip?" ft. Andy Snitzer

Terry Wollman: Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Andy Snitzer: Alto Sax

Greg Manning: Keyboards

Will Lee: Bass

John "Jr" Johnson: Drums

Luis Conte: Percussion

Wayne Bergerton: Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Dan Higgins: Alto, Tenor, Bari, Alto Flute


Produced and Arranged by Terry Wollman

Mixed by Peter R. Kelsey


Ryan Montano is a nationally recognized trumpeter, songwriter, bandleader and recording artist. His beautiful tone, sophisticated and memorable compositions, impactful live performances and precise technique have garnered him national radio airplay and festival performances across the nation.


In addition to his musical artistry, Montano is a talented and truthful actor having appeared in several commercials and Hollywood films with speaking roles in GoodKill starring Ethan Hawke, Disney's Lemonade Mouth and Love N' Dancing starring Amy Smart, Rachel Dratch and Betty White. He has been a featured performer on CSI Miami and Wildfire and has several runway modeling shows and print campaigns to his modeling credits.


Montano has also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! playing the trumpet for pop stars Hanson as part of the Cleto & The Cletones horn section. Montano is also a professional filmmaker, director, videographer, photographer, editor and graphic artist. His work has been featured on several national networks including ESPN, CBS, NBC and FOX.


Specializing in music-based visual media, Montano has filmed and directed award-winning music videos for Dustin Lynch, Kane Brown, Runaway June, Ozomatli, Nosotros & Citizens Of Tape City. He has created films for major universities, marketing agencies, and companies across the nation.


While his talents encapsulate many different passions, it is music and the trumpet that truly define Montano as an artist. With a truthful artistic vision and emotive songwriting, delivered through a graceful and soft tone, Ryan Montano is an artist with a path and sound all his own...


Natuurlijk weet je wie je moet bellen als er iets vreemds in je buurt is, maar hoeveel weet je over de man achter het iconische ‘Ghostbusters’ themalied? Filmmaker Fran Strine en Sony Pictures hebben vandaag de officiële trailer onthuld van ‘Who You Gonna Call?’, de aanstaande documentaire over Ray Parker Jr., de legendarische ritmegitarist die zeker niet bang is voor spoken.

"Als je hem alleen kent als 'de Ghostbusters-man', dan ken je hem helemaal niet", schreef de ‘Who You Gonna Call?’ trailer als waarschuwing. Gelukkig brengt de documentaire een aantal collega-legendes uit de muziekindustrie, zoals Clive Davis, samen om zijn lof te zingen. Parker zelf verschijnt prominent in de documentaire om zijn verhaal te helpen vertellen, van opgroeien in het gesegregeerde Detroit tot het winnen van een Grammy, met details over hoogte- en dieptepunten en veel grappige anekdotes tussendoor - zoals de keer dat hij ophing met Stevie Wonder in de veronderstelling dat het een grapje.

Hoewel velen het hebben geprobeerd, heeft niemand de levendige energie en het ingenieuze talent van Parker geëvenaard. Wie ga je bellen? landt op digitale platforms 7 juni, en je kunt de trailer hieronder bekijken.


Mr. Sabler is back with a follow up to his recent Top 5 single ("Esselle's Dance").  Produced by Paul Brown, this new tasty tune shows Les in fine form again on guitar. 


Following up his last single which hit #1 Billboard, Jacob returns with another upbeat and fresh track, featuring some great sounding sax by Carl Cox.  This talented artist/composer/producer keeps cranking his winning formula out. 


On 6/13 singer Lori Williams releases the new single ‘Too Late (It's My Time)’.  David Kunert mentioned: “I am pleased to now be working Lori's music. This new single features her special vocals, and fine production by Chris Davis.  This song is very format friendly, and has a great flow and melody.”


DIM GRAY - 2022 photo by Emil Vestre


new single
out 14.06.22
(English Electric Recordings)

digital services

from the album
out 02.09.22

CD / LP pre-order


02.09.22  AYLESBURY (UK) Waterside Theatre
05.09.22  ZOETERMEER (NL) Cultuurpodium Boerderij
06.09.22  BONN (DE) Harmonie
07.09.22  MAINZ (DE) Kuz
08.09.22  BERLIN (DE) Frannz Club
10.09.22  BASEL (CH) Z7, Pratteln
11.09.22  PARIS (FR) Café de la Danse

‘Avalon | The Tide’ is the second single to be released from ‘Firmament’, the recently announced new album by Norwegian art rock trio Dim Gray set for release in early September. The group themselves state that writing it was “where the album really started, as it became a blueprint for the entire record. The expansiveness in its lydian harmonies and modulations, the prevalence of piano and strings, as well as the lyrical themes, all came to influence the rest of the songs.”

As with several other tracks on ‘Firmament’, the music was written by guitarist Håkon Høiberg on piano rather than his main instrument, with singer/keyboardist Oskar Holldorff then adding words. Holldorff explains that “the music felt like it was constructed as a story, so I thought the lyric should depict some sort of journey. Avalon, the mythical island from Arthurian legend, felt like an appropriate metaphor for reaching an impossible goal or destination; like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or, as these particular words mean to me, peace of mind. They are about trauma, wanting to forget, and the futility of fighting against the overwhelming forces and inherent dynamics of the world, hence the reference to King Canute and the tide in the second verse. I couldn’t decide whether the song should be called Avalon or The Tide, but when we later wrote ‘Meridian’, which ends the album and suggests a split globe, the joint title was suddenly justified.”

Consisting of twelve vivid and melody-driven songs, ‘Firmament' is an ambitious artistic statement bursting with life and colour, making for an engaging and constantly surprising journey as it weaves a route from strings-infused chamber pop, through evocative indie-folk and lush electronics and into grandiose art rock. It will appeal musically to fans of artists such as Radiohead, Agnes Obel, Owen Pallett, Susanne Sundfør, Keane and Tears For Fears.

Thematically, the new record explores further the landscape of melancholy and longing that was introduced on the group’s well received 2020 debut, ‘Flown’, a concept record structured like one continuous story with intimate and spatial moments offset with massive colourful soundscapes. Those sensations are now contextualised in the depressions of the modern world, juxtaposed against romanticised ideas of simpler times through childhood memories interspersed with myths and superstition.

‘Firmament’ will be issued via English Electric Recordings, the label run by UK prog titans Big Big Train, and is the first record on the label that is not either by that band or at least one of its permanent members. Holldorff will however be touring as part of the Big Big Train line-up (deputising for BBT keyboardist Carly Bryant) for a set of European dates in September, while Dim Gray have just been announced as the support act for them. The first show is in Aylesbury on 2nd September, the same day that ‘Firmament' is released.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to play these shows supporting Big Big Train,” enthuses Dim Gray drummer Tom Ian Klungland. “We supported Marillion at a show in Stockholm in May and were delighted by the wonderfully warm reaction we received from their fans. We’re going to try our best to make plenty of new friends amongst the Big Big Train audience and it’s fantastic that the Aylesbury show coincides with the release date of ‘Firmament'. Roll on September!”

‘Firmament' will be available on CD, LP (via Plane Groovy) and all digital services, with the physical formats available to pre-order now via Burning Shed.

The trio who comprise Dim Gray come from different places, both musically and geographically, with each member moving from different parts of Norway to Oslo a decade ago to study. All three have contrasting backgrounds in genres as diverse as black metal, progressive rock, blues, folk and film music, but in fusing these together they have developed their own distinctive sound.

DIM GRAY : ‘Firmament’ artwork by Linnea Vestre


"Elegiac and beautifully dense post-prog from Norway”
“An intriguing blend of well-written and superbly performed material, this debut album grabs you from the first listen”
“Unique and vitally intense. Dim Gray should be lauded for producing such a wondrous work of art so early in their career. A truly magical experience"
“Beautifully intertwining Nordic folk textures with serene experimentation, ‘Flown’ makes for a fascinating, intriguing and truly affecting journey. 10/10”

(left to right above)
Oskar Holldorff - vocals, keyboards
Håkon Høiberg - guitars, vocals
Tom Ian Klungland - drums, vocals


Fred Dinkins is a world-renowned Grammy-nominated musician, producer, drummer, educator, author and motivator. 


With over three decades of influencing drumming styles, Fred has performed amongst world renown artists such as Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Paul Jackson Jr., Verdine White, Norman Brown, Andre Crouch, The O’Neal Twins, The Emotions (Musical Director also Producer of the Emotions Live CD), John Barnes, Heat Wave, Peaches & Herb, Gene Chandler, GQ, Taste of Honey, Tremaine Hawkins (Grammy nominated and Stella and Dove Award Winner), Hugh Masekela, Deniece Williams (Musical Director) and many more.


From Mexico to Japan, Fred has toured worldwide and has appeared on numerous television shows such as ABC’s Good Morning America, (HBO) Sinbad’s Funkfest and more.


In Fred Dinkins’ 32 years of privately mentoring drummers at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, Fred has taught and mentored students spanning from the United States to Asia. Dinkins’ personal alumni include many recording and touring drummers like Anderson.Paak, David Myers (Frank Ocean), Erik Gutmanis (studio tech, author), Walter Rodriguez (percussionist playing on soundtracks, The Incredibles, etc.), Bennie Rodgers II (Mariah Carey), Manny Dominick (Ghost Town DJs), Vince Fossett Jr. (Steve Bardwill Band), and many more.


Author of the best seller “It’s About Time”, an Alfred Publication and producer of his own debut album Favor, Fred has provided musicians the key to understanding timekeeping and major dynamism. Inspiring musicians to never give up and pursue their highest achievements, Fred continues to serve as a pioneer in leading musicians to their greatest potential. 

Today, Dinkins is still influencing drummers around the world with his remarkable teachings, private master classes, studio sessions and musical director for Deniece Williams, the Emotions and Barbara Morrison. 


"The history behind the title is that it's a tribute to my late friend, Ricky Lawson. I tried to mimic his groove and feel". - Fred Dinkins


Smooth jazz saxophonist Daryl Beebe seeks to brighten your day with his single release, “New Day.” This composition is innovative, invigorating, and refreshing. You will tap your feet to the beat and dance to this energetic rendition.  Daryl takes listeners on a journey of hope, inspiration, and joy. He demonstrates his instrumental diversity by performing on alto, tenor, and soprano sax. New Day is a must-have for your smooth jazz library. Each day is a gift. What are you going to do with it? Get inspired every day with "New Day".  


Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Daryl Beebe is a phenomenal and innovative saxophonist, producer, songwriter, composer, preacher, teacher, motivational speaker, counselor and Central Officer Administrator for the Southfield Public School District, in Southfield, MI. Daryl received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Kentucky State University where he majored in criminal justice and minored in music. He was a member of the university jazz, concert, and marching bands.


During his undergraduate studies, Beebe began to focus on songwriting, production, improvisation, and poetry. Later, he received his Master of Arts and Master of Education degrees from the University of Cincinnati. He has performed and recorded with artists such as Kurt Carr, Karen Clark, Teddy Harris, James Carter, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Winans, Vicki Winans, Tim Bowman, Martha Reeves, Doc Powell and recently opened for Norman Brown.


Greg Manning is a Berklee College of Music alum and an amalgam of cultures. He was born in Nigeria and raised in Switzerland. Greg moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and has had an incredible career. Greg is the former keyboardist and music director for GRAMMY Award-nominated artist Jonathan Butler, and keyboardist for Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright, Will Downing, Richard Elliot, Brian McKnight, Chante Moore, and Kirk Whalum, just to mention a few.


"'A Song For Peace' is my most personal composition to date. I was feeling helpless in the face of war abroad and the senseless killing of children in our homeland. What can I do as a human to bring about lasting change and peace in the world? It is a daunting question, but pressing at this time. My answer lies in music, and it's not just a shallow cliché to me. I deeply believe in the healing power of music. It changes people and it opens hearts.


"I'm thrilling that Grammy winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum is featured on this song, along with veteran guitarist Ray Fuller. Both musicians played on Whitney Houston's single of the century "I Will Always Love You".


"Thank you for listening to my new music, and I hope you feel the love we poured into this project"- Greg Manning


Greg Manning

"A Song For Peace" ft. Kirk Whalum


Kirk Whalum: Saxophone

Ray Fuller: Guitars

Greg Manning: Piano, vocals, and all other instruments


Written, mixed and produced by Greg Manning

Mastered by Steve Hall




In Addition to Hundreds of Gigs Throughout The

Years, CTG Scored Three Top Ten UK Smooth

Jazz Hits, Including the #1 single “When I See You Smile”


Grooving optimistically into the post-pandemic era with fresh bursts of musical creativity, guitarist Ellis White’s highly anticipated debut single “Keeping It Real” – due to drop July 15 – marks the launch of his career as a solo artist after a dynamic decade of success with the Jacksonville, FL ensemble Catch The Groove.


A perfect summer soundtrack tune, the infectious, high octane track is his first release under a deal he recently signed with Polyphemus Records in the UK. It was produced by Trammell Starks, whose decades-long resume includes legendary R&B vocalists Jennifer Holliday and Patti Labelle, as well as popular smooth jazz saxophonist Michael J. Thomas.


While “Keeping It Real” is a powerful showcase for White’s adventurous rhythmic, melodic and improvisational guitar playing, “Keeping It Real” also borrows a bit from the uniquely democratic aesthetic he created as leader of CTG. White creates a fascinating musical conversation throughout with saxophonist Sam Skelton and there  are exciting sections later in the song for Starks’ tropical-tinged keyboard solo and a snappy bass solo by Sam Sims. The White-composed song also features drummer Louis Newsom, percussionist Barbara Martin, with programming by Starks and White.


“Keeping It Real” is a testament to White’s coming back after Covid and re-entering the arena as a solo artist while engaging members of his longtime band that have stuck with the project through thick and thin. The song depicts making things happen with limited resources and against the odds in a field of high caliber talent. Driven by a spirit of great positivity, White is determined to settle for nothing less than excellence while at the same time “Keeping It Real.”


“It has the kind of energy and guitar centric sound I had always wanted to instill in the music of Catch The Groove, reflecting exactly where I am today as an artist,” he says. “It’s basically me expressing the reality that I’m doing my solo thing and keeping it as real and honest as possible. When I wrote the track, I envisioned incorporating the sax and also the underlying percussion throughout. Trammell helped me formalize those ideas and put a flow to them. He brought great ideas for the arrangement and how best to use the horn element. My goal in working with a producer was not just having a yes man but someone who had great ideas who could take my music to the next level – and Trammell truly delivered.”


Formed by the Portland, ME native in 2010, Catch The Groove played hundreds of packed shows at popular jazz venues, jazz and arts festivals, corporate functions and public and private events throughout the Southeast. Three singles from their 2017 EP Smilin’ in Paradise were major genre airplay hits on the UK Smooth Jazz chart, with “When I See You Smile hitting #1, “Shaken Not Stirred” reaching #4 (and #17 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Top 30) and “Paradise” climbing to #10. “Shaken Not Stirred” was written and produced by #1 smooth jazz guitarist Nils and featured Nils, Darryl Williams and Oliver C. Brown.


Though the pandemic brought the hard working band’s non-stop schedule to an abrupt halt, as early as 2019, White was contemplating an eventual breakout as a solo artist. “I’m excited about launching this phase of my career with ‘Keeping It Real’ and my association with Polyphemus Records. I’m currently collaborating and lining up shows with other artists, and it’s great to know there’s a buzz around the music I’m creating. I’m feeling a great sense of momentum and truly believe I will be catching those groove for a long, long time.” 


A native Westside of Chicago musician, Jerome Walker Jr. started playing for his Dad’s gospel group. The Late LD Stalling of Soul Productions gave Jerome his first recording opportunity at PS Recording studio. After high school Jerome attended the American Conservatory of Music for two years. Jerome’s passion for music drove him to continue pursuing music opportunities. 


Heavily Influenced by Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Gospel Funk and R&B, Jerome took a little bit of all these genres and influences to develop his own style and musical voice. He continued to develop his musical skill by working with many local and National artist. Experience includes Song writing and recording with Sweetymotion, recording and video project with Brandy Amber, national television “Saturday NightSing” with Love Salvation and Devotion, professional recording with Love Salvation and Devotion; national tour with gospel recording artist Keith Pringles, professional recording with Marie Herz "Silent Night Lonely Night", CD project. Corporate and private parties with Deja Vu Production, Ron Star, Guerrini Music Production of Chicago and many more.


"Velvet Rose" is a Smooth Jazz song that is filled with passion & love.


"This is a single project release that I wrote & I had dreamed of completing for years. By the Grace of God, and with the help of song writer and music producer Sylvester Harper, my dream manifested into a reality. A special thanks also goes to LeRoy Edwards Guitar, Sam Dulany Drums, & Sylvester Harper Piano." - Jerome Walker Jr


Mark Mixx is a native Detroiter that grew up listening to music and because of his infatuation with music, he knew at an early age that one day he would embark on a musical career.


Tha Street Jazz Cartel: In 2009 Mark Mixx decided to produce a Jazz CD on his independent record label(Isis Style Music). He assembled some talented Detroit musician to collaborate and play on the “Street Jazz Project, Johnny Barnes (trumpet), Steve Cooley (trumpet),Eddie Taylor (trumpet), Ike Pippen (keys), Shane Mckeever (keys), Jeff Canady (drums), Antonio Johnson(drums), Deblone Jackson (flute), Marty Montgomery (sax), Don Whyte (sax), Charles Jones (trombone), Stephen "Stevo" Current(bass), Tony Parker (bass), Derrick Bartel (guitar), Randal Wilson (guitar), Athony Booker (guitar) and Mark Mixx (percussion and keys). “Tha Street Jazz Cartel. The Street Jazz Cartel has (4) album release out Now on All digital platforms. In 2021 Mark Mixx feat. Tha Street Jazz Cartel release their new singles from their (5th) album entitled "V" with a collaboration with James Gibbs III (trumpet) "Rydn & Chillaxn" along with "Ziggy's Groove". These releases will Put you in the mind of Riding on a "Hot Sunny Day"!


Mark Mixx and Tha Street Jazz Cartel has performed with the world renowned Michael Franks, Alex Bugnon, Marion Meadows, Mindi Abair, Dave Koz, Gearld Albright, Richard Elliott, Nelson Rangell, and Will Downing. Also Tha Street Jazz Cartel Has performed for the Rev. Jesse Jackson for The Rainbow Push Coalition for charity and many more also with a few live television appearances.


After having released seven solo albums constructed of sophisticated pop, funk and jazz fusion featuring guest vocalists, saxophonist Nick Stefanacci decided to throw a change up by crafting a buoyant smooth/contemporary jazz instrumental, “Dance Until Dawn,” which drops May 24 on the Sweet Lion Music Group label. Stefanacci wrote the single with Billboard hitmaker Adam Hawley, who produced the vibrant, melody-rich sax-led tune.


As a saxophonist, Stefanacci is driven by timbre and rhythm. "Dance Until Dawn" illumines his soulful alto horn harmonies and deep connection to groove. Multi-instrumentalist Hawley adds guitar, keyboards, strings and programming while Carnell Harrell makes the track more robust by adding synths to the rhythms created by drummer Eric Valentine and bassist Mel Brown.


“As a young saxophonist, I was enamored with David Sanborn so releasing a contemporary jazz single has been a long time coming. I wanted to give my fans something different than what they are accustomed to hearing from me. My albums are kind of a Steely Dan meets Maceo Parker mashup, a more funk fusion groove with vocals, horns and jazz harmony,” said Stefanacci, who is also a philanthropist that founded and curated The Promise Music Festival to benefit local children’s hospitals.


Stefanacci met Hawley while the saxman was touring with trumpeter/flugelhornist Cindy Bradley. He’s been performing with the Billboard chart-topper for a few years. As a sideman, his wide-ranging resume also lists hip hop superstars Ja Rule and DMC (of Run-DMC), blues rocker Derek Trucks, seminal R&B, funk and soul drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie; and hardcore punk/rap pioneers Dog Eat Dog.


Stefanacci stepped into the solo spotlight in 2010 with the release of his debut album, “26 Years.” His latest collection is the self-titled set that dropped two years ago as the pandemic raged. The album highlights Stefanacci’s imaginative arrangements of songs originally recorded by some of the eclectic artists whom he cites as having influenced his craft: Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Nina Simone and Bill Withers, among others.


“Dance Until Dawn” previews Stefanacci’s eighth album, "Nú FNK," which will be a return to his funk roots along with instrumental grooves and pop-fusion vocal tunes. The disc is slated for release later this year.


"Dance Until Dawn"

Produced and Mixed by Adam Hawley

Written by Nick Stefanacci and Adam Hawley

Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc Systems


Saxophone: Nick Stefanacci

Guitars, Rhodes, Strings, Programming: Adam Hawley

Additional Synths: Carnell Harrell

Bass: Mel Brown

Drums: Eric Valentine


The jazz group will drop their third album on July 15.


WESTCHESTER COUNTY (9 JUNE 2022): Uncertainty brought on by the pandemic has inspired major life changes as well as creating a sense of urgency when it comes to completing long-gestating projects. Five years in the making and fifteen years since their last release, jazz ensemble The Jones Factor committed to finishing their third album, “The Time is Now,” as soon as pandemic restrictions eased and the ten-piece horn-powered band could gather safely in the studio. The contemporary jazz collection comprised of original compositions and inventively arranged covers, produced by the group’s Dave Anderson and John Fumasoli, drops July 15.


Trombonist Fumasoli formed The Jones Factor (originally called The Jazz Collective) in 1986 with bassist Anderson joining shortly thereafter. Horn heavy, they described themselves as “a little big band” and together, they crafted over one hundred charts spanning various shades of jazz, including contemporary, bop and hard bop as well as Latin, blues, funk and even hip-hop grooves. The unique instrumentation allows for a wide variety of textures, colors and sounds while the diversity of the unit’s players makes for exciting performances and imaginative improvisation.


The challenge inherent for a band comprised of busy first-call musicians who have played with jazz, pop and R&B legends (from Frank Sinatra to Tony Bennett, from Lady Gaga to Diana Ross, from Elton John to Steely Dan) as well as prominent orchestras, symphonies and ballets is being able to gather all the members. Thus, work on their albums takes a while and they were about three years into recording “The Time is Now” when the pandemic slowed the process to a halt. As soon as the band got the greenlight to get back to work, The Jones Factor returned to the studio with a renewed impetus to finish and release the project.     


“The album title comes from the fact that we were moving along great with our recording and then COVID hit. Like so many others in the music world, our lives were deeply disrupted and so we got to the point of saying that this album has to come out now. We cannot wait any longer, no matter what! Honestly, it was as much about getting off our butts and getting this music out as it was about the pandemic. The album is too good to sit on,” said Fumasoli who will lead the band at an album release concert on July 13 at La Zingara in Bethel, Connecticut.


“The Time is Now” features sixteen musicians, including ten horn players and guest guitarists Chieli Minucci (Special EFX) and John Tropea. Anderson’s elastic basslines anchor the rhythm section fortified by drummers Joel Rosenblatt (Spyro Gyra) and Thierry Arpino. Pianist Rob Aries adds to the melodies, but the focal point of The Jones Factor is the layers of mighty horns, astutely deployed and meticulously arranged. Fumasoli teams with Bill Harris (tenor saxophonist, flute), Ken Gioffre (soprano and alto sax, flute), Jason Polise (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Don Hayward (bass trombone), Janet Lantz (French horn), Tony Kadleck (trumpet, flugelhorn), Scott Wendholt (trumpet, flugelhorn), Don Harris (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Ben Kibbey (trumpet, flugelhorn). Each player in this democratic union is granted the freedom to solo with each one taking an equitable turn in the spotlight.  


From a production standpoint, Anderson opted to utilize a different tact than one typically associated with jazz ensembles.


“Recording this album was in one sense a straightforward application of everyone’s high-level professional skills, and in another sense an interesting experiment in trying new ways of doing things – not without risk – that ended up exceeding our expectations. My idea was to approach it the way non-jazz records have been recorded since the late sixties: building the sound in layers and creating the finished ensemble in the production environment. Doing this allowed John and I the freedom to finesse balances, phrasing and tone colors in a way that can’t be done as easily when everyone is in the studio at the same time. In other words, we produced this album like a pop or rock record. There’s plenty of seat-of-the-pants, fire-breathing improvising, but the sonic picture has the polish of a more structured pop production. It’s a best-of-both-worlds approach, and I feel we succeeded beautifully.”


“The Time is Now” opens with a pair of tunes by jazz fusion groups that have influenced The Jones Factor, the Yellowjackets’ “Past Ports” and Steps Ahead’s “Pools,” both arranged by the late Dick Burlant, who had been part of The Jones Factor’s orbit since the 1980s. “When He Calls” is an original composition by Patti Preiss-Harris, Bill Harris’s late wife, and has a wealth of personal meaning.


“The very first time we played it, we dedicated it to Patti’s father, who was going through heart surgery at the time. When he passed away six months later, we played it at his memorial service. It was always his song to me after that and usually brought tears to my eyes when I introduce it. Now that cancer has claimed Patti, the song feels very prophetic. She got the call. The song continues to bring a tear to my eye, now for different reasons,” said Bill Harris.


One of Fumasoli’s students suggested that The Jones Factor record Bela Fleck’s “Hall of Mirrors.” Multiple Grammy nominee and three-time Emmy winner Minucci lends his agile and intricate fret work to the track, captured in this studio performance video:


Seven soloists shine on “Those City Ways.” Anderson said, “‘Those City Ways’ is a live performance arrangement – essentially a framework for blues solos by most of the band. To keep the long-form, extended nature of the piece interesting, I did hip-hop cut-and-paste arranging, bringing the piano in and out to make the contrast between ensemble writing and soloing more dramatic.”


The Jones Factor released their debut recording, “Collective Jazz,” in 1991 and issued their sophomore disc in 2007, “Blast From the Past.” While eager for “The Time is Now” to finally drop this summer, they’ve already synchronized their schedules to return to the studio this fall to record new material written by Fumasoli.


“The Time is Now” contains the following songs:


“Past Ports”


“When He Calls”

“Hall of Mirrors”

“Better Left a Memory”

“All That I Need”


“Those City Ways”



For more information, please visit


The collection of Brazilian jazz songs made famous by Astrud Gilberto drops July 8.


LONG BEACH (6 JUNE 2022): The seeds for “The Astrud Project” were sewn on jazz vocalist Anne Walsh’s previous album, “Brand New.” On that 2016 set, Walsh penned biographical lyrics to Brazilian jazz singer Astrud Gilberto’s lyric-less scat on “Nao Bate O Coracao,” retitling the song “The Writing’s on the Wall.” Walsh did a similar thing with Gilberto’s scatted “Beach Samba,” which led to recording an entire album that pays tribute to Gilberto’s seminal bossa nova catalogue. Produced and orchestrated by Grammy nominated arranger Tom Zink, “The Astrud Project” drops July 8 on the A to Zink Music label.     


“Looking over Astrud’s life and career in researching that song (“Nao Bate O Coracao”) was the beginning of a deeper dive into the songs that inspired this collection. I’ve always found a kindred spirit in the vocal approach that Astrud took. Her light, straight tone is what really makes the music she sang shine. There is little doubt that Astrud’s approach set the stylistic vibe for the bossa nova movement of the 1960s,” said Walsh who will preview the new album at a concert performance at Herb Alpert’s Vibrato in Los Angeles on June 22 that will feature Zink and an orchestral ensemble. 


Walsh and Zink say that Gilberto served as “sort of a poster child for innocence and the unaffected musical beauty that summed up the early bossa nova movement.” To honor the indelible mark she made on the music for which they hold immense ardor, the spouses recorded some of Gilberto’s best-known songs as well as lesser-known selections, adding their own fresh twist to the arrangements and approach. “The Astrud Project” is comprised of eleven tunes and encompasses a mix of songs sung in English and Gilberto’s native Portuguese, including the iconic “The Girl From Ipanema.”


“Learning the Portuguese lyrics is so important to understanding how the music should swing. In Brazil, you can find yourself listening to a conversation and faintly hear the cadences of the various percussion instruments. That is such a huge part of getting the music under your skin as a singer; really internalizing the percussive feel of the language. I sing most of ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ in Portuguese because it’s impossible to get that same rhythmic feel from the English lyrics,” said Walsh.


Gilberto’s sultry and sensual voice meshed perfectly with Brazilian jazz rhythms and the rich melodies written by Antonio Carlos Jobim (“Dindi,” “The Girl From Ipanema” and “Fotographia”) and other emerging Brazilian composers of the era such as Baden Powell and Vincius de Moraes (“Canto de Ossanha”) and Marcos Valle (“Crickets Sing For Anamaria”). She uniquely illumined pop songs like “Call Me” and selections from the great American songbook (Legrand and Mercer’s “Once Upon a Summertime”) by applying her trademark bossa nova varnish. On “The Astrud Project,” Walsh skillfully plies her exquisite voice and passion for Brazilian jazz to the lavishly produced and orchestrated tracks meticulously crafted by Zink.   


“Our hope was to keep that sunny innocence of the original, while updating the sound and playing to reflect our own perspective on the era. One of my favorite elements as an orchestrator is how the original recordings could go from simple two-person performances to huge orchestral arrangements and yet still retain the fun and light sound that characterizes bossa nova. This recording moves from guitar/voice duos to very large ensembles with full string, woodwind and brass sections. All of the arrangements are original, but I focused on retaining the sense of innocent beauty that was so characteristic of Astrud’s recordings,” said Zink, who earned a Grammy nod for his arrangements on Walsh’s “Pretty World” (2009), nominated alongside some of his biggest influences, Gil Evans and Claus Ogerman.  


Zink plays piano throughout “The Astrud Project” and was joined by Mitchell Long (guitar, cavaquinho), Kevin Winard (drums, percussion), Chris Wabich (drums), Mike Vacarro (flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet), Gary Meek (flute solos), Tony Guerrero (trumpets, flugelhorns), Andy Martin (trombone), Charlie Bisharat (violin), Tom Lea (viola) and Irina Chirkova (cello).


Boston born and now based in Long Beach, California, Walsh is a classically trained vocalist, lyricist, composer and educator. She recorded amalgams of Brazilian and contemporary jazz for “Pretty World” followed by the “Go” (2011) and “Brand New” albums. Walsh earned praise from Grammy-winning guitarist Pat Metheny for writing lyrics to his “So May It Secretly Begin” for “Pretty World.” That set included another instrumental song for which she wrote lyrics, Keith Jarrett’s “My Song.” Walsh and Zink are very much at home in the Brazilian jazz space, which has proved to be a fount of creative inspiration for their recordings, spawning “The Astrud Project.”


“Our previous jazz albums are a mix of bossa nova and smooth jazz, but we wanted to go all in on this project paying tribute to Astrud and the bossa nova era,” said Zink.


“The Astrud Project” contains the following songs:


“On My Mind”

“Call Me”

“Crickets Sing for Anamaria”



“The Girl From Ipanema”

“Beach Samba”

“Canto de Ossanha”


“Voce É Eu”

“Once Upon a Summertime”


Additional information is available at


new single
out 03.06.22
(Sound Of Solar Records)

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pre-save ‘Human’ EP


‘Tears Will Never Be Mine’ is the first single to be taken from a forthcoming EP entitled ‘Human' to be released in late July by the soulful singer-songwriter Josephine Oniyama, who was born in Manchester but is now based in Liverpool.

The song adds a strident electronic bounce to Oniyama's previous output, reflecting her exploration in recent years of varied and diverse sounds; a period in which she has not only listened to powerful female artists such as Grace Jones, Lana Del Rey, Joanna Newsome and Alison Krauss, but has also rediscovered earlier influences like Ali Farka Touré, Bob Marley, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, all of whom had been inspirations when learning how to play guitar in her teens.

She describes ‘Tears Will Never Be Mine' as “a call to self-forgiveness and self-healing, as a way to be better to ourselves and others. Moving on from mistakes and being kind to our hearts. The ethereal electro feel is new territory and when the chorus kicks in the beat and the strings give foundation to the elevation possible when healing happens and you've worked out of trauma and pain to a place of freedom and hope.“

Other songs included on the EP are “about finding the things that link us together, rather than what divides us. Being kind and accepting, positive and brave. There seem to be more barriers than ever going up between each of us, so it's great to have put together something that celebrates bonds.”

The EP will be followed in the autumn by Oniyama's third album, her long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s ‘Portrait’, which was issued to stunning reviews across the UK media. Praised for its fusion of folk, soul and jazz, songs from it were A-listed at BBC Radio 2, while there was further playlist support from 6 Music, XFM and Jazz FM. Oniyama also performed on Later With Jools Holland, The Andrew Marr Show, Saturday Night Live (Ireland) and a number of mainland European TV shows, while two extensive headlining tours were further backed up with appearances at major festivals (Glastonbury, Latitude, T In The Park, Electric Picnic) and high profile slots with Paloma Faith, Madeleine Peyroux, Michael Kiwanuka and Paolo Nutini.

The praise for ‘Portrait’ also saw Oniyama recognised by a diverse selection of her peers, leading to collaborations in the mid-2010’s with Travis (with whom she recorded the song ‘Idlewild’) and jazz producer/trumpeter Matthew Halsall (she co-wrote three songs for his acclaimed ‘Into Forever’ album). More recently, she was commissioned to create two live scores for the launch of HOME, the Manchester international contemporary arts centre: 'Celluloid History Songs’ was a set of new songs written to accompany silent footage from the North West Film Archive, and the centenary of the classic occult documentary ‘Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages’ was given an ambitious new score by Oniyama and students from the University of Salford. Fusing song-based and electro-acoustic sounds, it has further expanded her creative ideas and skills as a songwriter, arranger and sound artist.

Oniyama has also spent time earning an MA degree in English and became a mother while writing and recording her new EP and album.


"A versatile and substantial new talent“ MOJO
“An original, unfolding talent“ UNCUT
“Wonderful, uplifting, euphoric soulful gems“ SUNDAY TIMES
“Her voice is fabulous and different“ EVENING STANDARD
“Stunning newcomer“ SUN
“Striking talent“ MIRROR
“A timeless, distinctive and soulful voice” MUSIC WEEK


Keith (Kool-K) Wilson born and raised in Norfolk Va. attending Norview High School where he was an accomplished Tuba player. Graduating from High School in 1978, went on to college attending Elizabeth City State University on a Band Scholarship. Performing with the Elizabeth City State University Viking Marching Band.


As a Self-Taught Saxophonist, Mr. Wilson has developed a Unique sound around performing the voice of a tune. , Improvising over and around the melody, creating wonderful solos his audience loves. Performing in the Washington DC area Mr. Wilson has displayed his talent at well known venues such as Blues Alley, The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club , Port Towns Day Festival in Bladensburg MD where his band "Kool-K and Change" has been the headling act for the last seven years. Currently Mr. Wilson is a regular at Bobby Vans Grill at 1201 New York Ave. NW in the heart of downtown Washington DC.


The year 2021 brought together a new winning team of Paul Brown, Larry Carlton, and Mark Carter for the smash hit "Miles And To Go". Mark Carter breaks out his jazz guitar and joins once again with Paul Brown as producer and Mark Etheredge on piano for "Swingtown".


Mark Carter is a veteran guitarist/composer in the Southern California area and has performed with some of the biggest names in the business including: Al Jarreau, Dave Koz, Tom Scott, David Foster, Glen Campbell, Englebert Humperdink, Roger Williams, The Crystal Catherdral, and Disneyland.


"Swingtown" brings Mark Carter to a team of great players and production. The boys of summer are here... Batter up... Swingtown.


In a recording career that spans three decades, saxophonist Dave Koz has racked up an astoundingly impressive array of honors and achievements: nine GRAMMY nominations, 12 No. 1 albums on Billboard’s Current Contemporary Jazz Albums chart, numerous world tours, performances for multiple U.S. presidents, a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and more. A Platinum-selling artist, the California native is also known as a humanitarian, entrepreneur, radio host and instrumental music advocate.


Legendary vocalist Brian McKnight links up with Koz for the new single “Summertime in New York City, a buoyant and bright, playfully grooving anthem. With the help of EWF percussion legend Ralph Johnson setting the tone, and the genius vocals of McKnight, it’s a happy, 'feel good' summer song that exemplifies the unbreakable spirit of New Yorkers. A perfect tribute to the city and the resilience of its people!




Artist Name : Funk Division 
Produced by M.Duffus (Blak Prophetz)

Song Title : Symptoms Of Love


Genre : RnB/Soul

Location : United Kingdom

Release Date: 21-JUN-2022

Catalogue ID: DJ0105

UPC: 829282000771

Release Format: Single

Territory: Worldwide

P-Line: 2022 Digital Jukebox Records

C-Line: 2022 Digital Jukebox Records

Recording Location : United Kingdom

ITunes, EMusic, Inc All Major music outlets worldwide

Publishing Company : Digital Jukebox Recordings, UK

Distributed by Sony/The Orchard, New York USA



new 2xCD & digital collection
out 03.06.22
[Matt Entertainment / Membran]


includes the single
MORE THAN I CAN BEAR (2022 Version)

digital services

To celebrate the 40th anniversary year of their original inception, the international jazz-pop phenomenon Matt Bianco have remixed and/or re-recorded thirty songs from their catalogue and included them on this brand new collection of re-imagined, re-loved essential classics.

Matt Bianco is a UK group that was formed in 1982 by Mark Reilly (vocals), Danny White (keyboards) and the late Kito Poncioni (bass), all of whom had originally been members of Blue Rondo A La Turk. Their chosen moniker was a fictitious character they had invented that conjured images of spies and secret agents and laid the basic concept for their music and imagery. "We loved spy TV themes and film scores from the 50s/60s/70s,” says Reilly.

Signing to Warners, they hired the unknown Polish singer Basia Trzetrzelewska to contribute to their debut album, ‘Whose Side Are You On?’. Her vocals gave the record a jazzy dimension that Reilly and White had not fully anticipated, resulting in hits such as ‘Get Out of Your Lazy Bed’ and ‘Half a Minute’ that helped turn them into one of the biggest acts of the 1980s.

A reshuffle saw Reilly team up with erstwhile session keyboardist Mark Fisher to record its eponymous follow-up. ‘Matt Bianco’ included the hit 'Yeh Yeh', with a subsequent European tour seeing them perform to over 250,000 fans.

With the group now a household name in the UK and mainland Europe, their label thought it was time to introduce them to US audiences and hired Emilio Estefan (producer and husband of Gloria) to record their third album, ‘Indigo’, which included the singles ‘Don’t Blame It On That Girl’ and ‘Good Times’, plus a much-loved B side in ‘Wap Bam Boogie’ that became a huge dance single in 1988.

Ending their association with Warners following 1991’s ‘Samba In Your Casa’, Reilly and Fisher decided to record independently moving forward and license their album projects out, thus retaining total artistic freedom. They went on to build a loyal fanbase in Japan and wider Asia with the albums ‘Another Time Another Place’, ‘Gran Via’, ‘World-Go-Round’, ‘A/ Collection’, ‘Rico’ and ‘Echoes’.

Basia and White rejoined Reilly in 2003 to reform the original Matt Bianco, which led to the album ‘Matt's Mood’ (Universal) and a huge world tour. Five years later, Reilly and Fisher combined forces to release ‘Hifi Bossanova’ (Edel), their first studio record together for seven years. They went on to perform concerts and play jazz festivals worldwide before issuing ‘Hideaway’ in 2012.

Looking to expand his creative outlook, Reilly subsequently teamed up with the Dutch jazz outfit New Cool Collective to collaborate on ‘The Things You Love’, which was released in late 2015 to wide acclaim and was toured the following year. Sadly, 2016 also saw the death of Fisher.
2017 saw a new Matt Bianco album entitled ‘Gravity’ featuring a new group of musicians and was recorded in London and Stockholm with contributions from jazz saxophonists Dave O'Higgins and Magnus Lindgren, while 2020 saw a reunion with New Cool Collective for ‘High Anxiety’, which was recorded in London and Amsterdam. Both releases were produced and mixed by Reilly in his studio in Brixton, south London.

On to the present, ‘The Essential Matt Bianco: Re-imagined, Re-loved’ sees 30 songs from the Matt Bianco catalogue either re-recorded or remixed and re-interpreted for 2022. It will be toured with an extensive set of dates worldwide.

CD 1
1  More Than I Can Bear (2022 Version)
2  Half A Minute (2022 Version)
3  Hifi Bossanova
4  Joyride
5  Whose Side Are You On (2022 Version)
6  Ordinary Day (2022 Version)
7  Always On My Mind
8  Could You Be
9  Say It's Not Too Late
10  Heart in Chains
11  Give Me Your Love
12  Flamenco Nights (2022 Version)
13  Golden Days (2022 Version)
14  Sneaking Out The Back Door (2022 Version)
15  What A Fool Believes (2022 Version)
CD 2
1  Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed (2022 Version)
2  Yeh Yeh (2022 Version)
3  Don't Blame It On That Girl
4  Lost In You (2022 Version)
5  Wap Bam Boogie (2022 Version)
6  Sunshine Day
7  Half A Minute (Joey Negro Remix)
8  River Of Dreams
9  The Things You Love
10  Natural (2022 Version)
11  We Should Be Dancing
12  Our Love (2022 Version)
13  Dancing In The Street
14  Good Times
15  Matt's Mood (2022 Version)



new EP
out 20.05.22
[Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti/Membran]

“A very engaging listen….this accomplished sax player knows how to stretch out”

digital services


includes the singles


“warm yet fierce, with alternating delicate piano melodies, relentlessly grooving drum beats, heavy keys and trumpet, while Pribetti’s broodingly beautiful and soaring saxophone sets the mood”


“Pairs strong compositional chops with free improvising flare”

Gabriele Pribetti is a London-based Italian saxophonist and composer whose 2020 debut EP, ‘Reeded Edge Vol 1’ and this brand new companion set have garnered praise from UK radio stations such as Jazz FM, Worldwide FM and Balaami, plus sites like Musicamacondo, Twistedsoul and Jazz Revelations. Several singles have also been included on Spotify playlists such as State Of Jazz and All New Jazz.

‘Reeded Edge’ is a conceptual work of which Pribetti explains: “I see the music like a coin: the beauty and perfection of tonality on one side,with the chaos and roughness of atonality on the other. I like to exist on the reeded edge.” Pribetti places himself on the grooved line that runs around the coin, balanced between these disparate worlds in order to harness their equal power.

‘Reeded Edge’ sees modern jazz harmony, polyrhythmic grooves and emotional classical melodies contrast with free jazz and post-tonal contemporary soundscapes, the two realms crashing and mingling like waves. The rounded sound of the double bass is juxtaposed with the thunder of the synth bass while the clean, soothing timbre of the flugelhorn converses with the dark and distorted tenor saxophone.

Performing alongside Pribetti on the EP are a quartet of renowned musicians comprised of trumpeter/flugelhorn player Graeme Flowers, drummer Joshua ‘MckNasty’ McKenzie, Tomasz Bura on piano and keyboards and Michele Montolli on double bass.

Positioned firmly within the current and ever-evolving London jazz scene, Pribetti launched the new EP with a well received set at Spicejazz Soho in central London on 18th May. “The energy in the room was something else, and the creativity and interplay with my musicians was off the charts!” he recalls. "I was also pleased to hear from non-musicians in the audience that they could easily connect with the music because of the variety in dynamics, styles and sounds. It was a special night!”   

With a distinctly percussive approach to his instrument and compositions, Pribetti’s music combines his love of jazz and improvisation with an early classical upbringing, while leaving space for interplay and free spontaneous composition. He is a highly experienced international session musician and has collaborated frequently with a wide range of artists that include Stormzy, Wizkid, Stefflon Don, Jordan Rakei, Burna Boy, Skepta, General Levy, Zion Train, Kamaal Williams, Congo Natty and U-Roy.

1  Rain Project
2  Duende
3  Swimming Pool
4  Vaporizing Horror
5  In Or Out

All music composed, arranged and produced by Gabriele Pribetti
Mixed by Kassa Alexander aka PRGRSHN
Mastered at Whitfield Mastering by Naweed Ahmed

Gabriele Pribetti - saxophones
Graeme Flowers - trumpet, flugelhorn
Joshua ‘McKnasty’ McKenzie - drums
Tomasz Bura - piano, keyboards
Michele Montolli - double bass

Facebook HERE
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Instagram HERE
YouTube HERE



new single
out 20.05.22

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included on
new album
out 03.06.22
(Round Hill Records)



In this day and age, a singular, definitive stamp of approval is a hard thing to come by. Unless, of course, you’re the modern funk band Lettuce and the Bootsy Collins steps into the studio to put his timeless spin on your new record….which is exactly what happened when the band were recording the song ‘Keep That Funk Alive’ while making their new album. Within its first few seconds, fans are met with one of the dirtiest envelope-filtered bass runs since ‘Mothership Connection’, a glowing sign that this group is more than capable in its role of funk preservation.

Not so much a passing of the torch as it is a welcoming with open arms, Bootsy and the Boston-based sextet of Lettuce all join hands in honour of, you guessed it, keeping the Funk alive; an idea which drummer Adam Deitch gleaned from a pre-vax Covid-era Instagram post of Bootsy’s before the two had even met. “Linking up with Bootsy, one of the inventors of funk, still feels like a dream,” states Deitch. “Bootsy wants to keep funk alive and we wholeheartedly agree with that statement. This is one of our greatest accomplishments as a band! Major props to BOOTZILLA for believing in us!”

Sax player Ryan Zoidis concurs, adding that “KTFA is a dream come true and a collaboration we have imagined since we were teenage funksters. It came together beautifully with Bootsy's far-out and groovy vocals and multiple space-bass layers.”

A timeless anthem by what is surely the funkiest band around, ‘Keep That Funk Alive’ is the third single to be taken from ‘Unify’, the new album by Lettuce. Their eighth studio record in total, it is the third in a row to be made at Colorado Sound Studios in Denver and completes a loose trilogy that began with 2019’s GRAMMY-nominated ‘Elevate’, and continued with 2020’s ‘Resonate’.

Fans can still expect plenty of the ultra-funky, largely instrumental tracks that Lettuce have always been known for, but in the tightest form they have ever taken. An introductory single from the album entitled ’Gravy Train’ was released in March that highlighted a tightly evolved rhythm section, pin-point accurate horns and guitar-bass interplay not executed this well since The Meters did it down in New Orleans all those years ago. Its follow-up, ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ featured a whirlwind of electric piano and unison horn lines and was band keyboardist Nigel Hall’s reinterpretation of a classic late ‘70s Clark Sisters tune.

Approaching thirty years since its humble Boston beginnings, the relentlessly soulful funk outfit has essentially lived on the road, embodying, night after night, the sly wink of its moniker: Let us play!


“Dealing with the pandemic, being in separate places, trying to survive without our best friends, without touring, not to mention the political divide in this country….we really needed to unify,” says drummer Adam Deitch by way of explaining the album title, while Zoidis recalls that “the album somehow came together at a time when we were away from each other longer than we had been in years.” Although the group members were able to write in their respective home studios, they had not actually been in the same room or on stage together since a European tour in the early spring of 2020 was cut short by lockdown.

The very first track on ‘Unify’ captures the raw energy of the eventual Lettuce studio reunion in Denver, but is not where the story of 'Unify' begins. Its roots actually date back to 2018 when they assembled to begin work on ‘Elevate’. Armed with dozens of songs, they tracked enough material for that record, its successor ‘Resonate’ and more (including the vinyl-only live in the studio improv ‘Vibe’). With some stellar pre-existing tracks held over from those records and restrictions finally eased, the group was primed and decamped to Colorado Sound where they reunited with engineer Jesse O’Brien and self-produced the new record. Not having the opportunity of extensively road-testing the material and fleshing it out on tour prior to recording it, this time around the feeling was that they actually ‘discovered' the music as much as made it, essentially debuting it live in the studio.

A totally collaborative effort, ‘Unify’ is full of exciting cuts with brilliant lyrics and arrangements by vocalist/keyboardist Nigel Hall and fiery horn parts from trumpeter Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom, while bassist Erick ‘Jesus' Coomes observes that “we’re just getting tighter and tighter. These have been the first records made with the six of us as a team, and it’s the best the band has ever been: live and in the studio; the funkiest and the most fun.”

There is also the tantalising prospect of hearing it all unveiled on an extensive tour, which commenced in late March for a mammoth trek around the US and eventually crosses the pond for a show at London Scala on 20th September that kicks off a set of European dates. “It’s exciting,” adds Smirnoff. “Our audiences are going to hear how we end up interpreting these songs for the first time, in the live form, and then for the 300th time; they’ll get to hear right along with us how the songs will morph and evolve.”

‘Unify' is an expression that is pure Lettuce. It will teleport you to a funky galaxy far, far away, where all life co-exists as one in peace, love, harmony…and music!  

Adam Deitch - drums
Ryan Zoidis - saxophone
Adam ‘Shmeeans’ Smirnoff - guitar
Erick ‘Jesus’ Coomes - bass
Nigel Hall - keyboards, vocals
Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom - trumpet


Professional Saxophonist, Writer, National Recording Artist, and Producer, J Staton is taking the world by storm. His unique sound has left audiences all over the United States awe-struck. J’s Jazz sound is captivating and provides a listening pleasure that is hard to escape. He creates tasteful, masterful, powerful, smooth, and rhythmic sounds that resonate with the soul. 

He has been on several stages including The Apollo Theater and has performed alongside the true greats of the industry – Gerald Albright, Norman Connors, Jennette Harris, and Peter White, to mention but a few. His single project “IT’S ALL GOOD” made Billboard and The Smooth Jazz National Charts and remained on there for 17 weeks.


His latest single, “KICKIN IT” produced by Grammy Award-winning Jeff Lorber and Featuring Jeff Lorber and bassist Jimmy Haslip from the Yellowjackets, is set to release by May 31st. Entirely devoted to his craft, J has been focusing his time on his songwriting and unique sound, whilst developing relationships to network effectively. He remains humble always as he continues to create grounded and honest works of art in a bid to share his gift with the world.


47 years ago, Smokey Robinson filled the air waves with his hit "Quiet Storm". In 2022 Chris 'Big Dog' Davis, with the help of dear friends Najee And Lamone, has captured the essence of this song with smooth, soft, and warm melodies flowing throughout this track.


This song is dedicated to Melvin Lindsey who started the term Quiet Storm Radio format in 1976 at WHUR-FM, and to all radio DJ's And Quiet Storms formats around the globe.


"Quiet Storm"

Produced by Chris Big Dog Davis 

Written By Smokey Robinson and Rose Ella Jones Publishing Sony/Atv Music 

Keys - Chris Big Dog Davis 

Flute - Najee 

Lead/backgrounds - Lamone 

Mixed By Chris Big Dog Davis 

Mastered Dave Darlington 


Side 2 Music is proud to present the brand new single "Captured By Love" from sax phenom Eldon T. Jones. Eldon presents this fresh new offering with a tenor saxophone that is one of the most robust and mature found in the genre. With Jazz roots and urban R&B/Soul inspiration, Jones' voice soars on this soulful exploration surrounded by some mix of the industry's top session players.


Produced and mixed by industry veteran Darren Rahn, "Captured By Love" is sure to lift and elevate the listener, and provide a feel-good atmosphere of groove and romance.


Op 19 mei jongstleden is bekendgemaakt dat de Griekse componist en multi-instrumentalist Vangelis afgelopen dinsdag op 79-jarige leeftijd is overleden. Vangelis werd op 29 maart 1943 als Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou geboren in Volos, Griekenland. Hij was een muzikaal wonderkind. Al op vierjarige leeftijd begon hij met het componeren van muziek en hij gaf zijn eerste concert op zesjarige leeftijd. Midden jaren zestig bracht hij als lid van de band The Forminx een handvol singles uit voor platenmaatschappij Decca. Vervolgens formeerde hij met landgenoten Demis Roussos en Loukas Sideras de psychedelische groep Aphrodite’s Child. De doorbraak kwam in 1968 met de single ‘Rain And Tears’, die de tweede plaats van de Veronica Top 40 bereikte achter ‘Hey Jude’ van The Beatles. Een jaar later bereikte de single ‘I Want To Live’ wel de eerste plaats van de Top 40. Aphrodite’s Child scoorde ook nog flinke hits met de singles ‘Marie Jolie’, ‘It’s Five O’Clock’, ‘Spring, Summer, Winter And Fall’ en ‘Such A Funny Night’. Na drie albums ging de band in 1972 uit elkaar. Zowel Demis Roussos als Vangelis hadden daarna zeer succesvolle solocarrières. Al in 1970, terwijl Vangelis nog deel uitmaakte van Aphrodite’s Child, componeerde hij zijn eerste filmmuziek. Dat deed hij voor de romantische Franse dramafilm ‘Sex Power’. De muzikant was bijzonder productief en bracht tussen 1973 en 1996 jaarlijks meerdere albums uit, veelal soundtracks. Zijn eerste samenwerking met Jon Anderson van Yes resulteerde in 1980 in de Top 10-hit ‘I Hear You Now’. Het Jon & Vangelis-album ‘Short Stories’ bereikte dat jaar de eerste plaats van de albumlijst. De single ‘I’ll Find My Way Home’ van het album ‘The Friends Of Mr. Cairo’ van Jon & Vangelis stond in februari 1982 op de tweede plaats van de Top 40. Nog datzelfde jaar maakte Vangelis de muziek voor de film ‘Blade Runner’. Zijn filmmuziek voor ‘Chariots Of Fire’ was eveneens zeer geliefd. Vangelis bleef door de jaren heen druk bezig als componist en uitvoerend muzikant. Zo maakte hij de muziek voor de Ridley Scott-film ‘1492 - Conquest Of Paradise’, die in 1992 verscheen. Aanvankelijk was de soundtrack geen groot verkoopsucces, maar toen bokser Henry Maske het in 1994 gebruikte als begeleidingsnummer bij zijn titelgevecht tegen Ian Barkley werd het titelnummer alsnog een nummer 1-hit in Duitsland. De platenmaatschappij begon ‘Conquest Of Paradise’ in 1995 ook in Nederland te promoten en met succes: de single stond maar liefst negen weken op de eerste plaats van de Top 40 en de soundtrack stond drie weken aan de top van de Album Top 100. Na 2015 stopte Vangelis met het componeren van filmmuziek, al bracht hij nog wel eigen platen uit. Het klassieke album ‘Juno To Jupiter’ verscheen nog zeer recent, in september 2021. Vangelis ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


In het begin van de jaren tachtig zat ik samen met 2 vrienden en hun echtgenotes in de multi-mediagroep ‘The Dunwich Experience’. Ik deed de soundtrack en mixing, wijlen Eddy Bertin schreef het verhaal, en Jacky Vanderhaeghen stond op de scène. In die mix wilden wij de song ‘Heaven and Hell’ van Vangelis gebruiken. Daarvoor vroeg Eddy toen via zijn platenfirma in Londen de toestemming. En die kregen wij ook!


Patrick Van de Wiele


"Road Story" is the new single by Croatian award-winning saxophonist and producer Igor Gerzina.

This is a smooth jazz driven tune with a dominant melody on the saxophone accompanied by excellent musicians: Gerzina's long-time collaborators Jurica Leikauff on the keyboard and Elvis Penava on guitar.

Available now on all digital platforms:

Apple Music 




Igor Gerzina is a Croatian award-winning saxophonist, composer and Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra producer. He won several Porin awards (Croatian most prestigious discography award), as well as several Status awards for the best instrumentalist of the year, awarded by the Croatian Musicians Union.
Igor performed his song 'Dream For The Future' on the Croatian presidential inauguration.
The last three albums garnered airplay in more than 15 countries on 4 continents, including Billboard and America's Music Chart.
He took part in more than a hundred and thirty discography editions, composed for film, pop artists and opening songs for TV and radio. He has graduated in saxophone from Zagreb Academy of Music and has studied at Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA).


▶︎ Official Website: 
▶︎ Facebook:
▶︎ Instagram:
▶︎ Official YouTube:


The smooth jazz single that he wrote with Billboard hitmaker Adam Hawley, “Dance Until Dawn,” drops on May 24.


NEW YORK CITY (19 May 2022): After having released seven solo albums constructed of sophisticated pop, funk and jazz fusion featuring guest vocalists, saxophonist Nick Stefanacci decided to throw a changeup by crafting a buoyant smooth/contemporary jazz instrumental, “Dance Until Dawn,” which drops May 24 on the Sweet Lion Music Group label. Stefanacci wrote the single with Billboard hitmaker Adam Hawley, who produced the vibrant, melody-rich sax-led tune.


As a saxophonist, Stefanacci is driven by timbre and rhythm. "Dance Until Dawn" illumines his soulful alto horn harmonies and deep connection to groove. Multi-instrumentalist Hawley adds guitar, keyboards, strings and programming while Carnell Harrell makes the track more robust by adding synths to the rhythms created by drummer Eric Valentine and bassist Mel Brown.


“As a young saxophonist, I was enamored with David Sanborn so releasing a contemporary jazz single has been a long time coming. I wanted to give my fans something different than what they are accustomed to hearing from me. My albums are kind of a Steely Dan meets Maceo Parker mashup, a more funk fusion groove with vocals, horns and jazz harmony,” said Stefanacci, who is also a philanthropist that founded and curated The Promise Music Festival to benefit local children’s hospitals.


Stefanacci met Hawley while the saxman was touring with trumpeter/flugelhornist Cindy Bradley. He’s been performing with the Billboard chart-topper for a few years. As a sideman, his wide-ranging resume also lists hip hop superstars Ja Rule and DMC (of Run-DMC), blues rocker Derek Trucks, seminal R&B, funk and soul drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie; and hardcore punk/rap pioneers Dog Eat Dog. Stefanacci stepped into the solo spotlight in 2010 with the release of his debut album, “26 Years.” His latest collection is the self-titled set that dropped two years ago as the pandemic raged. The album highlights Stefanacci’s imaginative arrangements of songs originally recorded by some of the eclectic artists whom he cites as having influenced his craft: Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Nina Simone and Bill Withers, among others.


“Dance Until Dawn” previews Stefanacci’s eighth album, "Nú FNK," which will be a return to his funk roots along with instrumental grooves and pop-fusion vocal tunes. The disc is slated for release later this year.


For more information, please visit


Follow Stefanacci on Instagram ( and YouTube (


Xavier Gordon began his journey as a pianist at the age of seven and has become a composer and producer of jazz, gospel, rnb, hip hop, pop and many more genres of music. He became formally trained in jazz while obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Studies from Georgia State University. 


After playing for acts like Jamie Foxx ,Jennifer Hudson, John Legend and producing for artists including Angie Stone and Puff Daddy, he earned his first 2018 Grammy nomination for production with Musiq Soulchild. And in 2019, he recorded a single where he plays alongside jazz greats Norman Brown and Kirk Whalum. 


Xavier is currently promoting his new EP entitled Excellence. Excellence is an innovative and feel-good jazz EP released July 2, 2021 and debuted #2 on the iTunes Charts.


Motivated in his music career by so many legends before him, just to name a few, Jimmy Hendrix, Grover Washington Jr, Slash, and Jonathan Butler. Kenny Nightingale is an American based smooth jazz recording artist who includes a fusion of gospel and contemporary beats. Mr. Nightingale writes songs and creates sounds that come from the deep. He plays with angelical tunes and a unique blend of jazz from all parts of the world.


Nightingale's new single "My Saxophone" was created from his passion for the instrument that he plays.


Vassal Benford III is an American music mogul and film producer. Benford has stamped his indelible imprint on the music scene as one of the worlds top producers. 


In 2017, Benford landed a platinum EDM pop hit with 2x Grammy Award winner DJ Diplo (Justin Bieber, Skrillex) song titled "Be Right There, also performed by superstar DJ's Marshmellow and Major Lazer generating over 1 billion internet streams.  Benford's productions has generated over $400 million in sales revenue for such companies as Universal, Sony, BMG, and Warner Bros.  Davis also founded label imprints with superstar producers Sean 'P Diddy" Combs, L.A. Reid and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmounds. The La-face duo released Toni Braxton's debut selling over 15x platinum. Benford's production with Toni Braxton received a Grammy nomination for Best Vocal Performance. 


Benford has garnered several awards including the ASCAP Top Pop songwriter of the year award, 13 film scores, 4 television syndication's, and 57 platinum records awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA Certified) Benford's introduction to the "fast track" of success started with music icons, Quincy Jones, Don Davis, Clarence Avant, and Universal Music Group record executive, Louil Silas Jr. 


Benford's production has helped create platinum hits for superstar talents DJ Diplo, Major Lazer, Toni Braxton, NAS, Marshmellow, Flo Rida, Fat Joe & Remy Ma,Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey, Rick Ross, Deborah Cox, Sheryl Crow, U2, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) Kool G-Rap, Bell Biv Devo, Jade, Bobby Brown, New Edition, The Baha Men , Lil Kim, Tisha Campbell, Erika Jayne, Patti Labelle, Faith Evans, Chanté Moore, Aaron Hall, Oleta Adams, London Beat, Surface, Lisa Stansfield, Trimaine Halkins, and The Fine Young Cannibals. 


Benford has also scored and/or produced the soundtrack for a host of television and film titles including "Arnold Schwarzenegger "The Running Man", "New Jack City," Kid and Play "Class Act," Woppi Goldberg "The Associate," "Melrose Place," "Beverly Hills, 90210," "Fame LA", and the "Keenan Wynn Show, Billy Bob Thornton "The Smell of Success", Hillary Duff, and Winona Ryder "Stay Cool". 


During Benford's two year tenure as CEO of Vaz/Arista a label Imprint formed by Clive Davis. Benford was integral in launching the careers of two multi platinum recording acts, Deborah Cox performed the hit singles "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here." and "Who Do You Love". Benford dominated the Billboard Hot 100 pop charts making music history with the hit single, "Don't Walk Away," performed by the female trio Jade, "Don't Walk Away" went on to become one of the hottest singles ever performed by a group or duo for the longest period of 39 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart. 

Benford formed his second imprint distributed label, Vaz/Mercury with Danny Goldberg Chairman of Mercury Records. Benford was then appointed as Senior Vice President of Motown Records West Coast Division. After a two year tenure as VP, Benford was promoted and given yet another distributed label imprint, Vaz/Motown Records. Behind the success of Vaz/Motown Benford then teamed up with Danny Goldberg, formed a new distribution partnership with Artemis Records at Sony Music distribution. Artemis became the #1 independent label in the world with the mega hit, "Who Let The Dogs Out," performed by the band The Baha Men.


Vassal Benford III is ranked one of the most prolific producers in the entertainment industry today.  His new instrumental single "Melody Man" is written and produced by Vassal, and is mixed by Smooth Jazz chart topper, Greg Manning.


ATLANTA (16 May 2022): Serial entrepreneur Chris Nettuno isn’t merely a music patron; he’s a member of the band. And when the COVID-19 lockdown threatened the livelihood of his group of full-time studio musicians and sidemen, the conga player found a way to keep the music playing. Those weekly porch concerts not only kept the musicians afloat but became the lifeblood of the debut album from the multicultural band Canelita Sabrosa. The Atlanta-based unit’s self-titled set, produced by five-time Grammy winner Dru Castro (India.Aire, Usher, Childish Gambino) along with the band’s two-time Grammy-winning guitarist Julio Miranda and drummer Chunky Sounds, drops May 20 on the band’s Canelita Sabrosa Records label.       


During the first few months of the pandemic, Nettuno invited the band over to play in his family room. After a few songs, they heard applause coming from outside the house. Neighbors had gathered and asked the group to perform outside. The eight-piece outfit that blends Latin, jazz, R&B, funk and rock was happy to oblige the following week. Word spread quickly and soon hundreds of people began flocking to the weekly Friday night shows. A local television reporter was in the audience, which led to a segment on Atlanta’s CBS affiliate. The grassroots buzz inspired Canelita Sabrosa to record an album featuring a mix of the popular cover tunes that populate their live setlist along with five original songs composed by Miranda and a pair of songs written by vocalist-rhythm guitarist Kenny Nettuno and his son, KJ Nettuno.  


Canelita Sabrosa, which means tasty cinnamon in Spanish, is a name selected to reflect the group’s multiethnic makeup as well as the multicultural stylings they incorporate into their world music amalgam. Colorful Puerto Rican, Afro Cuban, Brazilian and Caribbean nuances intermingle with improvised jazz explorations and rock god guitar pyrotechnics. Anchored by thick percussive salsa, samba and bossa nova beats constructed by Sounds, Chris Nettuno and percussionist Frankie Quinones, Miranda issues piercing lead guitar riffs and scorching solos seasoned by Kenny Nettuno’s spicy rhythms and sweet melodies. As bassist Matt Stallard carves deep-pocketed grooves, the dynamic three-man horn section - trumpeter Justin Powell, saxophonist EJ Hughes and sax/flutist Mac Isseks - douses the tracks with fire and fervor. Adding to the project’s pedigree is four-time Grammy-winning engineer Ralph Cacciurri (Coldplay, OutKast, P!nk).


“Canelita Sabrosa is a culmination of diverse cultures and musical backgrounds. We all have one thing in common and that is passion: passion for life, love and music. That passion is what drives every part of our music - the grooves, the tones, the words!” enthused Chris Nettuno.


The music on “Canelita Sabrosa” is primarily instrumental with a handful of selections appearing on the album in both instrumental and vocal versions. The eclectic track list confirms the band’s multigenerational appeal with the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and present day represented by fresh versions of The Beatles’ “Come Together,” Bill Withers’ “Use Me,” The Cure’s “Lovesong” and Camila Cabello’s “Señorita” and “Havana.”


“The covers are all about the grooves, the feeling. We try to play music that people can identify with and feel while letting each musician fly freely to let loose and show their musical soul and unique voice in each song,” said Chris Nettuno.


Of the originals, “Te Espere” moves to a sultry and sensual Latin jazz groove. “Si Se Puede” sashays and shimmies along a percussion and horn powered conga line. Miranda’s impassioned electric guitar ignites “Morning” as invigorating harmonies cascade over layers of percussion. The exotic “Breath of Rio” captivates and entrances while the anthemic “Vamos” is a celebratory fiesta. Elation propels the rousing “Clouded Vision.” Kenny Nettuno’s smooth and inviting voice provides cozy comfort on “Late Winter.”     


“Canelita Sabrosa” has been serviced to radio and is already collecting airplay and playlist adds at world music outlets. It’s music to dance to, it’s music to party to, and the exuberant energy and vibrant spirit that proliferate the album are infectious and intoxicating.        


“As a band, we really enjoy playing together and Covid couldn’t slow us down. We started recording in the summer of Covid, which was The Summer of Love for Canelita Sabrosa. We wrote and recorded because we never stopped when everyone else had to. We found a way. Chris Nettuno had other plans. Because of this one man, us musicians where saved. He kept us playing to feed the beast in our soul to perform for people and to help them forget that we were in a pandemic. As the world steadily emerges from the grip of the pandemic, the timing is perfect to release our first album,” said Miranda.


“Canelita Sabrosa” contains the following songs:



“Te Espere”

“Si Se Puede”


“Breath of Rio”



“Use Me”


“Come Together”

“Clouded Vision”

“Late Winter”

“Use Me” (vocal version)

“Lovesong” (vocal version)

“Come Together” (vocal version)

“Clouded Vision” (vocal version)


For more information, please visit


new album
out 13.05.22
(Zenith Café/Membran)

digital services
LEE ROGERS - Gameblood


“A sensitive, honest collection of songs that cover a range of themes from love to loss”
“Songs that stay with you long after listening to them 9/10” MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC
“His sky-reaching voice is the star. Springsteen-esque”



live in London
St. Pancras Old Church 


Based in Carrickfergus, just north of Belfast, Lee Rogers produces sounds as emotive, inspiring and mysterious as his home turf feels. The contemporary songs with strong Americana influences contained on ‘Gameblood’, his long-awaited second album, display a masterful musical craftsmanship while showing off open-hearted, lyrical storytelling. Rogers is an experienced singer-songwriter with his soul on his sleeve; a rare and authentic artist whose music is as timeless as he is.

With ‘Life And Lies’ and ‘Everytime’ already issued as singles ahead of the album, a third song has been teased to celebrate its release date. The reflective ‘Silent Song’ sports an animated video by Bob Price, who came on board during the pandemic and worked remotely with Rogers on his concept; a 1930’s influenced black and white film that fitted well with the singer's love of Vintage Walt Disney cartoons.

Explaining the album title, Rogers states that “my dad was as hard as the road he walked on but had the softest heart for us and my mother, who he loved unconditionally. He had a fighting spirit, and that’s what I believe ‘Gameblood’ means and is where the album title comes from.”

Recorded at Sycamore Studios with his regular band and produced by Gareth Dunlop, Rogers describes ‘Gameblood' as “a visit to those hard places that most people put to the back of their psyche and build a wall around. This album is a truer reflection of myself, my stories, where I’ve been and where I hope I am now. It’s music for the travelled soul, those folk who have seen a lot of life and can relate to the sentiments of the songs.”

Drawing on many experiences from his own life, Rogers was able to harness every emotion during the recording process. The result is a thought-provoking and earthy masterpiece, reminiscent of classic folk albums such as John Martyn’s ‘Solid Air’, the soulful craft of Keb Mo’s ‘Blues Americana’ and the glistening baroque balladry of Tom Waits' ‘Mule Variations’.

As his 2006 debut album ‘Drawing Clocks’ started receiving attention at radio in territories such as Canada and songs from it were placed in films and TV shows worldwide, the unassuming Rogers was already beginning a successful separate career as an award-winning tattoo artist and developing another level to his creativity. Fifteen years on, his experience and the talent displayed on ‘Gameblood’ make him worthy of recognition alongside other leading singer-songwriters.


1  Everytime
2  Silent Song
3  Uneasy Love
4  The House
5  Life And Lies
6  Haunted
7  Homeward Bound
8  Won’t Find Me
9  Fools Gold
10  Barefoot In The Basement (feat Foy Vance)

In 2004, after hearing a recording sent to their label Zenith Café, Paul and Nikki Turner flew to Belfast to see Lee Rogers perform at a bar venue called The John Hewitt, and have never looked back. Eventually basing the label HQ in Northern Ireland, they have developed a forward-thinking imprint with artist development at the forefront of all it does, bridging the gap between music creation and those who need to hear it. Their relationship with Rogers has now spanned almost two decades and is as strong as it has ever been.


WaKaNa as born in Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan and graduated from Shobi Music College. She plays Smooth Jazz, Soul and R&B.


WaKaNa debuted in the United States with her 1st solo album Saxcess Story, produced by Greg Manning in 2018. She released “Go for the Sound" feat. Darren Rahn & Koh Mr. Saxman, produced by Darren Rahn in 2020. "Go for the Sound" got airplay throughout the United States, and was also ranked in the Smooth Jazz chart. Additionally, “SilK” was produced by Greg Manning in 2021. 


She also actively performs in various countries around the world, including a performance at a festival hosted by Michael Paulo, and held her own live show in San Diego. WaKaNa is one of the most authentic Smooth Jazz sax players in Japan and the one of the most notable artists in her native country right now. 


Her new album A Sunny Day was released on May 4th 2022. The first single "Fika Talk" is co-written by WaKaNa and Swedish-American keyboardist/producer, Jonathan Fritzen.


Fika: Slang for coffee, often enjoyed with pastries.


Over the past three decades, saxophonist, Walter Beasley, has artfully and dynamically redefined the phrase “musical Renaissance Man” for the modern generation. Considered by fans and critics alike as the “heir to Grover Washington, Jr.’s throne,” Beasley is the acclaimed saxophonist, vocalist, educator, and entrepreneur of the decade. As the highest selling full-time Professor / Recording Artist in history, the Boston-based musician has long mastered an exhilarating high wire act of balancing a successful career as a contemporary jazz recording artist and performer with an equally thriving presence in the field of music education.


A leading alto and soprano saxophonist and prominent vocalist all the same, Beasley is hailed by fans for his thrilling performances along the East Coast and throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. Notable performances include the all-star tour To Grover, With Love, performing alongside Chuck Loeb, Buddy Williams and Andy Snitzer and performing as the headlining act for the Playboy Jazz Festival.


A native of El Centro, CA, Beasley found his calling in the 1970’s after his Aunt gave him his first Grover Washington, Jr. record at the age of nine. During his early teens, Beasley played sax and sang in various bands throughout Southern California. In the following years, Beasley attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music and graduated alongside such prominent classmates as saxophonist, Branford Marsalis, and vocalist, Rachelle Ferrell.


"My new single "Hydra" is a song by Grover Washington Jr. that I have always loved. To my knowledge, it has not been done before now as the song is extremely difficult. If you play too much, you destroy it , if you play too little, you destroy it. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. My love for Grover Washington Jr and his expression is limitless. I have done my best to add my personality to an extremely beautiful track. Please enjoy." -Walter Beasley


In sharing his stories, Jason Miles invites us to be a fly on the wall at sessions he participated in for the likes of Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan, Marcus Miller, Michael Brecker, Gato Barbieri, Al Jarreau, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, George Benson, Ivan Lins and many more. A prolific composer and bandleader in his own right, Miles has recorded 18 albums as a leader, but its his memories of Miles Davis’ Tutu and Amandla, David Sanborn’s A Change of Heart and Close-Up, Grover Washington Jr.’s Strawberry Moon, Luther Vandross’ Power of Love and others that captivate here.

We follow Miles on the arc of his career, from egg creams and piano lessons while growing up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn to the studios of Manhattan and Monserrat, the endless stream of hotels and after-hour hangs on the road, the constant fixes in the studio, the numerous visits to Miles Davis’ Upper West Side pad, all recounted with uncanny detail.

An early convert to synthesizer technology, Jason was the guy who was frequently called upon by jazz heavyweights to unlock the mysterious of this new hardware. And his expertise paid off mightily. Along the way, he provides behind-the-scenes insights into his session work, including how a particular track was meticulously built up in the studio, along with an intricate breakdown of his tools of the trade.

The book also traces Miles’ emergence as a producer, beginning with the 1995 all-star Emmy-nominated People: A Musical Celebration of Diversity, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, and culminating in his own potent projects like his three recent Kind of New albums. He also gives his take on smooth jazz, provides detailed descriptions of recording studios and nightclubs all across Europe and the U.S., and runs down tiffs that he’s had with other musicians (yes, he names names).

A fascinating account of an Extraordinary Journey by a man with a keen eye for detail and an obvious love for the music. — Bill Milkowski


Published by Book Writing Cube Printed in the United States 

Copyright (c) 2022 by Jason Miles 

ISBN: 978-1-955901-13-0


The introspective song written in the aftermath of love dropped Friday as a single from the Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns” album.


LOS ANGELES (9 May 2022): The dramatic strings that open vocal interpreter Marsha Bartenetti’s “One Day At A Time” set the stage for the single’s contemplative reflection post-breakup. Released last Friday (May 6) from the Lo-Flo Records album “Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns,” the ardent song composed by Jane McNealy is a mélange of jazz, Latin and Afro Cuban music elegantly voiced by Bartenetti. Vocal and instrumental versions of the track were released, and a video will soon follow.   


Bartenetti was drawn to the album project that was recorded with a full orchestra in Studio A at Capitol Records by McNealy and songwriting partner Alice Kuhns’s authentic storytelling lyrics and intrinsic melodies beautifully wrapped in a package of Mike Watts’ eloquent orchestrations and arrangements. The critically praised collection offers a refreshing sound that reminds listeners in this time of distraction that matters of the heart are still the pulse of life itself. 


“One Day At A Time” initially shuffles along a breezy cadence imbued with Watts’ nimble piano flourishes, Jeff Bunnell’s majestic trumpet forays and Rusty Higgins’s plush saxophone embellishments. Mid-tune, the tempo kicks into high gear as Brazilian jazz rhythms churn feverishly, adding to the anxious emotions of the protagonist reflected in Bartenetti’s impassioned queries, “What went wrong?”    


“‘One Day At A Time’ is a song that catches us right in the midst of disorientation and confusion when a love suddenly ends, before we have a chance to process what has happened and regain some kind of perspective. It is like wandering in some kind of bizarre dream. Life goes on - the sounds, the bustling life on the streets - but you are utterly in shock and can't make sense of it all yet. Unrequited love may be the deepest cut of all when you have given your heart and it is not returned or, in fact, if it is spurned. Jane’s song captures that devastating moment immediately after a breakup and is a call to take it one day at a time while the shock and disorientation of losing your lover swirls around you,” said Bartenetti.


Legendary jazz singer Sarah Vaughan sang “One Day At A Time” along with three of the other songs that appear on “Marsha Bartenetti sing McNealy & Kuhns.” According to McNealy, the original concert performance was much more of a straight-ahead jazz cut, and Watts’s inventive orchestration and arrangement took the song in an entirely new and fresh direction.


“Although Mike is a jazz pianist, his concepts for a 50-piece orchestra are more nuanced and layered. We went over his score many times and I liked the idea of enhancing the bossa nova feel, picking up rhythm in the middle of the song and then keeping it going to the end. The core idea was that my chord structure would always be the backbone of the arrangement. At the time I wrote ‘One Day At A Time,’ I had just begun composing and working on esoteric and dissonant chord changes with melodies almost incongruous to the accompanying arrangements,” explained McNealy.


Love, romance and relationships are the subject of many of the pages in the McNealy and Kuhns songbook, which consists of jazz, pop, soul, funk and folk music written for records, theater and film. McNealy finds the subject matter a constant source of inspiration.


“When you’re young, you’re either in love or falling out of love, a universal theme that interests everyone. As a writer though, one of the reasons I started writing musicals was to get more variety in the stories and lyrics that I was putting to music. The entire process is a great challenge and a great source of inspiration. You never run out of ideas You can’t be in love forever; it’s too exhausting.”


“Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns” is available now on CD and digitally at iTunes, Amazon and all major retail outlets. It will be available on vinyl this summer.


For more information, please visit and


The R&B-jazz multi-instrumentalist drops “The Trilogy, Part 3: White” this Friday, his 25th album that was prefaced by the single “Step Into Love.”


CHICAGO (6 May 2022): The three-phase arc of a longtime relationship serves as the muse of R&B-jazz hitmaker Brian Culbertson’s trilogy of instrumental albums that he wrote, produced and performed with creative input from the 800-plus members of his Hang Club. On Friday (May 6), the third disc in the series, a collection of hopeful songs titled “The Trilogy, Part 3: White,” drops on the BCM Entertainment label. It’s Culbertson’s 25th album that to date has launched nearly forty singles to shoot to number one on the Billboard chart.


Culbertson composed the thirty songs that populate the three albums thematically along what he describes as the three-part arc of a long-term relationship: the hot and steamy “falling in love” phase, the rocky middle when perhaps they even break up for a bit, and the couple reunites to live “happily ever after” phase. The first album in the series, the sensual and romantic “Part 1: Red” was released last October and the second set, the melancholy “Part 2: Blue” streeted in January. “Part 3: White” is slightly more diverse stylistically with the uplifting urban grooves, nuanced contemporary jazz and shimmering pop songs fostering feelings of hope as the relationship thrives and endures.


All three albums in “The Trilogy” were crafted with input from the Hang Club, a tiered membership program via Patreon that Culbertson formed in 2020 tied to the weekly Friday night show that he streams live on YouTube. Hang Club members were granted exclusive behind-the-scenes access into every aspect of Culbertson’s creative process: from songwriting, arranging, recording, producing and mixing.


The first single released from “Part 3: White” for airplay is “Step Into Love,” a sultry mid-tempo call-and-response track featuring Culbertson’s signature piano melodies engaged with Patches Stewart’s soulful muted trumpet explorations, a song that has already been added into Culbertson’s live repertoire.


“I knew it would translate live because the song has real guitar, real bass, a lot of percussion. I had (drummer) Chris Miskel lay a simple groove down and it really turned out nice on stage,” said Culbertson, who has concert dates booked through November to support the album series.


As he has throughout “The Trilogy,” Culbertson performed the majority of the instruments on “Part 3: White” himself, playing piano, vocals, keyboards, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 Organ, Clavinet, Moogs, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, cello, trumpet and trombone amongst other instruments. Guitarists Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Thompson, Isaiah Sharkey and Gerey Johnson, bassist Maurice Fitzgerald, trumpeter-flugelhornist Michael Stever and vocalist Micaela Haley also appear on the album. 


Something different for Culbertson on “Part 3: White” is “Dance With Me Tonight,” which opens with a clubby pulsating beat before breaking into a festive salsa rhythm lavishly decorated with layers of percussion, horns and breathy flute accents by Althea Rene.


“I kept hearing more and more stuff in my head on ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ so I just kept adding it. The last piece of the puzzle that I added was Althea on that rhythmic flute-vocal thing that she did. As a producer, I go where the song takes me. I’ve never had a song that was asking for all that (instrumentation) before. This one asked for it. I’m not going to say no so I just did it. It’s a fun song. I threw the kitchen sink in on that one,” laughs Culbertson, who will be hosting the ninth annual Napa Valley Jazz Getaway in California Wine Country from June 8-11, the sold-out festival that he founded, curates and headlines. 


Culbertson voraciously explores and incorporates innovate sounds and technology into his recordings, which is heard in the lush sonic design he architected for “Part 3: White.”


“One of the new palettes that I tapped into on this particular album is analog synthesis where there’s a whole slew of new instruments that have recently been put on the market that are in essence a nod to the late 1970s/early eighties analogue synthesizers with modern technology implemented. What that means is I use a lot of these new sounds that add serious warmth and this human feel to a synthesizer that modern digital synthesis don’t have. For instance, there is a song on the album called ‘Sandcastles.’ There is a part after the first verse, this big swell of a pad like a big ocean current. If you really listen to it, it’s this massive, huge sound and there’s weird little inconsistencies in each note. That only happens with really analog circuitry. With digital, it’s too perfect. These synthesized sounds become like a real instrument, like a piano, like a saxophone. These were some new sounds that I was exploring on the whole album,” said Culbertson, who has begun work on a bonus fourth disc comprised of alternate versions, different mixes and several live tracks from “The Trilogy” for his first box set that is slated for release later this year.


As “White” arrives, Culbertson hopes people will listen to all three parts of “The Trilogy” as a whole, one project as opposed to three individual albums.


“Hearing the three albums in a row provides the context. All the songs on ‘Red’ were clearly about passion and love. ‘Blue’ is melancholy and sad songs, breakup songs and ‘losing people’ songs. Once you get to part three, ‘White’ is all about songs that have an uplifting feel to them. Emotionally, they all feel similar even though they are stylistically broad,” said Culbertson’s whose own long-term relationship, his marriage, will celebrate a milestone 25th anniversary in October. 


For more information about “The Trilogy” and Culbertson’s concert dates, please visit


“The Trilogy, Part 3: White” contains the following songs:




“Step Into Love”

“Dance With Me Tonight”

“Just You & Me”


“My Promise To You”


“Summer Hideaway”

“Love Everlasting”

“You Are My Everything”


In 1995, after playing a concert for students at Huffman High School in Birmingham, AL, Eric Essix met a young Ruben Studdard. Ruben’s fellow students persuaded him to sing and Eric listened in amazement and said “young man that voice will take you wherever you want to go in the music industry.” Eight years later, Ruben became the second winner of the hit television show, American Idol! 


Eric and Ruben have, over the years, discussed one day working in the studio together and, when considering possible collaborations for his new album “Stride”, Eric knew he would be the perfect person to sing his arrangement of the Bill Withers classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine”. 


“My goal when covering an iconic piece of music like this, is to try and preserve the character and soul of the song while creating instrumental moments that will compliment rather than distract from it,” Eric says. “This song is so elegant in its simplicity. It’s a study in songwriting where the lyrics tell a complete story with very few words and Bill Withers delivers a vocal performance that is both understated and stunning. I believe Ruben’s interpretation is one that Mr. Withers would have approved and it was an absolute joy and honor to work with him on it. 


The single is the first from Eric’s new album, “Stride” the follow up to his “Songs From The Deep” album which was released in 2020 and produced the radio hits “Late Night Drive” and “The Deep”. It is Eric’s 28th album as a solo artist since his debut, “First Impressions” in 1989. 


"Ain't No Sunshine"

String Arrangement by Kelvin Wooten 

Orchestra Contractor - Robin Antunes 

Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Eric Essix 

Vocals - Ruben Studdard 

Harmonica - Pat Levett 

Organ, Wurlitzer Electric Piano and Bass - Kelvin Wooten 

Drums and Percussion - Marcus Finnie


Setting the tone for Exhale is the album’s title track which rolls out on a celestial sequencer groove with majestic chordal progressions and bubbly synth bass. “‘Exhale’ was clearly the lead single since 2020 has been a tough year for us all,” Bradley shares. “The original title was ‘Soffrito,’ inspired by me cooking Bolognese with my grandson and explaining that it takes all day. He shouted, ‘All day Bolognese!!’ Looking up the recipe, I saw that soffrito is the key ingredient and thought, ‘What a beautiful word.’ When Darren and I worked on the song together, it grew into something more. Then when we entered the COVID world, my wife suggested I call it ‘Exhale.’


Patrick and Darren’s shared Christian faith buoyed beautiful, heartfelt numbers such as “Completely Yours,” “Song of May” and “Lighthouse” (featuring some signature tasty guitar by Allen Hinds). More forthright in terms of inspiration is “In the Heart of the Seas” which shifts between piano-centric verses and guitar driven choruses.

“The term comes from The Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament which I am referencing in a specific context,” Bradley states. “When you’re flailing in the heart of the seas and you need someone to pull you out, only Jesus – for me – can save you. I had the title first which gave me that vibe – a mental picture of what it should sound and feel like. You can be in the worst situation yet rest in the knowing that it’s all going to work out fine.”


This song was created for Patrick's daughter Heather, who was born in May..


"Song of May"

Written by Patrick Bradley & Darren Rahn 

Patrick Bradley – Piano, Organ 

Darren Rahn – Tenor Sax, Wurli, Rhodes, Synths, Programming 

Allen Hinds – Guitar 

Mel Brown – Bass 

Tarell Martin – Drums


Billboard #1 flautist, vocalist, and composer Ragan Whiteside is back with an exciting new single, "Thrill Ride" - the title track to her upcoming 6th album release. Teaming up with veteran hit producers Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin, Ragan delivers a performance that is sure to get your summer started right. Joining Ragan on the track is Rich Harrison a.k.a the artist RAH on drums and Phil Hamilton on guitar.


"Thrill Ride" (the single) will be available May 9, 2022 at all digital download and streaming platforms. The full album will be available August 2022.


"The energy of this song allowed me to live out my race car fantasy," says Whiteside. "The photoshoot with the Slingshot autocycle brought out my inner wild-child and driving it was definitely a thrill ride!" - Ragan Whiteside


"Thrill Ride"

Written by Dennis Johnson, Bob Baldwin, and Ragan Whiteside

Produced by Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin

Ragan Whiteside - Flute

Phil Hamilton - Guitar

Rich Harrison - Drums

Dennis Johnson - Keyboards, Drum Programming

Bob Baldwin - Keyboard Bass, Piano


(left to right above)
Oskar Holldorff - vocals, keyboards
Håkon Høiberg - guitars, vocals
Tom Ian Klungland - drums, vocals


DIM GRAY - 2022 photo by Emil Vestre

DIM GRAY : ‘Mare’ artwork by Linnea Vestre

new single
out 05.05.22
(English Electric Recordings)

digital services

from the album
out 02.09.22

CD / LP pre-order


Following in the wake of ‘Flown’, their critically acclaimed 2020 debut album, Norwegian art rockers Dim Gray return with its follow-up, ‘Firmament’. Consisting of twelve direct, vivid and melody-driven songs, it is a record bursting with life and colour, making for an engaging and constantly surprising journey as it weaves a route from strings-infused chamber pop, through evocative indie-folk and lush electronics and into grandiose art rock.

An ambitious artistic statement, ‘Firmament’ will appeal musically to fans of artists such as Radiohead, Agnes Obel, Owen Pallett, Susanne Sundfør, Keane and Tears For Fears. Thematically, it explores further the landscape of melancholy and longing that was introduced on ‘Flown’; however, those sensations are now contextualised in the depressions of the modern world, juxtaposed against romanticised ideas of simpler times through childhood memories interspersed with myths and superstition.

‘Firmament’ will be released on English Electric Recordings, the label run by UK prog titans Big Big Train. Gregory Spawton of BBT states: “We are delighted to announce that we have signed Dim Gray. Until now, the label has just been a vehicle for Big Big Train and outside projects of BBT band members. We have been interested in expanding the label’s activities for some time but only wanted to do so when we came across a truly exciting band that we felt had something new to offer musically. When we were introduced to Dim Gray, we saw that the band has enormous potential and were very keen to sign them.”

The album will be available on CD, LP (via Plane Groovy) and all digital services, with the physical formats available to pre-order now via Burning Shed.

The first single from the record is ‘Mare’, which was originally written by guitarist Håkon Høiberg in 2016. Singer/keyboardist Oskar Holldorff explains that “we decided not to include it on ‘Flown’, but when Håkon attempted to rearrange it in the style of Brian Wilson circa ‘Pet Sounds’ we thought the result sounded inspired. The lyric was reworked right up until the recording and is about trying to break free of invisible shackles and the yearning for something more. We tried to balance the earnest expression of emotions with more obscure imagery, but achieving the right blend took a lot of time and effort.”
The trio who comprise Dim Gray come from different places, both musically and geographically, with all three - Høiberg, Holldorff and drummer Tom Ian Klungland - moving from different parts of Norway to Oslo a decade ago to study. Having found each other, they soon began playing together. The three members have contrasting musical backgrounds in genres as diverse as black metal, progressive rock, blues, folk and film music, but in fusing these together they began to develop their own distinctive sound.

The outset of the global pandemic saw the band issue several singles prior to the digital release of ‘Flown’. A concept record with intertwining songs structured like one continuous story, it related a vivid tale of loss and loneliness that constantly twists and turns, with intimate and spatial moments offset with massive and colourful soundscapes. It was issued on 2xLP and CD formats in 2021 to rave reviews.

Oskar Holldorff of Dim Gray will be touring as part of Big Big Train for a set of already announced dates in September 2022, deputising for BBT keyboard player Carly Bryant.

1  Mare
2  Ashes
3  Undertow
4  Avalon | The Tide
5  52~
6  Abalus | In Time
7  Long Ago
8  My Barren Road
9  Cannons
10  Iron Henry
11  Firmament
12  Meridian


"Elegiac and beautifully dense post-prog from Norway”
“An intriguing blend of well-written and superbly performed material, this debut album grabs you from the first listen”
“Unique and vitally intense. Dim Gray should be lauded for producing such a wondrous work of art so early in their career. A truly magical experience"
“Beautifully intertwining Nordic folk textures with serene experimentation, ‘Flown’ makes for a fascinating, intriguing and truly affecting journey. 10/10”


HBO Documentary Films is currently in production on STAX, a multiple-part documentary series exploring the legendary Memphis-based record label, Stax Records, responsible for some of the greatest soul hits of the 1960s and 1970s. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Jamila Wignot (“Ailey”), STAX is executive produced by Academy Award® winners Ezra Edelman and Caroline Waterlow (“OJ: Made In America”) of Laylow Pictures and Emmy® winners Nigel Sinclair and Nicholas Ferrall of White Horse Pictures.

Presented in association with Concord Originals, Polygram Entertainment and Warner Music Entertainment, the series revisits the history of Stax Records and its meteoric rise and fall. Founded in 1957 by Jim Stewart and co-owned with sibling Estelle Axton and later led by Al Bell, the label rose to fame over the course of several years with artists such as Otis Redding, Booker T. & the M.G.’s, Isaac Hayes, the Staple Singers, and Sam & Dave.

STAX is the story of the audacious group of outsiders who dared to make their own music on their own terms. The series will feature rare and never-before-seen archive material and will explore how a confluence of forces – race, geography, musical traditions, and the challenging world of the recording industry – helped shape a Stax spirit that continues to shape our culture.

“In both the sound that fueled its rise and the events that triggered its demise, Stax Records manifested the soul of America,“ commented Ezra Edelman. “There is no better person to bring this quintessential American story to HBO’s viewers than Jamila Wignot, whose work I’ve long admired.”

“As a lifelong fan of Stax Records, what has most inspired me about the label is its defiance,” commented Jamila Wignot. “The individuals who built Stax knew their worth and had a willingness to risk everything to make something on their own terms.”

Executive producers are Scott Pascucci, Sophia Dilley and Michele Smith for Concord Originals; Jody Gerson and David Blackman for Universal Music Group’s Polygram Entertainment; and Charlie Cohen and Ron Broitman for Warner Music Entertainment. David Peck, Jeanne Elfant Festa and Cassidy Hartmann will act as co-executive producers. Wignot will also serve as a producer on the project, alongside series producer Kara Elverson. Rob Bowman, author of Soulsville U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records is serving as a consultant on the series.


GARETH DUNLOP - photography by Daniel Morton

new single
out 04.05.22
(Zenith Café/Membran)

included on
out now

“Sophisticated pop with a modern feel and appeal. It’s classy music and you can see why he is in demand from other artists“
“A surprising album, more than the blend of its influences and casting a few new out there for the future. Is this where Roxy Music were heading, had they ever got beyond ‘Avalon’?”
“An immersive, synth textured set that blends ambient pop with soul, a touch of Celtic and a splash of cinematic”
“‘Animal’ is a beast of an album. Just put it on and bathe in its glow”


30.08.22  YORK Barbican
31.08.22  MANCHESTER Albert Hall
01.09.22  EDINBURGH Queen’s Hall
03.09.22  LONDON Eventim Apollo
04.09.22  BIRMINGHAM Alexandra Theatre
05.09.22  DUBLIN Olympia Theatre
07.09.22  CORK Cyprus Avenue
09.09.22  BELFAST SSE Arena


As the video for his new single, ‘My Kind of Paradise’, commences, Northern Irish singer, songwriter and producer Gareth Dunlop is sitting in darkness, far away from anything resembling a heavenly oasis – and that’s fine with him. “Don’t need sun on my skin / Or salt on the breeze / To calm the storms within / Or set my soul at ease,” he sings. “‘Cause I’ve found heaven / In your eyes / My kind of paradise.” A perfect love song to signal the onset of summer, albeit without an appropriate sunny locale, ‘paradise’ is at least subsequently built around him.

“How this video started out and ended up are two very different tales,” Dunlop laughs. “My original idea was to shoot a lyric video on the north coast of Ireland using lots of clever props my wife had made. We drove up to the location, but all hell broke loose when a storm began as soon as we arrived. Cars got stuck in the sand, props got soaked and ruined, signs blew away…in the end, we were beaten by the good old Irish weather.”

Thankfully, his director and videographer Jamie Neish had a Plan B. “His idea was to shoot a one-take and have a fake beach scene built around me,” he continues. “Jamie is one of those people in life who exudes positivity! When he’s excited about an idea, it’s infectious. We called two buddies to act as the builders on the set, re-used what was left of the props, bought some bags of sand and just went for it.”

‘My Kind Of Paradise’ is the latest single from Dunlop’s just released new album, ‘Animal’, which consists of a diverse set of songs including the soulful and anthemic ‘Right About Ready’ and ‘Look Back Smiling’ (which evoke the ‘80s yet exude a timeless quality), the atmospheric ‘Sorrow’ and ‘Prisoner Of My Past’, the laid-back ‘60s dream pop vibe of ‘Humans’, plus a memorable title song that adds an electronic bounce to its subtle groove.

‘Animal’ was recorded in Dunlop's own Sycamore Studios as lockdown engulfed the globe, a period that also saw him produce records by his friends and compatriots Foy Vance and Lee Rogers. All three are about to hit the road for a US tour, with Dunlop on double duty as part of Vance’s band. A previously announced UK and Ireland tour is scheduled for the late summer.

Gareth Dunlop has been recognised as an accomplished talent ever since the BBC tipped him as ‘one to watch’ in 2010 when he was not long out of his teens. In the ensuing decade he released several singles, a handful of EPs and an album that were musically eclectic yet all showcased his highly soulful voice, with several of his songs going on to be used in the hit TV series ‘Nashville’, commercials for Disney and Subaru, and more. He also had songwriting credits for recordings by stars such as T.I., Tim McGraw & Faith Hill and John Oates.

However, prior to the 2020 lockdown, Dunlop was just as likely to be heard by live audiences as he forged a reputation as a magnetic and charismatic performer on frequent headlining tours and support slots to the likes of Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, Snow Patrol and James Morrison. Reviewing one of his shows, Gigslutz stated that “Dunlop has the kind of voice that can still a room with its vulnerability, the meaning behind the words heartfelt, the emotion real”, while Maximum Volume Music succinctly described it as “instantly memorable".

In his home territory, the Irish News praised Dunlop for his “distinctive croon and ear for sharp melodic/lyrical hooks”, while local website ChordBlossom declared him to be “one of the greatest talents to come out of Northern Ireland”, a sentiment only slightly qualified by National Rock Review who stated that he is “arguably one of Northern Ireland’s greatest singer/songwriters from the past decade”.

Inspired by icons such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits, plus a soupçon of Pink Floyd, Dunlop picked up a guitar aged 14 and soon began performing covers and original songs in live venues around Northern Ireland, RoI and the rest of the UK. In 2011 he won a Young Songwriter of the Year award in Belfast that not only earned him an invite to collaborate with seasoned writers in Nashville, an experience he has repeated many times since, but it also enabled him to tour the US extensively.

Having spent so long away from Belfast following his initial breakthrough, Dunlop decided to record and co-produce his 2017 debut album, ‘No. 79’, in stripped-back fashion at home - literally - with Nashville based writer Bobby Hamrick and compatriot Alastair McMillan, who had also recorded Dunlop’s first studio sessions at Dublin’s esteemed Windmill Lane and has engineered for U2, The Rolling Stones and Van Morrison. A winning fusion of folk and soul, the album earned critical acclaim and was playlisted on several Irish and UK radio stations, while in RoI it earned an Album of the Week slot on the prestigious RTE1.


With the pandemic behind us, people are ready to travel again. I thought it would be a great idea to create a storyboard of sorts using music as the vessel to experience various destinations across the globe through song. This was the inspiration for my new CD entitled “Destinations” landing this summer (July 2022). To that end, the first single from this CD, "Barcelona," is scheduled for arrival on May 5th. My wish for this single (and 26th commercial release) is to bring feel-good energy and provide an upbeat soundtrack to accompany the warmer temperatures and exciting new adventures we are all looking to experience after being grounded for so long.


SUNNY MORNING (Summer Party) is a new special edition of this multi awarded song already released in May 2017 and included in the Roberto Tola’s debut album BEIN’ GREEN (2017).

In this re-arranged, remixed and remastered new version, Roberto has gave a more danceable and rhythmic pulse to the song. An fresher and brighter mood that takes You into the warmer and estive.

<<...five years from its debut, now I wished to watching ahead for a better time, after the pandemic... wishing to enjoy the freedom of being again with the people and among people, in joyful and serene mood...>> Roberto declared.

This new version of SUNNY MORNING sees the participation of the Grenadine talented singer Zorina Andal (Lead Voice and Choir), so as Bill Sharpe (Piano & Keys) and Jill Saward (Choir), both members of the English jazz funk band SHAKATAK.

The track is originally inspired by the Roberto’s native Sardinia, an amazing and almost untouched Island laid in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and Spain.

Land of centenarians, the Island indeed offers an enviable and unparalleled quality of life, a land almost always kissed by the sun throughout the year, boasts a breath-taking nature and environment, a turquoise and emerald sea, light breeze and a balmy air.


De Amerikaanse country-zangeres Naomi Judd is eergisteren op 76-jarige leeftijd overleden. Haar dochters, zangeres Wynonna en Hollywood-actrice Ashley, maakten haar overlijden bekend. "We zijn gebroken. We hebben onze moeder verloren als gevolg van geestelijke gezondheidsproblemen", klinkt het. Naomi Judd vormde eind jaren zeventig met dochter Wynonna het country-duo The Judds. De twee brachten zes studio-albums uit en scoorden een flink aantal hits. The Judds wonnen vijf Grammy Awards, stonden veertien keer op de eerste plaats van de Amerikaanse country-hitlijsten en verkochten ruim 20 miljoen albums. De albums ‘Why Not Me’, ‘Rockin’ With The Rain’, ‘Heartland’. ‘River Of Time’ en ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’ waren in de periode 1984 – 1990 zeer succesvol. De singles ’Mama He’s Crazy’, ‘Why Not Me’, ‘Girls Night Out’, ‘Love Is Alive’, ‘Have Mercy’, 'Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)’, ‘Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Rain’, ‘Cry Myself To Sleep’, ‘I Know Where I’m Going’, ‘Maybe Your Baby’s Got The Blues’, ‘Turn It Loose’, ‘Change Of Heart’, ‘Young Love (Strong Love)’ en ‘Let Me Tell You About Love’ werden nummer 1 hits in de Amerikaanse country-lijsten en Top 5 hits in de Canadese country-lijsten. De single ‘Why Not Me’ werd in 1989 ook in Nederland een flinke hit met de elfde plaats als hoogste notering in de Top 40. In 1991 stopte Naomi Judd vanwege gezondheidsredenen met toeren en ging haar dochter solo verder. Haar album ‘Wynonna’ werd een groot internationaal succes en haar carrière duurde voort. In 2010 kwam er toch nog een single van The Judds uit, die de titel ‘I Will Stand By You’ droeg. Naomi Judd ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


For the last decade, the Durham NC based Collective Groove Band has been giving invigorating spins to Jazz, R&B, Neo-Soul, Pop, classic Soul and Gospel music. 


With a new look and an ever-evolving sound, CGB is comprised of Kensby Blount, Cameron Morgan, Antwon Timmons and Kevin Crockett. This group of stage and studio professionals are not only musicians, but creatives who have the ability to write, arrange, produce and engineer their own imaginations and release them to the world.


CBG will bring the energy to any experience and setting, from Intimate events at the Governor’s Club, to some of the biggest stages on the East Coast; CGB makes the crowd groove!


Over 25 years into a stellar, multi-faceted career that’s found him continually pushing the sonic boundaries of what’s possible in contemporary urban jazz, saxophonist Paul Taylor brings us his highly-anticipated new recording And Now This on Peak Records.


And Now This, fully created via the exchange of digital files between the Las Vegas based Taylor and his longtime musical compadre, collaborator, co-writer and producer Dino Esposito, features the saxman’s ongoing exploration of an expansive range of dynamic danceable grooves and intricate pop/electronica vibes. The ten tracks fully reflect the way Taylor began moving forward in his personal and creative life, as if to say, in his words, “we’re coming out of the pandemic, this is what I’ve been creating, we’re kicking it back into high gear and we are more open-minded in our approach to music than ever.”


From the atmospheric soul and fast paced funk of the title track (featuring the guitar of Brian Monroney) through the sultry flow of the closing track “Good Night,” And Now This also celebrates the decades long friendship and intuitive, forward thinking musical chemistry between Taylor and Esposito. Their dynamic history dates back to when they played in the same band as students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas – and includes Taylor touring in Esposito’s band when he was a pop star in the late 80s touring with New Kids on the Block. Esposito has been Taylor’s chief sonic co-architect since the saxophonist’s 1995 debut On The Horn and subsequently collaborated on Pleasure Seeker (1997), Undercover (2000), his Peak Records debut Hypnotic (2001), Nightlife (2005), Prime Time (2011), Tenacity (2014) and Countdown (2016).


During the course of his storied career, the Denver native has headlined hundreds of shows and has been part of numerous all-star tours – including dates with Peter White and Euge Groove in a lineup affectionately dubbed “Peter, Paul and Euge;” Gentleman of the Night (with Marion Meadows and Warren Hill). He has also performed with The Rippingtons and the acclaimed “Groovin’ For Grover” tour. Some of his first post-pandemic lockdown shows have been with labelmate Michael Lington and Sax to the Max with Michael and Vincent Ingala.


Officially entering his second quarter century of recording, with And Now This, Taylor is as excited as ever to continue casting his creative aim higher and grateful for every opportunity to bring his best to his loyal legion of longtime and newer fans. “What I like most about the new album is its freshness, and the fact that after 25 years, Dino and I still have so many unique avenues to explore,” he says. “It’s a special album created in unusual, highly stressful times. There’s something to be said for all of us artists persevering through the shutdown of 2020 and finding a way to get it done. And we did — And Now This!”


"Friday@5" is the follow-up to Taylor's #1 Billboard hit, "Straight To the Point".


Klaus Schulze, een boegbeeld van de zogenaamde krautrock, elektronische muziek uit Duitsland, is eergisteren op 74-jarige leeftijd overleden. Dat heeft zijn familie op Facebook bekendgemaakt. De exacte doodsoorzaak is niet meegedeeld. “Met diep verdriet moeten wij jullie mededelen dat Klaus gisteren op 26 april 2022 op 74-jarige leeftijd na een lang ziekbed maar toch plotseling en onverwacht van ons is heengegaan. Hij liet niet alleen een geweldige muzikale nalatenschap na, maar ook een vrouw, twee zonen en vier kleinkinderen.” De multi-instrumentalist, maar vooral synthesizervirtuoos, Klaus Schulze was een van de oprichters van de elektronische rockband Ash Ra Tempel en speelde een tijdje bij Tangerine Dream, waarna hij een solocarrière opstartte. Die leverde meer dan veertig albums op. In 1976 kocht ik zijn album 'Timewind'. Andere visitekaartjes van Klaus zijn onder andere 'Irrlicht' (1972), 'Moondawn' (1976), 'Dune' (1979), 'Dreams' (1986), 'Miditerranean Pads' (1990) en het dubbelalbum 'In Blue' (1995). Klaus Schulze ruste in vrede!


Met dank aan Leo Weijers.


Ik zag Klaus decennia geleden in Aalst aan het werk tijdens een live optreden. Hij droeg toen een zilveren glitterpak, waarop een soort laserstralen weerkaatsten. En ik heb tevens verscheidene albums van hem gerecenseerd.


Patrick Van de Wiele


Photo: Warner Bros.

“Elvis” director Baz Luhrmann and star Austin Butler were both on hand at CinemaCon during Warner Bros.’ presentation on Tuesday, and they presented an extended new look at the film in which Elvis becomes a “god.”

The footage that debuted was an entirely new trailer along with an extended sequence from the film, in which Butler’s Elvis performs at Russwood Park in Memphis, Tennesse, on July 4, 1956. The concert was formative in his career as once he was warned not to even lift a finger, only for him to famously disobey it. The concert made such a stir that it also broke the color barrier that was established to attempt to segregate the crowd, and he was escorted out in a frenzy.

“In that moment, Elvis the man was sacrificed, and Elvis the God was born. He had no idea what he had done,” Tom Hanks says as Colonel Tom Parker in the clip.

Luhrmann also described the film in more detail and said it’s not truly a “biopic” but a film about America in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, all of it seen through the lens of Hanks’ character, Tom Parker, who served as Presley’s manager.

“You will hear the classics, you will still see the story of Elvis…but we’ve also translated the story for a younger audience,” Luhrmann told the CinemaCon crowd. “If it feels a little like a superhero film, it is… He comes from dirt, and in a few blinding moments, he flies so high, finds his kryptonite…”

“Elvis” hits theaters June 24 from Warner Bros after it first premieres at the Cannes Film Festival.